The Bad Neighbour

by SuziC

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© Copyright 2013 - SuziC - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; naked; sunbath; force; bond; strap; gag; rope; blackmail; sex; climax; reluct/nc; X

The sun finally came out after I had finished having a bath. I was doing everything I couldn’t normally. I had a lie in and a long breakfast and now the clouds had cleared, perfect.

I didn’t get a lot of sun because of all the trees around my little house but just about eleven there was a patch on the lawn which lasted until about four. I had waited all year doing extra time so I could have this holiday. I wanted to begin by getting some sun on my body. Playing could wait.

 I hated to have bikini lines so I set about making my elaborate screen. I had to use two chairs with a blanket to stop my neighbour from seeing me, she would be off to work in an hour but I didn’t like the idea of her seeing me. Also there were others that overlooked me but I had a big shrub that shielded me from them.

I lay down and sighed with pleasure. I looked down on my body, I was beginning to glisten as the sun toasted me. My nipples were soft and beyond my flat stomach my pussy was being warmed by the sun. I furtively ran my hand over myself, I was so smooth after my bath it was like there had never been any hair there. My nipples hardened and I sighed again quietly. I jumped when I heard my neighbour slamming her car door, she was off to work so I had a whole four hours of peace.

I had the smallest house in the road and I was lucky I could afford that, it was a tiny log cabin originally built in my neighbour’s garden for guests. All the other houses were huge and most people around me were influential and wealthy. I was nothing to them but they were kind to me and invited me to their parties sometimes. Lately I hadn’t been invited so much but I figured it was because they knew I was working hard. I liked most of them, with only a couple of exceptions.

I turned over and after a half hour I got thirsty, cursing myself that I hadn’t brought a drink out with me. I looked over my screen and knowing my neighbour was out decided to make a dash for the house. I got a cold beer from the fridge, another treat and nipped back to my place in the sun.

I fell asleep briefly but was woken suddenly by a voice, right beside me.

‘Why don’t you open those legs a little wider for me?’

I started to scream but a hand cut me off as a dark shadow stood over me. I couldn’t see who it was and struggled to get up but I was pinned down by another firm hand. I wasn’t a big girl and stood no chance against this huge shadow. I couldn’t see who it was for the sun in my eyes as I squirmed like a trapped bug.

‘I think you’ve had enough sun for now.’ He growled and began to pull me up off my sunbed with his arm around my slim waist.

I felt my nakedness as we walked quickly to my front door. As soon as we were in the shade I recognised him. Thank God no-one saw me with him, it was Mark, my neighbour’s boyfriend.

He was much younger than her and I’d been jealous the moment she had introduced me. She was just using him, I had seen her go through at least four men in the couple of years I had been at my new home. She was beautiful, able to lure them in, getting them to do all kinds of maintenance and odd jobs and then when she got fed up with them or they got clingy she dumped them.

This guy had to be the sexiest one I had seen so far. His looks were kind of Arabic or maybe Indian, I wasn’t sure. Thick black hair, long legs and body hair too, I liked that, too many men these days shaved all their manliness away. I smiled as he closed the door behind him.

He laughed as he spun me round, ‘That’s more like it.’  He took my arm and I allowed him to pull me towards the bedroom. He pushed me and I stumbled backwards onto the bed which made him smile widely. I grabbed the duvet and covered myself.

‘I’ve seen you, don’t pretend you weren’t doing it for my benefit.’

I tried to make excuses but of course it was true.

‘Now let’s see what you’ve been teasing me with.’

Finding my voice I told him I didn’t like to do this to my neighbour.

‘Her? Come on, she’s a meal ticket for me. She doesn’t share my interests.’

‘And I do?’

‘I’ve heard the rumours.’

My heart pounded, I had been so careful with what I did. No-one had ever known about my little tie-up sessions with myself. He had to be bluffing. ‘What rumours?’ I answered glibly, but I knew I had turned bright red.

‘Come on, let’s see what you have in your wardrobe?’

My face burned, how could he know I kept my stuff in the bottom of the wardrobe.

‘She told me first, I just kept the rumour going.’ He explained. ‘I’ve waited a long time.’

Fucking Josie. I’d asked my neighbour to feed my fish while I was away for a weekend at Christmas, like I watered her plants for her when she went away. The bitch must have been nosing around.

He chuckled as he brought out a big blue box. He opened the plastic lid and tipped everything out onto the bed.

‘My my, how long did it take you to get all this stuff?’

I groaned as he looked at everything, I didn’t know what to do. Josie’s gossiping about me must have been why people had stopped inviting me to parties. Mark said he kept the rumours going, he would be worse now.

As if reading my mind he spoke.

‘You know I could easily find a way to make those rumours go away. All I have to do is say I had a little chat with you, everyone knows the last owners left a lot of stuff behind. I could say you were too embarrassed to take it out to the communal rubbish so left it where it was.’

He had laid several things out on the bed as he talked and I saw my favourite thick belt and a couple of scarves. It was the least scary of my stuff. I got the feeling I had to agree to what was going to happen to make the rumours go away.

‘Do you want to play?’ he said as he leaned over me touching my cheek.


He was as quick as a panther, he grabbed me by the neck and wound first one scarf and then the other around my mouth. I’d thought they were for my hands and tried to object but that option was gone now. He grinned as he took the duvet from my hands and turned me over. He took the thick belt and gave me a swot with it before wrapping around my waist, pinning my hands to my sides. Although I could try and run away but if I made it outside it would just be a confirmation of what everyone thought of me. Besides I wasn’t sure I wanted to get away.

He slapped me a few times until I really started to struggle.

With wet eyes I pleaded but as I strained to see behind me I heard his belt buckle. Moments later I felt his hard cock pushing at my entrance.

‘Naaa, naaaammph!’

‘I’ve been waiting for this.’

He rammed himself deep inside me, ‘I saw you parading across the lawn, stark naked, your pussy naked too.’

He pulled my hips up towards him, gripping me with both hands.

I hadn’t known he was at my neighbour’s, I might not have gone in the garden, even in a bikini, if I had. I didn’t want to be that obvious.

He slid a hand underneath me and began to stoke my clit roughly, for his pleasure, not mine. I swung my hips but I couldn’t stop him. He hit a sweet spot now and again and I ground my teeth on the scarf trying not to respond. However he noticed because his animal grunting was replaced by whispered words in my ear.

‘I knew you wanted it, and now you have no choice.’

He slowed for a while and spat on his hand before touching me again. I whimpered as his rough fingers made me jump. I knew I was getting wet when his thrusts started going even deeper. Even with his bad method I was getting more and more worked up. The belt restricted me as I tried to breathe and having my face down on the duvet and my arse in the air didn’t help.

I felt as his cock got bigger and hotter inside me, I cried out as he filled every inch. As his fingers ran over the right spot twice, I came, grinding my hips backwards. I could hardly draw a breath and thought I would faint as he pounded into me before shouting out and going stiff. I felt him come deep inside and cried out again. I had no protection!

Reality came back and along with it my arms hurt. From what I could see my arms from the elbows down were deep red and I knew the circulation was going as my hands were already numb.

He slumped off me with a grunt and lay for a moment to get his breath back. Then looking at my tear stained face I think he realised there was going to be some permanent damage soon if he didn’t do something. 

I watched as he dragged up his jeans and walked calmly out of the room. I shouted and whimpered thinking he was leaving me but he came back after only a minute with some rope. It was mine from my garage. It was part of the junk from the last owners, I recognised the thick cord.

‘Now I want you to be a good girl and be here for when I get back.’

I shook my head as he pulled me over onto my back. I wanted out now but he had other ideas. He slapped the inside of my thighs making my eyes water again but making him laugh.

‘Josie will be back soon so I have to go mow the lawn.’ He told me as he roped my wrists. ‘Now when I’m done, I’m going to sit down with a beer and think about you in here, all trussed up and waiting for me. Then when I’ve had my meal with Josie and said goodbye I’ll come and see you.’ He grinned at me. ‘Or I might get lucky and stay the night with her.’

He removed the belt and I looked down at the thick red line. He brought my wrists behind me and tied them to a rope round my waist again, looser this time. He then used a third rope and tied my ankles together, bringing them up behind me and securing them too to the waist rope. Not quite a hogtie but enough for me not to be going anywhere. I shouted and swore as best as I could through the wet gag as he sat for a while watching me. Finally I was exhausted and lay still.

‘Don’t think about escaping, you won’t make it. We’re eating on the veranda overlooking your place and the minute I hear anything I’ll give you more than a thigh slapping. Do you understand? And don’t think anyone will believe you anyway, this will just be proof of your kinky ways. No-one would take your word against me.’

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