Beautifully Bound

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2022 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; mpov; outdoors; bond; rope; oral; buttplug; chastity; training; clamps; gag; collar; blindfold; cuffs; enema; cons; X

Annie had seen a photograph of a woman bound in ropes, the picture was done in black and white against a backdrop of a beautiful sky. We had been enjoying a bondage relationship since we met and she asked me if we could do our own photoshoot.

I was excited to comply, explaining that to do it properly it would take a long time to set up and she would be bound in multiple positions. Annie squealed, asking me, “Promise?!” I could only smile at her reaction and started doing some research.

I wanted to find a night where I would have the best chance of having a full moon visible, planning on using the wide rock divider wall in our backyard. While I looked for weather and moon information I ordered some black silk rope, a lot of it.

As the days passed, I found a date when the weather should be comfortable with predicted clear skies happening on a full moon. Annie had been so excited she had been looking up pictures to show me of women bound in rope.

Annie had also been thinking of her own ideas making herself extra horny forcing me to keep her bound and gagged more often, something I really enjoyed. When I told her the date, she quickly figured out that it was in a month.

When she realized it was going to be that long she rubbed her bare breasts, she had been sitting naked with her arms bound tightly in a reverse prayer, against me and asked, “How will we pass the time?”

Feeling the need to practice Annie asked me to start leaving her bound longer so of course I obliged adding my own refinements once she was helpless. I was surprised she was able to remain bound and gagged longer and longer easily.

We had never done long term bondage before but now I was starting to like it and so was she asking me to leave her overnight. Her first overnight session was a simple tie, hands behind her back with her ankles tied together and a very comfortable bit gag.

Annie loved it! The next morning other than being sore and a little sleepy she was enthusiastic about doing it again. This became an every night event, as we waited for the full moon, she would spend her sleep time bound and gagged.

Once tucked in I would tease her making her moan and squeal before going to sleep myself with a raging hard on letting her snuggle up to me. Another practice we started was as soon as I woke up, still with a hard on she would immediately take care of it.

Watching her struggle to get into position to take my cock into her now ungagged mouth was incredible. I found out getting a blow job by a bound and struggling woman every morning was one of the most amazing things ever.

When the date arrived to do our shoot, Annie was prepared, begging me to continue her sleep training afterwards adding it would be okay with her if we tightened things up a little. The night we had been waiting for arrived with a storm blowing in, screwing up not only the sky but the temperature as well.

We were forced to wait another month for a full moon, I tried to pretend I was upset but she knew better smiling with her arms bound behind her back again. During the week Annie would walk around in her tall high heels with her arms bound behind her back asking me to use the reverse prayer position more.

The more she was bound and the higher I could bring her bound wrists, the more she seemed to like it. I was regularly returning the favor of satisfying her needs sexually when she asked me one evening to stop.

Annie was kneeling between my legs, looking up at me with her arms bound high up her back and her legs bound by leather straps when she had finished making me smile, she dropped the bomb.

“I would like you to start orgasm training me, sir.” I vaguely knew what this meant but asked with a chuckle in my voice what she meant by it. I listened to her explanation thinking about how much she liked to orgasm and wondered what she had in mind.

Annie already wore a plug in her firm ass almost twenty-four seven, it had been something she loved before we met. I never tried to get her to stop enjoying seeing the bejeweled cap sitting between her firm ass cheeks.

Now Annie wanted to remain filled front and back permanently with me being the only one who decides when she had earned an orgasm. I was intrigued by the idea, in my mind I was doubting she would last a week but willing to try it.

I asked a dozen questions, finding she had really been thinking this through and when I was done, I explained there would be rules and that they would be enforced very strictly if we were to begin this phase of her training.

Annie squealed, wanting to hug me but since she couldn’t she wiggled and twisted herself against me giggling at my body’s response to her idea and wiggling. I raised an eyebrow looking down at my swollen cock, smiling as she immediately took me fully into her throat.

Now I had something new to research having no idea how to go about training someone to only orgasm when they are told to. It seemed to be a long training course involving a lot of denial and punishment and of course chastity.

The more I looked into it the more I really doubted not only her commitment but my own having always given in to her when she would beg or cry. As the night of the full moon neared, we talked about her idea and I told her of my own concerns.

She had always known I loved her dearly but for some reason telling her about my inability to resist her really made an impact. She wept for an hour hugging me and randomly kissing me, really making me think I had done something wrong.

She explained I hadn’t and that had been the sweetest most loving thing anyone had ever told her and how much she loved me for feeling that way. Almost as soon as she had said that she sat back holding my hands and said, “Now get over it.”

We both tried not to laugh, failing miserably and sat giggling and laughing as we tried to think of a way for me to be stronger. The night of the moon was the next night, we had been talking about her ideas and both thought we were ready.

I knew from her previous training she could hold the positions long enough to get the shots, already deciding I would build to the position she would spend the next twenty-four hours in.

The night came and it was leading up to being perfect, the sky was clear, the temperature was crisp, guaranteeing her pert nipples, two of my favorite things, were fully erect. I planned to exploit her perky nipples with a couple of new pairs of clamps.

Watching her struggle to get the clamps off ranked near the top of my all-time best things list so this was going to be entertaining for both of us. Annie walked from our room wearing only her five and half inch pumps.

I stood, awestruck at how beautiful she truly was, watching her smiling as her blue eyes shined behind the red hair framing her face. Annie’s nipples were already erect showing me she was excited about her session.

I took her hand complimenting her beauty and led her outside to the place of her photoshoot. She already knew where we were doing it, thanking me for cleaning it so thoroughly before hopping backwards onto the short wall.

I knew the wall was thick enough being about two feet wide to allow her to lay safely and change her position as needed without worry of her falling off. The boxes of new rope were waiting for us along with scissors, gags and a roll of medical tape.

Annie spotted the tape saying, “I hope you’re not going to ruin my make up with that,” Being told not to worry about it. I turned on the photo light, adjusting it to a very low setting not wanting to overpower the backdrop of the night sky.

After having her change positions several times, I adjusted the light and snapped a lot of test shots of my naked beauty. The moon was starting to rise high enough to get in the shot so we both knew we had limited time to include it.

I quickly took some of the rope I had pre-cut wrapping her ankles in the black rope looping it around the back of each of the high heels to make sure they weren’t coming off. I had her swing her bound legs over the other side and tied her wrists together behind her back. 

I lay her on her side with her bound hands laying on the wall behind her back and snapped dozens of pictures telling her where to place her hands, head and feet. Annie rolled onto both sides and her stomach flexing and twisting against the lit backdrop of the night sky.

With the moon framed almost directly behind her naked figure moving quickly I strapped the gag in her mouth. As soon as she was on her stomach, I pulled her wrists back towards her ankles tying them there leaving her in a loose hogtie just able to move as I told her too.

More pictures were taken with her arched body almost in the center of the rising moon, with me again ordering her to move and stretch. I turned off the fill light and took more pictures of her in silhouette. Her bound body looked amazing in the bright moon making me forget she was a person bound and gagged.

Racing literally against the moon I pulled her hair into a ponytail tying it to her ankles winching it backwards. More pictures of her bound form, then I pulled her wrists all the way to her ankles, adjusting her ponytail, stretching her neck further and taking a thousand pictures.

I moved around her bound form snapping away really enjoying the way her body looked bound tightly in the moonlight. When I told her to lift her chest off the wall, I found her erect nipples were clearly visible by the background light of the moon, shocking me how detailed it was.

I kept moving, making sure I got at least a few with her centered in the full moon before turning on the fill light again and taking more. With the fill light on you could see her tight muscles as they strained against the ropes and the string of spital running from her gagged mouth.

When the moon moved out of the center of the frame, I lifted her to her knees changing my position to capture her in a kneeling hogtie. With her head pulled back her breasts were pointing towards the sky and she looked like she was howling at the moon. 

I released her from the hogtie letting her sit up on the wall again. With only her wrists and ankles still bound. I took a moment to stroke her naked body, making her gasp as I touched each erect nipple.

Annie had been giggling at my excitement as I tied her hands in front and took pictures with her changing positions as she was told. By the time the moon was completely out of range Annie was bound with the last position in mind with her legs being wrapped in four wide loops of the black rope.

There were two wide bands of rope on her lower legs with two more on her upper legs having me stop and decide to add one more on her upper legs. The bands were wrapped tight and smooth before they were cinched tighter, sinking them deeply into her skin.

She and I both wanted the tightness of the ropes to be obvious in the pictures so I was making sure they were tighter than normal. When her legs were finished more pictures were taken with her sitting and lying on the wall repeating the process with and without the fill light.

I had her lay on her side again facing me exposing the padded leather bit gag wedged deep in her mouth. She rolled with her back to me exposing her bound wrists and firm ass, the fill light making the top of the plug glisten.

I had her roll onto her back changing the fill light taking pics of her breasts and thin waist climbing on the wall myself. Once on the wall I took pictures down her body showing her from her head to her high heels.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked in the dim light highlighting her toned and perfect body. I had her turn several more times stopping when she was on her side again, I laid down on the wall with her lying close to the edge of it. I shot down the length of her body again showing the top of the wall and the night sky and her incredible bound body. 

Leaving her on her side I bound her arms in wide bands of the rope adding two more, one above her elbows crushed together and another midway to her wrists on her forearms. I took more pictures ordering her to roll over and change positions several times listening to her grunt and whine as she carefully moved, videoing it each time she moved.

I could already see the gaps from the tight ropes between her body and the top of the wall knowing it was a great idea to drive home that she was really bound and bound really tight. I sat her up helping her to slide off the wall on to her high heels asking if she was ready for the hard part.

She giggled and grunted, and I slid the large vibrator into her, telling her not to let it fall out. With the vibrator ready I started wrapping her waist with the rope pulling it as tight as I could listening to her grunting as I crushed her waist with another wide band of the soft rope.

I wrapped the ropes between her legs, sinking them deep into her making her squeal, tying them off without making them bugle over her skin. I smiled as I tied the ropes knowing they were wedged deep into her and would be quickly driving her crazy.

I continued restraining her. I wrapped her chest above and below her breasts pulling it much tighter than normal again making her whine as she gasped for air. Around her neck I wrapped the rope giving her a tight collar from her shoulders to her chin.

I sat her on the wall again telling her to bend her knees and push her arms out behind her and to hold it there. She strained to comply, forcing me to help her, finally having her arms stretched back with her legs bent at the knee and her heels touching the wall with her toes pointing up.

I made her hold that position, snapping a bunch of pictures before resetting the light and doing it again, repeating the procedure three more times as she struggled to hold herself on the wall. When I told her I was done, she tried to relax, forgetting she was balanced precariously on a wall wobbling and squealing as I grabbed her, setting her back onto her feet.

Annie was laughing and giggling, enjoying being so helpless and having me muscling her around. I spun her back to me untying her arms down to her wrists and loosening those before twisting them up her back feeling her humming knowing what was coming next. I tightened the ropes around her wrists once they were in the reverse prayer position.

I tied the tail from her wrists to the wide collar pulling her arms up until her bent elbows were touching behind her back. Tying the rope tail off there I started wrapping her arms from her wrists to her elbows in the black rope.

With her arms restrained I started stroking and rubbing her bound body unable to stop myself after watching her body so tightly restrained. Rubbing her skin feeling the ropes digging so deep into her skin almost made me orgasm.

The stroking and my heavy breathing made Annie react straining to rub herself on me whimpering and whining trying to make the phalluses inside her push her over the edge. I snapped out of my trance calming her arousal by taking my hands off her letting her start to helplessly fall.

She squealed as she felt herself falling giggling as I caught her and stood her up straight ordering her to stay put. I continued binding her arms, tying her upper arms to the chest ropes before wrapping her lower arms and bent elbows with more rope pressing them tightly to her body.

Annie was humming and moaning, she had never been bound this tight or this securely being unable to move her arms at all. I turned her around, leaning her against the wall making sure all the new ropes were straight and neat, brushing her erect nipples several times making her squeal each time.

With her arms bound she was ready so I lifted her squealing back onto the wall lying her on her side. Her hands were flailing as she started realizing how restrained she really was trying desperately not to roll forward or backwards.

I set up the light and started taking pictures ordering her to curl up and stretch out, really enjoying watching her fight to keep her balance. She squealed loudly when she rolled forwards, making me laugh since I knew she wouldn’t fall off.

Lying on her stomach I repositioned the lights making sure to take my time letting her lay gasping in her bonds. Her breasts were smashed against the rough wall making her whine as she shifted and twisted in the tight ropes.

I took more pictures moving around the bound woman for thirty minutes forcing her to look up and twist and pull on the ropes. She was really straining against the ropes, she had learned from experience that if she wiggled and pulled enough, she could loosen normal ropes.

The new silk ropes eliminated the loosening of the normal stretchy ropes, maintaining their tension much better than nylon. The silk also took longer to become uncomfortable, something that will be very important to her tonight.

When I hoisted her tightly bound legs up, folding them over themselves her giggles turned to whines as I pressed on them. I continued to press on her bound legs until they slowly sank until her heels touched her firm and filled ass. I couldn’t resist stopping play with the end of the plug twisting and pulling on it for several minutes.

With her legs folded I started roping them together adding more bands of the silk rope cinching each band just as before. When I was done her legs were welded together then folded over and welded again almost completely covered in bands of the silk rope. 

I jumped off the wall swatting her ass laughing as she whined and flexed, finding she was now almost completely incapable of moving any part of her body. I started taking pictures again, moving the light, ordering her to do things, smiling as she tried even though we knew she couldn’t do it.

Another hour had passed and she was moving less and whining more when I jumped up on the wall again. I had already pulled off four strips of the three-inch-wide tape leaving them on my arm. I positioned Annie’s bound body so she was looking up at me humming warmly.

I looped some rope under the ropes around her knees pulling it up and looping it under the ropes around her upper chest. Now she would learn why I had used so much rope around her chest and shoulders.

I started heaving on the rope drawing her upper body back while pulling her bound legs up listening to her whining as I pulled her tighter. I stopped pulling temporarily, tying off the ropes and sat down in front of her.

I smiled stroking her face and breasts listening to her moaning and grunting as she shifted and flexed. Her hair was still in a roped ponytail, having plans to use it again shortly. I raised her face pulling one of the strips off my arm letting her see it.

Annie immediately started squealing and twisting knowing what I was going to do, I was trying not to laugh as I said “You wouldn’t want a blindfold to ruin the pictures would you?” I laid one across her left eye pressing it over her closed eye, sealing it closed.

Annie was desperately trying to get me to stop as I pressed another strip over her eye guaranteeing she would not be able to open it. Her struggles increased as I started to cover her right eye, sealing it as well, effectively blinding her.

I stopped to make the teasing last a little longer and reset the light and snapped some more pictures of her blindly struggling. When she stopped struggling and lay panting in her bonds, I eased up onto the wall watching her as I tried not to let her know I was in front of her.

I reached over her back pulling the simple knot in the tail snapping her legs up pulling her into a much more severe arch. Annie grunted and whined as I pulled until I thought I might break something and tied the tail off again.

When I was done, I quickly scanned her position seeing it wasn’t too extreme for my model so I pulled the pony tail rope back through her ankle’s ropes. Annie was just getting comfortable when I started pulling the rope drawing her head backwards.

Annie whined louder as I kept pulling her head back until I knew it couldn’t go any further leaving her bound in the tightest most restricting hogtie I had ever seen. Annie was whimpering and whining, her hands flailing behind her that were touching the back of her head.

I knelt in front of her reaching around playing with and stroking her bound body noticing even in the cooler weather she was covered in a sheen of sweat. Feeling her wiggling, hearing her whining as I ran my fingers over the tight bands of rope was too much and I exploded in my pants squeezing her ass as I leaned forward on her bound body. 

When I had recovered Annie was giggling somehow, she knew what had happened making me swat her ass on both sides before stepping off the wall. In the darkness I watched her body flexing as she tested her bonds, from experience being able to know she was enjoying herself.

I walked away shaking my head feeling comfortable leaving her alone as I changed my pants returning to her quickly finding her just as I had left her. I was in awe again as I walked closer looking at the gaps between her skin and the wall where the tight ropes were compressing her.

Even in the darkness I could see the night sky through the gaps, noticing her breasts were held a couple of inches off the wall smiling as I thought, “Perfect.” I moved around her snapping pictures making sure I covered every angle, getting another hard on as I watched her struggling.

I moved the light under her shining upwards and climbed the wall and started taking pictures smiling as the back lit bondage model looked perfect. Every muscle straining and pulling, the sheen of her sweat giving her a glow in the light. 

Even her fingers flailing uselessly behind her head were perfectly shown in the dim light expressing her helplessness and futile escape attempt. Making me believe even someone who didn’t know her would see she was having fun.

I ran the video function again recording the bound woman becoming more desperate searching for a way out and if someone was with her or not. I decided that the last position of the night was simply adding a strong pair of nipple clamps with a weight chain.

I climbed up to her petting and stroking her while checking her limbs temperature before adding the clamps. Annie must have been exhausted because she hardly flinched when I closed the clamps. I asked her if she wanted to try out all the new clamps I had bought for her, getting a low grunt and a faint shake of her head “No.” Normally she would whine and thrash but now she just lay there in the super restrictive hogtie hardly making a noise. 

I adjusted the tension of the clamps making them as tight as I could waiting for a reaction. I slipped off the wall walking back and forth snapping pictures before swapping sides again and then recording her slight movements and whimpers. I felt we had exploited the night sky as long as we could so I carried the equipment into the house.

When I returned to her, I grabbed the ropes running from her chest to ankles using it like a handle picking her up chuckling as she squealed even after I had set her on the ground. I picked her up carrying her compacted and bound body into our house depositing her on the bedroom floor smiling at her frantic and muffled complaining.

I cleaned up, downloading the pictures and videos I had taken before returning to Annie who was now struggling and moaning in her bonds. I told Annie she had two options, one was to be freed from her bonds, spending the night in the ropes but in a much more comfortable position.

Second option she could be forced to orgasm as many times as I could squeeze out of her and remain bound in the tight hogtie. Annie immediately chose the first option, surprising me so I toyed with her as I rubbed and stroked her body, relishing how tightly she was bound.

I changed the rules at the last minute not wanting to end the long night so I told her if she managed to get to the other side of the room, I would free her. She whined and grunted making sounds like she was cussing me as she started wiggling and twisting.

I watched her struggling to move her body slowly moving forwards enough until she had trapped the chain from her nipple clamps under her. When the chain started pulling on her nipples she screamed in frustration as she tried to rock her body enough to free them.

I let her whine as she twisted and flexed her body for a few minutes before telling her, “Perfect, you win!” I watched her sag in her bonds in relief thinking it was over. I started untying her, hearing her whine and shake her chest. I figured she had been bound for over ten hours so I took mercy on her.

I laughed and slowly loosened the clamps before removing the clamps rubbing her sore nipples as she whined and squealed into the gag. I removed the ropes connecting her hair to her ankles then loosened the ropes from her chest and the ropes around her knees relaxing the hogtie.

Annie was already feeling better and I could hear her giggling as I rubbed her still folded legs then started working on removing the ropes holding them folded over. I slowly straightened her legs out rubbing them hearing her humming from having them released.

While I rubbed them, I loosened the cinch loops letting the ropes expand until they were no longer digging into her skin. With the legs ropes loosened I continued rubbing them until their temperature returned to normal.

I loosened the ropes holding her arms to her body removing them completely before loosening the ropes holding her arms high up her back. I watched as her hands’ color returned, rubbing the numbness out of them. 

I picked Annie’s bound body up, lying it on the bed listening to her whine as she struggled in the remaining ropes. “That’s all you get tonight, enjoy the freedom.” We were both exhausted so I went to the bathroom and showered thinking about what we had just done smiling all during the shower. 

When I came to bed Annie was sleeping deeply, almost snoring around the gag. I lay down beside her carefully stroking her body wondering what she was going to think about the next phase in her training.

We slept until late the next morning when I woke up. She had rolled herself facing me so when I opened my eyes, she was looking at me with her eyes still held closed by the tape. I groggily asked if she was ok getting a vigorous nod.

I rubbed her body checking temperatures feeling that everything felt normal and we lay with me tickling and poking her wiggling body as she squealed and giggled. When I was ready to get up, I asked her if she was ready to start the next step in her training, getting another vigorous nod: she was.

I left her lying in the bed and went and showered and cleaned up, returning to my bound beauty untying her legs. She was enjoying having her legs freed and massaged moaning and hoping I would use the vibrator still buried inside her.

I untied the ropes around her waist and between her legs massaging her trying to smooth out the deep lines left by the tight ropes. When I was done with the massage, I helped her to stand in the high heels still on her feet.

She stood giggling, turning her back to me thinking I was going to continue untying her. She was unaware I had walked away since she was still blind and gagged. When I returned, I wrapped a wide steel belt around her waist.

Annie was giggling as I continued to place more steel around her pushing her forwards, easing the plug from her ass. I pushed the metal strap between her legs, turning her around, pulling it up and pushing it into the front plate.

Annie knew what was happening and stood silently as I adjusted the belt making it tighter around her waist before giving the crotch plate a hard tug pressing it tightly against her. Annie’s hands were strangely still as I finished locking the belt.

I slipped the two chains from the thigh cuff onto the latches on the belt then closed the thigh cuff around her leg squeezing it tight. I locked the other cuff around her thigh, latching a very short chain between the cuffs.

I stood up telling her “If you're very good I might let you go without the connecting chain between your thighs.” Annie tested her limitations from the cuffs finding she couldn’t separate her legs more than a couple of inches then started bending and flexing in the belt to get it to settle on her.

I watched her for a moment before pushing her head onto the bed and slowly eased another phallus into her ass, twisting it and latching it in place. Annie was squirming as I eased the phallus into her explaining it was for her enemas.

I left her to figure out what was happening, I grabbed some toast and made coffee sitting down and started going through the pictures I had taken. I was shocked how well some of them turned out finding one I really liked quickly editing it and sending it to a photo printing site.

I stared at the picture astonished at how amazing Annie looked bound and gagged with her erect nipples on full display. The deep grooves in her skin caused by the wide bands of tight ropes showed clearly in the picture as did her fingers almost touching her head.

I continued to go through the pictures hearing Annie slowly making her way out of the bedroom easing blindly through the door. I turned to watch, seeing she had kicked her shoes off and warned her if she had taken them off, she would wear her ballet boots for a month straight.

I laughed as she turned around easing her way back into the bedroom leaving me to continue picking out my favorite pictures. When she returned wearing her heels, she walked carefully, listening for me and slowly walking to me.

I started watching a video turning the sound up listening to her moaning and whining looking at her seeing she was twisting and flexing, humming with arousal as she listened to herself enjoying the night's play.

I drank my coffee as she stood twisting and fighting the bonds still holding her arms high behind her back. I stopped her when I started talking, telling her that she was now locked in a chastity belt just as she had asked for and would continue to be for the foreseeable future. 

I added you should have taken the orgasm option when you had the chance because it will be a while before you're able to cum again. I let her stew in her ropes and belt for a few more hours before releasing her while we stood in the shower.

When I finally untied her arms, I spent half an hour massaging her arms and shoulders before removing the gag and the tape from her eyes. As soon as she was able to see and got done working her sore jaw, she dropped to her knees looking up at me saying, “Thank you” and took my bulging cock into her mouth.

A few days later Annie was walking gingerly around the house, her feet were laced into her toe boots for an infraction she had done. Her arms were bound high up her back again and she was gagged with a large ball and leather strap. Her keys had been sent to a holding service to limit my weakness for her to let her out prematurely. 

When I came in, I had a long tube under my arm, sitting down and rolling out what I had received. When she came up behind me, she saw the enlarged picture of her bound and gagged in silhouette with the moon behind her. I asked her what she thought and she squealed loudly repeating her squeal of approval when I asked if it had been worth it.


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