by Mikel

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; bond; cuffs; chast; collar; chain; metal; bands; nipple; breast; hobble; hogtie; gag; permanent; enslave; denial; cons; X

Missy had found Juan's tattoo and fetish shop when she had her nipples pierced on her 18th birthday and had been a regular visitor ever since having many more piercings and purchasing a sizable collection of fetish clothing and gear over the years. For her 21st birthday Juan had delivered her first custom chastity belt locking it on her and giving her a considerable discount before telling her she would have to wear it for the next thirty days before her would give her the key. Missy had been wearing chastity belts for over a year and on occasions had Juan hold the key but had never worn a belt for longer than a week straight and after a minute to think about it hugged Juan and thanked him for both her presents. The month had gone by slowly for Missy but when it was time to collect the key she waited another week before breaking down and begging Juan for the key and releasing herself.

Juan was a craftsman and made custom appliances and equipment for people on a limited basis but Missy always got moved to the front of the line when she ordered something special from him and he always exceeded her expectations with his work. Missy’s first set of locking cuffs and collar had been made to look like jewelry but was actually thick bands of stainless steel that had hidden locks and d-rings and once she had them on she left the keys with him and for the next year never taking them off. Being that she wore a chastity belt almost 24/7 and had been for over two years adding in the fact she almost never had control of the keys for it or the cuffs her relationships with both males and females usually didn’t last long, the frustration for her partners and the fact that she wouldn’t change her ways for them meant that she lived a life of never ending dates.

On one of Missy’s visits Juan had put out a new display show casing his newest products, permanent banding, the mannequin was wearing wide bands of a new type of steel that was polished to a high sheen and once the small tongues on either side of the opening slipped into their mated grooves the bands were locked on. Only if the band was made big enough could the bands be compressed making the tongues pop out of the grooves and the band could be pried open and removed.

Juan also could add a small amount of epoxy to the mating surfaces making the bands completely solid and the process irreversible, the steel was a very dense but light material that was exceptionally difficult to cut requiring very high temperatures to cut through it. Some of the bands, depending on their size and location could be offered in locking versions with small keyed locks and hidden hinges but they were not as flawless as the permanent ones, Missy was in awe of the new jewelry and talked for hours with Juan about what and where she could have them put on her body.

Juan had a set of locking cuffs available as a demo and let her try them on while they talked about his plans to add more bands soon for every part of the body, Missy was so excited she forgot to get the keys to her chastity belt and breast chastity so when she got home there was no way she could satisfy her sexual needs. Missy wore the cuffs for two weeks before asking Juan to make her a set that was permanent adding the hidden d-rings that folded into the cuff and could be popped out leaving a small ¼ inch tall square attachment point on each cuff.

Waiting another month still locked into her chastity belt and bra made Missy extremely excited when she got the call that her cuffs were ready, arriving the next evening Juan made sure she was sure and knew that once they were on they could only be removed surgically, Missy didn’t hesitate and said she was ready. As Juan took care of his last customer Missy noticed the mannequin now had many more bands on her body and was especially interested in the wide bands at the bases of its stuffed breasts and the chastity belt that looked too simple to be effective until she studied it closely and saw it was designed to set deeply inside the pussy with edges that curved outwards and small holes drilled into it allowing fluid flow.

The strap continued up the back leaving a small hole over the sphincter with the same contoured edges the front had only it had one larger hole to allow evacuation. Missy studied the wide band that went around the mannequin’s waist and could see no lines or openings even where the crotch strap connected. The bands around the breasts could be joined to a wider band that went above and below the breasts and circled the chest and back making an irremovable steel bra of sorts that made her pussy damp just looking at it.

Juan saw her studying the mannequin and smiled, he knew she would like his designs and hoped she would let him encircle her beautiful body with his steel creations. Calling her into the back room he had her sit down next to a large press and asked her again if she really wanted this, after agreeing and almost begging him to do it he slipped a shiny cuff down to her right wrist and placed it between the jaws of the press and slowly operated the press closing the cuff until it was half way then placed several drops of the epoxy on the mating surfaces and continued to compress the cuff until they both heard a click and Juan said that’s it and wiped the excess epoxy from the cuff. Repeating the process on Missy’s left wrist went quickly and soon Missy had two beautiful cuffs permanently closed on her wrists, and was smiling as she rubbed them till they shined brightly.

Juan gave her the keys to her belt and bra and after hugging him she left quickly and drove home and masturbated until she had a huge orgasm, all the while she was staring and rubbing the cuffs knowing she would never be without them again. Over the next few months Missy could think of nothing else but the bands of steel, visiting Juan often even wearing the locking collar he let her borrow, returning one evening for her keys Juan showed her the bands he had made for another lady that went around her nipples and would be tight enough to hold them erect allowing minimal blood flow but never allowing them to soften fully again.

Missy squealed and asked him to make her a set along with her own locking collar. Juan had Missy sit in his measurement chair, this chair had measurement markings all over it so he could take one high definition picture and would have the basic measurements of a person’s entire body, and he also took circumference measurements of her entire body while she sat naked and giggling. After the measuring was complete he slipped a ring normally used for piercing around both erect nipples and squeezed them closed, these were essentially thick wires and could easily be reopened but would give Missy a good sense of what she wanted so she could be sure.

After the rings were on her nipples Juan handed her two bands of steel and said try these on, Missy looked puzzled for a minute then realized they were for the bases of her breasts and quickly slid one around the base of her breast and squeezed it until she heard a click and looked down to see her full breast being held tightly by the wide band of steel causing it to bulge slightly. Not hesitating she quickly locked the other band on and stood looking down at her trapped breasts and nipples smiling as she bounced them and watched their limited movement.

While getting dressed Juan had been talking about making a clitoris band but was having problems getting the tension correct and explained that just like the nipple bands if the tension was too tight it would completely restrict blood flow but if they were too loose that they would slip off. Missy felt her temporary nipple rings snugged up nicely behind her piecing’s and smiled at them already getting more sensitive and smiled and said, "I’ll take two as long as I can still wear my piercings".

Juan said in fact he had got something for those as well and removed her heavy dumbbells and slipped two shiny pad locks through them with a matching attached chain that dangled from nipple to nipple. Missy looked in the mirror and squealed again and gave him a big hug before pulling her t-shirt over her head leaving her bra off and went to look at some clothes before trying on a pair of 6 inch high heeled pumps with locking ankle straps and a long skirt made of thick unfinished leather that followed her curves nicely down to her knees.

Walking around for a few minutes getting used to the shoes before finding a wide lockable collar and wrapping it tightly around her neck finding out that on her thin neck it would hold her head as stiffly erect as her nipples were being held she purchased the trio and before leaving Juan locked the collar closed before pushing her out the door and locking it.

Missy waited a week before going and getting the key to her collar but Juan refused to give it to her or unlock the bands around her breasts and made her go home and put on her chastity belt and bra and return the keys to him, telling her once he had the keys not to come back for a month. Missy had been struggling with the collar and shoes but really liked being locked up and did not want to disappoint Juan knowing he knew her well so she continued to wear the collar, shoes and chastity set over her banded breasts and nipples keeping her aroused for the entire month, fighting them on occasions but eventually wanting them to be permanent like her cuffs.

After the month passed Missy showed up one day still wearing her steel only to have Juan sit her down and clamp two ankle cuffs on tightly dabbing the epoxy before pressing them together until they heard the tell-tale click of permanence and locking the straps for her shoes back over her new steel cuffs before escorting her out of the shop saying see you in a month. Missy was so stunned that she just walked back to her car and went home.

Missy inspected her new ankle cuffs and quickly fell in love with the extra heft of the 4 inch wide steel bands around her thin ankles and smiled as she leaned back letting her hands drop to her steel covered crotch realizing she still couldn’t touch herself and ease her throbbing pussy and almost cried knowing she had no choice in the matter.

Missy had been locked up for 6 weeks when she had gone out clubbing with friends and after having too much to drink she took two of her friends to Juan’s shop and while they were looking around she saw the newest mannequin Juan had added, this mannequin had been dressed in steel around every possible body part, she marveled at the high collar that went from just below its chin down its neck and flaring out over its shoulders the bottom of the collar was linked from the deep V that dropped low onto its chest with two small chains to the wide strapthat wrapped around its chest attached to the upper breast bands.

The arms had wide bands around her upper arms with another right above its elbows and around her wrists, Missy stared at the bands around each of the mannequin’s fingers and thumbs these had small chains running to each and would keep the wearer from being able to open her hands completely. It was also wearing a new chastity belt with thigh bands that attached to the strap running through its crotch with small eyelets that linked the bands to the belt, the next set were around its lower thighs right above its knees then another set below its knees and finally a set around its ankles that were directly linked to the steel shoes on its feet, the shoes looked amazing with one steel band running over the balls of the feet with a post attached that ran between the first two toes another band ran across the arch then the ankle cuffs were attached by a small chain on either side of the ankle, the heels were incredibly steep and would force the wearer to walk almost on her toes.

Missy was amazed as she studied the chains attached at every band that would limit the wearers movements drastically when Juan walked up behind her and scolded her for coming in early, Missy pleaded with him to forgive her and as she followed him around the store begging she said she really liked the new set and wanted to be dressed just like the mannequin, Juan told her to go home that she was not to return for two months then they would talk, Missy begged him again to forgive her and to please dress her like his new display before he ushered her out of the shop leaving her still dressed in her steel and leather to stew for another two months.

Missy spent the next two months in a haze, being glad she worked from home so she could drift off into day dreams without anyone seeing her and she seemed to drift off a lot, always dreaming of the new steel she had seen and wondering if she could really stand being locked up forever and getting hornier every time she thought about it. Missy had gotten used to the extreme heels and could now walk and even run in them, not being able to touch her pussy had become less important to her ever though her trapped breasts kept her aroused especially when the locks in her piercings pinched her nipples against the tight rings below them. Even the wide bands around her breasts that had caused her some much discomfort in the beginning were now comfortable and even cherished by her making her feel like she was never alone.

After two months of constant stimulation and the ever present steel denying her relief she waited 2 more weeks before returning to Juan’s unsure if she really wanted release from her trappings or not. Finally returning to the shop early one morning wanting to talk with Juan he had her strip before securing her wrists and ankles to the heavy chair that sat in the back room and forcing the ball of a panel gag into her mouth and buckling it tightly then taking a wide leather belt and strapping her leather covered neck snuggly to the chair and making her sit and struggle the entire day while he operated his shop. Every time someone passed her they would stop and tease her, one girl even tightened the strap across her neck making her choke if she didn’t hold her head back then later added a large vibrator to her crotch plate strapping it tight before turning it on high and leaving the struggling girl to be forced to remain on the edge of and orgasm for hours while the rest of the world went about their business.

Missy was worn out from the constant stimulation and her struggles and sat quietly as Juan closed his shop and returned to her side, "Are you sure you want what you asked for?" He said, "I have what you ordered ready if you are sure"

Missy thought he was talking about her collar and breast bands and didn’t even think why he was asking her if she was ready since she had ordered them locking not permanent and shook her head that she was ready. Juan removed the gag and gave the dehydrated girl a large glass of water before leaving her still strapped to the chair while he got ready. Missy was already tired from her days struggle and with the added tranquilizer she had just drank soon was sleeping deeply, unaware of what was about to happen to her.

Waking early the next morning in her own bed Missy was groggy and felt like her whole body had taken a beating, trying to sit up she kind of wobbled before pushing herself up with her hands. When her feet hit the floor she paid no attention to the sound of the high heels clacking on the hard wood but when she tried to rub her sore neck she felt nothing but hard steel around it, gasping she quickly pulled her hand away and saw that each finger was now trapped by steel bands that went from her first knuckle to the second with small chains attached to each, the bands were so wide they made bending her fingers difficult and the chains barely allowed any separation between them and held her thumbs stiffly close to her palms.

Missy sat trying to figure out what happened and rubbed her aching breasts only to find them quartered by four chains running from her nipple band to the bands around the bases of her breasts, the collar kept her from looking down but she could also feel the wide bands running around her chest above and below her breasts and the four chains attached to the collar. Missy froze sitting on the bed afraid to think what might have happened and knowing in her heart her dream of being completely banded had come true and was afraid that she no longer had a choice of wearing them or not.

After thinking for a while she stood up on her new high heels and without being able to look at them knew they were different than the ones she had been wearing. Teetering on the heels she made it to the bathroom and looked in her large mirror and gasped, partially in horror and partially from excitement when she saw her new body. Staring at the collar she leaned close to the mirror and saw it was indeed like the mannequins, starting at the base of her skull around to just below her chin, she turned her head and found if she really pushed she could turn almost an inch to either side but could barely move her head up or down before the steel stopped it. The collar flowed down her neck holding it tightly making it appear longer before flaring over her shoulders a few inches then tapering down to a V shape that ended about two inches from the upper breast bands that circled her chest.

The collar was attached to the chest band by four chains, two coming from the bottom of the V with two more attached out at the ends of the collar near her shoulders making a W of chain holding the two pieces together. Slowly lowering her eyes she took in the sight of her new breasts, gasping again as she saw them bulging over tighter and slightly wider bands at their bases but it was the four chains that went from the bases to her new nipple bands imbedded deeply into the tender flesh of her breasts that was bulging around them that made her stop and stare, as she studied them closer she could also see the her nipple bands were much wider and definitely tighter and with the locks still through them they were constantly being stretched outwards. Studying the bands that went above and below her breasts she could see the upper band was about two inches wide but the bottom looked much wider and she thought maybe 4 inches, the bands held her breasts up firmly on her chest as the skin around each bulged over the bands that were squeezing her tight enough to make taking deep breaths difficult. A slight panic attack hit her as she twisted and pulled on the steel before calming herself and continued her inspection.

Looking at her reflection she saw what she had hoped wouldn’t be there, the new chastity belt, it had a much wider waist band than the mannequins in the center above where the crotch strap connected it had a small peak that was connected by another chain to the lower breast band. Running her hand down she was surprised to find that the cover plate was totally smooth as it flared out below the belt and disappeared between her legs, it didn’t look like the one the mannequin was wearing that would settle inside her pussy but she could still feel something inside her, as she tried to reach further she found she was only allowed to bend slightly before the chains stopped her so she grabbed a hand mirror and looked at her back in the large mirror.

The first thing she noticed was that the chest bands were not separate but had been connected every few inches by strips of steel making it look like a small steel ladder had been wrapped tightly around her chest. The collar and waist band had been attached to the chest bands by a single chain that looked to be a bit bigger than the ones in the front and when Missy tried to bend her back the chains pulled tight stopping her. While she was looking at her back she could see that her ass was bisected by a metal band, the shiny steel in her crack with the high thigh bands framed her ass making it look more firm and perky she thought to herself as she felt the opening and realized it too was different, not nearly as large as the other one meaning she would have to endure enemas until Juan freed her.

Looking at the thigh bands she could just make out the three connected eyelets keeping her upper thighs closely together before turning around and looking at the arms bands and feeling the skin that bulged over them as well thinking to herself that gaining weight was not an option as she tried to twist the steel finding that that had been formed to only fit one way. Looking at her legs she could see the lower thigh bands above and below her knees and was shocked when she realized that they were actually chained together along with her ankle cuffs, gasping again as she now could see her new shoes.

These were much taller than her others with a 3 inch platform made out of layers of steel tapering quickly to a small flat spot, her toes were barely visible out from under the wide strap that covered them and held them firmly in place, the post between her toes made sure she could not slip her foot forward and the second wide strap across the arch of her foot made it impossible to pull her foot out of the shoe, the two chains connecting the shoe to her ankle cuffs finished of the upper and she raised her foot to see the heel and was stunned to see how small in diameter the heel was and the fact that it was over 10 inches tall, it looked like a nail had been driven into the shoe bottom. Missy stood staring at her new jewelry turning and looking like a child with a new dress wondering why Juan had installed them the way he did before carefully walking to the kitchen for some water and aspirin.

Walking was different in the new heels and chains but Juan had cut the chains perfectly so even though her steps were restricted she could still walk to the fullest step allowed by the eyelets on the upper thigh bands. Drinking several glasses before rubbing some ice over her trapped breasts to ease the swelling she hoped, and arouse herself even further she returned to her bed and lay back for some more sleep. Only being in bed a few minutes before a sudden thought popped into her mind and she jumped up a quickly shuffled her way back to the mirror realizing she had not seen any key holes or hinges in her new jewelry!

After studying her new adornments again she knew they were not removable, Juan had permanently sealed her body in steel! Her body sagged in the steel as she tried to lean on her elbows scared that she had made a terrible and irreversible mistake that she can never undo. Shaking badly Missy staggered back to her bed lying back feeling the chains pull tight as she did she began to cry becoming even more scared as she ran her banded fingers over her steel encased body before falling asleep.

Waking several hours later Missy had hoped it was a dream but feeling her neck and looking at her hands she knew it was not a dream and decided she needed to see Juan. Pulling her long leather dress on and a thick sweater top with a high collar she shuffled her way to her car and drove to the shop. Walking in Juan immediately ordered her to get undressed, Missy was stunned, he had never treated her like that before and moved to the back room to get undressed. Standing in her steel she waited for Juan to come back to see her, a few minutes passed when Juan entered the room and ordered her to stand still, he walked around her inspecting her even pulling on the bands at different places, when Missy went to speak he grabbed her face holding her mouth shut and said, "Be quiet!" After letting her go he walked behind her then slipped the large panel gag’s ball into her mouth and buckled it tightly before slipping a lock through the buckles. Missy tried to fight him but he completed his task telling her to calm down while holding her body tightly.

Missy settled down and stood panting through her nose as Juan started walking around her again before stopping and clipping a short chain to the cuffs at her elbows pulling them roughly behind her back. Missy twisted and thrashed pulling at the chain while Juan grabbed her wrists and clipped them close together then pulled the chain from them tight and clipped it to the chain between her knees keeping Missy’s arms stretched tight against her back and forcing her knees closer together.

Missy was now bound and gagged, naked except for the steel bands encircling her body as Juan spoke, "You came to me with a dream and I made it come true now you want to undo it, don’t you? Well it’s not possible and if you want to keep any chance of ever being free of my creations you will do as I say." Juan continued as he turned her to face him, "You will live at the shop and be my display model, you will wiggle that fine ass of yours around keeping my customers entertained and maybe if you do well enough I’ll remove the gag once in a while and maybe even let you work the fetish store"

Missy was staring at Juan with teary eyes as he told her, "You will wear the gag every day and until I trust you will have your arms bound every day, if you're good after a few weeks I’ll allow you to go home at night and if I grow tired of you maybe then I’ll work on a way to release you from some of your restraints so you can go about your life without bothering me!" With those words he wrapped a chain around her collar locking a large pad lock to it and pulled the struggling Missy out front and chained her to a pole next to the other mannequins and left her struggling.

Over the next two years Missy had grown accustomed to her steel coated body and being bound everyday while at work, she now wore the gag 24/7 only removing it to eat once a day, Juan had long ago allowed her to roam free and go home whenever she wanted but she almost always stayed at the shop and always wore the gag with the keys in Juan’s pocket. During the following two years Missy spent all of her non-working time bound in some way and Juan had added many more bands of steel around her body, originally for demonstration purposes and then just out of meanness making her look more like a robot than a woman.

The last year she never left the shop and had been completely covered in steel even her head had been covered by the tight bands making it that she had no choice but to stay at the shop. Juan had found a gold mine, his business had expanded and now had three more locations all with their own Missy’s but none of them trapped permanently like the original Missy. During Missy’s incarceration Juan had been working on ways to remove the bands and after many tests he had fine-tuned a way that would allow him to remove the steel from anyone that wanted it with minimal risk of damaging them.

During the last five years Missy had celebrated her birthday alone and usually chained in some uncomfortable position for the entire day, this year started off the same as Juan’s assistant, who hated Missy, chained her compliant body in as strict a hogtie as her metal skin allowed, Missy just laid still gasping through her nose before she felt a rag placed over her mouth and fell asleep.

Waking again in her bedroom she instinctively went to unlock the front door of the shop before realizing she was at home! Her head felt heavy and she reached up to see if Juan had removed the locks holding the gag in and found the gag was not there, feeling desperately around her body she found that not only was the gag gone but her breasts were free and there was no steel around her neck but her own leather collar was there. She could see her wrists still had the cuffs on them as did her ankles but there were no thigh bands or chains anywhere!

She collapsed on the floor trying to figure out if it had all been a dream until she saw the marks the tight bands had left, she grabbed her pussy and felt something different and made herself go to the large mirror and saw it was her old chastity belt, confused she went to where her keys were and found them lying right where she had left them and quickly released her belt, letting it drop to the floor and thrust her unchained fingers into her pussy. The feeling was incredible and she quickly came and sat on the floor gasping. What happened she wondered as she recovered from the massive orgasm. She had to talk to Juan and turned on the shower and removed her collar only to find her neck muscles could not support her neck and she quickly wrapped it tightly around her neck and climbed into the shower.

The hot water felt wonderful as she thoroughly cleaned her body then dried it carefully before styling her hair for the first time in five years and applied her makeup, she wanted to wear a pants suit but decided on leather pants that pulled tightly around her ass making her feel hugged all over before grabbing a t-shirt and sliding it over her head. The knee high boots with a modest 4 inch heel were next and she was ready to go. Missy had worn the collar exposed often and didn’t care what anyone thought about it as she drove carefully feeling like she had almost forgot how to the shop.

Walking in it took a few seconds before everyone realized who she was and started clapping and hugging her, she was turning beet red when Juan walked up and said, "It’s about time you came back we have all missed you". She smiled at him and hugged him for a long time before he led her into the back room and she saw her metal bands scattered around the room from where he had removed them. She was crying as she tried to ask why but Juan stopped her and said, "Five years was enough I hope, to satisfy your desires to be locked away forever and I hope this was a good 30th birthday present" Missy crying loudly shook her head as she continued to hug Juan before he said, "I have all the money you earned as a sales associate for the last five years and kept your apartment for you just as it was when we started."

"You can continue to work here with or without the bands I can even remove the cuffs if you want, I just left them for you to choose but I will not permanently lock anything else on you ever again."

Missy sat down as Juan went back to work and everyone came back to visit with her and each told her of how Juan had taken care of her for the last month while she was being released and how much care he had given her through the whole ordeal and all wished her a happy birthday when they left the room. Missy sat for the rest of the day in the chair that she had been chained to for the last five years until the shop closed and Juan helped her to her car and followed her home.

When she got inside she asked Juan, "If I missed being banded would you hate me?" Juan laughed and opened a large box in her living room showing her a complete set of steel bands that were all lockable and smiled and said, "I would be disappointed if you didn’t miss them" Missy smiled and stared at the steel with trepidation wondering if she could last without them now. "They are here anytime you want then, but why don’t you give it a few days before you lock yourself away again"

Missy thanked him for everything as she closed the door, thinking about nothing but the steel as she moved around her apartment like she was lost. Two days later Juan had not heard from Missy so he went by her apartment and found her in a strict hogtie on her bed wearing all the steel bands he had left for her and her large gag locked on. As he looked around her apartment for the keys he found them smashed and broken lying next to a hammer and her knew she was never going to want to be released from them or him again. She had looked at him with glossy eyes when he had come into the bedroom but made no noise as he left the apartment leaving her tightly bound by herself until he figured out what he was going to do with her apartment and her furniture and where he was going to keep her knowing she was going to need him for the rest of her life.

Missy sagged in her hogtie smiling to herself knowing Juan knew what she wanted and that he would take care of her, she only hoped he would release her hogtie soon because she had been held in the severe arch for almost twenty four hours already and was becoming uncomfortable. The next day Juan returned and set Missy’s bound body into the large box that her steel had been in and had the movers carry the box to the truck and she stayed in the hot truck until all her possessions had been packed and moved into the truck and as she heard the truck rumble off she hoped they were taking her to Juan’s shop to be unpacked and used as his display again.

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