Basketball Tournament

by JakeR

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© Copyright 2013 - JakeR - Used by permission

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The request came out in the local newspaper for volunteers to help with a large project to raise funds for various charities in the city where I live. There was to be a basketball tournament like no other: teams of five and continuous eliminations over a two day period. So many people enjoy watching athletic games and other events without realizing there is so much work involved behind the scenes to make it all happen. I reasoned that I could find the time to help out as much as possible, and besides, volunteering is always a great way to meet new people and make new friends. So with the "zeal of the convert", I donated both in time and financial ways to the program, and in the process become acquainted with coaches, players, basketball enthusiasts, and other volunteers.

I became especially acquainted with two players on the basketball teams during my volunteer activities. They were both students at the local college and actually brothers, but so totally opposite. Both were tall with rather slim bodies,but the older brother Josh was at least a head taller than his younger brother Derek. I should mention that both brothers were on the college basketball team, but their coaches had given them and a few other players permission to take part in the city's charity fund raising event--mainly as a promotion and public service ploy to increase potential donations and promote the upcoming college basketball season some weeks down the road.

Josh was quiet and reserved and an education major at the college. He had light brown hair and piercing blue eyesthat always had a sort of mischievous twinkle in them. His mouth was always curved up in a perpetual smile. He was very tall and not muscular, despite the time he spent in physical exercise. He sort of hunched his shoulders most of the time when he walked (probably because he was self-conscious of his height). I always thought that when he was on a playground or an outing with the students he might one day be teaching, he would probably be tripping over them with his big feet because the height of the children would only be somewhere between his knees and his waist. He was so easy-going and soft-spoken, and I don't ever remember seeing him angry--even when the refs made a lousy call against him in a game.

Derek was the opposite of his brother. He was the better looking of the two, with dark eyes and dark-brown hair. He was more muscular in build and he had a temper that often got him into trouble--both on and off the basketball floor. He was majoring in some scientific field, had numerous friends who were just as loud and roudy as he was, and walked with a confident stride that made a person willing to step out of his way when he moved toward them. But he was a great guy.
I liked them both, and they seemed to enjoy their association with me as well; we became immediate friends. Plus, I was asked to act as their chauffer, providing transportation from their dormitory on campus to the recreation center where the charity tournament was taking place.

Josh was a starter on thecollege team, but Derek usually sat on the bench more than he played. I don't think there was any rivalry between them apart from the sibling rivalry that exists between any two brothers. They did have one small disagreement of sorts on a regular basis: Josh was always the optimist, and would be confident that the college team would win every game. Derek was a pessimist, and despite the pep talks from coaches and fans, was usually confident that the team would fall short and lose. I discovered that this disagreement of times led to wagers between the two brothers about the outcome of the games--nothing harmful, just things like the loser of the wager having to wash the dishes until the next game, or do the laundry for both, or let the winner use the computer first. As we headed into the community basketball tournament, both brothers were assigned to different 5-manteams, and the wagers got a little more intense.

Both Josh and Derek regarded me as a person who was apathetic to a game's outcome, and I was made privy to their wagers. Somehow, the wagers for this community thing was moving outside the usual realm of the dishes, laundry, and shared computer--venturing into the realm of public humiliation: things like nude streaking or being handcuffed to a flagpole in nothing but underwear. I was glad they were on friendly enough terms with me to share these things with me so we could enjoy a laugh together. But this wagering between the two brothers gave me some concern since a public humiliation situation with basketball team members from the college would likely be front page material for the local newspaper and an embarrassment to the college and it's athletic program.

Now might be a good time to add that I am an enthusiast and confidential participant in bondage with other guys when the occasion presents itself. I am not gay, but love to take control of another guy when it involves bondage and rendering him helpless. And on occasion, I do not mind being on the receiving end of being tied up if requested or out of fairness. Several times, after giving these brothers a ride back to their dorm, I had thought in my mind how great one or both of them would look if they were tied up and put in a bondage situation--or handcuffed to a flagpole. I took the thought one step further, and wondered if this wagering and disputing between the two could provide the opportunity. What the heck, I thought, it never hurts to try!

One night as we were riding to the last practice with their respective teams before the charity event began, I smiled as they bantered back and forth about which team would come out on top.

"Just a minute guys," I finally said. "This betting and bickering is fun to listen to and all...... but you guys have to keep in mind the things that could happen if you really followed through on the threats!"

"Oh, we intend to follow through!" Derek responded, with Josh just giving a hearty nod of his head.

"But, guys, this idea of "streaking", or being cuffed to a pole in public...... just think what kind of front page headlines would be flying off the newspaper for weeks. It would damage the college's image as well as ruin the charity tournament for any similar things taking place in the future!"

"But it's all in fun!" they both said in a jovial way, adding some loud laughter to emphasize their point.

"I know that," I said. "But just to be safe, do you think we could tone it down somewhat?"

A few more lighthearted one-liners were added by the brothers, but then they got a little more serious. "Tone it down... how?" they asked.

"Well," I volunteered, "maybe make the penalty for the loser a little less public. I mean, a consequence could still be in order, but more of a private thing."

"That would be okay," they both agreed. "Any ideas for what sort of penalty the loser gets?" They were both smiling at this point.

I appeared to be thinking as I drove. "Well...... since you were talking about the loser being reduced to underwear or completely naked, keep that idea. Then being handcuffed to a flagpole...... How about the loser gets handcuffed or tied up naked by the winner? Have either of you ever been tied up before?"

Both sets of eyebrows rose slightly higher, and the smiles got bigger as Josh and Derek looked at each other. Derek was the first to speak as he pointed to his older brother. "This guy used to tie me up a lot when I was younger. About time I paid him back for doing that to me."

"You deserved it!" Josh shot back. "You were always in the way and a pain in the neck. It was the only way I could get rid of you for a while."

They bantered back and forth for the remainder of the drive, and eventually agreed. Apparently it had been quite a while since it last happened: Josh was ready to once again temporarily get rid of his irritating brother, and Derek was suddenly anxious for some late revenge.

On the ride back home following the practice, they renewed their good-natured bickering as plans were made. I offered the largest room in my basement for their use in carrying out the loser's penalty, and they agreed--much to my excitement. Besides, I pointed out, I needed to make sure that the loser was safe and eventually untied, and privacy was ensured. The doomsday consequence for the loser was planned for the day after the charity tournament ended, and I was more than happy to once again provide transportation for the two of them to my home.

I tried to keep my excitement hidden, but Derek being extremely excited and did not try to mask his excitement in any way. Josh agreed to all the plans in a more reluctant way, which made me think he didn't like what was going to happen to the loser, or he was afraid that he would be the loser, or both. In all honesty, it was Derek that I was hoping would lose. With his good looks, muscular build, and feisty personality, it would be more enjoyable and he would look great tied up and helpless! But Derek's team went on to the finals and won the tournament easily; Josh's team was eliminated in the round before the final game, and he became the loser of the wager.

The following day, I picked both of them up at their dormitory. I was concerned that they would inform me that their wager had been resolved in some other way when I got there, but instead both guys climbed into my car when I arrived. Both were dressed in knee-length trousers, sweatsocks and t-shirts. Derek was animated during the drive and dominated the conversation in his excitement. Josh was silent and added little to what was said, but I noted that he still had the twinkle in his eye, and the usual slight smile. He was definitely a good loser, I thought to myself, and noted that his smile grew somewhat bigger and he nodded his head when I reminded him that at least he did not have to follow through with a naked streaking experience or be handcuffed to a flagpole in his underwear.

As we walked down the stairs to my basement, both guys thanked me for letting them use my home. At the base of the stairs was the large, carpeted room where Josh would soon give up control of himself to his brother and be tied up. I pointed out the box of ropes and other items to Derek. He rubbed his hands together and with a big smile looked at his older brother. "I have waited so long for this day," he told his older brother with a laugh. We all knew that was not really the case, but it added to Josh's discomfort just as Derek had intended. "Go ahead, Josh! Strip!"

Josh's face began to turn a darker shade ofpink as he sat down in a soft chair and slowly began to untie his shoes. Once he was barefoot, he stood and pulled his t-shirt over his head and laid it on a large table. I had never seen Josh shirtless before; even the basketball uniforms that the team members had worn had short sleeves with the appearance of a t-shirt under the colored tank tops. I started to go slightly hard as he removed his clothes--another factor in making a guy feel as vulnerable as possible when going into a bondage situation. Josh was lean and had no definite sixpack like his younger brother would likely have, but his chest was covered with a modest amount of brown, curly hair just a shade darker than the light brown hair on his head. The chest hair covered the entire area around his pecs, surrounding two quarter-size nipples that were a fewshades darker than his chest hair. Josh unfastened his trousers and let them drop to his ankles, then stepped out of them as they lay in a heap on the floor. He picked them up and tossed them onto the table, on top of his t-shirt. He stuck his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs to pull them down and remove them, but stopped, fixing Derek with an almost pleading expression.

"Keep going," Derek ordered, in a harsh tone, but with a big smile on his face that was an obvious indication that he was enjoying every moment of his older brother's predicament. Josh looked at the floor and slid his briefs down his well-developed legs. As he stepped out of them, he looked my direction; I tried to look nonchalant and bored, but I was even more excited than Derek at what was going to happen.

Josh looked at his younger brother as he stood in the middle of the floor, his face red, his hands in front of his body as he tried to use them to conceal his hardening cock. Derek had a big smile on his face, basking in the obvious embarrassment of his brother. Finally he spoke, "We're all guys here, Josh," he said. "No need to be embarrassed--we've all been in locker rooms before." Still, Derek made no move to stand or give any further direction to Josh.

Josh stood in the same position for a full minute before he finally asked his brother. "So.... are you going to stare at something you have seen a lot before, or tie me up?"

Derek paused a bit longer, then slowly stood up and rummaged through the box containing the ropes; he pulled out a length of rope. "Now," Derek said as he slowly scratched his forehead. "How was is that you used to tie me up? Oh, yes, I remember!" Derek moved so he was standing behind his brother and taking Josh's arms, pulled Josh's hands behind his back. He expertly circled the rope around Josh's hands, wrapping and cinching it several times before knotting it off.

"On the floor... facedown," Derek sternly ordered as he took another rope from the box. Josh slowly dropped to his knees, eased himself down onto his side, then finally rolled into a facedown position on the floor. Derek dropped to his knees and tied Josh's large, bare feet together--wrapping and cinching just as he had done with Josh's wrists.

Derek stood up and smiled down at his brother as Josh looked up at Derek over his shoulder. "Yep," Derek said with a big smile, "that looks about right. Does this bring back memories, Josh?"

"I think I went a little easier on you, Bro," Josh said. "It was never this tight!"

"It's time for revenge!" Derek said in a slightly louder, but lighthearted manner. "I'm going to do a few morethings that you... didn't do... just forsome revenge!"

Derek took one of Josh's discarded sweat socks and rolled it into a ball. He knelt down and stuffed it into Josh's mouth, but could not get the entire mass inside completely. He took a length of cloth from the box and wrapped it twice tightly around Josh's mouth before knotting it behind his head to hold the sweat sock in place. He then tied a rope around Josh's legs, just below the knees, pulling his legs slightly into the air so he could tie the knot in front just under Josh's kneecaps.

Taking another rope from the box, Derek knelt beside Josh. "You know, I have always resented you being taller than me, but now that should make this easier for you to handle," Derek said.

Josh looked back at his brother with a questioning look, and I raised slightly in my chair to see what he meant by that. Derek tied one end of the rope around one of Josh's arms just below the elbow, then wrapped the rope around both arms and pulled. Josh's arms touched behind his back, and were quickly wrapped with rope a few more times, then cinched before being knotted. With Josh's height and lean frame, it did not look too painful, but he did groan slightly as the knot was being tied. I will admit, it did look like his shoulder blades were touching each other--but Josh did not seem to protest much.

Derek stood and walked around his older brother as he lay tightly tied up on the floor, stopping directly in front of Josh. "Almost done, Bro," Derek said with a big smile as Josh looked up at him from his prone position. Derek rose and took one more rope from the box. He tied it around Josh's feet in a sort of slip knot, then moved near to Josh's shoulder bringing the other end of the rope with him. He threaded the rope through the non-existent space between Josh's elbows, sliding it thought the ropes binding Josh's elbows ,before giving a mighty pull that caused a grunt to escape from Derek's mouth as well as Josh's. Josh's bare feet were jerked into the air and quickly hogtied to the ropes at Josh's elbows, so tightly that there was very little slack and no movement possible whatsoever from Josh.

"Derek, that is way overboard!" I mildly protested (but shifting in my seat to adjust my hardening cock).

Derek looked up at me as he added more coils to the knot, and smiled. "Josh can handle it," was all he said. Indeed, Josh seemed resigned to his fate, and made no sound whatsoever. His arms were long, his torso slim, and he did not appear to be in any discomfort after the initial shock. His eyes did not even open or blink, and he remained silent. So I did too.

This was soenjoyable for me! I realized that it would have been a problem tying Derek in this position with his muscular build and shorter stature, and felt somehow glad that Josh was the brother who had lost the wager!!

Derek sat back and looked at Josh for a while, as though he was a priceless work of art. As a last gesture, Derek took another cloth from the box and used it to fix a blindfold on Josh. He wrapped the cloth around Josh's head three times before knotting it off. It looked very effective, and between the sock and cloth gag, and the blindfold, Josh's face was almost completely hidden.

Derek stood, and motioned for me to come with him, then headed for the stairway. He bounded up the stairs taking two at a time, and I followed him as fast as I could. He moved into my living room and turned to face me.

"Jake," he began in a loud whisper, "I hope you don't mind--I didn't check with you before now--but I invited a few friends to join us here for a while. It's only five other guys, and they should be here in about fifteen minutes. I apologize for not saying anything before now, but I really do hope you don't mind. I wanted them to join me for this "special" occasion. Please say it's okay! I owe you big time. Big time!"

My mind was trying to absorb this new development. After a long pause, I stammered, "Does Josh know about this?"

"Not a clue," was his reply. "But he'll get over it! He probably expected something like this to happen anyway. Come on, Jake. It's not that bad really. Things like this happen all the time at college. I'll make sure they behave themselves in your house and all... " Derek rambled on a little longer as my mind tried to absorb it all.

With Derek's outgoing personality and rowdy, spontaneous demeanor, then seeing him use such a pleading tone with me, I couldn't help but give in. "Okay, Derek," I said. "We probably shouldn't leave Josh alone. I'll stay up here and watch for them to arrive." Derek gave me a huge smile, and slapped me on the back a few times, then hurried back down the stairs.

About twenty minutes later, a car drove slowly past my house, stopped and pulled intothe driveway. A bunch of boisterous young people piled out and came up to the door. Before the doorbell rang, I opened the door and held it open as they passed through and into the living room. "Derek and..... uhhhh .....Josh here?" one of them asked, and they all snickered and exchanged strange glances with each other. They all appeared to be college age, and as excited as though they were on their way to Mexico for spring break!

"Uh, yes," I said, but then I noticed that two of the seven people in the crowd were women! "Who are all you guys?" I asked. The names rattled back: "I'm Gabe!" "Vance, here!" "Chuck, but everyone calls me "Chain"!"
"Stuart, and this is my girlfriend, Claire!" "Clifton, and this is my girlfriend, Shanna!"

"Nice to meet all of you," I said, as the question flew through my mind: Boys--okay. What about the girls?I wasn't sure how Josh would handle an unsuspected group of guys barging in on his bondage predicament, but now a couple of girls was in the mix as well!

Derek came bounding up the stairs, and jovial greetings were flying in all directions. "Jake says it's okay," Derek finally announced. "I've got Josh downstairs all tied up--just like I told ya I would. Come on down and check it out!"

The entire group noisily descended the stairs in a swarm, then I heard catcalls and whistles and animated chatter. I had held back to try and sort out my thoughts, but then my concern went to Josh. I ran down the stairs. Josh was still laying face down in the center of the room--naked, blindfolded, gagged, and so tightly hogtied that the only appendages he could move at all were his fingers and toes. His face was turned to the side and was now a beet red in color--probably more out of embarrassment than anger. At this point, I really did feel sorry for him!

The rowdy college students were standing in a respectable circle around him, some kneeling for a closer look. They all sported huge smiles and excited expressions on their faces. Suddenly the guy that everyone called "Chain", stood up from his kneeling position. He brushed Josh's trousers and t-shirt off the large table and onto the floor. "Guys," he said excitedly, let's move him onto the table!" The other six guys all nodded and the seven male students moved closer to the hogtied Josh. They rolled Josh onto his side, then easily lifted him off the floor and lay him on the table, again resting on his side so the front of his naked body was fully exposed for all to see. They moved back so everyone--including Claire and Shanna--had a good view.

Josh was so tightly tied, and his movement was so limited, that he could only lay and endure. His hairy chest was stretched to the max with his arms tied together behind him and his shoulders pulled back. His cock was enormous, and actually starting to leak a small amount. I began to wonder if he was secretly enjoying the attention, despite his shy demeanor. But there was no way he could roll over onto his stomach by himself. He could only lay on his side and endure being completely exposed and totally vulnerable.

Fingers and hands began to reach out and rub Josh's body, or grab, or tweak--now that he was on the table and more easily accessible. I just stood back and listened to the comments, from both guys and girls:

"Geezz! He's tied up so tight! That has to hurt!"

"This is so much better than my anatomy textbook!"

"Great looking feet, Josh!"

"So Josh, do your nipples get hard if they are tweaked? Let's find out!"

"Are you ticklish on your feet? Yep! Don't you wish your could squirm a little more, dude?"

"Hey, he can wiggle his feet. Let's tie his big toes together! I'll use his shoelace!"

"I just love his thick chest hair!" (This from a girl.....Claire.) "Do you have any hair on your chest, Stuart?"

"Some." replied Stuart, pulling his hand from between Josh's thighs where he had been massaging Josh's ball sack. He unbuttoned his shirt and threw it open to Claire's view as if to prove his point. He left his shirt unbuttoned as he returned to lightly tickle Josh's hairy thighs.

"Yeah! He does have a lot of hair. Run your fingers through it--it's just like a rabbit's fur!"

"Nice butt cheeks, Josh. Just a little tight back here though. Don't be so nervous, guy, loosen up!"

"He's excited! Look at the size of his cock!"

"Can I touch it?" (This from the other girl, Shanna.)

"Sure, but run your fingers up and down it like this and watch what happens! Stand back!"

Shanna gave a small, delighted scream and three of the guys took a couple of steps backward along with her as a spurt of cum shot out of Josh's enlarged cock, followed by another smaller gush. Shanna was animated, "I want to try that!"

From Claire: "Do any of you other guys have a cock that large?"

"Does your family know you ask guys questions like that?"

"Have you ever had your head shaved, Josh? Wish I had thought to bring a razor!"

"Forget his head! Let's shave his chest!"

"Oh, I just found a ticklish spot! Sorry about that, Josh! Actually, no I'm not!"

"Josh, let's do this again next week!"

"Look how his skin quivers when you rub the hair on his leg! Are your knees ticklish, Josh? Oh yeah, they are!"

"Look, there's even some hair around his belly button!"

"Wow! Look how hard those nipples are! They're really standing out!"

"Look! His cock is beginning to get large again! You really like it when girls stroke you--don't you Josh?"

"Look how long it is! Let me stroke it for a minute!"

"Come on guys! One at a time! Take turns!"

"Watch out, he's going to explode again!!

I began to wonder if Derek had lost control of the situation! He was not joining in the chattering, groping, tweaking, stroking, and tickling that was going on with Josh by his friends. He withdrew from the circle and came toward me as I stood off to the side. There was no smile on his face this time.

"Jake, I think I went overboard!" he said to me. "I did not mean for it to go this far, and Josh is never going to speak to me again. I'm toast! He'll kill me for this! What am I going to do?"

I pulled out my wallet and handed him some bills. "Your friends have had their fun. Take them out for coffee and have them give you a ride home. I'll make sure Josh gets back to the dorm and try to smooth things over as best I can."

"Thanks, Jake," was all he said. Derek and I moved into the center of the chaos, and shouted until the chattering stopped. Everyone ceased with their attacks on Josh, and backed away from the table. It happened in a manner much easier than I had thought possible, and all Derek's friends seemed to realize that the situation was getting "borderline riotous".

'He's still my brother, you guys," Derek said in a serious tone. "And he really has had enough for one day."

Everyone nodded their heads and gravitated together in a small group. Chain was the only one still wearing a mischievous smile, and he lightly rubbed his finger over the soles of Josh's feet (now with the big toes tied together also) as he moved over to join the rest of the group.

"Can you give me a ride back to the dorm if I spring for coffee?" Derek asked, and the group became rowdy once again as they headed up the stairs. All but one looked back at Josh, still laying on the table, and a smile appeared on each face as they all ran up the stairs and out to their car. Shanna even blew a kiss toward Josh.

I looked at the clock. Derek's friends had only been here for about forty-five minutes, but to Josh, it probably seemed like a decade... or two... or three. I moved closer to the table, and asked if he was okay. He nodded, then moved as much as his restrained position would allow. I took it as a signal that he desperately wanted to be untied.

Josh was sweating despite the coolness of the basement, his chest hair was matting together in damp clumps, the skin around his nipples was red under the hair, as were his feet and down the sides of his torso. His cock was still somewhat hard, and the hair around his genitals was matted with dried cum, which also was drying in streaks on the top of the table and some small amounts had even spilled onto the carpet below. There was a lot of it everywhere! The hair on his head was also tousled and damp with sweat. He looked a mess!

"I'll get you untied now, Josh," I said, and Josh nodded his head. I removed the blindfold and gag first. To add to the already mentioned ragged appearance of his body, there were reddened patches of skin around his wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles. His cheeks were even red from where the gag had been placed. Derek had really tied the ropes tight! I remembered Derek's comment when he was completing the hogtie: "Josh can handle it." Once he was untied, Josh sat up on the table with his legs dangling over the edge. He seemed exhausted.

"Do you have any feeling in your arms and feet, Josh?" I asked out of concern, and began to massage some circulation back into his arms and legs.

"It's all coming back," he said in a tired voice. Then in a voice that was contrary to his shy and quiet demeanor, he stated, "I don't care if I ever see Derek again... or his friends! I'll kill that guy with a stick... even if he is my brother!"

"Before I take you back to the dorm, go upstairs and take a shower." I told Josh. "You'll feel better after you get cleaned up."

He didn't protest, so I led Josh upstairs, gave him a cold drink, and directed him to one of the upstairs bathrooms. When I heard the water running in the shower, I went downstairs and gathered his clothes. After a full half hour, Josh emerged from the bathroom with the towel wrapped around his waist, looking much better. He put his clothes back on, and we sat for a while in the living room.

I let him do most of the talking, but it was not as harsh as when he was first untied, and he seemed to have calmed down since the shower. His main concern was that a couple of girls had seen him in such an embarrassing situation--naked as the day he was born. And what sort of things would soon be said about him behind closed doors... or in public for that matter?

"Josh," I told him. "You were blindfolded. You could not see the expressions on their faces. They were in awe! You are a fine looking guy, and both of those girls will be hard pressed to find someone as good looking as you. Few men will measure up to the standard that you've set. In fact, Stuart even unbuttoned his shirt and threw it open to try to impress Claire. She hardly looked at his chest--just kept her eyes glued on yours."

Josh looked directly at me. "Really?" he asked with a slight smile.

"And Shanna," I continued. "In a sweet, innocent, naïve way that was probably a total façade asked if any of the other guys had a cock as big as yours. None of them would answer her. They all looked at her and ignored the question."

Josh's smile grew. "Seriously!" he said with a twinkle in his eye.

"I think you came out on top through all of this, Josh," I remarked in as analytical voice as I could muster. "Your brother may have done you a great favor. It just might be to your benefit if word of this does get around."

Josh thought about my comments for a few minutes, and one of his hands inadvertently reached for the front of his trousers; the other reached under his shirt and his fingers slowly rubbed the hair on his upper torso. His smile grew a little larger.

"And Josh," I continued. "Be honest. What happened to you was a little fun wasn't it? Did you enjoy being tied up and helpless?"

The smile stayed on Josh's face, and he looked down at the floor. "Well... yeah," he finally said. "It was kind of fun... in a different sort of way."

"Any chance that you would like to get some revenge and do the same thing to your brother?" I asked.

"Oh definitely!" he replied raising his head to look directly at me.

"Come on, Josh," I said, "let me get you back to the dorm. And if you need any help getting back at your younger brother for all this, be sure to let me know."

I'm not sure I will ever understand college students. Somehow, it does not seem natural that I could have ever been like that! I'm sure I never was!

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