The Basement 1

by Sabina

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© Copyright 2006 - Sabina - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; FF/f; bond; toys; furry; reluct/cons; XX

Part One

sabina scampered along the sidewalk, her snow white kitten tail flicking back and forth as she walked. her little robot clank rolled along in its treads at her side as she enjoyed the sun.

"You know clank, i really hope i can get a good student job. i need to earn the extra credit." her uniform skirt was a bit to short, a result of the school not having many clothes sized for someone so small. Barely topping 4'10" and weight about 94 lbs sabina was one of the smallest students they had at Shokushu High. Students were encouraged to apply for on campus jobs, assisting staff in the upkeep and running of the school. Unfortunately sabina had transferred in during the winter break, so a lot of the jobs were already filled.

she approached the bulletin board, and read to notices over, most were filled but there was one. she furrowed her brow as she read it.

Ms Kyle needs an assistant for the basement area
Duties include, cleaning, feeding, requisition of new equipment,
testing, inventory and aid in creation of new equipment
Long term commitment required
6 credits a semester

"WOW, 6 credits! Thats a ton!" sabina was shocked, her brow furrowed, most student jobs gave 3 maybe 4 credits a semester. 6 meant the job would be difficult, and require a lot of time. The basement was the student discipline area, not a real popular place. But the job did have a lot of credits with it. And, she admitted to herself, there was a surge of excitement at the thought of working there.

Grabbing the notice she pulled it off the board. "clank, return to my room and wait there." clank beeped twice and went the wrong direction. "CLANK! stop" sabina scowled as the little garbage can with arms stopped and turned to face her. "Where are you going?"

clank pointed in the direction of the N.I.C.E. labs. "NO you cannot go there, go to my room." clank seemed to eye sabina for a moment as though weighing options, then with an angry beep, headed off for the dorms. Sighing sabina knew she would have to try and fix clank, again. she headed off to the library and Ms Kyle's office.

sabina knocked on the door softly, and heard a voice inside. "Come in."

slowly she opened the door and padded in facing Ms Kyle. Ms Kyle was in charge of both the library and the basement, she was quite a bit taller than sabina almost ten inches taller. sabina's eyes lingered, then looked down at the desk knowing she wasn't supposed to look at staff or students like that. Timidly she approached and set the notice on Salina's desk. "i.. i'm here about the student job."

Salina smiled and looked up, "Wonderful! Now you understand its at least two hours a day usually more, and I will require a commitment for your entire time at the school here."

"Yes Ma'am, i understand." sabina's stomach jumped, they really meant a long term commitment. she quickly signed the papers Salina slid across the desk, and waited patiently as Salina completed a phone call, sabina heard her name mentioned during the discussion, but not much else.

"Well lets go get you started shall we?"

They crossed the campus, the main basement doors were near the dorms, at the end of a wide ramp. Easy access for delivery's or for bringing students down in various levels of restraint. sabina's heart raced, her nipples stiffening under her uniform blouse and tight white bra as the neared the doors, Salina pressed her hand flat against the metal door plate, and it opened silently.

"We will get your palm print entered so you can open the door yourself soon."

Inside was a cavernous room, currently no students where here. But it was early in the semester after all. The room extended far back into the darkness, sabina saw shelves filled with items of discipline, restraint, and punishment. From the mild to the very severe this place seemed to have everything. sabina looked to the left and saw a row of doors, heavy oak bound with steel, Salina pointed everything out and explained.

"Those doors are the isolation cells, tiny rooms where students can be placed for long term sensory deprivation. The cages along the far wall are for keeping them out of the way. As you can see we have all manner of tools here, you must keep close track of them, anything missing is now your responsibility."

sabina nodded silently, panting shallowly.

"Something new came in yesterday, you can help me set it up and test it."

Salina lead sabina to a large crate, with the touch of a button the crate opened and folded itself up out of the way. Inside was an platform of some kind shaped like an upside down V, covered with shiny latex. The point of the upside down V was rounded sabina looked at it confused.

"Help me with the legs, use the little cranks on the front, and raise it level as i do the back legs."

sabina crouched down, giving a perfect view of her toned legs, and white uniform panties, taking the two cranks, one in each hand she turned them slowly as Salina worked the other two. The frame rose little by little, until the top of the V was a little higher than sabina's hip.

"Alright, sabina undress."

"What?" sabina stammered her eyes widening.

"you heard me! Undress now, part of your job is testing ALL new equipment that comes in, now get to it." sabina whimpered, but a quick glance at the door told the story. The door was securely locked, closing her eyes sabina undressed as Salina stepped to the shelves.

sabina blushed crimson as she set the last of her carefully folded clothes on her shoes in the corner, her toned little body exposed.

"Good, your file says you are extremely flexible, that will help in this job." Salina stepped behind her, pulling her wrists back, inch wide steel shackles were slipped into place, and clicked shut, the thin padding of leather protected the wrists from the steel somewhat. sabina was shocked at the perfect fit, she didn't know that every student had a custom set of these cuffs made for them upon registering at the school. The policy made it easier to restrain students who misbehaved.

her wrists cuffed tightly together another set of the steel cuffs were applied above her elbows, pulling them back sharply, her firm breasts thrust forward, trembling her nipples standing up stiffly.

"My my sabina, you certainly seem to be enjoying your job." Salina grinned as she slipped a wide leather collar around sabina's throat, slipping a padlock through the hasp at the back of the collar but leaving it unlocked for the moment. Lifting sabina's arms away from her back, Salina folded them at the elbow, forearms sliding underneath the upper arms. sabina whimpered the position was very difficult at first. her wrists were locked to the back of the collar, elbows lowermost on her back, her arms tightly folded up between her shoulder blades.

"Very impressive sabina, you are going to be an excellent tester, I can already tell." Salina whispered, teasingly caressing the inside of sabina's thigh. "Now climb up." She pointed to the latex covered horse. With a little help sabina soon sat astride the horse, gasping softly in pain as all her slight weight rested on that rounded ridge on her bald little pussy. Already the latex under her gleamed with her arousal. her nipples so stiff they throbbed and ached, she whimpered as Salina finished cuffing her ankles to the floor.

Strong rubber straps hooked from each ankle cuff to heavy rings set in the floor, pulled sabina down on the horse even more. Suddenly the phone on the wall rang, Salina walked to get it, glancing back at sabina's trembling form over her shoulder. "Stay right there sabina, I'll be back soon."

She answered the phone, sabina watched her, admiring her curves, her face, that long soft auburn hair, she squirmed on the horse gasping in a mixture of frustration and pain. Salina turned facing sabina as she talked on the phone, her smile widening.

"Hmmm that is very interesting, no I think I can handle it. Leave things where they are."

Hanging up the phone she strolled slowly back, pausing at a shelf to get something.

"My my, someone is a very naught little girl. Security just completed a search of your things, its policy for random searches here. And a certain little someone has a LOT of contraband items. Bondage toys, erotic literature, banned vids you are in big trouble."

sabina's eyes widened as she struggled helplessly. "But i... i didn't... i mean ohhh"

"QUIET!" Salina snapped, "No excuses, this will be reported immediately. In the meantime, I was going have you test this for an hour, but since you obviously need correction. I think all night will be a good start. And I am leaving the door open for whatever, creatures might happen by." Salina smiled and deftly applied a set of tight nipple clamps to sabina's nipples, enjoying the pleas and soft squeals of pain. With the flick of a switch sabina learned this horses special secret. The raised ridge from front to back back to vibrate wildly. sabina shuddered and struggled frantically as the tiny motors in the nipple clamps tightened without warning.

"Those clamps will tighten and loosen through the night, so your nipples wont become numb, the horse vibrates in intervals, at different speeds. And I will be certain that any monsters will know where to find you." Salina turned and walked slowly out, closing the door, and turning off all the lights except one small one over the door.

sabina moaned in the darkness and struggled. The pain from the nipple clamps radiated through her firm breasts, making her shudder and squirm on the horse. Gasping, squealing out into the lonely darkness. The basement had been well soundproofed, no one would hear her.

Writhing on the horse only made it hurt more, but the vibrations urged her on, not letting her relax or sit still. Time crawled by, slowly an orgasm built inside sabina, spurred on by the vibrations, held at bay by the pain. Sweat gleamed on her little body as she struggled, the clamps suddenly loosened, just barely holding themselves on her nipples. The rush of blood returning brought new sensations, fresh pain. Screaming out she sobbed tears rolling down her cheeks. Turning she saw a puddle of ooze creeping under the doors, glistening in the dim light over the door. Shaking as it spread more and more slowly across the floor, always towards her.

With a scream, sabina convulsed and came hard, starting at the ooze in horror, and knowing the night was just beginning.

Part Two

The goo pooled at her feet, coalescing into something. sabina struggled gasping loudly, so much more sensitive after coming so hard. Sweat trickled down her little body, the sides of the horse gleamed with her arousal.

her squeals sharpened as the clamps tightened again, her nipples made so much more sensitive by the brief respite. The goo slowly changed colors, rising into a humanoid shape, a shiver ran through it as its eyes studied the helpless writhing kitten girl.

sabina stared in shock, whimpering and half closing her eyes as the goo formed into, a woman. She appeared to be a little older than sabina, and much taller, almost 6 feet at least. She was beautiful, but her eyes had a strange, blue glint in them that scared sabina.

Struggling helplessly she mewed softly in pain and growing arousal, as the vibrations forced sabina to react, to squirm on the horse. her bald little pussy ached from being pressed against the horse with all her slight weight and the pressure from the straps locked to her ankle cuffs.

"W-w-what are you?" sabina stammered, squirming as the woman stepped closer. Her hands reached out and gently stroked sabina's face as she leaned in, kissing the helpless girl softly. The kiss lingered and slowly grew, sabina reacted in spite of her fears, trembling and returning the kiss, her soft kitten tongue drawn out to play. Panting softly, as the strangers hands caressed her breast, teasingly dragging fingernails around sabina's nipples along the smooth slopes of her breasts.

"I'm Trician," She whispered into sabina's ear, "and I want to make you feel wonderful, would you like that?" Her voice was soft, seductive, her soft breath playing in sabina's snow white little kitten ear as she whispered. Without thinking sabina moaned loudly and nodded her head, whispering yessss, hoping that maybe Trician would let her loose.

Trician stepped over the horse straddling it behind sabina, because she was so much taller, it was an easy fit. The vibrating ridge merely a pleasant, stimulating caress along her slit. She pressed close, her firm breasts pressed into sabina's bound arms as she reached around and cupped her captive's breasts. Softly fingers tweaked and tugged the clips, drawing soft squeaks and squeals from sabina, her breasts were very sensitive, the clamps sending sharp waves of pain radiating through her breasts.

Trician smiled feeling the shudders in her prey. The girl reacted instantly to every touch obviously enjoying this on some level. She whispered softly into sabina's ear, her sharp fingernails caressing firm breasts teasing. "you are sooo vocal little one, I may have to take steps to quiet you." Her voice sent chills through sabina, a soft moan escaped her lips as she leaned back into Trician's grasp, grinding against the horse with a soft gasp of pain.

"Please....." sabina gasped out. Trician's clit swelled growing as she rubbed her own slit along the vibrating ridge. Reaching down with a free hand she gently stroked sabina's mons, sharpening the sensations in her mashed clit. sabina moaned loudly and sobbed out shaking. Fingers stroked through her hair as Trician whispered into sabina's ear.

"I warned you..." The fingers grew longer, spreading sabina gasped as suddenly her entire head was encased in a living hood, only her long hair escaped, tiny vents opened and closed under her nose controlling her breathing. Soft kitten ears filled, deafened, eyes covered, mouth filled with a phallus thrusting deep inside.

sabina squealed in terror even as her hips bucked. Trician's clit throbbed, now as big as a cock. Trician softly pressed her clit against sabina's tight little ass, a tendril from her arm pulling the little kitten's tail up, teasingly stroking the silky fur. Trician's clit pressed in, lubricating its own path as inch by inch it was forced inside.

sabina squealed and tensed, gasping her slim hips tried to arch forward, waves of pain from her poor little pussy, pressed against the horse made her stop. Shuddering at the intense violation, her mind swam in a dark sea of arousal and sharp daggers of pain. Sweat trickled down her little body, arms folded up between her shoulder blades in a strict utterly helpless position. Trician's eyes gleamed brighter, her tail lashed out as her demonic form grew. Growling she thrust deep inside sabina's ass.

It was this sight that greeted Katie's eyes as she was shoved through the door. Stumbling in, her paws cuffed behind her back, mouth filled with a thick gag, Felina padded in behind her, grinning as she saw the scene in the basement.

The tiny kitten girl astride the humming horse, legs cuffed down to the floor, sweat and arousal gleaming on her skin and the latex covering the body of the horse. The FemDemon, her clit buried in the little kitten's ass, encasing the little kitten's head in a living discipline hood. The demon's head snapped around, and a muffled whimper escaped the living hood, sabina shuddered and clenched her tight little ass around the clit, earning her a sharp SMACK on the ass.

"Behave, you'll get more fucking soon enough." Trician whispered.

"Don't let me interrupt, I am just delivering her room mate. They are to spend the night together, if you don't mind." Felina grinned and pushed Katie forward, ignoring her muffled protest.

Felina was petite, slightly taller than Katie and tiger striped, her body toned and perfectly proportioned. Katie was maybe 2 inches taller than sabina, slender but nicely curved in places. Her paws cuffed in steel shackles behind her back, proof against her sharp claws, her mouth gagged full to prevent any spell casting.

Felina led her over to the horse, as Trician smirked, slowing her ass fucking of sabina to a maddeningly slow pace. sabina shuddered something was going on, inside the hood she had no idea what. Trembling and squealed the pain and slow pace of the fucking holding her building orgasm at bay. she shuddered and writhed, panting, squirming frantically in spite of the pain.

Katie was forced to straddle the horse, and her ankles cuffed to the same straps as sabina's. Felina's claws made short work of Katie's night shirt, stripping her naked. With a smirk, Felina unclipped sabina's aching nipples, then carefully put sabina and katie's nipples inside the two clamps. katie's left nipple pressed inside the same clamp and sabina's right. sabina's left with katie's right. The clamps tightened drawing squeals from katie and a muffled scream from sabina.

Felina quickly replaced katie's plug gag with a ring gag, katie's eyes crossed attached to the other side of the gag was a full latex hood. Felina whispered to Trician. The living encasement receded sabina trembling eyes HUGE squealing as the phallus left her mouth, seeing her roomie so close, and Felina watching she she blushed crimson.

Arching back against the hard fucking her ass was taking sabina shuddered as Felina worked the latex hood over her head. A ring gag forced into her mouth, her soft lips stretched in an O pressed against katie's, a kissing gag it was called, with a full hood on sabina's side.

Katie moaned as sabina's frantic soft tongue found hers. The kiss would not end until they were freed, the following morning. Felina whispered into katie's ear.

"I know bina got you into this, so a little revenge for you. sabina cannot get her own air in that hood, you have to give her air through the kiss." Katie's eyes narrowed, as the clamps tightened more, closing her eyes and shaking in pain as sabina shuddered and screamed.

Trician began fucking sabina's little ass faster, as her tail slipped around and burrowed into Katie's ass as well. Felina strolled out glancing back to watch as katie and sabina kissed frantically, sweat trickling down, Trician slowly fucking them both in the ass.

The fucking went on and on, sabina thrashed into orgasm after orgasm, with Katie barely a moment behind. As katie's breathing became more erratic sabina suffered her lungs aching for air. Finally Trician tensed and came inside sabina's ass, with a softly whispered promise to see both girls again soon, Trician slipped away, leaving them to suffer.

The night was endless as the horse slowly built sabina and katie to one unbearably intense orgasm after another. Sobbing into the kiss as they struggled, tugging each others nipples without thought as they writhed and moaned.

Katie in her calmer moments, would breath through her nose, tormenting sabina by withholding air, a small measure of the revenge to come.

Chupacabra chuckled as he opened the door in the morning. The little kitten girls drenched in sweat the horse gleaming from their orgasms. They both writhed in a slow, pained, sensual dance on the horse as it hummed along. Struggling helplessly sabina moaned loudly and convulsed, katie squealed as the movements tugged their nipples. Katie blinked as daylight streamed in, sabina encased in the hood oblivious to the fact it was morning.

He freed Katie of her bonds helping her off the horse, and unlocked sabina's ankles removing the hood. The tiny kitten blinked, having been in total darkness for so long.

"Katie, make sure that horse is clean, you two can rest today." He chuckled and walked off to find some breakfast.

Katie spun around eyes narrowed glaring at the trembling girl. "you just HAD to keep that stuff in OUR room didn't you?" With a growl she tangled her soft paw in sabina'a damp hair yanking her over to the horse. "Now lick it clean!" Katie dug her sharp claws into sabina's little ass to punctuate her order.

sabina dragged her butter soft tongue along the latex, tasting herself and katie's long difficult night, trembling and hoping roomie wasn't to mad about this...

Part Three

sabina stirred softly and opened her eyes. A soft groan of pain escaped her lips. She rolled over slowly and looked around the room, trying to make the fuzzy images focus. Roomie was nowhere to be seen her bed neatly made with a little sticky note on the pillow.

Sabina stirred and glanced at her clock, the glowing red numbers read 10:30 AM. Struggling out of bed, she was grateful there where no classes today. "Clank, lay out my uniform." She walked past the little bot as it beeped and rolled into the closet, stumbling into the shower to wake up and wash away the remnants of last night. The steaming water felt wonderful, Sabina hummed softly as she soaped up. The lather gleamed softly on her trim curves, wincing slightly as she soaped between her toned thighs. Still more than a little sore. Her arms showed little stiffness despite the long time spent strictly tied, being so flexible had its advantages.

Sabina stepped out of the shower and jumped nearly three feet when she saw him. A tall shadowy figure, smiling at her from the corner. Scowling she grabbed a towel and covered herself modestly, gleaming droplets of water snaked there way down her body.

"What the hell are you doing in my bathroom?" She demanded crossly, and then the next moment he was not there. Sabina dropped the towel, her jaw hung open, soft white kitten ears arched forward in a futile attempt to hear what was no longer there. "Ok, I am officially creeped out." She whispered to herself, clanks beep made her jump again. She scowled, the little bot beeped again, indicating something was amiss. "In a minute clank."

Quickly toweling off she combed out her hair and got ready for the day, make up was not overly encouraged on campus, so a little lipstick was all she dared. Padding out to the bedroom, she saw her blouse, socks, shoes, skirt all laid out on the bed. She stopped with a scowl. "Clank where are my bra and panties?" Clank beeped, and spun around. With a creeping feeling of dread, Sabina grabbed the note off Katie's pillow.


I hope you don't mind, but I borrowed some of your clothes. Don't forget to make it to the student assembly at 2 pm.


Sabina fumed, she had taken all her underwear, every last stitch. Digging frantically through her dresser and Katie's turned up nothing. Somehow she had snuck every pair of panties and every bra out of the room without waking Sabina. Trembling Sabina dressed quickly, and faced the mirror, and her dread hit a new level.

The uniform blouse, was basically just a plain white dress shirt, and not a very thick one. As the light shifted she could clearly see her breasts outlined, her nipples stiff as they brushed against the rough starched fabric. The shirt was a little tight to begin with, the school had trouble finding clothes in her size and had settled on a set of uniforms that were a size too small even for her.

Turning she noticed the too short skirt didn't hide much either, it covered her pert little ass with maybe an inch to spare. She certainly wouldn't be picking up anything off the ground today. Biting her lower lip sabina debated wearing a light jacket, but it was warm and sunny out. No she would just try and stay out of sight as much as possible. With a sigh, she left to get something to eat at the cafeteria.

Across campus Katie was having a good laugh to herself, while awaiting some very important results. She looked up as the entire staff walked out of the small room.

"Congratulations Katie, welcome aboard. We would welcome you on staff and are officially offering you the new Mythology department." The Head Master smiled and extended His hand, as Katie smiled and shook it.

"I accept! Thank You all again." Salina smiled and approached taking Katie's arm and leading her away as the small celebration reception began.

"We need to talk about a certain, roommate of yours......"

Sabina cringed, the damn dog would not go away. The big golden dog had started following her as she crossed campus on her way to get something to eat. It kept nuzzling under her skirt, its cold nose touching her thighs. She yelped and swatted at it, "puppy, go away not NOW!" She hissed. The dog good naturedly ignored her protests and trotted along following her.

Sabina padded into the serving line, not many people here right now. The dog followed at her heels. "Nice, very nice." The server smirked staring at her breasts. Sabina turned crimson and grabbed her tray barely noticing what food she took.

Brunch was pure humiliation, the dog under the table took no notice of the food Sabina tried to feed it. It constantly kept trying to nose under her skirt. Other students laughed, noting Sabina's stiff nipples, whispers went around the tables. Students kept glancing underneath the table. Someone had noticed that along with no bra, she had no panties either.

Barely tasting the scrambled eggs or the apple she ate quickly walking to the drop off point she heard the sound she had dreaded most. The sound of her fork hitting the floor.

Carefully she set her tray onto the shelf, sliding it into the kitchen, hoping to slip away unnoticed when she heard a voice "The fork too little one."

She paled as she looked up. It was Mr Charda, the catering manager. She started to say something but his lifted eyebrow and warning scowl stopped her. Silence seemed to descend, as almost everyone turned to look to see why he was confronting Sabina.

As quickly as she could, Sabina reached down and snatched the fork up, her face burning bright. The moment her fingers touched the fork, the dog chose to take a closer sniff, and sent Sabina sprawling face down. Mr Charda chuckled, and then stopped his eyes widening as Sabina hit the floor face down.

"You are aware of school uniform policies aren't you?" He asked taking a hold of her arm. Sabina tried to ignore the teasing calls of her classmates, wolf whistles and clapping.

"I.. I can explain you see Sir, my roommate, Katie, she kind of played a joke and..."

"Not another word, you would dare accuse a member of the staff for your indiscretion?" He turned Sabina to face him, his fingers pressed into her arm.

"Staff? umm no Sir, Katie is my roomie and..."

"Not another word, I am turning you over to Salina, She can sort this out."

Sabina stammered as he towed her across campus.

In Salina's office She and Katie were talking.

"You hid her underwear?"

"Hers and mine both, couldn't have her stealing any from me."

They both laughed, as the intercom buzzed, Salina pressed the button and listened.

"Hmmm seems like your little trick is bringing her to us. She was caught in the cafeteria for improper display and uniform violations." Salina's sensual evil grin was watched by Katie's. "I think we need to put your former roommate on a short leash, between the two of us."

"I agree, completely. I have just the thing in mind, and I assume you have something as well Salina?"

"Mmmmm yes Katie, I do." Pressing a different button Salina talked quickly, into it, then she and Katie finalized their plans.

Sabina sat in the waiting room, biting her lower lip, some strange man passed by carrying a heavy looking box. He then walked back, the look he gave Sabina sent chills down her spine. Suddenly the door opened and Ms Salina walked out. Sabina trembled, in spite of her fear, Ms Salina's look sent chills deep inside her.

Tall, wearing knee high spike heeled leather boots. A dress than some might call prim, but on Salina it was pure tease. The well tailored dress highlighted without displaying. Caressed but did not grope her curves, nipped slightly at the waist.

She strode over scowling down at Sabina. "Well, in trouble again so soon? I think this time we need something a little more, lasting." Without another word Salina tangled her fist in Sabina's hair and dragged her into the office. Sabina was stunned to see Katie sitting on the edge of the desk.

"Katie, oh thank gawd, please tell them...." Sabina didn't get another word out as Katie, reached out and soundly smacked her across the face.

"You do not address staff without the proper title bina." She smirked.

Despite the stinging pain Sabina felt her knees buckle a little, her nipples stiffening.


"I am the new head of the Mythology department roomie." Katie smirked and stood up, hefting those familiar steel cuffs.

Salina quickly stripped Sabina's blouse off the buttons flying as Sabina stood, stunned.

Salina slipped a leather collar around Sabina's throat as Katie tightly cuffed her arms behind her back. Working together, it took only a few moments before Sabina's arms were folded up between her shoulder blades, her wrists locked of the back of the collar. Gripping Sabina's hair each with a fist tangled in the long shining black hair, they forced Sabina to her knees.

"Now then, we have decided you need looking after Sabina." Katie whispered. "So each of us is going to, place something on you, so we can keep track of you."

"And these will also have, special little surprises in store for you." Salina added, softly stroking her fingers under Sabina's chin. "Also, since Katie is now staff, you will be moving into staff quarters with her."

"And as chance would have it, we are right across the hall from Salina's quarters. Isn't that nice sabina." Katie whispered.

Sabina knelt, her eyes huge blue pools of fear, arousal and anticipation.

Salina held her hand out, and Sabina saw a tiny spider, maybe 2 cm across.

"Sabina this is Hope, She is going to help keep you in line, and anything you do, Hope will let me know about." Sabina squeaked as the tiny spider dropped into her hair and quickly disappeared.

Katie purred watching as She stroked Sabina's tail teasingly. She then produced a gold ring, from thin air, and slid it over the tip of Sabina's snow white tail. Sabina gasped as the ring seemed to tighten, and she could feel it heat up, almost searing her. But not a single strand of fur was marked. "This ring, will let me know where you are at all time, among other things."

Salina glanced at the clock and sighed, "The assembly is in 15 Katie, we need to go."

"Hmm, yes, lets finish the first part, we can complete things later." Without another word to the trembling scared girl, they went to work.

Heavy straps bound ankles back to thighs, making sure Sabina would not get up anytime soon, and a heavy leather punishment hood was slipped into place, cutting her off from the outside world completely. Sabina squirmed, trembling her nipples standing up painfully stiff, her slim hips arching helplessly, as she felt a warm glow spreading from the ring around her tail. At the same moment three was a sharp pain, like a needle somewhere on her scalp.

Salina noticed the ring glowing "What it doing to her Katie?"

"Oh that, the ring will make her body ten times more sensitive, ordinary currents of air will feel like hands caressing her." Salina froze for a moment then laughed so hard Katie though Salina would pass out. Finally Salina calmed enough to explain.

"Hope just injected Sabina with an aphrodisiac, one of the most powerful imaginable."

They both watched as Sabina began squirming, gasping under the leather hood. Sabina arched her hips almost frantically within seconds. They soft touch of air on her skin like silky gently hands, caressing her breasts, her inner thighs, her flat tummy, her tight little ass and soaked pussy. The need inside rose, burning, undeniable.

Sabina shuddered and arched moaning in an agony of frustration, as her tail curled back between her legs, and started rubbing along her slit. It wouldn't take much, shuddering she arched sooo closed.

Salina frowned and started forward when Katie laid a hand on her arm. "Wait Salina, our little kitten has a nasty surprise coming." Salina arched an eyebrow and smiled, waiting patiently.

As Sabina bucked her hips and writhed the ring's glow changed to a darker pitch. And slowly the tail sank to the floor. Sabina felt like someone had tied a lead weight to her tail, moments before she could explode, the weight pulled her tail away. Sobbing in frustration she writhed frantically, trying to lift her tail, trying to escape.

Salina's eyes glowed as she smiled at Katie. "And will it let her tail loose?"

"Yes, in a few minutes. Of course if she gets close to coming again, it will pull her tail away."

"Wonderful!" Salina laughed, as they left Salina whistled softly, and a thousand tiny spiders, with soft ticklish little legs swarmed out of her desk and closed in Sabina, as she trembled and writhed helplessly on the floor....

Part Four

Sabina sobbed into the leather gag and struggled frantically. Little droplets of sweat caressed down her skin, every little movement a new caress. The ring glowed softly around the end of her soft snow white tail, making her skin super sensitive.

She shrieked and giggled arching against her bondage as the little spiders crawled up her spine. Tiny little feet, ticklish light steps caressed over the firm slopes of her breasts. She tensed and squirmed frantically, sobbing. Trapped under the tight leather punishment hood, her slim hips bucked in frustration. Arousal at the intensity and helplessness of her predicament, at the desire aroused by her captors, Salina and Katie. Desire fed by the venom Hope, a little spider minion of Salina's, had injected into her. A powerful aphrodisiac burning through her veins, feeding her arousal to unbearable levels.

Her soft tail was soaked with her lust, rubbing along her soaked slit, slowly. Trying in vain to fool that glowing golden ring. Sabina arched, gasping shuddering so close. Breathing in short sharp gasps through the nose holes in the hood, biting on the gag. Then it happened, her tail felt heavy, being pulled slowly to the floor. Only the spiders heard Sabina's agonized sobbing.

She struggled desperate to reach down and finish it, to end this unbearable hellish frustration. The spiders seemed to want to crawl and tickle everywhere, except her pussy. By design or pure malice they stayed away, teasing her. Sabina struggled on her knees, whimpering loudly, a soft trickling droplet of sweat, to her fevered mind and enhanced sense of touch, felt like a lovers soft tongue caressing down the outer slope of her pert left breast.

Shuddering as her tail was released, with a moan of pure desperation, Sabina pressed the soaked fur against her pussy again....

Across campus Salina and Katie applauded, the end of another welcome back to campus rally. The Head Masters had both spoken, new students introduced and new staff congratulated. Katie had received a long round of applause on her appointment to the mythology department. And Salina had explained that unfortunately due to misbehavior Sabina was unable to attend and take part in the rally. Whispers echoed through the auditorium, giggles as everyone realized Sabina must be the girl from the cafeteria this morning.

At last the rally was over, as they walked back to Salina's office arm in arm smiling. First they would stop off for a quick bite to eat, then deal with Sabina. They had plenty of time before the sun went down.

Sabina's muffled raw cries filtered out from under the hood, she shuddered again. It had been hours, and more denied orgasms than she could remember. As time crawled by it seemed to get worse and worse. The little spiders had found every place on her body that made her squirm moan or giggle and they seemed to be massing in those places. Her soft snow white tail was matted and wet where she had been rubbing it against her pussy in a futile attempt to come. Her tiny body glowed with sweat, the leather hooded head arched back, as she shuddered and screamed.

She sobbed as the ring let her tail move again. Almost against her will it rose up and pressed against her slit, the wet sticky fur rubbing along her slit and over her clit. It took no more then four hellish slow strokes before she tensed against her bondage, and the tail again dropped away. Time and again it denied her, but so intense so deep was the need inside Sabina couldn't stop herself from trying. Couldn't stop herself from making it worse.

Aside from her restraints and hood Sabina wore only her tiny uniform skirt, polished leather saddle shoes and ankle socks. Struggling helplessly she sobbed softly, gasping air through the nose holes, she never even heard the door opening.

Salina and Katie looked down at her, a puddle of sweat and arousal under her on the floor, the tiny spiders crept across sweat glistening skin. Tiny shudders ran through Sabina's body again and again. Nipples standing up painfully stiff, almost pleading to me sucked, pinched, bitten and tormented. Her tight little ass arched back slowly under the tiny skirt, then her slim hips arched forward in an agonized parody of fucking.

With a soft whispered sound the little spiders crawled, almost reluctantly, off Sabina's body and back into the desk. Sabina tensed squirming frantically and keening softly, a pleading tortured kitten like mew of agonized need.

They crouched on either side of her and unbuckled the straps holding her legs folded helping the trembling captive to her feet.

"How long will the venom last?"

Salina glanced at the clock. "Another six hours, give or take. And the sensitivity?"

"It lasts until I make it stop, lets say another six hours along with the venom." Katie smiled and made a small gesture in the air whispering a magic command to the ring. "Think she's ready?"

"I think she can't wait to get started." Salina replied with a smile. With a push they started Sabina out the door and into the night.

Sabina heard talking, as her legs were freed, shaking her knees weak as she was lifted to her feet. She struggled a little, moaning, arching her slim hips. Nothing. The push nearly made her fall, she was directed out of the office and down the hall. Blindly Sabina walked where she was prompted to go. A pause, two steps, then the stomach turning lurch of the elevator going down.

Down, down meant the lobby, the lobby meant, OUTSIDE. Sabina squealed and squirmed only to have her skirt flipped up and a sharp stinging pain descend on her little ass as Salina sliced the firm little cheeks with her crop.

"Quiet." Salina ordered, Katie smirked watching knowing what Sabina was in for tonight. Sabina stumbled along, she had no idea if anyone was watching. The hood muffled sounds very well. Faintly she heard Katie and Salina talking in the back ground, padding along slowly.

Every time Sabina faltered the crop slashed across the backs of her toned thighs. The chill in the air made Sabina think it must be night time, but she couldn't be sure. They seemed to walk forever, the chill air evaporating the sheen of sweat from Sabina's little body. A sensation most people barely notice but to Sabina it was a devastating sensual experience. Finally they stopped, Sabina felt the laces of the hood being loosened and finally the hood was puled away.

Her kitten ears unfolded, flooded with sound as she blinked in the moonlight. They stood near a small pond, in the woods. It was late the moon climbing slowly higher in the sky. Sabina whimpered her tail twitching, she could feel unseen eyes on her. A howl in the distance was answered by a much closer snarl of something in the shadows.

Shuddering, still trembling at the unbearable torment of her own sweat drying, the sensual drip or her arousal creeping over her labia. Each little droplet feeling like a silky fingertip caressing her inside. The chill movements of the air like a cold molesting hand on her skin.

Sabina looked around her eyes filled with terror she finally faced her captors. Salina nodded grinning evilly as Katie spoke.

"Thats right kitten here we are in the woods, of course you don't know where campus is do you?"

Whimpering Sabina shook her head and trembled. Salina hissed softly, "Lots of monsters know you're out here, they can smell that little pussy of yours a mile away." Salina laughed softly as Sabina whimpered.

Katie snapped her fingers and the tail ring thudded to the ground to Sabina it felt like a hundred pound weight had been tied to her tail. "We are walking back now Sabina, in about twenty minutes the tail ring will let you move again. It shouldn't take you more than a few hours to find your way back, after all the island isn't THAT big."

Katie and Salina both laughed as Salina added, "Of course that means the monsters are more, concentrated. But you shouldn't have any trouble with them. One more thing we can't have you seeing which way we go so..."

Without further warning Katie tied a strip of silk over Sabina's eyes knotting it tightly under her hair. "See you in the morning Sabina." Katie whispered kissing her softly.

Sabina squealed out pleading as she heard them walk away, "Please pleasepleaseee don't leave me here like this please." She sobbed out.

Salina called back, an echo on the wind "Thats right Sabina, scream it draws more of them."

Sabina stifled her cries shaking softly her white kitten ears craning this way and that hearing noises in the underbrush. Suddenly her tail was free, but rather than run, sabina arched it eagerly to her pussy, gasping spreading her legs in need she shuddered.

A cold touch on her thigh made her jump, but the need outweighed the fear. Sabina pressed her tail against her slit frantically, shuddering and whimpering. The cold touch again and a playful mew, the dog. It was that damn golden dog.

"Puppy go away!" She hissed her knees buckling.

Suddenly a strong hand grabbed her tail, Sabina squealed as it pulled her tail away and a feral voice hissed into her ear.

"Puppy is not going anywhere til puppy gets what he wants." The voice hissed.

Without another word he pushed Sabina down over a fallen log, little ass up, flipping her skirt out of the way. Long soft licks along her slit, drew screams and moans of frustration. But the monster was very careful, his sharp ears detected the tiny changes in pitch of her squeals always pulling away.

"You want something? Hmmmm beg me."

"Please please please Sir please fuck me please you can't imagine please." Sabina sobbed and screamed out.

With a feral snarl he pressed his thick cock inside the writhing girl. Sabina's screams of pleasure echoed through the woods as she came instantly. Every little ridge of his cock felt completely different, every inch a new experience. Her hypersensitivity made the fucking more intense than anything she had ever imagined. Her intense need made it impossible to resist.

Sabina arched back into the thrusts eagerly shaking and screaming out as she came again and again. With a deep throated howl her attacked tensed and came hard inside her. Shaking as he thrust in deep, gripping her slim hips tightly. With a satisfied sigh he pulled out, Sabina gasped and nearly fell to the ground.

Smirking the wolf man slapped her ass sharply, drawing a squeal of pain. Turning he padded off into the woods leaving Sabina to the night....

Part Five

sabina padded along her ears perked for any sound, trembling. Every whisper of wind, every little crack in the brush made her think another monster was there. Silently she swore to herself to never ever get in trouble again if she got out of this. Short uncertain steps, she turned her blindfolded head side to side in a useless attempt to see. Her shoulders ached softly, the results of having her arms so strictly cuffed behind her.

Wrists locked in lined steel shackles, locked to the back of the collar around her throat. Elbows cuffed tight together behind her back, thrusting her very firm rounded breasts out. She stumbled and nearly fell, gasping out. The affects of the spider bite lingered, aphrodisiac burning in her veins, as though being tied like this and left in the open wasn't enough. The ring around her tail hummed softly, making her body super sensitive. The shilling little breeze felt like a lovers caress, making her knees buckle. As the unbearably sensual feel of a droplet of sweat trickling down her toned flat tummy screamed in her mind. The soft cooling evaporation of the droplet as it caressed over her mons.

Panting she stumbled, into dead silence. Sabina's heart thundered in her ears, biting her lip terrified to call out. Nothing, no crickets, no birds, not a sound something had scared everything away. Terrified to stay, but to scared to move, she trembled.

"H-h-hhello?" she whispered her snow white kitten ears perked for any sound.

"MMmmm hello pretty." The voice was soft, almost sibilant. Sabina squeaked and backed away right into the arms of something big, and warm. Rough scaled hands gripped her arms as someone whispered from behind.

"Going somewhere?"

With a scream she tried to lunge away even as a tentacle wrapped around her ankle.

"Noooo." The first voice said. "Not running from new friendsssss. SSoo many new friends for her to play with."

Sabina sobbed as a wall of dark chuckles rang out from all around, tears welled under the blindfold. How many where there, 5, 10, more?

She moaned softly as the rough hands covered her pert breasts teasing her achingly stiff nipples. Her face flushed, without thinking she moaned again and bucked her hips forward.

"MMMM sssooo eager to play." Something slithered into her hair and twined in, yanking tight and forcing her head down. Sabina moaned louder as the thing behind her teased its thick rough cock head along her soaked slit, thrusting in smoothly. She arched and shuddered as it stretched her, gasping out red lips parted. In mid gasp something the forced into her mouth, pushing in slowly, forcing her to swallow inch after inch.

She gagged and choked as the voice whispered, "Relaxxxxx, many more will you sssssuck tonight."

The beast behind her pulled his thick cock free and began forcing it into her ass, sabina screamed as the sharp pain warred with intense arousal. Her knees buckled as she screamed and exploded. Arching and bucking her hips, head back shaking violently as she came.

The monsters slowly fucked her, sabina screamed through one orgasm after another. Writhing and sobbing, she bucked and came violently, tears slipping out from under the blindfold. They seemed to fuck her forever, she arched eagerly into the thrusts, driven wild by the intense sensations, the venom in her veins, and the intense feelings of helplessness.

Finally, as the sun broke the horizon they stopped, dropping her to the ground in a heap, chuckling they left her there.

sabina struggled to her knees, then to her feet, wobbling. She heard voices, and started that way, the rings power slowly fading, the venom purged from her system. She was exhausted, spent. Stumbling out of the trees she heard voices, lots of them.

Students, they were outside early for exercise. Seeing Sabina they ran over, chattering all at once, seeing her naked, utterly helpless, blindfolded and spattered with come.

They surrounded her asking a dozen questions as her knees buckled, finally one stepped forward and took sabina by the arm. "You're the girl from the cafeteria right? Yesterday?"

"Yess." Sabina stammered, trembling "Please help me." She whispered.

"My name is Shodan, and I'll help you hon. Lets go to my room and get you cleaned up......."

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