A Warm, Soft Place to Sleep

by ZTVFemdomtales

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Storycodes: Solo-M; park; winter; F/m; capture; hug; breasts; carry; kidnap; lactate; feed; strip; enslave; bond; gag; femdom; cons; X

Freezing white boy saved by small but powerful black woman

My girlfriend is a bitch. I know it's not right to say that but I was wandering the streets of New York in a sleep pants and a thin t-shirt at night in winter so I didn't care. She was jealous and paranoid, convinced I was cheating on her. This was the third time in the last year she's tossed me out of the apartment. As I continued to walk, hugging myself, just trying to get warm. It wasn't working. Somehow I ended up in Central Park. Great, I was probably gonna end up murdered. Maybe I'd be warm then.

Not looking where I was going I ended up walking right into someone.

"Hey! Watch it!"

"I'm so sorry! I had my head up my ass, are you alright?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine."

She was a short woman, just over 5', with flawless black skin, long black hair, piercing brown eyes, wide hips and clearly large breasts hidden under her large fur leopard print coat. God that looked warm. I started to shiver again. Her expression softened.

"Aw, you poor baby, you're freezing. Here let me warm you up."

She then did something that totally surprised me. She hugged me. It wasn't a polite light little hug either. She pulled my close, wrapping her arms around me and squeezing me tightly.

"Much better. Still not enough though. Here let's try this."

She took one of her arms off me and unzipped her coat. Opening it up she pressed me closer to her. She then stretched the coat over both us and zipped it up behind me, sealing me in. She then returned to her powerful hug. As her breasts pressed against my chest I became very hard.

"Ooh, looks like someone likes this. How about you come home with me? I'll keep you warm all night."

I blushed deeply.

"That's very kind but I'd better get home. I'm sure my girlfriend's calmed down by now. Maybe she'll let me in."

At this her face darkened and her grip tightened.

"No way. She threw you away that makes you fair game. Consider yourself claimed mister."


She shifted her arms and with a strength I wouldn't have guessed easily supported my ass in the crook of her arm, holding me off the ground. Smiling at me she planted a kiss on my lips. It was such a tender loving kiss it totally took me back. I had never been kissed like that before. She then turned and left the park like all this was very normal.

"Thank you for all her help," I told her, "But you don't have to go through all this trouble for me."

"Listen here White Boy, when a black girl with F cup breasts wants to kidnap you, shut the hell up and let her."

She punctuated her statement with a very forceful kiss to the mouth. Quieting down I just stared at this strange and beautiful woman as we walked. We soon arrived at a very nice building. I mean very nice. Whoever she was she was clearly wealthy. The doorman let her in without so much as a raised eyebrow. She must do this a lot. She carried you into a private elevator and up to the top floor which turned out to be a penthouse apartment.

From what I could see it was a beautiful place. It kinda flew by though as she rushed us into the bathroom and began running a hot bath. She finally released me from her clothing. I stood and stretched. She then grabbed my sleepwear and literally ripped it right off me, tossing the remains into the trash.


I stopped complaining. She had quickly begun pulling off her own clothes and tossing them into a nearby hamper. I stood there stunned at the sight of her perfect little bouncy body.

"Don't just stand there," she said exasperated.

She grabbed me by the arm and yanked me with her as she climbed into the tub. She sunk down into the bubble filled water pulling me tight against her again. She rested my head against her breasts. God they felt good. The warm water felt so great too. I watched as she reached over a grabbed a bar of soap. No, there was no way she was going to ... I jumped as the soft bar touched my skin.

"Don't be such a baby."

Her soft yet powerful hands roamed all over my body scrubbing clean any inch they could reach. Soon the water drew cold and she carried me out of the water. Setting me down she handed me a towel.

"Dry off while I get something for us to wear."

She left the room as I did as she said. Man, this was the strangest night of my life, hands down. I took the towel and soon got to work. She soon returned wearing nothing but an open front fur robe. Man this woman loved her furs. She sauntered over scooped me up one handed again and pressed me against her chest. She then closed the robe around us and tied it tight. I could feel her breasts bounce against my face as she walked.

I felt her settle into a chair. A television clicked into life.

"Now," she told me, "I'm gonna watch my shows. While I do eat up before bed."

"Eat wha ..."

I never got the full question out. Instead she shoved my mouth over her nipple, squeezed her breast and filled my mouth with a warm and strangely delicious milk. I almost choked from the surprise of it. She refused to release my head so I ended up drinking just to get rid of it. Soon however I began to enjoy it.

"Drink up baby, I've got plenty. It's a side effect of a medication I take. Now you can drink your fill."

She wasn't leaving me much choice and to be honest it was pretty damn good. So I lay there drinking for hours, content as could be. Finally the TV was turned off and we were moving again. I could feel us going up the stairs and then she was sitting down again. No, we were laying down. We were in her bed! I felt a heavy cover placed over her.

"Goodnight my little prisoner," she said, kissing the top of my head.

Strangely I found it very pleasing. I nestled my head into her cleavage and fell right to sleep.

One year later she returns.

I awoke that morning feeling very confused. Why was I so warm? What the hell was my head resting on? The last remnants of sleep fell free from my mind. Memories of my very strange night came flooding back. I had gotten into a fight with my girlfriend, I ended up locked out of my apartment and wandering the streets. I had been saved by of all things an impossibly strong 5'2" black woman with the largest breasts I'd ever seen. She literally swept me off my feet and took me home with her.

That's where I was. I was in her bed being held tight against her beautiful body. My head was laying against her right breast, my face just inches from her nipple. A nipple that just the night before had flooded my mouth with the most delicious milk I had ever tasted. A taste I now longed to experience again. Without another thought I latched my mouth onto the nipple and began sucking as hard as I could. I was soon rewarded with the rich creamy liquid.

Then I awoke again, this time for real. That fact depressed me to no end. It had been over a year since those three splendid days I spent as that beautiful woman's imprisoned plaything. She ravished me like I was the last man on Earth. I lived in the lap of luxury. I was kept full and content on a diet of her addictive breast milk. Then it was over. She had to spend a year in Australia overseeing the establishment of a new business venture. She sent me on my way.

I kicked out my bitchy ex-girlfriend and tried to live my life. I tried to forget the woman who had stolen me and my heart. I failed. By the time the following winter came I had enough. I quit my job, living off my savings. I spent my days and nights roaming the park hoping beyond hope I would run into her again. I never knew her name nor her mine. She had made sure I hadn't seen where she lived. I had no other way of finding her. Eventually I just gave up. I just sat on a park bench watching the world pass me by.

One day someone joined me. I didn't bother looking to see who it was. I always had company. Someone else in need of a brief rest or someone eating a little lunch. This day felt no different. That was until whoever it was grabbed my head and turned me to face them. A long passionate kiss was then forced upon my unsuspecting mouth.

"What the hell?" I demanded when she finally let me go.

It was then I realized who it was.


"God, I've missed you," my former kidnapper smiled lustfully.

She grabbed my head and pulled me in for another kiss. As her tongue wrestled with mine she hopped into my lap, wrapping her legs around me. At only 5'2" this was the first time we had ever been eye to eye together. During those three days she had always held me in a way so that I had to look up at her at all times. I felt her muscular legs wrap around my arms, pinning them to my side. A woman jogging by gave us a dirty look.

"Move along bitch, I'm enjoying my man."

The woman flipped her the bird and ran on. My former kidnapper pulled her purse into her lap and began rummaging inside. My eyes widened when she pulled out a used pair of underwear. She pushed them into my mouth.

"I keep a fresh pair in my purse just in case I found you."

She pulled off her fur scarf, spun it so the middle was small and tight, and shoved it into my mouth as well, tying it off behind my head. Reaching back into her purse she produced two more. She proceeded to use them to bind my hands behind my back and tie my legs together. When she stood up and opened her fur coat my heart sped up and my breathing got heavier. I knew what was coming next.

Smiling wickedly she scooped me up in her arms, pressed me tight against her body and sealed the coat closed around me. I nuzzled my head affectionately against her tit as we walked.

"Ah, looks like someone missed being kidnapped."

When I saw light again she was laying me on her couch in the fancy penthouse I had come to think of as home. She yanked off my shoes and socks before producing a pair of clothing scissors. Cutting away she left me in nothing but my binds. I couldn't have been happier. Then she began to strip. With a slow cruelty she exposed her compact black body in all its perfection. My penis sprang to attention. Finally bare she slid her way up me until my face was covered by her breast. I felt my gag being removed and tossed aside.

I needed no instruction. I latched onto her breast and began to suck. I had almost forgotten how wonderful she tasted.

"You know you ruined my year, don't you? I had planned to spend my down time in Australia abducting and enslaving as many local boys as I could. I started with one of the bellhops at the hotel I own down there. I had him bring me my bags late the first night. I jumped him as the came in. I ripped off his clothes and bound his muscular body. I went to rape my new prize but found I couldn't. I kept thinking of you and had to stop.

"Now don't get me wrong I didn't let him go. I found other ways for him to pleasure me during our time together but it wasn't enough. No matter how many men I took it was never enough. When I left for America again I had eight muscular slaves stored in my penthouse. I couldn't have sex with any of them. Every night I dreamed of you. I gave them as parting gifts to my favorite maids, in case you were wondering.

"I used to be a female predator able to claim any man I wanted. You took that away from me. I decided that when I got back to town I'd have to punish you for that. I would kidnap you and this time it won't be some three day fling. No, no, I'm going to keep you here in my penthouse, raping you, babying you, breastfeeding you. I will never let you leave."

I should have been terrified by this I know. Instead I was over joyed. I drank her milk happily. I knew my love would keep me in her strong arms forever, my head against her tits, my body pressed against hers. I would spend my days ravaged by her and my nights tucked up against her in bed. Her breasts would be my pillow and her arms my blankets. I would always have a warm, soft, place to sleep.

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