The Battle of Cat-Fury

by Alcore

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Storycodes: F/m; bond; cuffs; tease; foreplay; cats; fight; scratch; humor; discovery; hum; nosex; true; cons/reluct; X

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(The following is an old, but entirely true, story)

Once upon a time, I convinced my wife to chain me down to the bed for some S/m play and hot bondage sex.

It is not a mood I'm able to pull out of her frequently, and I was really getting into it.

We had a King-Size bed. She had chained me 4-points to each corner of the bed, taughtly. I couldn't reach any of the anchor points, or otherwise move even an inch in any direction.

She had even put pillows under my ass so that my crotch was raised just a bit and highly exposed.

She had already spent a few minutes straddling my face, having me warm her up while she teased me, when she decided it was time for some sort of change. I have no idea specifically why she got up, but while she was, she heard a cat-noise on the outside of the big French Doors down one side of our bedroom. Not thinking much about it, she cracked the door open to deal with the cat...

A few days before, our OTHER female cat in the household had dropped a litter of kittens. She had taken up residence with them in the back corner of the walk-in closet of our bedroom. The reason the other cat was outside was that Momma-Cat had become a little bit crazy-protective and we'd separated them by putting cat #2 outside.

Cat #2 put her head in the door and asked "Meow?"

Momma Cat appeared out of nowhere, like an angry demon, and began trying to kill Cat #2.

My wife, who had bent down to deal with Cat #2 got a face-full of the explosion. She fell backwards into the room as the two cats engaged in their first serious exchange of hostility... The French doors, due to impact and being completely unattended, gradually fell wide open.

Having been taken by surprise and being not fully prepared for combat, Cat #2 decided to disengage and regroup. She did so by leaping on top of the Piano (we had one right next to the door) and then across the bed into the bedroom... Momma Cat followed in full onslaught...

Curios and knick-knacks flew off of the top of the Piano, and then they tracked directly across the bed, leaving behind a trail of spray/bile, and bloody claw track-marks across my chest...

I howled in fear. Yes, there was some pain too... but I was a lot more worried about my future than my first dose of collateral damage. I could see the cats reach the other end of the bedroom and they were making a banked turn against all three walls and making their way back in my direction...

My wife grabbed the keys to let me loose off of the beside table and was reaching across me to release my right hand just as the cats made their next pass... She threw her body across my face to protect me, getting claw tracks down her back... and dropping the keys behind the headboard.

Now, under most circumstances, being buried under a beautiful woman's breasts is a big happy thing for me... But as you might imagine, this was not most circumstances.

I pleaded, "You've got to let me loose!"...

"I can't, I dropped the keys!..." She began to scramble to look for them when the cats made their third lap, this time across my thighs and crotch. This time Pain really was my big reaction...

I yelled, "Nevermind me! Separate the cats!"

Thus began one of the most awesome, horrifying, hilarious, and unfortunate battles I've ever seen. My naked wife started chasing the cats around the bedroom, trying to protect me and separate them.

After I nearly got my eyes clawed out on the next lap of the cats, she grabbed the bed pillows and covered my face. We were both yelling things at each other...

It was at about this moment that I heard my neighbors yell over the fence, "Is everything OK over there?"

I should note that their back deck was perfectly positioned to look through our open French Doors and see EVERYTHING in the bedroom.

I gather that this outside distraction was enough that the cats paused for a split second. My wife was able to bury Momma Cat under one of the other bed-pillows and grab Cat #2 and impart an outward bound aerial trajectory... And slam closed the French Doors...

She did at this point, at least, pull the pillows off of my face so that I could breathe properly again and see. She was covered in cat scratch wounds all over her arms and torso. There was no damage to her face, but it was clear she'd been hit straight on with cat spray just as the fight started. I was worried she was going to need the emergency room. She looked me over and said, "You can wait." Then she retreated to the bathroom to tend her wounds and wash her face.

It was almost another 45 minutes before I got let up off of that bed.

It was more than 5 years before the next time she was willing to play with chains on the bed again.

My neighbors NEVER spoke to us again, or even made eye-contact. We moved out two years later. I never did find out what they thought they saw.


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