The Beach Part 2

by Anne Woolsey

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Storycodes: F/f+; kidnap; bond; gag; zipties; hogtie; chairtie; rope; captive; cons/nc; X

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Part 2

I left the city later than I wanted, but the traffic headed north wasn’t too heavy. Southbound was another matter, but not my problem. I got to my exit in an hour plus or minus without any problems and headed straight to a seafood stand for some take-out chowder.

It was about 4 o’clock when I pulled in at the house and got out, stretching to work out the kinks and sucking in the wonderful ocean scent. A gal could get to like this!

Take-out in one hand, my overnight bag in the other and the door key in my mouth, I climbed the porch steps. Dropping the overnight to the deck and unlocking the door, I pushed it open and used my foot to slide the overnight in.

I was still grimy from the softball game, my long-sleeved number jersey funky with dried sweat and my knee-high skater socks grass stained. It was a toss-up as to whether I would eat the chowder or take a shower.

When I looked up after clearing the door, the take out slipped out of my hand and fell to floor and my mouth involuntarily popped open.

Facing the door, seated on a tall stool, and struggling against the tight ropes holding her was Catharine Black!

At least I thought it was her!

A gag, some kind of cloth wrap, covered the whole of her lower face. Shoulder length black/brown hair hung free of the gag. It was her eyes I recognized, brown and up-tilted at the ends, now wild with fear.

She was wearing the clothes I remembered from our meeting, sweater, skirt and hose. My God! Had she been here since Saturday?

Catharine appeared to be armless, her arms apparently bound behind her. There were multiple loops around her ankles, above and below her knees and at the top of her thighs. Additional loops framed her breasts and compressed her waist.

She was making urgent, muffled sounds that I couldn’t understand and squirming precariously on the rickety stool.

A second later, I knew what she trying to tell me when the door slammed shut and an arm encircled my neck, squeezing it tightly!

Instinctively, I reached a hand to my throat, but found nothing. Damn it; I hadn’t worn the alarm pendant!

A voice spoke close to my ear. “I have the pendant, Cory! I understand you’ve been looking for me? I’m Addison Carter!”

I was totally stunned! I felt my face flush red at my stupidity in not wearing the pendant.

I said nothing and tried to get my head around the situation.

“You’ve met Catharine, I believe?”

My eyes met Catharine’s; she seemed to be blinking away tears.

I pulled my eyes away from hers and looked frantically around for something to help me.

“Don’t try anything rash, Cory! You have a pretty complete profile of me in your files. You know I don’t have a history of violence. But… I bet you’re thinking that maybe I’ve slipped off the leash and I’m escalating! Am I right? I mean, doesn’t Catharine over there make you think something has changed?”

I still didn’t speak; I didn’t want my voice to crack and give away the fear engulfing me. I was frozen in place and my legs felt weak.

I swallowed against the pressure of her arm and croaked out a shaky “You won’t get away with this. The police know…” She cut me off.

“That is so lame! The police know nothing! And they won’t know until I let them find you!”

I was in deep shit and sinking! I broke into a nervous sweat even though the air was cool.

Trying to focus, I assessed my situation. I had little in the way of options; my alert safety net wasn’t available and no one knew she was here. Could I get free and make it to the door before she recovered? Maybe yell for help? Should I risk a move when she let her guard down? She had a good grip on my neck and I knew she could choke me out if she wanted. Her other arm circled my waist pinning my arms against my body.

I flicked my eyes to Catharine. Although silent, she seemed to be pleading with me with her eyes to not do anything stupid. I realized that her safety was on the line as well!

I was totally screwed and knew that I had no viable options. Carter must have sensed it in my body language. “Good decision, Reid! Now put your hands behind you.”

But I am nothing if not stubborn and annoyingly pugnacious!

As she withdrew her arms, I stamped my foot down on her instep. She yelped and I pushed my butt back and against her. It threw her off balance and I reveled in the crash as she careened into something and knocked it and herself over.

As I spun around to face her, she growled in frustration. I kicked out at her and caught her on the thigh. She scrambled back and tried to get up onto her feet, clearly angry and intently focused on me, but she was tangled in a light cord!

I sensed my only chance was making it to the door!

Of course, she knew that and shuffled sideways to block it, but I was moving the other way headed for the back door!

As I passed Catharine sitting on her stool, I yelled that I was going for help and to hang in there or something like that.

Apparently she didn’t hear or understand me and, wide-eyed, stumbled to her feet and toppled the stool right into me! I went ass-over-teakettle tangled up with her and the stool.

I knew I had seconds to free myself before Carter would be on me. I tried pushing Catharine off, but she was dead weight. Damn it, had she knocked herself out? Or worse? I couldn’t worry about that; we needed help!

I was just clear of Catharine and on my knees when Carter slammed into me and propelled me down onto my stomach. The air rushed out of me. As I struggled for breath, she grabbed my hands and levered my arms up high behind me.

Before I could get breathing and move, she had cable tied my wrists. She encircled my elbows with a second tie and yanked it tight.

And that was that! My chance to get help was gone!

She pulled my head back and by pressing her hand over my mouth; I tried to bite her but couldn’t get my mouth open to do it. She slapped a sponge-y thing against my mouth with her free hand and forced it in totally filling my mouth with it. Several wraps of duct tape followed and I was effectively silenced!

She crawled off me and pulled me to my feet.

I sought out Catharine and saw that she had recovered and was sitting against the wall staring at me. I thought I saw an apologetic look in her expressive eyes.

Carter pushed me over to the sofa and down onto it. She grabbed my legs and rolled me onto my stomach. My sneakers were ripped off and a tight cable tie secured my socked ankles.

She bent my legs back and secured my ankles to, I guess, my elbows since the tension on them ratcheted up and caused my back to arch. The tension also caused the hard plastic of the ties to dig into my skin. I wasn’t sure how I would fare if left like this for long.

She stood up.

“You’re feisty, Reid, I’ll give you that!”

I swore at her in a gag-garbled, unintelligible voice.

She ignored my protest and continued.

“This is how it’s going to go. I’m going to mess with you, and Catharine of course, and then when I’m tired of you, I’m going to drop you off in the reserve and call the cops. There’s nothing you can do to avoid it so you might as well relax and enjoy it!”

She laughed at my garbled fuck you.


The plan was simple.

When Catharine arrived, we discussed how we could hide her identity. We decided that having her masked was impractical. After a little back and forth, we hit on the idea of having her pose as a fellow kidnap victim. I would tie her up and she would be waiting as a distraction when Reid came home. She was all for it and suggested that she wear an outfit similar to what she had on when she met Reid to give the impression that I had grabbed right after she met Reid. It was a simple and workable plan and we went with it.

We broke back into Reid’s cottage at about noon. I went in first and then Catharine drove up 15 minutes or so later and knocked on the door as if she were a visitor. I let her in and we set the stage for Reid’s return. We didn’t know exactly when she would be returning so I had to tie up Catharine early on in the afternoon. And of course while she was tied I had to mess with her. So with one ear cocked for Reid’s return, Catharine and I played some bondage games. Finally at about 3:00 o’clock, I tied her sitting on a stool facing the door. She would be the first thing Reid saw when she entered, which I hoped would give me the ability to get control of Reid without incident.

Reid drove up around 4:00 o’clock and got out and stretched. She was wearing a dark blue and white numbered sweat shirt top, cut-offs and blue knee socks that matched the blue in her top. Her hair was pulled into a ponytail and she had it covered with a blue ball cap. It looked like she had come right from a softball game to here!

With a bag of something in one hand and her overnight in the other she approached the door, keys in her mouth.

I nodded to Catharine to be ready and then slipped to the side of the door so that I would be behind it when it opened.

She entered and immediately dropped what she was carrying when she saw Catharine! I immediately grabbed her around the neck and waist.

She reached for her pendant!

I told her I had it and then explained her situation. It was interesting to watch her process everything and then decide what to do. I felt her body tension slacken and knew I had her!

I released my hold on her and told her to put her hands behind her as I reached into my pants for a cable tie.

A big miscalculation on my part!

She stomped on my foot and scissor-ed into me with her butt. I slipped on a spill of whatever she was carrying (smelled like chowder!), got tangled in a lamp cord and was trying to get up when she kicked me. Damn it, this was not going well! She broke for the back door.

I caught Catharine’s eye and watched as she stood and stumbled into Reid. They both went down and I freed myself in time to scramble over and jump on Reid hard driving her face down into the floor. I corralled her arms and levered her arms up high behind her. I managed to get a cable tie over her hands and yanked it tight on her wrists. I did her elbows and managed to stuff her mouth with a sponge

After that, it was all over for her, but I was pissed!

My thigh, where she caught me with the kick, was sore and that she had almost gotten away was a real annoyance.

I dragged her over to the couch and tied her a little, well a lot tighter than I had been planning to do. I pulled her into an aggressive hogtie.

She was more dangerous than I had assumed and I would need her under control at all times and the quicker I broke her the better for me!

I was breathing hard and way cranky when I finally finished with her. She was moaning and moving frantically; I could see the cable ties cutting into her. Too bad!

She was more dangerous than I had assumed and I would need her under control at all times and the quicker I broke her the better for me!

to be continued...


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