A Bad Review

by OkmrocksU

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© Copyright 2009 - OkmrocksU - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; capture; gag; bond; bdsm; spank; electro; machine; voy; torment; toys; nc; XX

Authors note;  While on Fetlife I contacted a girl who liked reading fetish stories and I had her go to this site to read mine.  After she (sunshine08) read a couple of my bondage stories I probed her for a review.  She replied that they didn't turn her on or get her off because she was more into S&M than the love bondage I wrote.  So that gave me an idea to write a punishment story just for her.  After reading this one she wrote back that she was flattered that I wrote her a story and this one DID get her off!  Enjoy!


After her cold review of my story, I decided Sunshine needed punishment.  Finding out where she lived I went over to let her have it, but she was not home.  I sat in my car waiting till just after dark until she arrived.  Watching her fumbling with her keys I quietly approached her as she opened up her door.  Then I grabbed her and quickly shoved her ass inside.

Startled and completely off guard she didn't know whether to scream or fight back.  I gave her no time to do either quickly throwing her to the floor on her stomach, pinning her arms behind her, sticking my knee in her back holding her arms under my leg as I reached around and crammed a large ball gag into her mouth.

Proceeding to bind her wrists tightly behind her back, she mumbled her best 'let me go you asshole' around the gag.  I wasn't going to allow any of that, so I wrapped tape around the gag to hold the ball deep in her mouth and silence her mumbles to only mmphs (bondage music to my ears).  Then moving down to her ankles I tied them together side by side with a cinch loop between them.

Rolling her back over and pulling on her, I told her to stand up.  Going limp she resisted so I slapped her across the face, grabbed her throat and with an angry look in my eyes, yelled, "Listen you little bitch.  You do like I say and you might avoid a trip to the hospital.  You don't and I'll beat you half to death, understand?"  With puffing breath and a scared look in her eyes, she nodded yes.  I then angrily commanded, "Now get up!" 

Assisting me this time I got her to her feet.  Admiring my capture, I pulled down her skirt and panties and ripped open her blouse.  She mmphed protest but could do nothing more but blush as I eyed her.  Putting my arm around her waist I drug her over in front of a closet door.  After tying the end of another piece of rope to her wrists I hoisted her wrists up high bending her over at the waist.  I then put the rope over the top of the door and tied it to the knob on the other side. 

I swatted her ass a couple of times as she struggled and mmphed.  I said, "This is just the beginning of you punishment.  I'll teach you to insult me over my stories.  Now just a little more rope and then we'll start."  

She mmphed a questioning moan as I began to tie another rope tightly around her waist knotting it in the small of her back.  Then passing it between her legs, looping it back and pulling it hard between her legs, she squealed as the rope buried itself into her sex.  After tying it off I left the room saying, "Now lets see what we can find."

Knowing from her profile that Sunshine was into spanking and pain I searched her apartment for toys and was quickly rewarded.  She had her own stash of bondage and torture items, which I found just what I needed.  Among her spanking toys I found a ping-pong style paddle, a cat-o-nine tails and a riding crop.  I grabbed the riding crop and headed back to where I left her.

She squirmed helplessly as I approached her.  When she saw the riding crop in my hand she struggled hard with her eyes open wide, shaking her head no, squealing and mmphing protest.  I swung hard and landed the crop square across her ass.  The sting shot through her like a bolt of lightning causing her to jump and squeal to sobbing. 

I then grabbed her crotch rope and held on as I worked the crop all over her ass.  Her jerking around buried the rope deeper into her sex as her ass started to glow a nice red.  Through her crying and squealing I heard her panting increase and after a few more swats, she came!

I let go of her crotch rope, dropped the crop and stepped around in front of her.  Her head was hanging down so I grabbed her by the hair pulling her head up, looking her in the eyes and said, "You nasty little cunt!  How dare you cum before me!"  She gave me a defiant little "HA, Ha, ha!" noise of satisfaction.  Then I said, "I'll fix you!"

Unzipping my jeans I pulled my already hard on out and moved back behind her.  After pulling the two strands of crotch rope to each side of her pussy I placed my cock against her and with one quick thrust buried myself all the way into her. 

She let out a painful groan on the initial thrust and struggled as I started pumping her with long slow strokes.  My excitement quickly speeded up my thrusts and I thought I’d get to cum this time and pull out before she does.  Boy was I wrong!  All the whipping and crotch rope tugging just primed her for a mind blower and just when I was about to cum, she beat me to it, AGAIN!

She groaned loudly and trembled between pants and hard breaths and her pleasure pushed me over the edge.  I pulled out and shot my wad all over her ass and then left her tied there as I prepared for her next ordeal. 

After a trip to my car I brought in a large duffle bag of goodies.  Sunshine's computer was conveniently located in her bedroom and I had a sinister program to load and some web cams to set up.  I also set up an electro stimulator (Tens) and a fucking machine and hooked them to the computer.

I went back to Sunshine and untied her ankles and released her from the door but I left her wrists tied.  Using her crotch rope as a leash I pulled her into the bedroom and pushed her down on the bed.  I left her opened blouse and bra on, but pulled her bra up over and behind her head leaving a fresh-raped look.  I then rolled her over on her stomach and tied her elbows together, after which I cross-tied her ankles and brought them up and tied them into a tight hogtie.

I grabbed more rope and tightly tied her torso wrapping it around her breasts and pinning her arms tightly to her body.  I also tied her ankles tightly to her thighs, with the cross-tied ankles keeping her legs apart for violation.  Then after bunching up the covers for comfort I rolled her over on her back in the middle of the bed.  She's going to need the comfort for the period of time I'm going to leave her tied.  Then, tying rope to the four corners of the bed I fixed her to the middle so she couldn't move with no possibility of escape. 

At this point all she could do was wiggle and squirm in place.  Her curvy body looked sexy as hell all bound up in rope and I couldn't wait to start the program.

I first set up the electro stim by attaching nipple clamps on her nipples and taping them into place.  She groaned in pain as the clamped down on her tender nubs.  I attached two more clamps to each side of her clit, which produced a louder squeal out of her, and then attached the wires to the electro stim to all the clamps.  I also attached two pads to her groin and wired them.

Next I set up the fucking machine.  Before I came over to her place, I set up the machine with a two inch diameter dildo and set the stroke to five inches.  This was an expensive machine that has a self lubricator set up to shoot preheated lube, which resembled a semi clear to milky cum, out the end of the dildo every hundred strokes.  The interactive program allowed someone to remotely shoot lube out much more often though.

Setting the machine up on the bed with the rod retracted I inserted the tip between the two strands of crotch rope into Sunshine's sex about two inches and the secured the machine to the bottom to the bed.  Time to start the program.

With everything hooked up and the program loaded and ready, I first pored a half-gallon of lube into the tank and switched on the fucking machines lubricant heater.  It warms the lube quickly to just over 100 degrees.  This much lube is good for about six hundred squirts.  The lubricator automatically shoots one shot of lube every 100 strokes if it is not initialized in-between times by someone else during the run.

While it was warming up I tested the electro stim giving Sunshine a good jolt, which definitely got her attention causing her to jerk and squeal.  I tested it again and after she jerked, she gave me an angry growl to which I replied with a sinister smile.

I then switched on the fucking machine, which automatically starts on slow, and she groaned as the oversized dildo penetrated deep in her sex.  I hit the lube button and squirted a shot of warm lube in her like a guy cumming inside her.  She now moaned with pleasure as the well-lubed dildo slowly crawled back and forth in her.

To her disappointment I switched the machine back off and on standby and then explained to her what was going to happen to her.  I told her that I set all this up on her computer and when I hit the 'enter' button the program would automatically send an email to every member of fetlife starting with her friends.  Then they would all get to watch and control the fucking machine and the electro stim.  I also pointed out the three web cams I set up so they all could watch her being tortured.

Her eyes really grew large and she mmphed and shook her head no as I continued to explain what was in the email.  The email was titled INTERACTIVE FUN and when they opened the message it read 'Beautiful busty babe bound for your pleasure and under your control.  After clicking the 'start' icon you will have a choice of three views of your new slave which you will be able to change by clicking on A, B or C.  You can switch between views as often as you like.  There are also mics in the cameras so you can listen in too!

Next is the fun part!  Each person in the order to which they logged-on gets one minute to push one item of control of her fucking machine or electro stimulator.  You do this by pushing the selections number and hitting 'enter'.  The selections are as follows;

Fucking Machine;
     1. Slow speed stroke
     2. Medium speed stroke
     3. Fast speed stroke
     4. Squirt lube one shot
     5. Squirt lube five shots, repeating one per stroke

Electro Stimulator;
     6. Mild shock
     7. Medium shock
     8. Hard shock (or also known as fry her ass, Lol)

When the icon blinks 'YOUR TURN' you only have one minute to play your one selection.  If you fail to push a button within that minute you will loose your turn.  After you select you choice, it will be one minute before the next user is allowed to select.

The fucking machine has enough lube in it for hours of fun but once it runs out the machine will automatically shut down and this program will end.

Have fun and enjoy!          Click Here  [START]

Sunshine was really struggling hard now but could only slightly wiggle and raise her head and look down her torso.  She mmphed a loud protest 'no' as I stepped over to her computer.  I turned back and smiled and then pressed 'enter'.

It took just under a minute for the first person to log on.  The fucking machine started automatically on slow with that log on and just a few seconds later she really jumped and jerked.  That sadistic person gave her a good jolt with the electro stim.  I watched for a few more minutes as the speed of the machine would change, squirt lube or she would get a jolt. 

With all the activity and fear of the unknown Sunshine struggled franticly occasionally raising her head looking down her torso until she'd get a jolt, which slammed her head back into the mattress.  This also excited the hell out of her and after someone put the machine in high speed and the next person hit the multi-squirt she came with a mind blower.  This was going to be one of many she would enjoy or suffer through the night.

At this time there were about 138 log-ons on the program and more joining every second.  She was going to be in for a rough night.  I then said to her, "Ok bitch, this is where I'm going to leave you."  Her eyes grew large again and she mmphed and squealed no as I turned to leave.  Before I left the room I turned back and said.  "I'll check on you tomorrow after I get up.  I do like to sleep late you know!"  Laughing, I left the room and heard her squeal until it was cut short by someone’s jolt.

I quickly made my way back home and logged on myself to watch and monitor her progress.  With my own special password I had control of the whole program and could access or stop it at any time in case something went wrong, but I was just going to watch and enjoy the show and let everyone else have the fun.

I checked the login stats and there were now 387 people waiting to thrill her.  Then I turned on the TV and watched a movie and checked on her during the commercials.  When checking on her, I saw her jump, wiggle, squirm and listened to her cum.

It was getting late so I turned off the TV after the movie was over and laid down on the couch where I could still see the computer and had the sound turned up so I could hear her torment.  I immediately noticed the sound of her orgasms has changed from pleasurable in the first hour to agonizing moans.  Each orgasm, which she was starting to have fewer of, was now torture but still uncontrollable.

After a little while longer I got up and checked the status of the program.  Just over 160 people had had there shot at her and there were still 416 people online waiting.  I also checked the lube level in the tank and it was 2/3 rd's full, so she probably had about 4 to 5 hours left before it ran out and the program shut down.  Not everyone online now would get there shot but they could still watch the fun.  Obviously lots of sadistic bastards (or bitches) stay up late!

I must have dozed off for a while because I woke up hearing loud distressful moaning and crying.  I looked over at the clock and over a couple of hours had passed.  After wiping my eyes I made my way over to the computer to see what was going on.  I checked the stats and the lube level was still half full.  Looking at the roster and there were still 162 people online. 

It became obvious that since the lube was not being used much Sunshine was being pumped raw and those late night sadists were just shocking the hell out of her for fun.  She would raise her head and look at one of the cameras shaking her head no then get shocked.  Her eye makeup had all melted with her tears and she looked like a raccoon.  She was in such distress that I decided to end the program.

I cut everyone off and thanked all of them for their participation.  I told the remaining ones, that didn't get to play, that they would get the first shot at my next victim and then signed off. 

Back to Sunshine, before shutting down the fucking machine I gave her about a dozen squirts of lube, slowed it down and then shut it off.  It automatically shuts off in the extended position but can be jogged to any position.  I left it extended all the way in her for my pleasure as I chuckled to myself.  Then I watched for a few minutes as she moaned and cried in relief.  She was worn out and tried to struggle a little bit but gave up and just silently laid there.  Tired, I shut off the computer and went to bed.

It was 8:30 the next morning when I got up.  After turning on the computer, I got a bowl of cereal and had a bite while it was booting up.  I logged on to find Sunshine still bound and stuck where I left her, but not moving.  Starting the fucking machine I gave her a few squirts of lube, which was cold because the heater had not warmed it up yet.  That woke her up squealing like throwing cold water on her.  Trying to struggle, she winced because she was so stiff that it hurt her to move.

After getting dressed I went straight over to Sunshine's apartment.  As I entered her bedroom I startled her when I said, "Well, How's my little slut today?"  She mmphed and mewed at me and slightly struggled. 

I then said, "So you little bitch, have you learned your lesson?"  She nodded yes. 

I continued, "Do you want out of this now?"  She again nodded yes. 

I said, "tough!"  She squealed and cried until I said, Ok, ok, I'll let you loose."

I started by undoing the fucking machine and pulling it out of her pussy.  I had thought about fucking her before releasing her but those sloppy seconds were way too sloppy right now. 

After unhooking the wires from the stim machine I ripped the tape off and unclipped the nipple clamps.  Sunshine screamed in her gag as when the blood rushed in after I removed the clamps.

Then after I undid the ropes holding her to the bed I untied her wrists and legs but left the crotch rope and gag on.  She was so stiff from being tied so long that she had a hard time moving her arms and legs and unfolding herself.

She was quite shaky when she tried to sit on the edge of the bed.  When she reached up to undo the tape over her gag I slapped her hands down shaking my head no while saying, "uhn uh!  You will leave that gag in your mouth until I say you are allowed to remove it, understand?"

Looking up at me she shook her head yes.

"I don't want to hear another word out of your mouth so you will only remove the gag after I leave!  Same goes for the crotch rope too!  You can keep the damn ball gag as a souvenir!"

Nodding her head yes, she stared up at me and listened intensely as I grabbed her jaw, peering down into her eyes and said, "Maybe next time you'll be nicer to someone about their creativity and hard work.  The next time you put down my work and say it sucks I might just leave you here and let everyone torture you forever."

Giving her jaw a thrust off to the side I let go of her.  Then she watched as I packed up my equipment, rope, the web cams and program discs into the duffle bag and left.

Sunshine sat there in the silence a few minutes before she unwrapped the tape and removed her gag.  She very wobbly stood up and undid her crotch rope.  Her sex was raw and it burned as she removed the rope from it.  Then she stripped off the rest of her clothes and slowly made her way to the bathroom.

After relieving herself she ran a bath and settled in the tub for a long soak.  She reflected on what had just happened to her and though she was exhausted, she felt more positive about what happened than negative.  In fact she actually really enjoyed some parts of it because it fulfilled some of her darkest fantasies.

She finally got up enough strength to get out of the tub and toweled herself off.  Then she went back to the bedroom, pulled the wet bedding off the bed onto the floor, and applied some dry bedding.  Picking up the ball gag she admired it for a few seconds like a prized possession then feeling so tired she crawled into bed.

Before drifting off to sleep she got a grin on her face as she thought, 'Maybe I'll tell him this story sucks too!'


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