The Attic


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Storycodes: FF; F/f; attic; discovery; dungeon; chair; straps; bond; vibrate; arousal; caught; F/ff; punish; leather; bodysuit; armbinder; susp; harness; cage; stuck; bdsm; spank; cons/reluct; X

Hi DPGSM here, After some thought, I've decided to try to write another story

Story / old Victorian mansion attic, Aunt, mischievous Niece and BFF.

Premise / Aunt has to go out of town on business asks Niece to house sit for a long weekend, Niece asks to bring BFF with her Niece to keep company. Niece tells BFF about the old Mansion and her Aunt and Uncle and the summers she spent with  them at the house.

That’s all I got for now/ story codes BFF, bondage, lifestyles

The Attic.


“Yes Mom.” Jenny replied.

“As you know I’m going away for the long weekend. I don’t feel right leaving you all by yourself.” her Mom said.

“Ah, Mom, I’m 18 and going to College in the fall I will be all right. Besides, I will have Becky come over to keep me company.” Jenny whined.

“Never the less, your Aunt Vicky called and wanted to know if you can come to stay with her.” her Mom said.

“What, I promised Becky, she can stay with me!!” she continued to whine.

“I’m sure your aunt won’t mind if you bring her too.”


“Then it’s settled I’ll call Vicky, and tell her.” her Mom said cutting off the conversation.

So Jenny and Becky left very early the next day, it was a long 4 hour drive to Aunt Vicky’s estate in the country. The two took their time to drive there, stopping half way along for lunch.

Becky asked Jenny, “I’ve never met your aunt Vicky, what’s she like ??”

Jenny told her that she was 10 years older than her Mom, and that she always had fun when she came up to spend summers with her. Also that she could be a little eccentric at times and always wore leather clothing a lot. She was a very successful creative mystery writer and that’s how she could buy such a beautiful Old Victorian Mansion and estate. The place was huge with many rooms. Aunt Vicky had it totally renovated a few years back. So with lunch over they set out to finish the drive to her house.

Jenny said, “The driveway is up ahead.”

Becky replied, “Oh good it’s been a long drive.”

So up the driveway they went to the front of the estate.

“Aunt Vicky said to drive around the back to the where the garage is.” Jenny told Becky

There they saw Aunt Vicky, standing there waiting to greet them.

Jenny asked, “How did you know we were here?”

Aunt Vicky replied, “The house is under total video control. I was informed that someone had come through the gate. So how was your drive up?”

“Long!” said Jenny.

“Come inside we have a lot to talk about. I have refreshments waiting.” So off they went.

“Girls I have some bad news, I have to go see my publisher about a rewrite on my latest book. So I can’t stay with you long I’ve to leave early tomorrow morning. So sorry, but you two will have the house and estate to explore all by yourselves.” Vicky told them, then continued. “Jenny please don’t tell your Mom I won’t be here with you, she is such a worrier. So you have the run of the house, but the same rule still apply, stay out of the Attic.”

“OK Aunt Vicky, we will.”

So next morning Aunt Vicky gave Jenny the keys to the whole house and left them alone. Aunt Vicky was so much in a hurry to leave that she forgot took take the attic key off the ring. But Jenny did notice it.

All her life she was told she can’t go in the attic. And now she had the key to go explore it.

She couldn’t just resist, she had to find out what was in there.

Becky said to Jenny, “Your Aunt said not to go in there.”

“Oh don’t be such a worry wart; I’m sure there nothing in there that could hurt us.”

So, up to the attic they went, Jenny slowly took the key and inserted it into the lock. The door slowly creaked open and they looked inside to see, but it was totally pitch black. Jenny made the first step, with Becky right behind her. Jenny reached out to feel the wall for a light switch. Success! Jenny found it and with that she threw the light switch on.

Slowly the fluorescent light came to life to reveal a very big and cluttered attic. It was a big disappointment to Jenny, all her life she was told that she cannot go into the attic. And now that she in there all there was is an near empty room. Jenny and Becky started to look around just in case. Becky saw it first, a very big and old leather and wood chest, she called out to Jenny to come and look.

They had to see what was inside but it was locked with an old-type padlock.

Becky asked, “How do we open it?”

Jenny replied, “Look around, somewhere there had to be a key close by.”

So off they went to look around some more, and then Jenny screamed, “Found it!”

“Where was it?” Becky asked.

“On a hook, behind a picture of her Aunt Vicky.”

It was a strange picture though thought Jenny; it was like some sort of Halloween costume. Aunt Vicky was dressed in all leather from head to toe and wearing a mask made of feathers and leather, she was standing over a tightly-tied woman on the floor. She looked vaguely familiar too. Jenny had no clue what is was all about, so they went back to the chest. So with it being a very old and heavy chest both girls opened the lid together.

They looked inside to find out what was in there, but all it had was a stack of photos of Aunt Vicky, and some old leather straps and clothes. So disappointed Jenny, but they looked deeper into the chest to try to find anything interesting, but she had no luck. Then Becky noticed a key on the pulled out tray. “What’s this?” asked Becky, “another key.”

“We have to find out where it goes,” said Jenny, and the search was on again.

Jenny, thought for a moment, in the picture she saw had a keyhole along with the key behind the picture, so off they went again to look. Bingo! There was a keyhole and with that they tried the key. They heard a loud click and then the wall opened up to reveal a secret room and what they saw, made them scream with fear. It looked like an old torture chamber right out of an old time Horror Movie. There were all sorts of devices spread around the room. First up was an electric chair, pillory stocks, a water wheel, chains, shackles, metal cages all over the place and of course a rack in the middle of the room, scary stuff.

Becky screamed, “Let’s get out of here!”

“Relax”, Jenny says, “these are all just props from my Aunt’s books they are not real.” She paused a minute, then continued, “At least I think they're not.”

“Becky”, said Jenny, “sit down here I will show you.”

“No way!” Replied Becky.

Jenny then taunted her, “Aw come on, don’t be such a woos!”

Becky give in and then sits down in the chair. (Too Late)

Jenny begins to strap Becky into the chair, “Boy! I’ve never seen so many straps to this chair but here goes.”

Becky cautions Jenny, “Not too tight!”

“All right, yea, yea, OK.” Jenny promises.

Straps went around Becky’s ankles, and then more straps above and below her knees, they strapped to the sides of chair legs. Leather cuffs around the upper thighs, then a wide leather strap to cover the cuffs around and under the chair, this was followed by a 6 inch wide leather waist strap around her stomach and another over strap to the chair.

“A few more Becky”. Said Jenny, who was enjoying this.

“I think this is enough Jenny.” Replied Becky

“But it won’t look right if we don’t finish.”

“OK but be careful.”

Jenny then applied two more body straps above and below the chest.

“There all done with the body straps, not too tight?”

“No,” Becky replied.

“Now the arms, please put them through the leather hoops on the arms of the chair.”

There were also straps for her forearms and bicep cuffs. “Becky just two more.”

“What I thought you were done.” Said Becky.

“Nope just two more.” Janny smiled.

“OK. Hurry up I want to see if I can escape.”

With that Jenny attached the 4-inch wide leather neck cuff; the last strap was a 2 inch leather head strap.

“There, all done!” jenny exclaimed.

Becky said, “About time, let me see if I can escape.”

“What’s this lever for?” with that Jenny started to pull the lever down till it locked in position.

“Jenny!!” Becky screamed, you’re tightening the straps stop it!”

“Sorry let me loosen it.” Jenny cranked the lever but all it did was tighten the straps even more.

“Jenny!!” screamed Becky.

Jenny didn’t see the lever lock position set to close not open OOPS !!

“Give me a minute, I’ll loosen it.” But then a blinking light came on.

“It says ‘see attachment cabinet’. Becky, I think there is more to the chair.”

“Enough.” Said Becky

 “All right, but just let me see what it is.” Jenny replied.

Jenny opened the cabinet to see a leather hood.

“What is it?” Becky asks.

“The final part!” said Jenny.

“No way are you putting that thing on me.”

“Sorry Becky, but it is the last piece.” Said Jenny with an evil smile.

“No!! No!! No!!” cried poor Becky.

“Nothing to worry about.” Said Jenny.

But it was! A full leather hood with a 2 inch ball gag attached on the inside with open eye slots to see and finally nose tubes to breath. Then Jenny realized that it was meant to be put on before the neck and head straps.

“Oh shit! OK Becky, just let me loosen your neck and head cuffs.”

Becky said, “Thanks.”

But then before Poor Becky could object, Jenny slips the hood over Becky’s head and inserts the ball gag in her mouth to keep her quiet. Attaching the neck and straps back on Jenny, she sees the leather sleeve on the back of hood for the pole attachment. So Jenny goes back to the cabinet to check, sure enough there it is the electrical pole and head cap.

Jenny shows it to poor Becky, she starts screaming but all for naught, all that came out were loud humphs. As soon as Jenny attaches the pole in the slot it lights up and says ‘Chair now active - set intensity levels - mild or wild’.

Jenny grins in mischief, over the loud speaker comes the “Chair now active”. Jenny and Becky see a blinking red light on the pole next to the chair above the throw lever.

“Ready?” said Jenny.

Becky tried with all her strength to tell Jenny, NO!!! And struggled in vain and then Jenny pulled the switch and the chair came to life.

Jenny was right, it was not a real electric chair, but it did give a stimulating vibration to the chair. Which, started poor Becky, who to struggle and then moan as the vibrations racked her body. Jenny was giggling and looking at poor Becky, when she heard that fateful call.

“JENNY!! What the hell is going on here and why are you in the attic?” Screamed Aunt Vicky. “Also what have you done to poor Becky.”

“Well, er, Um…” Jenny didn’t know what to say.

“Answer me Jenny.” Said an angry Aunt Vicky.

“Sorry, I was curious about what was in here, Aunt Vicky.” Jenny confessed.

“And what about poor Becky, and why have you done this to her?”

“Well, er, um, she thought these devices were real! I told her they were just props for your books and I would prove it by challenging her to try it, and she accepted.” Jenny replied.

“So you tricked her into her predicament.” Her Aunt said.

Aunt Vicky took a look at poor Becky; all this time while she was talking to Jenny, the chair was doing its thing. Becky was sweating, squirming and moaning very loudly.

“So Jenny, what do you think NOW!!” her Aunt questioned.

“I’m sorry Becky, I guess it’s real.” Jenny meekly replied. 

“Sorry is not good enough, you violated my trust and I’m so disappointed in you.” her Aunt said.

“I’m sorry Auntie, I...” Jenny answered. 

Her Aunt cut her off, “Stop saying you’re sorry, because sorry won’t cut it, you need to learn a lesson.” She paused and then said, “Now, what to do with you? OK, you’re curious about the attic, well why don’t I show you how it works.”

“NO!! PLEASE, Aunt Vicky...” Jenny screamed.

“Silence now!! Strip completely.” her Aunt ordered.

Jenny quickly did as she was told. A flashback just occurred to Aunt Vicky, she had demand the same thing of Jenny’s Mom too when she was Jenny’s age. ‘Like Mother, like Daughter I guess’ she thought.

“Come over here Jenny and stand next to the pillory stocks.” Her Aunt commanded Jenny.

This pillory was a little more elaborate, not only did it have the traditional head and feet locks, but a waist post was added too.

“Now place your head and hands in the upper stock and your feet in the bottom one.”

Jenny did as she was told, and then Aunt Vicky started to lock her in. First the top was closed around her head and hands, and then locked with an old style padlock.

Jenny squirmed and complained that it was too tight.

Aunt Vicky said, “It’s supposed to be, and it was modified to have smaller ports for head hands and feet too. Now put your feet in too.”

The last thing Aunt Vicky did was to adjust the center post and secure the 6-inch wide strap around Jenny’s waist.

“Now what punishment to dish out then?” Her Aunt said.

“Punishment!” Jenny said, “I thought this was it.”

“Not by a long shot.” said Aunt Vicky.

“NO, NO, NO, let me out.” Jenny cried desperately.

“Boy you are noisy one, let me take care of that now.” And with that Aunt Vicky got a black 2-inch ball gag from the shelf and proceeded to shove it into Jenny’s mouth. All Jenny could do was to start drooling, her speech was now muted and unintelligible.

“Jenny, let me introduce you to my self-whipping machine.” her Aunt said as she wheeled over the device.

Jenny’s eyes went wide open when she heard whipping!!

With that the machine was placed behind Jenny and tested for accuracy, 'Whack' came the first one, Jenny screamed through her gag.

“Well then, there is only one more thing to do.” A blindfold was then added to Jenny. “I do hope you learn your lesson well. The violation of my trust and what you did to poor Becky, is not what a proper young lady does. So with that you will stay here for a full hour. I’m sure you will be more accepting of the rules of the house by then.”

All Jenny, could do is ‘mmmph’.

“Now, time to talk to Becky.” She said ignoring the pleading of her neice.

Aunt Vicky came over to Becky and says, “My you are a cute one! I think I will keep you and train you as my new pet slave. After all you were foolish enough to let Jenny trick you into chair in the first place. Maybe you also wanted to try out the attic too?”

Becky could only ‘mmmph’ her words. And then Becky also got a blindfold.

“Now ladies I leave you to your fate.” With that she turns to leave and hits the switch on wall to turn on Jenny’s whipping machine and the lights out, the door then slams shut leaving the two bound girls alone in the dark.

An hour later the door opens, and in walks Aunt Vicky, “Well ladies, have you learnt your lesson?” Jenny and Becky moan is unison. “I take it that is a yes. Well then it’s time to put you two to bed for the night.”

After the blindfolds are taken off, both girls are now in shock, there standing before them is Aunt Vicky in her full leather Dominatrix's attire, starting with a full body black leather catsuit, a tightly tied leather corset around her waist, with 6-inch thigh high leather boots, she also wore elbow length kid leather gloves and a Mistress collar with a silver ring attached, plus proper accessories belt with whip, paddle and keys hanging off of it. This is not going to bode well for the two of them.

“Jenny, you are first, time to wrap you up, snug as a bug, but in leather though.”

After Jenny was released from the stocks, she was told to sit down in a nearby chair. It was an uncomfortable experience due to her sore bum from the whipping machine. Aunt Vicky came back with all of the things she needed for Jenny tonight. A pair of latex stockings and 5-inch thigh high ballet boots were handed to Jenny and then laced on. Next came a full leather bodysuit with high-collar and breast cut outs. Next a leather boned corset, and finally a full leather hood with an inflatable breather gag inside, which covered her head and neck and went inside of the suit when zipped up, a 4-inch slave collar was also added, leather gloves went on first then pushed into the sleeves of the body suit were next. Jenny is now covered head to toe in tight leather. “Now for the restraints.” Her Aunt said.

Jenny thought, ‘What more is she going to do to me?’

A nice small tight armbinder! When laced up this would prevent any possibility of escape followed by a full body harness of straps. More straps for her legs starting at her thighs, then knees, above and below and finally ankles.

“One more thing. Time to inflate your gag, any last words Jenny?” Aunt Vicky just laughed.

Next, her Aunt pulled out a one-size too small full neck-to-toe body bag.

‘OMG she’s going to mummify me!’ thought Jenny.

This body bag came with steel strips sewn inside to keep the person ridged, so after Jenny was all done up, she was then dragged over to a lowered hook and attached, then hoisted up to her feet. Jenny was to spend the night like this. Aunt Vicky then turns to Becky and said, “You’re next.” This sent a chill down her back for Becky. Poor girl what fate does Aunt Vicky have in store for her.

“So what to do with you Becky, after all I did tell you I was going to train you as my pet slave. But you did endure the electric chair for well over a hour, so I will go easy on you for the night. But tomorrow I begin training you in the ways of how to pleasure me.” Aunt Vicky said with great delight.

Becky could only shiver, for she was too exhausted from her ordeal.

“Now let’s see, OH Yea, strip!”

Becky quickly obeyed.

“Come here and kneel down in front of me Becky, and from now on you will address me as MISTRESS.” Becky nods.

Aunt Vicky goes to get the things she need to tie up Becky for the night. She comes back rolling a cart with a tarp over it, leather straps were falling off it though.

“Let us begin.” With that Becky’s arms were folded up to her shoulder blades in a reverse crossed prayer, then a strap went around her wrists at her cross joint and secured, two thinner straps were then tied on both of her wrists, these went up and over her shoulder then under back to tie off at her wrists a couple of times. Next, two wide straps went around her chest under and over with a cinch in between them.

‘This is getting very tight!’ Becky thought.

Now Mistress Vicky pulled out from under the tarp a locking chastity belt and locked it on. Mistress Vicky says, “You belong to me now. No one touches you but me slave.”

Her legs are next, a simple strapped crossing at the ankles, followed by a strap from her strap wrists to her ankles, there only one more thing, with that, the tarp was pulled back to reveal a black metal cage.

“This is your new bed Becky!” Mistress Vicky said.

It was just long enough to fit poor Becky in and barely tall enough too, Becky’s head went into a metal collar in the cage as the gate door closed.

“No! Please don’t leave me like this all night.” begged Becky.

“Of course not slave, you will make too much noise.” So Mistress Vicky strapped a harness ball gag on her. She then got up and went the door.

“Good Night Girls, sleep tight, I know you will!” She started laughing as she closed the door shut and turned out the lights.

“Morning Girls!” said Aunt, now Mistress Vicky.

Only Becky, was the only who could hear and all she could do was moan. Aunt Vicky came over to Becky and removed her gag. “I have a big day planned for you two, so you two need to clean up and shower, then come find me in my study.”

“Yes Aunt Vicky.” Said Becky

“What did you call me! I told you to call me Mistress from now on.” Vicky spat angrily.

“I’m sorry Mistress.” Becky meekly replied.

“You will be punished for, that but not now. Now I’ll will let you loose and you will let Jenny out of her restraints. Becky, hurry up now.”

“Mistress, where are our clothes?”

“You won’t be needing clothes for the remainder of your stay.”

Becky, came over to Jenny, and began to let her down to the floor. Soon she had Jenny out of her body bag, but before Becky completely releases Jenny, she couldn’t resist to pinch her now sensitive nipples followed by sucking and licking them, this started to get Jenny being aroused. Lost in in what she was doing Becky, heard over a loud speaker. “Becky, you had better get on with your task or suffer dire punishment.”

Becky had forgotten that Vicky had told them about the whole house being wired with cameras. “Yes Mistress.”

 A few minutes later Jenny was free. Becky told her what they were to do and off to the showers they went.

“Becky, why are you calling my Aunt Vicky, Mistress?”

“OH that, I belong to her now, I’m to be trained as her pet slave.”

“WHAT !!”

“She guessed that I‘m really a closet submissive.”

As the two entered the study Aunt Vicky told them two sit down and listen.

“Well girls, I’ve talked to both of your Mothers, and they have accepted for you two to stay here for the whole summer before you two go off to college.”

“What! We can’t we have lives!” Jenny wailed.

“You had lives, now you have new ones.”

“Becky,” said Aunt Vicky, “you will continue to be trained as my assistant and slave and  I will pay for your College. Now Jenny, you will be trained to be a proper lady, just like your Mother so long ago.”

“Wait the picture, that was MOM?”

“Yes I trained her myself and she turned out just fine.” Vicky said. “So now, let the training begin. Becky, to the water wheel, Jenny, to the rack, now off to the attic the both of you.”  


The End

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