Basement Barbie

by NickHC

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© Copyright 2022 - NickHC - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; bond; cd; kidnap; dungeon; basement; gag; spreadeagle; frame; cuffs; collar; corset; chastity; torture; cbt; teen; nc; XXX

Jemma checked her watch as the doorbell buzzed three times in quick succession; it was a quarter to one in the afternoon. She didn’t bother to get up as she heard the front door open and close, and a moment later, the sleek glossy black ponytail topped head of her best friend, Becki, peeked around the door.

“You're fifteen minutes early!”.

Becki pulled a face as she came into the lounge. “That’s because I am not you, Honey. I can actually manage to get to places on time and frequently, even be early. Unlike someone not a million miles away I could name!” She grinned maliciously at Jemma as she flounced into the room and joined her on the giant plush, expensive leather sofa.

“Fuck you, bitch!” Jemma retorted automatically without looking up, her slim fingers busily tapping on her cell phone screen.

“No thanks,” Becki said, stretching lazily. “Not in that kind of a mood, and anyway, I frigged myself raw last night. I felt soooooo randy! But thank you for the offer” she finished with a yawn and stretched her arms above her head again. Who are you messaging, anyway?”

“Just telling BJ and Maddie we won’t be joining them at the mall this afternoon, that’s what. I know you wanted to go to that new place that just opened up, but…”

Becki sat up straight, interrupting her friend. “What! But fucking nothing, Honey! Screw that new shop; that was incidental. Maddie was going to tell us all about her date with Big Pete remember, and after all the rumours, I, for one, want to know just how big is big!”

Jemma shrugged and hit send. “That's assuming the picky bitch dropped her knickers which I doubt! Besides, I have something far more exotic and entertaining lined up for you to play with, Sweetie!” She finished with a giggle.

“Like what” Becki challenged rather surly. She was super curious about Pete and all those rumours emerging from the boy's locker room regarding his alleged oversized attributes. Even if nothing had happened, she was still keen to give Maddie the third degree for every detail of her date.

Jemma looked at her friend intently for a moment before speaking. “Can you keep a secret, a big one?”

Becki laughed but cut short her mirth when she saw the bleak look on her friend's face. “Of course I can, you know that, Honey!” She grinned. “I mean, no one knows about us having a bit of girlie fun together of the intimate kind, do they?” She paused. “I mean, yeah, like my mom suspects that I've fucked at least one boy. I know she’d love to ask me a few questions, but she’s let it lie; she’s a bit of a puritan about sex. Correction, make that a lot of a puritan, with a good bit of fanatical RC thrown in! If she thought that you and I… well… as I said, a bit narrow-minded! I sometimes wonder if that's in part why my dad left?”

Jemma nodded thoughtfully. “Yeah, I know. I used to think my parents were…” She paused and looked speculatively at her friend. “Let's just say I found out recently that I was wrong, very wrong in my assumptions; they’re not the least bit narrow-minded. You wanna go to jail, like, forever?”

Becki laughed but again stopped. Jemma wasn’t laughing, merely looking at her in an odd, slightly unsettling way. A strange speculative way and then that sudden peculiar question. Like why?

“Of course not, silly! Anyway, what have I done to deserve that? I don’t think I've murdered anyone, at least not this week!” She joked but remained puzzled by her friend's strange behaviour.

Jemma's expression changed abruptly, and she suddenly smiled wickedly. “Oh, it's not murder they’ll lock you up for, Babe; there are worse things you can do than that!” Then she laughed at the perplexed look on her friend's pretty face. “Come on, follow me, and you’ll see”. She stood up and walked into the hallway.

“This is your dad's man den, right?” Becki looked curiously about her. The heavy oak desk, the bookshelves that covered two walls. The model railroad along another, lifelike in its meticulous attention to minute detail. The massive wall-mounted TV and the gaming consoles.”

“Yeah, he calls it his study but you're right, man den is what mom calls it as well. She used to call it his playroom, but that’s sorta changed to somewhere else! It used to be kinda off limits, well, totally verboten, but now, well, you’ll see. Stop gawping at his silly toy trains and follow me! ”

“Cool, like secret passages!” Becki exclaimed as her friend swung back a section of the bookcase to reveal a concealed door. 

“Very secret,” Jemma chuckled, opening the door and flicking on a light revealing a steep flight of steps with another door at the bottom. “This room of dads used to be the old kitchen before they built the new extension. This door leads down to the old basement. All the plumbing and electrical stuff got switched to the new one when the house got the big new bit attached. What's up?” she asked as Becki promptly took a step backwards.

“Basements freak me out big time, especially old ones. I hate them, always smelly, plus l bet it's full of spiders. I hate them even more! If it is not being used, I bet there will be hundreds of creepy things. What the fucks so important down there, for heaven's sake? 

Jemma laughed and made a wriggling motion with her fingers in Becki’s face. “Don’t be scared, Babe. I’ll protect you. Besides, it is being used, and there's nothing down there to be scared about or in a position to hurt either of us” she giggled. “I promise and certainly no damp, dark corners full of spider webs.” She grinned at her friend. “At least I don’t think you’ll be scared; I wasn’t any way the first time I saw it! A bit shocked then intrigued but not frightened. C’mon”.

They stopped at the bottom, Becki still reluctant, Jemma grinning. “Ready?” She opened the door and ushered Becki into the room beyond. "It’s not quite what you thought it might be; I bet,” she said with a low chuckle.

They both halted just inside the door—two very pretty teenagers. Becki was taller by a couple of inches at five foot five, with straight long black hair in a high ponytail and a body relatively mature for her years. She was dressed in very tight ripped denim leggings, a white sleeveless top with a low neckline her mother wouldn’t have approved of, although the local boys would. She’d left the roll neck sweater she’d been wearing when she left her house upstairs on the sofa. White ankle socks and trainers completed the outfit.

Jemma was the cuter, or so she thought. Blonde with her hair curling in a slight twist to her shoulders and several inches shorter than her friend. Also, much to her disappointment, far less developed in the bosom department, making up for size in pert perkiness with long sensitive nipples and the convenience of still going braless. Something else the local boys appreciated. 

The latter particularly appreciated those nipples under the tight clingy short-sleeved ribbed tops she often wore today in bright pink. Cut down denim shorts, a generous portion of bare midriff, white knee socks and pink trainers dotted with white heart motifs completed her outfit.

Becki’s eyes opened wide in a mixture of shock and amazement. All fear of spiders forgotten even though the room's sole occupant was bigger than any insect she could have imagined in her worst nightmare. The room, though, as her disbelieving eyes looked about her, was exactly like something out of somebody's worst nightmare. It was as if someone had crossed a medieval torture chamber with a pristine hospital operating theatre and then decorated the resultant outcome like a whores bedroom in every shade of pink and cream imaginable!

Jemma giggled delightedly at the range of expressions on her friend's pretty face changing so fast it would have challenged the world's premier expert on body language to have deciphered the young girl's feelings and thoughts!

“What the fuck, Jesus, l mean, hell, like fuck, WHAT…!” Becki trailed off, lost for words. She took a couple of involuntary paces forward towards the mute figures in front of her before she caught herself and halted. “Jesus”, she muttered softly again.

Jemma laughed. “Hardly that, Honey, we call her Barbie, although you might say there is a touch of the holy about her. Holy as in hole, H, O, L, E!” She giggled. “Wait a sec, let me get this thing off”.

Becki watched wide-eyed and open-mouthed as her friend wriggled out of her tight skimpy top, tossed it casually onto an enormous bed. ‘Better, Jemma announced, running her fingers through her hair, fluffing it up a bit, then ran her hands over her cute tiny tits with those nipples that Becki found so delightful to suck on and tease to even greater lengths. Jemma grinned at her and winked lasciviously, running her tongue around her lips, wetting them.

“I just love the freedom,” she said “plus, it’s such a treat for Barbie here; I’m sure she just adores seeing my cute boobies bouncing about enjoying their release, something, of course, she is not permitted, ever in both senses of the word! You just love watching these, don’t you, girl?” Jemma said, approaching the restrained figure in the centre of the room.

“No release, ever,” she repeated, putting her hands under her small firm boobs the better to display them. “Not from the nasty straps and chains, not for her locked up useless clitty, not from mom's whips or dad's demanding cock” she turned and winked at Becki, “not from me either. I was never into dolls, but I am now, a great big Barbie doll to play with whenever I want” she paused and pulled a face, “well, except the times mom and dad are playing with her!”

Becki felt an urgent need to sit down before she fell down. Her jelly-like legs carried her as far as the enormous bed. It had no bedding, just a few pillows covered with the same odd material she was sitting upon. Rubber, thin black rubber, she realised. “She remembered what Jemma had said about being jailed forever and was beginning to realise just what she had meant. But then there was no law against what people got up to in private, however bizarre≤ was there? Unless…

“Your parents, they know about this, this thing, about all this?” She waved her hands to indicate the room. It was a foolish question, a silly thing to say, she realised even as she said it.

Jemma screamed aloud with laughter. “Of course they do, silly. Who do you think outfitted the room like this?” It was her turn to gesticulate, “and who do you think brought my big Barbie doll down here? Of course, they didn’t have a name for her then. It was just that, an it! A thing, a toy. I called her Barbie once I saw all the possibilities!”

Becki opened her mouth to say something but changed her mind and instead looked around the bizarre room. The walls were a mix of colours, wood panelling and huge mirrors, the floor a smooth sheen of light brown cushioned vinyl. In one corner, there was a tiled area with an open un-curtained shower, a toilet, and a wash hand basin with a range of toiletries on the shelves above—all relatively innocent save for the complete lack of privacy. Likewise, the ample cupboards and smaller dresser units one covered with a seemingly vast collection of cosmetics, brushes and combs. 

The bed she was sitting on was less innocent with its glossy black fetish covering and various eye bolts, and neatly folded black leather straps that seemed more ominous. She reached out and fingered one of the straps; it was thick, and the roller buckles were substantial, riveted as well as rows and rows of close stitching. Her wide staring eyes switched back to the room, taking in the more frightening aspects in view, the padded benches, a black steel device that looked like a medieval pillory. Just like the wooden one she and Jemma had seen in a castle on a school trip to Europe when they were kids. The walls were equipped with various hooks, pulleys, ropes and chains.

Even more alarming, indeed frightening, were the racks and shelves supporting an array of assorted sex toys like the ones in a catalogue; Becki and the girls had giggled over more than once, and all of them were familiar with the smaller vibrators. Indeed she’d amused herself with one the previous night several times. There were numerous dildos in various shapes and sizes and what she recognised as a couple of harnesses for using some of them. Or, to be strictly accurate, using them on someone else!

She and Jemma had discussed such items more than once but so far had not gone that far when they entertained each other as she always thought of their sexual antics. One thing they hadn’t experimented with and that held no attraction for her whatsoever was the array of what were implements of torture that hung so innocently like tools on a workshop tool-board. There were a lot of them, and they looked nasty, so she quickly averted her eyes, looking to Jemma for reassurance.

“Don’t look so scared, babe; there's nothing in here to be afraid of?” her friend said, translating that look. “Not for you anyways,'' she added with a wicked little giggle. 

Becki wasn’t happy and said so. “I want to go, Jemma, I don’t like this place, and I don’t like that.” She nodded to the mute figure that she’d virtually avoided looking at after that first astonished glance. “Look, I don”t know what’s going on here, but I'm frightened. Like, really scared,” she shot another look at the figure. “Look, I won't tell, I won't say anything, honest.”

Jemma smiled and came over to the bed, bending slightly; she cupped her friend's chin in one hand, leaned forward, and lightly kissed her on the lips while gently forcing her tongue into Becki’s mouth and seeking that of her friend. Becki liked Frenchie, as she called it. Jemma slowly broke the kiss and caressed her friend's head. “Promise me one thing first, Baby.”

“What?” Becki’s voice quivered, and she sounded as though she was about to break into tears.

Jemma stooped and kissed her friend again. Just a quick peck this time. “I know just how you feel, Honey. This place scared the crap out of me the first time mom brought me down. My fault for getting too curious about why they both kept disappearing into dad's den time after time. They usually locked the door but one time they didn’t, and I wanted some money urgently, so I knocked and knocked, no answer, so I tried the handle, well just an empty room but I knew they’d not come out! Later after mom reappeared, I gave her the third degree about the disappearing act, and she said I might as well know, it wasn’t like I was a kid anymore, and I was bound to find out some time”.

“She actually brought you down here, your mom?”Becki gasped.

Jemma laughed. “She surely did. Why do you think I've been standing you and the girls up so often the last couple of months? Did you all really go for that extra exam studying story?”

Becki’s lips twitched into a small smile. “Not one teeny bit. We figured you were like making out with some cute guy you were hiding from us”.

Jemma giggled. “Well, I suppose in a sense you were all part-right, although the making out was not what you might have imagined, far from it. Now be a brave girl and come and say hi to Barbie. If no likee, then you can goee, okay, sweetie?” She pulled Beckie to her feet, put a reassuring arm around her and led the hesitant girl forward.

Barbie was obviously very much a man, despite his or her attire, the name, and Jemma’s constant use of the gender-specific female pronoun, despite the hair and rather grotesque makeup. There was no disguising the fact that Becki was looking at a man. A man who looked back at her… no, glared angrily, in a way that both frightened and yet also somehow excited her and now roused her curiosity. A growing interest came to the fore as she took a closer look at the strange figure who looked but did not speak.

“Fascinating, eh?” Jemma chuckled, watching her friend closely. “Of course, my introduction to him was slightly different, well actually a lot different seeing as how my girl here was otherwise engaged. I could hear the bitch for a start, before we were even through that door! Dad had the bastard stark naked strapped down over that far bench and was fucking the shit out of her. Well, correction, given how impressive daddy is, I doubt there was much room left for any shit in the bitch’s rear cunt. He was going in right to the hilt, so to speak, and Barbie here was squealing her head off and not with pleasure! Hell, you know how you can never imagine your parents making out, sheesh, that was some crazy damn sight!” Jemma finished with a giggle.

Curiosity was now the overriding factor in Becki’s mind as she edged within touching distance of the figure, only half hearing what her friend was saying. The man was desperately trying to say something she realised but thanks to that big red ball filling his mouth the words were utterly incomprehensible. The nearer she got to him, the more animated and the more frantic became those muted noises, and she wrinkled her pretty nose in disgust, the more drool he also produced. She and her mother occasionally visited an ancient great uncle in a nursing home who just sat in his chair and drooled. It always made her feel slightly nauseous.

Jemma laughed. “Awe, babe, that’s kinda cute. Barbie here thinks you’ve come to rescue her; how sweet! Kinda silly, though, considering I'm with you, but then our big girl here probably isn’t the brightest bimbo on the planet. She wouldn’t be here if she were!” 

Becki’s eyes were like saucers as she began to take in more and more details, likewise her brain processing some of the things Jemma had been saying. She turned to her friend. “Your dad fucks him?”

“Her,” Jemma corrected, “Barbie here is a ‘her’, Honey! Sure, that's why they got the bitch, one reason anyway. This great big helpless doll is my sweet daddy’s fuck toy and my mom’s torture toy!

Becki opened her mouth to say something, but no words emerged, so she licked her lips instead, conscious of a growing sensation within her body, and it was neither horror at the man's predicament, nor was it sympathy. It was an entirely self-centred, selfish, but pleasurable budding feeling. It was wicked but cool simultaneously, as was this entire ‘oh my god’ scenario.

“Touch her if you want,” Jemma said. “Maybe I should do the formal introductions!” She giggled and pirouetted, finishing with a mock curtsy. “On my right, my big helpless Barbie doll. Say hello, dolly. Oh wait, silly me, you can’t, can you with that nasty big ballgag I popped in earlier! She’s got such a wicked tongue on her, you know,” she whispered loudly behind a small hand. “I mean, a well brought up young lady like me shouldn’t have to listen to such filth and so pointless. You’d think after four months, the silly bitch would have realised by now that she's not going anywhere! Not when we are all having so much fun. Well, three of us are anyway!”

“Four months!”

“Uh-huh, give or take a week, although l only got a late invite to the party. Hey Barbie gal, meet my Best friend Rebecca, or Becki to her intimates” she reached up and tapped the man on the nose like a puppy with her small forefinger, adding, “and I'm sure you and she will get very intimate just like you do with your favourite little girl eh, Barbie?” She giggled wickedly and tapped again. “No, no, no, don’t be a grump and make those silly noises dolly, you know it’s pointless. We both know sweet and sexy Miss Jemma will do exactly what she wants to with you, just like her mummy and daddy, and there’s not a thing you can do about it, silly girl! Cool, eh,” the latter remark addressed Becki.

Becki didn’t reply; she cautiously moved around the frame that held the figure upright with his arms stretched out either corner, like his legs like a starfish. The big metal frame was hinged, and the upper half leaned forward at an angle forcing the man to bend at the waist. It was like nothing she’d ever seen bar some crazy internet fetish porn. 

He was big, a lot bigger than her, and quite bulky, and despite his attire, not the least bit feminine, although he smelt like a cheap whore, not that she’d ever met one. His wrists and ankles sported thick black leather cuffs and were secured by short chains to the black steel frame. He’d tried to move his head and follow her, but that tall, thick collar seemed to prevent him from doing so. A strap around his head held that big red gag in his mouth from which long skeins of drool dangled. Disgusting, she did feel sick at the sight, gross; how could he? The fact that he had no choice hadn’t fully registered with her yet.

Quite frankly, from the side view, Barbie looked ridiculous, yet there was a certain something about the absurd spectacle. A grown man helpless and not just smelling like a whore but dressed like one as well! Clad in a pink leather corset laced at the back so tight that his flesh bulged over the top and must be playing hell with his belly and midriff! Six very long suspender straps held up a pair of black fishnet stockings and on his feet a pair of shocking pink ankle strap stiletto shoes with killer heels. Judging by the look, they were at least a size if not more on the small size. In addition, his top half sported a skimpy baby-doll style nightie, pink and translucent down to three thick fluffy pink bands near the hem. It barely fell below his waist.

“Sexy looking bitch isn’t she” Jemma laughed. “I’ve got a couple of new corsets on order that’ll make such a difference to her waist in time”, she added. “Plus, of course, I'm the one in charge of her diet now. Shit, they were overfeeding the bitch like hell before I decided to take it on! You wouldn’t” believe how much fun it can be watching her eat my lovingly prepared little delicacies!”

Becki turned to her friend. “Now I know you’re kidding me?”

Jemma laughed. “Nope, cross my heart full-on honest, this is real dope, Gal!” She moved in front of the frame and deliberately stood close to the bent-over figure, hands-on her hips, naked youthful breasts thrust out right before his face. Barbie here is virtually all mine now, aren’t you, big girl? Mom and dad still play, but not every day, so her life was kinda easy till l got involved. Way too easy and boring, eh, bitch? Nothing to say. Cat got your tongue?” she smiled sweetly, then lashed out, slapping the face before her hard.

“Jemma!” Becki exclaimed with a loud gasp.

Her friend giggled. “Oh, poohy, that's nothing, just a little love, pat, wasn’t it, sweetikins.” she tapped the nose again. “You're looking but not seeing, Becki. Get a little nearer, Honey; take in the rearview if you want to get all excited. Go take a look at something a bit more intense and colourful!”

Becki looked at her and then shuffled sideways and promptly gasped again, much louder, and this time put her hand to her mouth.”No!”

Maybe it was on account of the subdued lighting in the underground room, possibly because most of her attention had been on the face and those sad, desperate eyes and then the ridiculous attire, maybe a combination of all three, but she’d missed the main event till now. All those wicked implements of torture she realised were not just for show, not quirky outlandish wall ornaments but tools to be used and had been used, frequently. She also suddenly felt foolish, very foolish!

“This is for real, isn’t it?” She turned to her friend, her eyes no longer wide but now pensive. “This isn’t some crazy fetish game, is it, I mean, like he’s not is he, not a, a submissive, a…” she paused groping for the word, “not a masochist, he’s…..JESUS JEMMA!”

Jemma smiled. “So’kay, Honey, stay cool. It’s pretty awesome and as real as it could be. Mom and dad had certain fantasies that they wanted to try for real, so when gran died and left the big inheritance, they arranged this secret little, well hardly a love nest is it? Mom told me they knew sooner or later an opportunity would present itself, and so it did. They came across Barbie, all broken down on a deserted road with a dead cell phone and far from home. Being kind folk, they took pity on her and well, here she is! Neat, eh?”

Becki didn’t say anything, merely stared open-mouthed at her friend, hearing but not believing, so Jemma grinned at her and continued.

“Apparently dad had always fancied ass-fucking some helpless big guy who didn’t want to be ass fucked by anyone, least of all by another guy and mom, well she just wanted to whip the fuck out of some poor sod, male or female, didn’t matter so long as they screamed long and loud for her whenever she wanted them to do so!”

“Your mom!” Becki gasped in amazement.

“Never can tell, can you. I wonder what else goes on in quiet neighbourhoods like this?” Jemma paused and laughed. “Probably nothing remotely like this, I’ll bet! Anyways, they’d had him squirrelled away down here and then started getting sloppy with his food preparation. Some of the excuses and explanations were also pretty damn lame, so I naturally got curious. That empty room was the last straw for me, and I wasn’t going to swallow any more of the ‘oh nothing to concern yourself about darling’ crap!

Fuck, it was like one hell of an eye-opener seeing your dad screwing another guys ass; Barbie, of course, was still a guy at that time, or maybe at the halfway stage. The big hairy hunk was certainly being bitched big time,” she giggled.”I reckon he was used to mom seeing him used that way, but you should have seen the look on his face when cute little Jemma rolled up. Hell, if ever I need to define the word humiliation, all I need to do is remember that look of horror,” she laughed, ”talk about awesome! Hey, Barbie, doll. You remember that, don’t you, girl? The first time your sexy young Mistress saw you being bitched by her daddy and you squealed with delight with every thrust,” she giggled and grinned at Becki, “well certainly squealing!”.

“Jesus,” Becki said again.

Jemma blew a kiss to her big living doll and joined her friend. “Nope, I told you before when you said that. This is not a holy situation. Not in the slightest, What we have here, Honey, is what I believe they term a non-consensual situation.” She giggled. “At least so far as one half of said situation is concerned, I for one, on the other hand, am very consenting to every aspect of said situation, so l suppose that makes it fifty per cent okay. Hey, I just had a thought, throw in my parents, and Barbie here is really in a small minority. Three to one. Democracy in action no less!”

“Did you do all that?” Becki was hardly listening; her attention focused on the ugly mass of welts and scars that covered the feminised man's buttocks and thighs, purple, red and in places, black and blue. Not just his buttocks, thighs, back above the corset, but even his shoulders and arms. There was more scared, stripped and bruised flesh than there was unsullied. Some of it on his buttocks was very fresh; some angry purpling long cuts were oozing thin tendrils of blood.

“No, not all of it, of course not. I gave her a quick dusting with a cane just before you came, but that always looks worse than it is; well, it kind of looks that way. Mom does or did a good deal of what you see. Especially now when it's coming up to exam time for her students. That's always uber stressful for her, and Barbie here is a convenient way of getting it out of her system. A sort of human safety valve, albeit a very noisy one. Mom doesn’t go in for gags; she likes to hear and see the results of her handiwork. Good job, they had this room soundproofed; otherwise, poor dad would have had to find another den!”

Becki slowly shook her head. “This is incredible, it's like, like?”

“Like awesome times a zillion, yes I know, Hun, but wait till you get a little hands-on practice. I expect that big bed will come in very handy if we both get a bit overheated. Apart from feeling so sexy that rubber sheeting is so refreshing to cool ourselves off on,”. Jemma suddenly moved forward and nuzzled her friend's ear and whispered, “among other things, if you get my meaning, lover girl.”

“Nooo”, Becki squirmed away, blushing. “He’ll hear us,” a remark which instantly cracked Jemma up, making her squeal with laughter.

“Hear us”, she chuckled. “Hear us, hell, hun, and you think that's an issue the way Barbie here is all trussed up and going nowhere! Hell, Honey, what sort of an effect do you think it's gonna have when he has to watch us making out?” She grinned at her friend. “Do you think that I would have brought you down here if I wasn’t one hundred per cent sure you were going to like what you saw, chill out babe, here” she reached out and took Becki’s hand and pulled her gently forward, then pushed the trembling hand against a whip marked buttock cheek.

“No, no, don’t be shy, babe, Barbie here isn’t about to bite, not that she can, and if she ever was foolish enough to do so, well, she’s been here long enough to know what I'd do to her!” Jemma growled. “Run your pretty hand over here and feel what happens to naughty dolly’s who don’t want to play dressing games. Not that she even has to be naughty if I'm in the mood to hear a few squeals,” she giggled and added, “usually more than squeals and not just a few, either! Go on, grab yourself a handful of helpless Barbie doll flesh. See if it does to you what it did to me!”

Becki felt the warm quivering flesh under her palm and didn’t move her hand as Jemma released her hold. It quivered, trembled even as its owner endeavoured to push forward and away. Still, her hand moved with it till it could move no more, although the trembling increased as it desperately sought freedom that was not there, finally sagging backwards, accepting defeat.

A thrill shot through Becki even though she wasn’t entirely sure why, but one thing she was sure of, and that was that she liked the feel of that squirming buttock cheek under her possessive palm. She began to massage and squeeze the flesh, gently at first and then less tenderly, as the living body wriggled and squirmed in her grip but could not escape. That feeling grew in her, a sense of power, power and control. She was in command, and there was not a thing those wriggling buttocks could do to stop her as her other hand joined in the exploration.

She heard Jemma giggle with delight and her friend moved back in front of the owner of the squirming bottom under her hands. The little bitch was no doubt flaunting her cute little titties again, the tease. Right under his/her, whatever, eyes as well the way the frame was positioned. Another more exciting idea flashed into her mind even as her fingers began to explore those older scars and freshly raised ridges of tender bruised flesh that produced even more entertaining wriggles from that big bottom.

One hand slid downwards past the buttock cleft, between the spread legs, till her fingers stopped in surprise. They had hit metal which wasn’t what she’d expected. Barbie was a man, after all. Given the way she could see Jemma was blatantly flaunting herself, she’d expected to find something that she wasn’t entirely unfamiliar with, despite her youth, standing stiff and proud, that would be so much fun to tease. Both girls were expert teasers in that respect but usually only at a distance and the recipients fully clothed,

Jemma giggled again as she saw what Becki’s fingers had encountered and watched with interest what followed. Barbie became somewhat animated as that curious hand found a big squishy ball sac, one that Jemma knew would be rather tender to the touch. Her mom focused almost exclusively on large buttocks and fleshy back areas, whereas her daughter showed more finesse. Those big balls were way too tempting a target for the business end of a whippy riding switch. A couple of casual swats could achieve as much as ten minutes of the whip upon her broad back and involved far less effort for the tormentor!

Jemma’s grin broadened as she looked directly into Barbie's face. The big bitch didn’t like those curious fingers one little bit, but then she didn't enjoy anything, did she? But that was the whole point. Topping from the top with a bottom that didn’t want to be a bottom nor topped, a bottom that had no choice! Nor had it even begun to experience the depths of depravity and pain that would be its life to come such as it was.

Now she’d brought Becki in on the fun; if the big bitch thought those early days just suffering short sharp occasional sessions under her mom's whips or playing host to her dad's cock had been terrible! Then her miserable existence was about to enter a whole new dimension of hell, not that it hadn’t already once her parents had virtually delegated responsibility for the bitch 24/7 to their sweet little daughter. 

Jemma certainly didn’t think of herself as a cruel girl, she wasn’t one of those awful brats who delighted in pulling the wings off butterflies and similar, and the thought of cruelty to a kitten or puppy dog would have horrified her. Still, her big living dolly was something entirely different. He was a grown man at least twice her age and weight, maybe more on the latter. Somehow, she didn’t equate her treatment of him in the light of being cruel. Well, it was, of course, as she knew, but in her mind, there was a subtle but significant difference that somehow made it alright! 

Jemma would neither have enjoyed nor been turned on in the slightest by torturing some poor defenceless little puppy. Whereas doing so to Barbie was a completely different kettle of fish in her book. Just entering that basement and seeing the look in her dolly’s eyes was enough to get her young juices flowing. Another critical and entertaining factor was that the puppy would never know or understand why it was treated horribly. Whereas when she tossed cane or paddle aside and used her fingers or one of the readily available sex aides to satisfy herself sexually, Barbie knew only too well why she’d just had her bottom roasted by her sexy young Mistress!

Poor Barbie Jemma thought, watching Becki’s tentative solo explorations as her friend encountered her dolly’s stainless steel clitty cage with its cramped bent occupant. Not too cramped, for there was enough room for it to display an initial visible interest in the antics of a cute sexy near-naked young girl with small but gorgeous formed titties. Just a little leeway but nowhere near enough for it to take full and satisfying advantage of the situation. Enough though to be gleefully noticed by her petite tormentor and frequently suffer the consequences for such blatant disrespect!

Jemma’s hand automatically moved downwards and slid beneath her waistband, revelling in the fact that she could do and enjoy what that big bitch could not and probably never would unless it amused her to allow it. Maybe, once a year, subject to the satisfactory performance of some suitably gross and demeaning act as yet unknown. Something entertaining to contemplate during those tedious week-day lessons she hated. 

Becki was fascinated, so much so that any anxiety she might still have experienced had disappeared, likewise her initial hesitation, even fear of the man she was handling. Indeed he might wriggle and struggle, but Becki realised he was helpless, totally impotent, which was an appropriate word given what she was examining. She even giggled as that popped into her mind. She moved around the front to get a better look ignoring the fact that the owner of those objects was bent over just above her and glaring angrily down with those hate-filled eyes. 

“Hang on a sec, Hun, and I'll get a tissue. You don’t want to get that muck all over your hair!” Jemma hurried over to the big bed and pulled a couple of tissues from a box on the bedside table, returning; she roughly wiped Barbie's gagged mouth and moped up the long skeins of drool. “Okay?”

Becki didn’t answer, hadn’t even heard or noticed her friend's actions being far too engrossed in examining that cock cage with its fat twitching occupant. Likewise, his big purply red balls were separated by a thin steel band, part of the overall device. The latter seemed very sensitive the way those tarty net stocking-clad legs on either side of her twisted and shook, and his stiletto clad feet moved up and down. Just the tiniest squeezes produced frenzied captive movement. Talk about having a man by the balls!

Jemma grinned as her friend turned around and mouthed just the one word again. ‘Wow!’ before turning her attention to the device containing Barbie's twitching penis. Wow, indeed, and Becki still had so much to explore and experience. Barbie could be a bit of a handful even though she was very careful when dressing and handling her, never removing or releasing more restraints than was necessary. Her mom had impressed that upon her, and she wasn’t stupid. 

No way she was going to do anything foolish and allow the big bitch to get loose. It wasn’t even the thought of the possible ways, painful ways Barbie would undoubtedly use her size and weight to avenge herself on her tormentor that worried Jemma. A far greater concern was the possibility of permanently losing her living doll forever! That was a far bigger worry and why she was so careful in handling her dangerous but deliciously helpless captive!

Barbie was squirming in her bonds, not for once in pain but not entirely in pleasure either, humiliation and frustration for sure as Becki continued to toy with that steel cage delighting in the response, a limited response she was coaxing from its occupant. She giggled as she realised it had swollen as far as its prison would allow and bent forward to sniff at it, promptly wrinkling her nose in disgust at the smell. So that’s how they smelled! Becki liked to talk big about her experiences with boys, but in reality, she’d opened her legs but once and as with many girls her age, losing her virginity hadn’t been the mind-blowing blissful experience she’d been hoping it would be. A case of blink, and she’d missed it, plus even when fully erect, her deflowering beau had hardly bested this fascinating captive specimen even in its twitching shrunken captive state.

“Cmon, Honey,” Jemma said. “I know it's fascinating the first time you see one like that but do please get up off your knees; it is kinda demeaning, you know. Let's go sit down and talk some. Sit on the bed. I'll fetch us a couple of cold cokes, wait one”.

Becki stood up as her friend scurried away but ignored the bed. Instead, she chose to stand in front of Barbie. Given the way he was bent forward by that frame, his head was below hers, so after a moment's hesitation reached out and used her palm to raise it till she could look him in the face. His eyes were red, angry, and filled with hate that would have been frightening but not here under these circumstances. The word impotent popped back into her head. Yes, so very appropriate. 

The face before her was a mix of the comic, the absurd and the inept! Heavy foundation, bright pink lip gloss, eyeliner, heavy mascara and eye shadow an awful shade of light purple. Jemma’s handy work, no doubt, for she was the worst person in the world when it came to applying makeup! Sheesh, plus that heavy beard growth didn’t do anything other than add to the grotesque visage either! That ought to come off pronto! Her eyes strayed to the wet area, and surely there would be a razor there?

Nor was the hair any better. The guy, for she couldn’t think of him as anything else, obviously hadn’t had a haircut for a while, and someone, Jemma again, presumably had teased his black locks out either side into two short bunches tied with pink ribbon bows. Crude but could undoubtedly be a lot better. Shit, Becki thought, the little bitch does need a hand here, doesn’t she!

She stepped back a pace removing her hand and studied the restraints holding the captive with interest. Not only were there the four fastenings that kept Barbie secured to that frame, but from his left ankle, a long chain snaked across the floor to a substantial wall bolt. Likewise, another chain ran from that horrible looking high collar to a point on the steel frame. An expression she’d once heard popped into her mind. ‘Belt and braces’. Jemma or whoever wasn’t taking any chances at all, were they? Barbie was going nowhere without assistance, and even if he somehow managed to break free of one set of restraints, it was unlikely he'd have time or the means to escape from all of them.

He was a big guy, though he wasn’t exactly under-endowed in the muscle department either, Becki thought, squeezing one of his biceps. Four months of captivity hadn’t done much so far to diminish the threat he could pose, should he ever get loose. On impulse, she reached out to that high collar strapped around his neck. It wasn’t just there to look pretty, she realised immediately. The leather was thick and unyielding, so much so that it was cushioned slightly to prevent it from cutting painfully into the wearer's neck, top and bottom.

A lip under his chin held his head in position and similar at the sides. She realised with interest that it wasn’t so much a collar as a neck brace, just like that one their friend BJ had worn for a couple of weeks after she fell off her push-bike some years back. Only this one was being worn for reasons entirely non-medical. Shit and sugar! That angry head could barely move, could it? On impulse, she nipped his ear between two patterned long acrylic nails and squeezed hard to test her theory. The result was amusing and confirmed her view as to the poor dear’s total immobility!

Becki repeated her actions of a moment before lightly cupping the man's upraised chin with her palm giggling as she did so. Whatever fears she’d harboured by this incredible and initially frightening room and its occupant had all but disappeared as the sheer, sheer awesomeness of the situation slowly seeped into her. This older man, this creature, this thing whose painted face rested on the palm of her hand, really was impotent, helpless, and totally, totally available to use in whatever way she chose without restriction. Awesome didn’t even come close!

Becki’s eyes switched from the face and ranged about the room, and all the items that now looked far less frightening for her anyway and indeed offered exciting possibilities. The scope of all she surveyed and the implications for that helpless figure was only now dawning upon her. Wow! Her eyes looked to the padded bench Jemma had mentioned earlier as she tried to visualise the big man under her hand writhing on that as her bestie's dad repeatedly sodomised him. Un-fucking-believable!

Jemma returned, holding two plastic soda bottles and a big bag of potato chips. “Nibbles… I see you are making a new friend!” She plopped herself down on the bed, ripped open the packet stuffing a handful into her mouth, and then patted the space beside her. 

“Oh, I think we are going to be very good friends,” Becki giggled and used her hand to repeat the nose tapping gesture with her finger that Jemma used. 

Jemma grinned and patted the space beside her. “Ijusghedalledyouurmomandtoldvheryouuwerre sleevingkober!”

“What!” Becki exclaimed, coming over to the bed and reaching for the proffered bottle and a handful of chips. “Care to translate that gibberish!”

Jemma held up a finger and hastily swallowed a large mouthful of crushed potato fragments. “Sorry, my bad manners. I said that I just called your mom and told her my parents are unexpectedly away for the weekend, and she said you could sleep over. I kind of thought the idea might appeal,” she grinned. “I could call her back and tell her you’d decided against it, of course. “Oh, by the way, I caught the mailman, and those corsets I mentioned have arrived along with a few other interesting items I ordered!”

Becki helped herself to a few more chips and pretended to think it over before grinning at her friend. “Okay, I guess I’m fine with that” her eyes ranged around the room again lingering on the rack of punishment toys before settling on the still squirming centrepiece. “Provided there is something amusing we can do of course!” 


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