Be Careful What You Wish For

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2015 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; rope; naked; outdoor; FFF/m; denim; tease; torment; mast; climax; latex; dogsuit; muzzle; collar; femdom; cons/reluct; X

“Go on, it’s what you have always wanted”

He looked at me and licked his lips nervously, then turned his face back towards the fate I had laid out for him. Straight from his darkest, deepest fantasies. Four stakes driven deep into the ground, and a length of rope tightly tied to each one. The stakes were driven into the ground in a wide square that could have only one purpose, and he knew exactly what it was.

He looked at me in mute wonder for a moment, then dropped down onto his hands and knees within the square of stakes.

“Hey” I snapped “Aren’t we forgetting something ?”

He looked up at me, a frown of confusion on his face.

“Since when were clothes involved ?” I asked, and he blushed “Come on” I said “Do it properly. There is no-one else here. Strip”

Blushing even deeper he looked around the high hedges of the yard and started to slowly discard his clothing. The sun was soon beating down on his broad shoulders as he slipped off his shirt to reveal his muscular shoulders and wildly hairy chest. Soon trousers were dropped to reveal tightly muscled buttocks and sleekly toned legs. He paused at his boxers, and it took a stern look from me to have them join the pile on the grass.

I nodded back towards the grass and without a word he dropped back onto his hands and knees. Without a word I gently prodded at his ribs with the toe of my boot to move him in to the perfect position, then before he had time to change his mind I swiftly applied the ropes to his wrists.

I watched him pulling at the ropes as I moved towards his ankles, tugging at them as if to see how tightly he was held and to test the limits of his bonds. While his attention was distracted I roughly grabbed his ankles and made them fast against the stakes that made up the rear edge of the box.

I saw the first hint of panic in his eyes as he realised just how helpless he was. His arms pulled apart and his ankles widely spread until I chose to let him loose. I watched him tugging desperately at his ropes as he tried to get loose, realising that no matter how hard he pulled at one wrists ropes they kept him from reaching the knots that held his other wrist their prisoner. For a fleeting moment he pulled upwards, no doubt hoping to drag the stakes from the soil. But I had been tutored carefully and the stakes had been driven in both deeply and at an angle so they could not be easily uprooted. He was mine. And not without satisfaction I watched the first swellings of an erection in his impressive manhood.

I walked round him as he tugged at his bonds with increasing desperation. I picked up a riding crop from where I had dropped it and ran the tip over his straining limbs. Across his shoulders, down across his narrow waist and finally circling on his buttocks. He leapt forwards in his bonds as I delivered my first blow, then redoubled his efforts to escape as the second blow cracked across his other buttock.

With a big smile on my face I turned towards the house, raised my fingers to my lips and let out a piercing whistle.

I saw confusion in eyes, then they widened in horror as the door to the house banged open and two of my friends came running down the garden whopping and hollering as they came. The trap had finally closed on him as I watched him redouble his efforts to get free from his ropes as the girls quickly gathered around him.

Knowing his tastes was had all dressed carefully to add fuel to his lust. All tanned and lean we wore tights denim shorts and cropped tops with plunging necklines that revealed generous curves of tanned flesh. Suddenly surrounded my acres of flesh and tight denim I watched as his lust betrayed him in his bondage and his penis hauled itself up to its full, magnificent glory beneath his flat stomach.

The girls cheered as I pointed it out to them and I watched as it bobbed frantically in the air, desperate for the touch of a human body to allow it to explode.

“What did I tell you ?” I cried out to my friends “Just look of that hard-on ? Isn’t it glorious ?”

They both agreed, and one reached out and playfully ran her hands through his hair and congratulated him on his erection. His head dropped in something between shame and submission and he rubbed his face against the tanned flesh of her long leg like some affectionate dog.

“Well, if that’s how you want to play” she said cheerfully “I am sure we can oblige you”

He twisted his head to look up and a wild lust filled his eyes as he saw what she was holding in her hands. It was a thick black leather collar adorned with stainless steel studs and a sturdy steel D-ring to its front.

Without a word she bent down and while he was marvelling at the view of her breasts she slowly fastened the collar about his throat. With slow, deliberate movements she slipped the tongue through the hasp and firmly pulled the collar tight until no matter what he did its presence would always be there. A reminder of his situation.

She stood up and gave the collar a tug, just to reinforce his realisation that he was ours to play with as we pleased.

I knelt down by his head and whispered in her ear from a fraction of an inch away so he could feel my every breath on that tender flesh as I spoke.

“And you remember what the rest of your fantasy was, don’t you ?”

He whimpered gently as I reached under him and gently caressed his testicles through the dense body hair and I felt as much as saw his mighty erection start to twitch. I snatched my hand away and I could hear the others laughing as he moaned softly.

I shot them a wicked smile before reaching out again and taking a firm grasp on his manhood. He let out a cry as I gripped its shaft firmly and gave a few quick strokes. He desperately thrust his hips forwards as my fingers closed about him and I let him have his moment of hope as he tried to screw my fist for his desperately hoped for release. But I was an old hand as it were as this game and my hand was quickly gone and he was left humping the air in utter frustration, his manhood bobbing in the warm air.

This time the laughter was louder as they watched his frustration, his thrusting quickly being replaced by desperate attempts to pull away from the bondage that held him tightly in place. Fat chance of you getting out of that my friend, I know my way around tethering animals way bigger and stronger than you.

I stroked his back with one hand with long, sweeping strokes before reaching beneath him again and taking a firm grip on him yet again and stroking up and down his massive shaft with fast, firm strokes.

This time even I wasn’t quick enough as I felt his manhood lurch and he came hard and fast on the ground with a wail in his throat as he finally got the relief he was seeking.

Covered in sweat his head dropped and he was panting hard and every limb shook in their bondage.

I looked up with a smile on my face, and one of my friends winked at me and dropped down in front of him on her hands and knees.

“Hey there” she murmured “Would you like a piece of this lover”

He dragged his head up and started down the depths of her deeply tanned cleavage. She tugged the already deep hem of her neckline even deeper and her breasts swelled magnificently. He whimpered again, and before my eyes his manhood gave a twitch and hauled itself back up to attention as he lunged forwards towards her cleavage.

Brought up short by his bondage she lent forwards until his whole view must have been filled with those vast pillowy mounds. Mere inches from his straining face she swayed gently back and forth and even I was starting to feel turned on at the sight as I reached back beneath him and took his restored manhood in my grasp and gave it a few swift pumps before I felt the power of his body pulsing and he came again harder than he had ever come before.

As he shrivelled she pranced back laughing delightfully at the look of naked longing in his eyes.

“My turn” came the cry, and moments later my other friend was down in front of his helplessly pinned body. She was facing away from him, her glorious legs flung out either side of him. Laughing gently she backed her magnificent, tightly denim-sheathed arse towards him. Knowing his passionate fetish for tight denim shorts I smiled as I saw a look of desperate longing flicker across his face as her arse backed slowly towards him.

Lunging forwards his mouth came into contact with that glorious arse and he kissed the tight denim, slobbering over it as if his life depended on it. She was laughing at the sensations of his manic tongue on her arse, and I felt my eyes growing wide as I watched his manhood lurch back into life for an incredible third time.

I couldn’t resist myself, and almost unbidden my hand reach out and took an almost loving hold on his manhood and gently stroked what must by now have been a tender shaft.

He was whimpering with delight now as she kept reversing that glorious arse of hers back against his face and his devoted worship of it grew wilder and wilder, and moments later I felt that familiar pulsing and again he let out a wail as she sprayed what must have been the last of his seed into the grass and he practically collapsed in his bondage panting deeply.

We all stood up and looked down and the heaving, sweat covered wreck that was before us.

“I guess we had better get him all cleaned up” one of my friends said, and I could only nod in agreement.

His scream when the cold jet of the water hose made us all laugh out loud, and it was only with some persuasion that my friend turned the hot tap to warm the stream of water that not rolled off his flanks and head as we washed him clean. And soon, the warm sun beating down had him all dry and dry in his bonds. Bonds he was getting increasingly frustrated with as he tugged furiously at them with all his limbs. But the day was not over for him yet, oh no, not be a long stretch.

I crouched down by him and whispered gently in his ear.

“Well, that’s your fantasy all done lover, but now, you see, here is the deal. We have our little fantasies as well, and now it is time for you to help us with ours”

His face turned to look at me and I could see naked fear in his eyes. I slipped off his collar and backed away smiling. He heard something fall to the ground beside him and his head snapped round to regard the pile of heavy material that now kept him company on the grass.

My friends unfolded what looked like a heavy mass of rubber material, but as they moved it he shivered as he heard it creak as it unfolded, remaining rigid in places as it almost stood up by itself.

Deft hands grabbed his ankles and unfastened them from their bondage. Their long restraint making his muscles stiff he could not stop the girls swiftly bending his legs until his ankles were pressed up against his thighs.

He let out a whimper as his bent legs were thrust into the truncated back legs of the costume and the rear of the suit pulled up over his tight little arse and he tugged at the bondage on his wrists with a desperation born of terror and the anticipation of what he knew was coming next.

There were tears rolling down his face as he felt the tight embrace of the evil rubber suit rolling up his body helped my six willing female hands. To my utter amazement I watched as his cock twitched faintly back into life as the rubber embraced him and it was fed gently through a hole in the suit that allowed it to dangle beneath his body in a most realistic fashion.

Six hands released one of his hands, and before he could fight us it was fed into another truncated leather sleeve with a soft pad at its end to protect his elbow and his wrist was forced back up against his shoulder and he knew there was no hope for his release. He was ours.

Limb four was encased with no fight from him as he knew he was ours to do with as we pleased, and before us stood something that stirred all our perverted souls. Where only a few minutes before had been staked out a handsome man, now we had before us a rubber clad quadruped on four stubby limbs that literally shook as he stood there.

The outside of the thick rubber costume was covered in a short black fur that only added to the illusion that he was no longer a man but a half-human beast.

I took up the final piece of the costume and offered it towards his face. The tears dried now he pressed his face towards the thick rubber mask modelled on the features of a dog and I held it steady to allow his face to slip inside and his covering was complete. I swiftly pulled laces tight to pull the neck tight about his flesh, and one of the girls swiftly re-applied the collar and pulled it tight about his neck to seal him into his new bondage.

I snapped a leash to his collar and gave it a sharp tug. He staggered for a moment on his new ‘legs’ but after a couple of attempts he managed a passable walk to my heel as I led him away across the lawn towards his fate and our fantasy.

And what a terrible fate we had in mind for him. Our friend Anita was waiting for us. Broad, muscular Anita of the white blonde hair from the next yard. A lady with a terrible secret to which my helplessly encased boyfriend was about to be introduced.

She was waiting for us as was walked across the grass with a smile dancing across her face. Her arms were crossed across her ample breasts which only served to emphasise her tight waist, the rolling curves of her hips and tightly jodphured legs.

Boyfriend came to abrupt halt as he saw what was behind her. Leashed to an iron spike driven into the ground were two big black dogs, and squeezed tightly between them stood another limbless dog-boy encased in a rubber suit just like his. And terrified eyes stared out from behind his mask as one of the dogs nuzzled him affectionately. Boyfriend made to pull away from me, but I was expecting this and I held the leash securely against my side.

All three ‘dogs’ wore leather collars that he knew matched his own and suddenly he knew his fate in all its tightly leashed glory.

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