Be Careful What You Wish For

by Gagged Utopia

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© Copyright 2003 - Gagged Utopia - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; VR; cons/nc; X

It was a stormy night, although this was no surprise to Crystal as it was already scheduled months ago by the weather system. She looked out the window and sighed, �Well, I suppose I should finish my VR program� she thought to herself. VR (or Virtual Reality) is pretty commonplace in the year 2107. It is such a commodity that there are several shops in most cities that offer customized vacations, romantic getaways, and even fantasy sexual encounters. One of the nicer features of the more modern VR computers is the ability to fool the mind that days have gone by, when it has only been a few minutes.
�There we go, all done. I can�t wait to try it out!�

While many things have changed over the past few decades, such as weather control, hover cars and many other advances, the ability to meet Mr. Right was not any easier for Crystal. She never had a problem meeting guys, but none of them were interested in her fetishes. She desired to be tightly bound and under a man�s control, but never could find anybody she trusted to do this for her. Thank god for VR.

Crystal walked down to one of the new VR stores that had just opened up. They were running a special and had the latest equipment, so she might as well give them a try. Once there, Crystal walked inside and up to the counter. 
�Hello there, my name is Robert, how can I help you?� asked the clerk.
�I would like to set-up an appointment, here is the program I would like to run.�
�Ok, we can set it up for tomorrow if you would like. You just need to leave the program here so we can take a look at it before running it.�
�Why do you need to look at it? Why can�t you just run it?�
�This new equipment is better and more enjoyable in many ways, however, there are some safety concerns that we have to eliminate first�

�Most people while in VR still know they are just in a dream-like state, and just like a dream, if something bad happens, you wake up. Any veteran of VR has probably woken from their program at one point or another. You have probably heard the expression that if you die in your sleep, you will die in real life. This is somewhat true with our VR equipment. It is far more up-to-date then our competitors and is far more realistic. What have to screen programs and make sure there are no variables that would allow such a trauma that you might physically harm yourself, or even worse, die.�
�Has anybody ever died in the new VR systems?�
�To date, only one person has died. It was actually the owner of a VR store and decided to try out his favorite skydiving program in the new system. His chute didn�t open and when he hit, his brain convinced itself that it had actually happened and he died. Had somebody been monitoring him, like we monitor people here, he could have still been saved, but could have been avoided all together. That�s why we scan the programs first.�
�Are you discreet? This program is kind of personal.�

�Absolutely, we won�t even make a copy of the program. Furthermore, we never actually see the program itself. We have a sensor dummy that will take in readings when we run the program on it. When it�s done, we make sure the dummy is ok, and then we give you a call. If we find anything wrong with it, we will just alter your original and have you sign off on the changes after we explain them to you.�
�Ok, it sounds like you have anything under control. I will be back tomorrow, see you then.�
�Ok Crystal (looking at her information), we will be ready.�

She went home and started to prepare of the trip. It was only going to be for a few hours, in real time anyway, but a week of memories. Crystal could hardly control herself as she imagined herself being bound and controlled by her Master for a week. She had added a little torture into this program, just to give it a try. Rubber was going to be another feature of this program, she was always one for leather, but wanted something new.

The Next Day�

A call came in from Robert stating that he program checked out ok, and they didn�t need to make any changes. It was ready whenever she was. Extremely excited, Crystal rushed down to the store and was there in only a few minutes.
�Excited to try out your program I see!� said Robert.
�Yes, I have been working on it for a while now� I need a nice getaway�
�Would you mind me asking what your program involves? The dummy came back with some unusual readings, but nothing over the limit.�
�Well, I would rather not say� it�s kind of personal�
�Ok, no problem, I didn�t mean to intrude. Let�s get you started�

They both walked into the back room where Crystal started to get suited up for her adventure. The suit seemed to be made mostly out of a latex type material and was very tight on her body. Since there were sexual themes in the program, she had put on the suit with plugs for both her ass and pussy. After getting dressed in the VR suit, Crystal sat back in the chair and strapped on the VR helmet. Robert came over and started to strap her down. She was a veteran to VR programs so she knew why the straps were necessary. Most people start to thrash in their dreamlike state and can fall out of the chair. 

�Ok, we are all set. Just one more thing before we get started. I need you to take this pill before I start the VR up.� said Robert.
�I have never had to take a pill before, why this time?�
�Our dummy registered that there was certain conditions that could cause high heart rate in humans. It is for your own safety. This pill will keep you calm in high stress situations. If you would like to verify this, I can un-strap you and I can show you several texts on the subject.�
�No� No that will be alright, I will admit there are a number of new changes in this program then my past programs that will probably cause me more stress. I will take the pill.�
�Ok, here you go.� said Robert.
With that, she swallowed the pill and laid back in the chair. Robert started to turn the console on and continued setting everything up. Crystal was lying there, bound, covered in latex and under the control of this man Robert. She smiled to herself and thought �I can�t wait much more� my mind is already in the program!� Just then, the back visor came down and she started to feel tired.

After a long nap�

Crystal opened her eyes and looked around. �Wow, this is exactly how I pictured it in my head. Every detail of the dungeon is here!� she thought. The dungeon was very dark, but she knew it was daylight outside from the small rays of sunshine coming though the cracks in the walls. It was musky and very cold in there. Crystal started to get up, but realized that she was unable to move at all. Taking stock of her situation, she squirmed around to discover what was hindering her movement.
She was wearing long rubber black boots. Her legs were bent at the knees and a thick leather strap held them together tight. Small black rubber panties cover her pussy, while not providing much covering for her ass. A very thick boned corset was laced tightly in her midsection, taking off a few inches and giving the famous hourglass shape. Long rubber gloves that went to her shoulders tightly cover her arms, while a rubber arm binder held her arms and elbows tightly together. Another leather strap connected her hands to the belt that held her legs together, while many more went around her waist, above and below her chest. A thick posture collar held her head up high. Crystal started to speak but found that not a sound came out at all. Strapped on her head was a head harness with a inflatable rubber gag inside of it. Pumped to the max.

�This is a lot more then I had expected. When I put rubber into the program, I only wanted to be wearing it, maybe some light bondage, but nothing this extreme. I think I had better wake up and let Robert know.� she thought. She started to concentrate on letting her conscious mind know she needed to wake up. Having no luck, she started to get more comfortable. She rolled onto her side and felt an extremely painful pull on her breasts. Looking down, she could see a chain leading to both nipples where they were connected to rings. The rings were inside her tits! She never wanted piercings! �I know this has gone on too far now, time to wake up� she said to herself.

Just then, a man walked into the room. Crystal only knew it was a man by the build and shape, but it was too dark to see any details. She moved back onto her stomach to relieve the pain from her breasts and now couldn�t see anything. She was hoping that they would take the gag out of her mouth so she could tell the program to shutdown. Normally she can just wake up from them whenever she wanted, but knew that voice commands work as a backup. The man walked up and stroked her long strawberry hair, then ran his hands all over her body. Crystal tried to squirm out of his reach, but it was no use, she couldn�t move and inch in any direction.

�I hope this is what you wanted my dear, because if it�s not, well, there�s not much you can do.� said the mystery man. His voice did sound very familiar however, but couldn�t quite place it. �Let me apprise you of your current situation. You�re now my slave until I let you go, which will probably be never. More importantly, I am not part of the program you wrote, I am a real person so you can be sure that anything I say is true.� he stated with authority. Crystal now knew the voice of the man. It was Robert. Why was he here? What did he want? Why was he doing this? And how?

�By now you have probably guessed who I am. If you haven�t, I am Robert, the man that set-up this little world for you. I have actually set-up many little worlds for you while working for other VR stores. I have known of your programs for a while. I robbed one of the newer VR stores a while back so I could set-up this little shop myself. The ads for discount pricing were only sent to you� nobody else knows that I am here. In fact, this is not really a store, I had a hologram project a storefront, this is really just my house your in.� said Robert.

Crystal was really starting to panic now as the reality of her situation was becoming clear. What caused her more concern was the fact she couldn�t wake up. She has always been able to wake up from a VR program. In fact, almost anybody can wake up from one on a whim, but today she was having trouble. In a state of panic, she started to thrash around and tried screaming in to the gag, but not a sound came out.

�You should really try and save your energy, your going to need it in the near future. Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention. Don�t try and wake up, you won�t be able to. That pill had nothing to do with calming you down, but shuts down your conscious mind and leaves it somewhat in a sleep state that is very hard to wake up. If you do manage to wake up, you�re strapped very securely to the chair with a gag in your mouth. You won�t get far, and nobody would hear your screams.�

�Now down to business.� Robert reached down to a control pad on his arm and in an instant Crystal found herself with her arms chained above her head, posture collar with the chain on her nipples running through it, and her legs attached to a spreader bar. If she tried to move her head at all, it caused extreme pain in her nipples where the rings were attached. She did notice that she was not wearing a gag anymore and started to tell Robert how she felt about all this, but again, nothing came out. She had assumed that it was just a very good gag before.

�I expect to be addressed as Master from now on, if you don�t, well, I�m sure you can imagine the painful punishments that we can solve that with. I can control your ability to talk, pain, pleasure, breathe� basically everything. The VR program thinks you�re just a hologram, and let�s me control you just like one. I suggest you obey, and only speak when I ask you a question.�

Robert reached down to his control pad, �I�m about to set you up with your first training session. I will be back in a few minutes� well, a week in your time. I have set the time controls in the VR program to maximum so years can go by while only weeks will pass in real life. I hope you enjoy yourself!�

Robert walked out and a shadowed figured walked in. She couldn�t see any facial features, but seemed to be a well build man with various whips and torture devices attached to his frame. �I am a Torture Bot. I have been instructed to give you daily punishment and teach you to obey your Master. I have also been instructed to teach you how to pleasure your new Master.� said the figure, in a deep voice.

He picked up a large bull whip from his belt, �Let�s begin.�

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