by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2002 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; gag; blindfold; reluct; X

You awake slowly, almost reluctant to give up the dark softness of sleep, knowing that disappointment awaits you.  All your plans, all your dreams, have gone up in smoke, and reality is not something you want to face right now.

Your cyber-lover, the man of your dreams, had promised to come over last night.  For the first time, you were to see something of him other than his picture or words on your computer screen.  You’d followed his instructions, bathing yourself thoroughly, eating a light meal, then settled down with a good book to await his arrival.

Now it was morning, and you realize that you’d fallen asleep waiting for him.  Anger fills you.  He promised!  Almost immediately your anger is replaced by frustration, and you prepare yourself to face the new day alone, still.

As you slowly grow more aware of your surroundings, you realize that you are laying with your legs spread, your arms cast over your head.  The cool morning air lightly brushes your naked body, though you could swear you had your nightgown on when you fell asleep.  Without opening your eyes, you move yourself toward a less exposed position.

Your eyes pop open to the realization that you can’t move, followed immediately by the realization that you can’t see.  Something is holding you in this position, and something over your eyes keeps your world dark.  Helpless and blind, you begin to struggle, only to halt suddenly as a hand softly touches your bare thigh.

Who can it be? you wonder, and how did they get in here?  Then you remember.  Your cyber-lover had instructed you to leave your door unlocked so he could get in.  In your disappointment, you forgot to lock it back. My GOD!  It’s a robber!  You left your door unlocked for someone who didn’t show, and now a robber is in your house, and you lie naked and helpless on your bed!

“Let me GO!” you cry, struggling for freedom.  As you open your mouth to scream, you feel something solid being pressed between your lips.  Even as you try to twist your head away, hands reach back, pulling straps around your head, then fastening them.

Gagged, you still try to call out, but only muffled moans emerge as you continue to struggle against your bonds.  Visions of robbery, rape and murder fill your mind as you fight desperately for freedom. Suddenly a hand captures your chin, gently yet firmly holding your head still, and you hear a voice speaking softly.

“Easy, now.  It’s okay, cyber-dove.  Just relax.”

Cyber-dove?  That’s what your cyber-lover had called you in his letters.  Could this be him?  Stunned, you stop your struggles and go limp in your bonds.

“That’s better.  Just relax.  Nobody’s going to hurt you.  I’m only here to give you what you want.  This is what you want, isn’t it?”

What I want?  You feel an almost hysterical laugh bubble up to push against your gag.  He has come into your house, tied you naked to your own bed, blindfolded you, gagged you, and now he has the nerve to ask if this is what you want? Even as you try to cry out your denial, though, you recall your letters to him.  You remember telling him of your desire to be helpless before a strong man, your wish to give up all say, all control.  Your need to be utterly possessed.  How could you have known that it would lead to this?

Suddenly you tense as his hand begins stroking your breast, idly playing with your nipple.  And, to your surprise, you feel your nipple growing hard.  His hand moves to your other breast, and again your nipple responds.

“You see?  This is what you want.”

Is it?  Is this what you meant when you told him all your secret dreams and fantasies?  To be helpless, yes, but this way?  You’d assumed you would have some say in how it happened, if it happened.  But even that small portion of control has been taken from you.

A sound intrudes on your stream of thought, the sound of someone moaning softly, and you are surprised to find that it is you. The fingers have left your breasts, replaced by lips, and you find yourself raising yourself as much as your bonds will allow, pressing your nipple toward the tongue that now flicks softly over it. Your moans increase as you feel a hand stealing it’s way toward your parted thighs, toward the moisture you feel growing there.  At the first touch on your mound, your body bucks slightly, and you are surprised by the intensity of your reaction.  You’ve never been this sensitive before, why now?  Your thoughts scatter as the hand rubs against you, causing you to raise your hips and start rocking them rhythmically.

“Stop!” you cry desperately, frustrated to hear your shout emerge as a garbled moan.  But you have to try.  This is wrong!  How could he make you feel like this?  Sternly, you command your body to lie still, only to discover that you’ve lost all control.  Your body moves on it’s own, pressing itself upward against those questing lips and fingers. Desperately, you struggle to escape, not really sure just what it is you’re trying to escape from.  Your bonds, those lips and fingers, your own body’s reactions,  you don’t know.

At your first hint of struggle, the lips and fingers halt their gentle assault, pulling themselves away from your straining body.  Hands capture your thrashing head, holding it still.  And then a voice penetrates your struggle.

“Hush, now, lie still.  Lie still for a minute, and I’ll take this gag off of you.  Once it’s gone, I want you to tell me exactly what you want.  If you want me to stop, I’ll untie you and leave.  But remember, once you say, there’s no changing your mind.  So be sure of what you want before you say anything.”

At his first words, you lie suddenly still.  If he takes the gag off, you think, I can end this now.  Impatiently, you wait as he unfastens the straps holding the gag in place.  Once it’s out of your mouth, you need a moment to get your voice under control, work some moisture back into your mouth.

“Now,” he says, “you’re free to decide what you want.  Do we continue, or do I untie you and leave?  Think carefully before you answer.  You won’t be able to change your mind.”

Think?  Why should you think about it?  You’re naked, tied up, blindfolded, and, until just now, gagged and fondled by someone you can’t even see.  Never before in your life have you ever been to totally helpless, so totally at someone else’s mercy.  Never before has someone touched your body without asking permission first.  But he has, just like he owned you.  With these thoughts in mind, you open your mouth, but the words that come out leave you feeling stunned.

“Don’t stop!” you hear yourself cry plaintively.  “Oh, please, don’t stop!  I need it!  I need you!  Take me, please!”

Your own words shock you.  How could you need this?  But even as you ask yourself, you know the answer.  This is exactly what you need!  Never have you felt as free as you do right now, lying naked and helpless before this man.  All your inhibitions, all your doubts, they’ve vanished, leaving you free to be yourself in all ways.  This is what you’ve been looking for all your life.  And, instinctively, you know just what to say.

“Please, Master, take me.  I am yours.”  And, as the gag settles once more into your mouth, you smile around it, knowing that your awakening has just begun.

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