The Art of Silk Surrender 13

by Dannyinsilk

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The Art of Silk Surrender- Part 13

I lay under the smooth, satin sheeting draped over my naked, hogtied body, and tried to isolate the voices I was hearing in the art studio around me. As I strained through the extra padding of the layers of cloth which were both gagging and blindfolding me, I found a hunger for any clue to the identities of the students, and realized that this moment was providing me more chances than ever before: there was actual talking in my presence! Usually, during the class time, the only voice speaking was Joanna’s as she directed the students to draw me or explore my helplessness before them. At times stern and commanding, at other times soft, nurturing and soothingly erotic, the force of her range of personality dominated my experience of sound completely, from the moment of the first tie until my release after the end of each session.

But now, she was peculiarly absent, and the students, those who had arrived, were engaged in animated chatter with Trish, the early bird who had brazenly shucked off her clothes and insisted she be allowed to volunteer to substitute for my darling Aurora, who was also oddly unaccounted for. I could, through the layers of soft yet muffling silk, clearly distinguish Trish’s nervous excitement, as well as two other female voices who seemed to belong to young, energetic women, and one male voice who seemed a bit more tentative and concerned about this unexpected turn of events.

I wriggled around on my stomach against the luxurious satin of the modeling stage and tried to find the best angle to catch as much of each voice as possible. At last, this must have attracted the attention of the male student, and I heard him gather the small group together surrounding my wiggling form under the silk drapery. He expressed concern over the state of Trish in her nudity, and seemed to want to know more about what I might be able to share about the change in format.

Suddenly, I felt the satin sheet dragged off of my hogtied form, and there were several small intakes of air as the group digested the sight of me wiggling helplessly naked and blindfolded before them.

“Perhaps if I asked him,” the man began, but he was quickly interrupted by Trish.

“No, no. I tell you he doesn’t know anything. He insisted I gag and blindfold him so that none of the rest of you would be compromised like I was.”

She went on to repeat the essence of our brief but pointed conversation, but the man was not satisfied. “Well, at least take this sheet and cover yourself until the rest of the class arrives. I have to say it was quite startling to see you prancing around without the slightest stitch on and no warning. If you’re wrapped in this sheet, at least we can establish some order and decorum before we proceed with your . . . plan.”

He was referring, of course, to the idea we came up with that the class each draw lots to bind Trish’s naked body in stages beside me on the platform as they drew us for practice until Joanna finally appeared to take proper charge of things.

“Fine, then. Give it to me,” Trish pouted, and I heard the rustling of the silk against skin and assumed she had covered herself with it.

The man seemed satisfied, and the small group was immediately distracted from me by the arrival in the outer room of several more students. I felt and heard them move to greet them, and settled myself back down into the padded platform, realizing I had arched up instinctively as the sheltering sheet had been unexpectedly flung off my nude body.

I let out a sigh, and then caught myself again, as I felt a presence slide in beside me and sidle up against my shoulder. I had heard the man’s voice moving toward the door, so I concluded that one of the young women had remained with me, her curiosity getting the better of her. I felt her soft breathing as she contemplated her opportunity, and then finally I felt smooth, delicate fingers gliding along my bound arms toward my shoulders.

She explored the tension in my neck from the natural stress of the hogtie position, then began testing the various tie points, apparently fascinated with how the scarves were so softly, so insistently holding me a prisoner before her. I felt her tugging at my wrists, then my ankles, then, emboldened by my soft, helpless sighs, I found her tender fingers traveling all over my body, caressing me, teasing me, drinking me in with her touch. I imagined she must do a lot of sculpting, as I sensed her fingers trying to understand the curves of my pose, the tensions in my muscles, the desire glowing out from the surfaces of my skin and beneath it.

I found my cock swelling at her touch, but all it could do was stretch down along the satin and between my legs as I lay pinned and helpless on my stomach under her persistent explorations. I allowed myself to sink into the experience, surrendering to the moment since I really had no choice in the matter, and let my breath slow and deepen as if I were simply getting a wonderful massage. This went on for several long moments, until, finally, she broke free of me as the main body of the class poured in to the room and began to take up their positions at their easels.

She rose to her feet in front of me as I heard Trish’s voice approach. The satin-draped student was coming to get the shoe in which she had placed the various slips of paper to be used to select the steps of her journey into her own bondage. The woman who had been caressing me, however, spoke up in a clear, confident voice, and took charge instead.

“I think we should pose the two of you right away. We’ve never done a one-pose class, and I really don’t want to pass up the chance to do something with more detail . . . something more . . . complete.”

Trish stopped short and there was a sudden hush in the room. “Well . . . I don’t,” she began.

“Here. Give me that sheet. Why don’t you just sit right down here beside him and let’s just get you tied up so we can get to work. We’re artists. I want to make art.”

There was a general murmur of support for this sentiment, and it seemed to give voice to a level of frustration that they all felt over having to stick to five and ten minute sketches to this point in their course sessions.

I felt her move away as she continued speaking, and sensed the fragrance of Trish’s nervous nude form slip into a spot beside me on the platform. “That’s it. The materials are in here, no? Ah, yes. This should do it.”

The students rustled at their stations in preparation for a serious drawing session, and I felt what was now familiar to me as the process of someone being bound right next to me. Trish was being tied up. There was no mistaking it. I sensed her trepidation and her excitement. I felt the tiny sighs and moans as her body accepted the bonds and she surrendered control of her limbs to another person. I shifted myself ever so slightly as I sensed her being repositioned next to me, her soft, shallow breathing now very close to my own quickening intake.

“How’s that? Good?” the woman whispered to the suddenly bound fellow student. I heard Trish give a barely audibly grunt of approval and surrender, followed quickly by the unmistakable sounds of her mouth being packed with cloth. After another minute, the woman asked again, “There. Can you see?” Trish managed a muffled sound that could only be made by someone trying to say No through a heavily gagged mouth.

I felt her being posed right up against my own helplessly naked body, and my bound fingers instinctively reached and twisted to touch whatever part of her I could find in our now-shared silky darkness. My fingertips grazed against the edge of her soft thigh, and her cheek brushed against my face.

“Oh, that’s wonderful!” the woman exclaimed. “See if you can hold that. Oh, yes. There is so much to work with. All right, everybody. Let’s get down to business.”

It was as if the entire room suddenly exhaled, and began to vibrate. I felt Trish’s bound body nuzzling against my own, and the familiar feeling of being a model in an art class washing over me. We drew strength from each other, and I could sense the artists’ communion with what we were sharing between us. My whole body felt warm and alive. I felt the bonds holding me in place were the loving embrace of some angel, supporting me, guiding me, protecting me as I revealed my innermost sense of myself to these souls who wanted nothing more than to receive my gift to them, our gift to them, and record the collective experience as a testament to the joys of the body in perfect attunement with the mind, the heart and the soul.

Time did not exist. I - we - were not in sub-space. There was no pain, no tension, nothing to endure. This was more - or less - or both at the same instant. There was only the moment. And it was simply amazing.

Suddenly, something happened. A shock hit everyone all at the exact same second. I felt an icy shiver race up my spine and explode into a cascade of tremors, rippling down my arms and torso and back up again. Trish felt it too, and her cheek broke away from mine as her whole body tensed in a feeling of impotent confusion. All my senses kicked into overdrive, except my sight of course, and I strained and scanned for any clue as to what had taken place to incite such shock.

And then, I knew. Thinking back later, I believe it was her perfume that I detected first. It was Joanna. She had arrived. The entire studio remained frozen in surprise, and the only sound I could make out was the soft click of her heels as she slowly, painfully slowly, moved about the vast space, silently assessing, judging, processing everything.

At last she made her way to the front, near our bound bodies at the front of the platform. “I see,” was all she said. It was like ice water being poured all over my imprisoned nakedness. My body shook against my restraints, and I heard Trish moan heavily through the padding of her gag.

Finally, Joanna assumed her rightful role, utterly in charge. “Well done, class. I see you have all, every one of you done some excellent work this evening in my absence.”

The students began breathing once again, and she continued, clearly turning her attention to the two of us, bound and nude on display before her. “As for you two . . . well. I’m not sure quite what to make of this. Trish. What ever possessed you to assume this role for yourself tonight? I can only conclude you have fallen under the spell of this . . . creature . . . bound here beside you.” My blood ran even colder, as I realized she meant me. “What have you been getting yourself involved with, my dear, dear boy? I’ve been hearing all sorts of stories of your activities of the past few days, and I really don’t know quite what to make of you. It seems you’ve managed to entice our dear Trish into your web of sensual adventurism, doesn’t it? What do you suppose I should do about that, now, hmmm?”

No one made a sound. She moved away again, with a sense of firm purpose, and I heard something large and heavy being repositioned off to one side and behind the stage.

“Class. Put your work away. It’s all quite excellent, but we simply cannot pass up this opportunity to show you the next hurdle that needs to be overcome. Limits have been tested. And there is a price that simply must be paid. You will watch me punish these two little monkeys, and indeed, you will assist me in order to fully understand the nature of pleasure . . . and pain.”

There was a collective gasp, and I found my hands instinctively straining against my bonds in a way they never had before. Something inside me really wanted to get loose, and I wiggled around in helpless, impotent vulnerability. I was tied too tightly. I was not going anywhere unless Joanna took me there.

I felt her approach again, and she quickly worked on Trish, apparently untying her. I felt her being dragged away from me, but could still make out her inarticulate grunting, indicating she was still gagged, and most likely blindfolded. There was much rustling near the previous heavy noises behind me, and then Joanna’s severe footsteps returned to me.

I felt her strong, efficient fingers release me from my hogtie, and my limbs, having been held in that position for probably hours, sprang free, and I sprawled out spread eagled on the silk-covered platform. Not giving me a second to relax or adjust to my sudden freedom, I felt Joanna grab me by both arms and bodily lift me to my feet on the studio floor. Barely having a moment to digest her surprising strength, I found myself being marched, still blindfolded and gagged, across the floor in the same direction toward the rear of the room.

Without the slightest explanation, I was unceremoniously shoved front first into what felt to be a large, polished wooden X-frame. There were padded areas covered with satin at my hips, and I felt my cock, rising insistently despite my shock, easing into a convenient space just below the crossing point. I felt a satin belt secure my waist to the frame, and then my left arm was raised up and out to meet a similar fate. More satin held it padded away from the wood, but also effectively made the binding even more inescapable as my hand was lashed and cinched tightly. My right arm quickly took its place on the other beam, and then my ankles were splayed out and lashed to the bottom beams. In mere seconds, I was in essence fused to the heavy X-frame, with only my blindfolded head and my powerful erection having any freedom of independent movement. More scarves secured me near the elbows and the knees, and I forced my breathing to slow sufficiently to hear Trish off to my right, gasping in what I assumed was a similar position.

Joanna, satisfied that we were secured, allowed herself to resume her more typically calm and professorial nature. “Now, Class. You see we have the two transgressors in position to attend to their punishment. You have witnessed their nakedness. You have explored their vulnerability. You have consumed the physical properties of their bodies. Tonight, you will help push them to understand how the human body - and the human mind - processes pain.”

Without further warning, I heard a loud slap erupt from behind me, and suddenly, a warm wave of intense pain radiated up from my left buttock, up my back, exploding into my brain. Involuntarily, I groaned into my gag, and let my head drop back in anguished surprise. Again. First the sound, then the pain, this time from my right buttock, as if setting my entire nervous system on fire.

She continued her lecture to the class. “A simple spanking. Something a child might receive. Nothing complicated. No special tools. A simple application of the human hand by someone who knows exactly how to do it right.”

I gasped into my gag again. That was her hand? It felt like I had been smacked with a white-hot iron rod. My body convulsed against my restraints as I digested this side of Joanna that I had never imagined or anticipated. I had felt the pain of the rack, as I had been stretched out to the point of my absolute limit, but this was different. This was human flesh against human flesh, with the sole declared purpose being to give me pain to prove a point.

But, what point? My brain reeled. What had I done? I had done everything just as she had asked, without question, to the best of my ability. I had surrendered myself, naked body and soul, in service to her mission, her need. And I was being punished? It made no sense to me, and I cringed again as the fire in my buttocks slowly transformed from white-hot flame to warm red glow.

She moved across and delivered two resounding smacks to Trish, who must have screamed into her gag and rocked violently against her frame, but all that carried was a slight creaking of wood and low, muffled groans. Joanna stepped back toward me, and I flinched before she even arrived at my side.

She began explaining the exercise to the class. “You will divide into pairs. Each pair will be given a silk satin scarf. You will, by turns, step forward and each administer two firm spanks with the flat of your palm to each of the prisoners. After that, you will apply the silk to their flesh by contrast. It will be up to each of you to fully assimilate the range of sensation and emotion the two subjects share with you. This is a very rare gift they are giving you tonight, my dear ones. Make the very, very most of it.”

In spite of the shock, my mind quickly did the calculations. Two smacks by each student in the entire class. I was about to receive almost fifty blows of a bare-bottomed spanking, and there was nothing I could do to dodge or wiggle away or soften the impact. Even the thought of having my tortured skin lovingly caressed by the most luxurious silk in the world could do nothing to quell my nerves as I prepared myself for this shocking marathon of torment. I tried to think of what Trish must be feeling, and how the evening was going about as differently as possible from what she might have been expecting or hoping for. But my brain just kept coming back to the heat radiating off my own backside, and my wrists again tried to tug themselves free of the soft, unyielding grip of my restraints.

The first pair came forward. It was the oddest thing I have ever felt. I heard the almost simultaneous spanks of myself and of Trish, then the stab of pain crashing up my back and convulsing my limbs against the bonds. Again, the smacks. Again, the pain. Then, the softest, most tender touch of the silk as hands that were clearly sensitive and kindly feminine explored and nurtured the battered flesh.

Another round. Two men this time. One harder, one more timid. And the scarf applied more shyly, as they each processed their own reactions to rubbing a beautiful piece of silken fabric against the naked buttocks of a helplessly bound man. But, now, I could not only feel the softness of the silk, I could feel every single fiber of the weave itself. My skin was so sensitized, it was confusing as to which was the pain and which was the pleasure.

The third round. The sensations became even more confused, more garbled. Was I smiling at the spanking and recoiling at the satin caress? I couldn’t be sure anymore. What was Joanna teaching them? What was she teaching me? My brain somersaulted this way and that as I struggled to make sense of it all.

Finally, my mind turned to Aurora. Where was Aurora? My Aurora. My love. Surely she was not part of this, this whatever it was . . . As I envisioned her smiling at me, something inside of me relaxed. Something gave up. I took myself to a new level of surrender, and let Aurora’s radiant smile fill every inch of me in my imagination as the blows and the caresses rained down and washed over me.

On and on, but all I could see, all I could feel was Aurora’s love. Was this Joanna’s gift to me this night? Was this what I was to learn, to receive from all this jumble of confusion, of pure, inescapable sensory overload? Aurora. Aurora. All Aurora.

I have no idea how long it took me to realize it was over. I hung, limp, exhausted, held only by the insistent scarves lashing me to my frame, otherwise I would be in a puddle on the studio floor. I eventually became aware of the sounds of the students packing up and leaving, and this familiar sound slowly brought me back from the world I had been driven to embracing. I became aware of my breathing, loud, sucking gasps through my nose, since I was still gagged so tightly. I felt it echoing through the studio, then realized that I was hearing Trish’s exhausted groans perfectly mirroring my own.

Slowly, I became aware of the swollen, burning heat radiating from my bottom. I let it wash over my whole body, but it still was strongest, most insistent at the source. I inhaled again, and was overcome by Joanna’s fragrance, sensing her silently right at my side. Her words seemed to whisper directly into my brain.

“Oh, my dear, dear boy. You were perfect. I hope, I pray you understand this was my gift to you. The only way I know how to show you the way forward. You see, don’t you, my sweet, sweet boy?” I nodded softly, and she continued. “I have untied your left hand. Get yourself free, and take care of dear Trish for me. Then you can find Aurora and the three of you can lock up and go home. I would stay and help you, but this moment is for you, and it would be inexcusably selfish of me to interfere with you all.”

I tested and confirmed that my left hand, even my elbow was loose, and I let it slowly sink to my side. I heard her footsteps moving toward the door, and her final words drifted back across the thick, heavy air of the vast space.

“As my final present for this evening, I have locked the change room doors. I’m sure you’ll figure out what that means in a moment or two. See you next week. Have fun, my dearest darlings.”

I let these words caress my brain a moment as I heard her footsteps recede and disappear. Sighing deeply, it finally hit me what she had said. She had locked our clothes in the dressing rooms. We were naked. Now, what were we supposed to do?

I used this as motivation to spur my body into action. I managed to stretch across and untie my right wrist, and then set about freeing the rest of my body. Pulling my blindfold off at last, I gazed across to confirm the truth of Trish, naked, covered in sweat, her beautiful, beautiful backside glowing a bright crimson red, lashed firmly with scarves to a very solidly constructed X-frame beside my own. I gazed a long moment at the angry red majesty of her bottom, and finally made the connection that my own was probably just as red, perhaps redder.

Pulling out my gag at last, I padded across to her and tenderly laid a warm hand against the small of her naked back to reassure her. She flinched a second in shock at my touch, but then felt my tender sympathy and joy and sighed into my hand what I can only describe as a kind of bliss. I moved in and wrapped my arms around her whole body, and we stood there, me embracing her body still lashed to the frame, for a long moment in pure joy. Savoring every heartbeat, I freed her body at last, and she turned around, still blindfolded, and joined me more fully in our contented embrace. I slid off her blindfold, and removed her gag, and she leaned in and kissed me, satiated beyond her wildest dreams.

Wordlessly, I slid from her embrace and took her by the hand. I led her to the door, and we moved into the outer office. There was no sign of anyone. I shifted my focus to Joanna’s private office door, and we moved toward it. Turning the knob gently, almost reverently, I eased it open and discovered the sight I was dreaming of: Aurora was there, in Joanna’s desk chair, inescapably lashed in place, and thoroughly gagged and blindfolded.

Instantly revived, I bounded to her side, and began to untie her. Trish, caught up in my enthusiasm, joined in tearing at the knots of the silk sashes and scarves, and, in no time at all, my Aurora was free and staring bemusedly at her two sweaty, naked saviors.

Finally speaking, she managed a coy smile. “I can’t wait to hear what you two’ve been up to. Joanna brought me in here, tied me to this chair, and made me tell her every single thing we’ve done since we left here last Tuesday night. When I was done, she gave me this spine-tingling kiss, then gagged me and blindfolded me. That’s all I know until just this second.”

I smiled back at her. “We’ll tell you all about it as soon as we figure out our next move. She’s locked our clothes in the dressing rooms. With what you’ve got on, that means we have one blouse and one pair of pants between three people. Any ideas?”

Trish, upon hearing this, finally became aware of the fact that she was walking around stark naked. She made a quick motion to cover herself with her arms, then laughed as she realized how useless and silly that would be. She relaxed again, and shivered in the joy of being so nude and so sensually vulnerable. Aurora, sensing this, reached out her hand and took Trish’s warmly. “Wonderful, isn’t it?”

Trish nodded and laughed again. “But, seriously, though. How are we going to get home? Are we supposed to borrow something from the silk closet?”

Aurora frowned her disapproval. “Oh, I’m sure that won’t be a good idea. Hmmm.” She thought a moment, studied Trish and I, calculated a couple of options, then seemed to come to a decision. “One of us needs to remain reasonably presentable. Seeing that we’re really not at all the same shape, I guess that would have to mean me. Do you have a way to get in your home if we get you there?”

Trish gasped in realization. “Oh, no! My roommate is away, and my keys are in my purse in the change room!”

Aurora smiled and gripped her hand again. “That’s okay. You can come home with us, if you don’t mind. I’ll bring you back tomorrow and we can retrieve everything then. You won’t mind, will you, Sweetie?”

I nodded my approval. “Of course you can stay with us.” She smiled her agreement in relief. “Now, all we need to do is get there without getting arrested,” I mused.

Aurora carried on. “I’m dressed. I’ll get the car, pull it up right out front, open the door. All you two have to do is make a dash for the back seat and dive in. I’ll honk when I see the sidewalk’s clear. There shouldn’t be too much out there at this hour.”

We three shared nervous glances as we realized that this was perhaps the only reasonable option, if anything we were doing at all could be termed reasonable. Aurora rose up from the chair, found and stepped into her shoes, and took each of us by a hand. She led us out to the outer office, and I carefully closed Joanna’s door.

Aurora let my hand go and waved a finger at me. “Uh uh, naughty boy. All that has to be properly folded up and put away. You two do that, and I’ll meet you downstairs in a moment. Remember, wait for me to honk the coast is clear!” With that, she dashed out into the hall, and was gone.

Trish and I, utterly naked, allowed for a moment our faces to turn as red as our posteriors, then we shrugged at each other, and began to clean everything up. When everything was properly put away, we returned to the outer door, and faced our moment of truth.

We were about to go outside, completely nude. “She must be down there by now. Ready?” I asked. Trish nodded. We both swallowed hard, and I peeked out into the hallway. Seeing no one, I stepped into the passage, and beckoned Trish to follow. She shivered from nerves as she did but, in a moment, we were both in the hall, and I was dramatically easing the door closed. Feeling the latch lock behind me, I realized we had passed the point of no return, so I took her hand and led her toward the stairs.

Slowly, cautiously, we crept down the several flights of stairs and made it to the ground floor. I tried to see from the back if Aurora had arrived right out front, but I couldn’t get the proper angle. I carefully inched forward, and found I had to make it almost the whole way to the front door before I could see Sue’s car, with Aurora behind the wheel and the engine idling, right on the other side of the expanse of sidewalk from my skulking nudity.

The horn tooted once softly, and I beckoned Trish. “Come on. It’s now or never!” Grabbing her hand as she arrived at my side, I focused my gaze on the rear seat of the car and dove out into the night air. Without a glance in any other direction, I scampered across the concrete and slid into the safety of the car, dragging a trembling Trish in my wake. I felt Aurora gun the engine even before we were fully inside, and I reached across Trish’s naked body to yank the door closed as we sped off into the night.

I laughed up to Aurora. “Well done, my Love. May I suggest we take the least traveled, most direct route home in this instance?” She laughed her rich, musical laugh, and nodded her big mane of silky black hair at me.

Trish was cowering on the floor of the car behind the seat, and, in a fit of pure joy and exhilaration, I dragged her back up to nestle in beside me on the seat. Trish, suddenly nervous at embracing me so brazenly naked right in front of someone who was so obviously my girlfriend, gave Aurora a wide-eyed, questioning look. Aurora flashed a big grin, and nodded, and the smaller woman finally relaxed back into my arms to share in the pure ecstasy of the thrilling moment.

Trish and I spent the entire ride back to our apartment wrapped tenderly in each other’s naked arms, kissing and caressing each other affectionately from time to time, and doing our best to find ways to sit on the car seat without aggravating the swollen flesh of our bottoms. Every so often, the car would hit an unexpected bump, and we would get a very painful reminder of what we had just shared so publicly, and Aurora would wince back at us a silent, sympathetic apology.

When we arrived home and she pulled the car into the lot, she looked back at us, and smiled again. “You two just sit here and stay down and cozy. I think we better not push our luck. I’ll be back in a minute.” She slid out into the night, and Trish and I held each other a little tighter as we realized we were so nude and exposed, were anyone to walk by the car at that moment, even though it was late and dark. Before we knew it, Aurora was back and tossing garments at us. Trish and I dragged on a couple of warm, silk-lined coats, and stepped out into the night air, finally unafraid of causing a scene.

I wrapped the cloak tighter around myself, letting the satin lining caress my sore bottom tenderly, and took a deep draught of the cool, fresh night air. Trish followed suit, and we all three shared a moment of deep intimacy, just standing there and breathing. Finally, we let Aurora lead us all inside, and we went up to the apartment.

Next up, steamy warm showers all around, with two and occasionally all three of us in at once, and then a wonderfully cozy toweling off session, followed by a generous application of lotion to our very pink bottoms.

Aurora was first to mention it. “You’ll come into the bed with us, of course?” Trish thought about it for about a microsecond before nodding eagerly. She bit her lip shyly, and asked in a very quiet voice, “Could I be tied up again, though?”

I laughed deeply, and took her hand as I led her to the bed. Pulling back the covers, I slid her down into the cool satin sheets and then slipped in beside her. I looked up at Aurora, standing there so gloriously naked, with her gorgeous mane trailing down her back, and pretended to mope in my best whiny voice. “Please, Madam. May we have some more?”

Aurora looked at us lying there, slithering so coyly on the satin sheets, and she burst out laughing again. “Well, I suppose I started out topping you this afternoon. It’s only fair I finish off that way, isn’t it?” I nodded up at her eagerly.

She gathered up a bundle of satin restraints, and proceeded to tie my wrists together with my arms around Trish’s back. Then, she tied Trish hugging me the same way. A quick application of blindfolds, and Aurora slid in with us and drew the top sheets across our trio of nude forms. “This should get things started. We’ll see what happens from here.”

Needless to say, the three of us explored all sorts of sensual opportunities that night, most of them involved at least one of us quite thoroughly tied up, and none of them involving getting the slightest bit of sleep.

In the morning, I finally dozed off for a bit, only to find myself awakened again by a big, warm kiss from Aurora as she wafted her satin tresses across my still-naked body, now lashed spread eagled to the bedposts. Behind her, I saw Trish, now in a simple satin blouse and skirt, waving and blowing me a kiss of her own.

“I’ll just run her by the studio and we can see about retrieving her clothes and keys. You won’t run off while I’m gone?” I answered her by demonstrating I was thoroughly a prisoner of the bed frame. She smiled and got up to go.

I smiled at Trish. “So, did everything measure up to your imagination?”

Suddenly utterly shy again, she turned a deep crimson red, and smiled from someplace way down in her belly. Aurora shepherded her out the door, and it latched with a click.

Alone again, and yet again helplessly naked and bound, I amused myself for the next hour or so imagining who might next appear at the door and beg to be tied up. Every so often, I would soothe my bottom against the cool satin of the bedding, and finally, I drifted off into a deep, completely satisfied sleep.

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