Are All The Good Ones Gone?

by MasterKGray

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; dungeon; slave; collar; leash; pain; whip; sex; cons; XX

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Chapter 2 – The Dungeon

“Yes Sir,” she said softly with a hint of awe in her voice. Oh god, He’s really going to whip me, why does that make me so wet? He clipped a leash to her collar and tugged upward indicating she should stand and Hannah moaned as she stood, this was exciting her even more than she thought it would. He led her through the heavy door and she gasped when she saw the dungeon within. So many devices, and she was imagining being locked or bound into each one, rubbing her thighs together trying to add friction to her already burning desire. Oh no, don’t cum, you’ll be punished even more! But the thought just pushed her over the edge and she came with a cry and a shudder, pinching her knees together, almost collapsing. She somehow restrained herself and didn’t use her fingers to aid or prolong the unauthorized orgasm.

“Tsk, tsk, now I need to punish you for cumming without permission, such a naughty girl,” Neil chuckled, “and we will have to up the ante to the wide soft bladed whip, including for your earlier infraction.”

“Ooohhhh, yes Sir, sorry Sir.”

“Are you alright Hannah, is this a little overwhelming?”

“It is Sir, but in a very good way! Please punish me for my disobedience, i obviously need it – and by the way Sir, i came at the thought of being punished. Yes, i was already on fire because You have collared me and led me on Your leash, and because You were already going to punish me. Then i saw all the devices and started imagining being bound or locked into each one and it brought me to the edge. Then i thought about what would happen if i did cum without permission and knew i would be punished further and that thought threw me over the edge. i may be punished a lot at first Sir, because i have never held myself in check. Then again, i’ve never had to and have never been as excited as i am tonight.”

“You are starting to realize your full potential, aren’t you?”

“Oh yes Sir, i am on fire for You!”

“Good girl,” he said and led her over to a bench which Hannah would learn later was spanking/whipping bench. He only pointed and she draped herself over it, allowing him to strap her down at wrists, elbows, ankles, knees and waist.

“i wouldn’t try to run away Sir.”

“I know you think that, but until you’ve felt the whip, you have no idea.”

“Yes Sir,” she said as he walked to a cabinet along one wall and opened it, selecting the whip he desired and returning to stand behind Hannah, swinging it once through the air and then again, just practice swings to get the feel as she tensed in her bonds.

“Now, 5 for breaking position and 5 for cumming without permission, isn’t that right?”

“Yes Sir – ummm Sir?”


“The punishment for cumming without permission seems light, should it perhaps be 10, Sir?”

“Are you challenging me?”

“Oh no Sir,” Hannah said and fell silent.

“Good girl – and I agree with you, the punishment for cumming without permission will be 10 lashes, so we have a total of 15.”

“Yes Sir, thank You Sir. Please punish Your disobedient girl.”

“Very well,” Neil said and swung the whip one more time without making contact, causing Hannah to flinch once again. Then he reared back and struck her firmly across her upturned ass cheeks, nearly precisely bisecting her lovely buttocks. She gasped loudly, held her breath then began to hyperventilate. Oh god, oh my god! It hurts so badly! What have i gotten myself into?

She did not cry out, but as her breathing slowed he struck again, just above the first stripe. Again she had a sharp intake of breath and then held it.

“Aaaaarrrrrggghhhhhhh!” she finally cried out in pain as it overwhelmed her. “Please Sir, i’m so sorry, it hurts so much. Please don’t whip me again, i promise i’ll be good.”

“Ahh dear girl, but we agreed upon 5 for breaking position and at your suggestion, 10 for cumming without permission.”

“Yes Sir, i’m sorry Sir, i’m a fool, i had no idea,” Hannah moaned.

“And are you trying to renegotiate?”

“Yes Sir, please…”

“Please what?”

“Please stop, please don’t whip me anymore, i can’t take it,” she pleaded as she squirmed against her restraints. He was absolutely right, she wanted out now! She wouldn’t have remained in place if she were not bound.

“You will take the assigned lashes as agreed before we started, you are not allowed to renegotiate once they are being administered, is this clear?”

“Yes Sir,” she said meekly and dropped her head, letting it hang down. “Aaaiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!” she screamed when he brought the whip down across her ass again and she fought her restraints once again, squirming deliciously on the bench. She did not beg, knowing it would do no good, but was surprised when she felt his fingers slipping into the petals of her flower, and even more surprised when she realized she was wet. Oh no! It hurts so much, how can i like this?

“Hmmm, somebody’s excited.”

“Oh please Sir, i don’t know why – it hurts so badly. i don’t like it.”

“Some things don’t lie,” Neil said as he struck again, laying another stripe across her lovely bottom.

“Oooooohhhhh,” Hannah moaned but did not cry out, her mind suddenly focused on her now dripping vagina. It can’t be! It just can’t, i don’t like pain! But i’m so wet and hot and my naughty pussy just convulsed when he whipped me. Am i a pain slut? Please no! Yet she squirmed and writhed on the bench, part in agony and part in heat, her body on fire with need again, the pain only enhancing, focusing it.

“Uh huh, incredible,” he said as he struck again not crossing any of the other stripes, leaving parallel lines down her ass.

“Aaaaahhhhhhh, oooooohhhhh, please Master.”


“Yes Master?”

“We’ve discussed this, please call me Sir, and what are you begging for?”

“Oh – sorry Sir, please Sir, please finish my punishment – oh god,” she moaned out at the end at the realization of what she just begged for. You want more pain? Have you lost your mind? But her arousal was out of control.

“Very well,” he said and struck again.

“Ooooohhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmm,” she moaned her hips thrusting what little they could and she squirmed in need. How is this happening? It hurts so much, but it makes me want Him even more! My naughty pussy is on fire, oh god!

Neil only smiled to himself and struck again.

“Aaahhhhhhhhh, ooooohhhhhhhh,” Hannah moaned in pain and need the two melding together to form an incredible mix that she could not resist. She pulled against her bonds once more, not to escape, but to gain more friction in the hopes of cumming once again, suddenly realizing she wasn’t allowed to cum without permission, her Master, no her Sir, now controlled her orgasms.

He struck again and watched her response.

“Oooooooohhhhh mmmyyyyyy ggggaaawwwwwdddddd!” she moaned. “Please Master, please let me cum, please let Your slave cum.”

“Are you my slave, Hannah?”

“Yes Master, I am willing to be Your slave if You will allow it.”

“Hmmm, such a delicious little slave,” Neil said as he drug the whip over Hannah’s back, allowing the tip to graze the side of her right breast.

“Thank You Master, may i please cum?”

“How many lashes have you received?”

“Eight, Master.”

“Very good my little slave, you must now count each stroke and thank me for it. Is that clear?”

“Yes Master.”

“Very good, you may cum when we reach the full amount of 15,” he said and struck her upturned ass once more.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhh, nine, thank you Master. Please Master, i’m so close.”

“What are you begging for, I told you when you could cum,” Neil said and struck again, each stripe laid evenly and parallel to the last, her cheeks looking like a striped candy cane.

“Oooohhhhh, ten, thank you Master.”

“No begging for release this time?”

“No Master, You have reaffirmed that i must wait. i am Your slave, i must obey.”

“Such a good girl,” he said and struck again, almost at the junction to her thighs.

“Unnnnggghhh, eleven, thank You Master.”

Whhhhaaaccckkkkk the whip connected at the junction to her thighs.

“Oooooooooo, twelve, thank You Master.”

Sssssmmaaaccckkkk he struck with the whip at the very top of her lovely heaving buttocks.

“Unnnngggghhhhnnnnnn, oh god, thirteen, thank You Master.”

“Hmmm, I seem to have run out of space back here,” Neil noted. “Perhaps your upper thighs, hmmm?”

“Yes please Master.”

“Very good,” he said and ttwwhhhhhaaaacckkk he struck on her upper thighs.

“Oooohhhhhhhhh, Unngggghhh, f – fourteen, t – thank You M – Master,” she moaned, the striking lower had slightly tapped on her pussy lips which were open and vulnerable. Oh god, that almost hit my clit! i’m glad it didn’t i would have lost it for sure.

“Are you having trouble, slave?”

“Y – yes Master.”

The whip whistled through the air and struck again on her upper thighs, just under the last.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhh, aaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee, oh god, oh god, f – fifteeeeeennnn, th – thank You M – Master! Mmmmmmm, oooooooooo, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.” She exploded in ecstasy as she came harder than ever in her life, even better than earlier. Though undetected, her copious amount of juices left no doubt that she had indeed squirted as her essence dripped from the bench. She lay there panting and having aftershocks as her pussy still convulsed and her body undulated what little it could in her bonds. Oh god, that was incredible! i am yours Master, please don’t make me leave You, i want to be with You always. Though she could not articulate the words, her mind was thinking these things as she lie there, her backside fully whipped and in pain but her pussy still spasmed.

“Are you alright, Hannah?” Neil asked as he ran his fingers through her curls and gently rubbed her back. She slowly became aware of his touch and realized he had spoken, though it had sounded to her like it was in the dark recesses of her mind. “Hannah?”

“Yes Master, i am wonderful, just worn out. That was the most amazing orgasm of my life, i can’t wait for You to stuff that beautiful penis of Yours into my vagina.”

“Such proper terms,” Neil chuckled. “From now on you will refer to my penis as my cock or tool and your vagina as pussy or cunt.”

“Yes Master, please fuck my cunt with Your big cock!”

“Right now, or do you want to be released from the bench?”

“Whatever pleases You Master.”

“Good girl, that is the best response you could give,” he said as he stripped out of his clothes and lined up his member with her still pulsing opening. Suddenly he rammed into her sopping pussy, burying himself to the hilt in one thrust.

“Oh god, thank You Master,” Hannah moaned lustfully as he buried himself inside her and began to thrust in and out. She could do nothing to help, completely immobile on the bench she was literally being fucked. She moaned and tried to thrust back onto him but could not really help in her own taking. After only a few times of him working his phallus like a piston inside her she moaned and cried out, “Oh please Master, may i cum?”

“Already?” He asked as he continued to rut in and out.

“Yes Master, please.”

“Oh, that’s right, we haven’t discussed any rules.”

“No Master.”

“Any time my cock is inside any of your holes, you may cum at any time and as often as you are able.”

“Ohhhhhhh, thank you M – Maaasssttterrrr!” she moaned and cried out as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Such a kind Master, allowing me to cum whenever He is inside – wait, did He say any of my holes? Ohhhhh gawwwdddd, i’m cumming again!

By the time Neil emptied himself into her convulsing cunt, she had cum four times and his warm seed squirting deep inside her triggered a fifth. He collapsed onto her back, their sweat mingling and their bodies heaving and panting as he remained buried inside her. Oh god, i really am a slave! i was born for this, so incredible, so amazing! i must have died and gone to pervert heaven. But reality soon reared its head as he rested more limply across her back, restricting her breathing.

“Master?” she squeaked out softly, unable to get full breaths.

“Yes slave.”

“Please Master (gasping for air) i can’t breathe.”

“Oh very well, I suppose I should not suffocate my slave on her very first night,” Neil joked, but Hannah did not ascertain his tone and her pussy convulsed, nearly cumming again as Neil lifted himself off of her. Oh god, what was that? Did i almost cum at the thought of Him taking my life? A slave’s life is in her Master’s hands – oh god!

“Hannah?” Neil asked as he felt her pussy contract around his withering cock.

“Ooohhhh, yes Master.”

“I was only joking. Why would I want to kill such a lovely creature as you? My god, you are going to be so much fun!”

“Oohhh, i’m sorry Master, it excited me beyond my own understanding that as a slave, my life is in Your hands.”

“Do not apologize dear girl, you are amazing and wonderful. You are going to be such a pleasure to own.”

“Thank you Master, i love the thought of being owned by You,” she said as Neil withdrew from her and cleaned off his slimy phallus with a towel. He unstrapped Hannah from the bench and helped her off of it, intending to carry her upstairs to his bedroom. But she slipped from his arms and knelt as she was instructed before, then looking up at him pleading she asked, “Please Master, may this slave request Your collar?”

“You are already wearing my collar.”

“Yes Master, but this slave requests a permanent collar, if it pleases you.”

“Hmmm, I’m sure we can arrange that. Anything else?”

“Perhaps a brand or tattoo, Master,” Hannah said, barely above a whisper, “something to mark me as Yours.”

“My, aren’t you a kinky little slut?”

“Yes Master, i am Your slut.”

“Yes you are! And so beautiful, better than I imagined,” he said as he walked away and rummaged in the cabinet for a moment, returning with a slim steel collar. He unlocked the leather one and wrapped the steel one around her neck, closing it with a click that let her know it was locked on her neck until he decided to unlock it.

“Thank You Master, may i touch it?”

“Yes, you may break position and touch it, good girl.”

“Oh thank You Master,” she said as she touched the collar with her fingers, running them around the circumference before attempting to slip her fingers under the tight collar. She was only able to slip one pinky finger under it, and that made it uncomfortably tight. She looked up at him with wonder in her eyes. “Master, am i truly beautiful?”

“My god, yes, Hannah! You are incredibly beautiful, and even more so, now that my collar is locked around your neck.”

“Thank You Master,” she beamed up at him, her smile was wide and happy, filled with joy and contentment. She was where she belonged. Neil walked over to a large overstuffed chair and sat in it. It’s kind of like He’s sitting on His throne, she thought.

“Come here, slave,” he ordered and Hannah started to get up and walk to him. “No, crawl on your hands and knees, girl, I didn’t give you permission to rise.”

“Yes Master,” she responded as she returned to her knees and then onto her hands, crawling across the floor like she hadn’t done since she was a child. This time however, she was crawling as sexily as possible, her breasts swaying as they hung pendant from her chest and her hips undulating.

“Good girl,” he said as she arrived at his feet and started to return to her kneeling position. “No, up here on my lap slave,” he commanded and she slithered into his lap and snuggled into him as he wrapped his arms around her. She sat there with her head against his chest, hearing his heartbeat.

“Thank You Master, may Your slave hug you back?”

“Yes you may,” he replied and she wrapped her arms around him tightly.

“Thank You Master.”

“You’re welcome my beautiful girl,” Neil said as he played in her curls and teased her left nipple.

“Ooohhh Master,” she moaned.

“Does that excite you?”

“Oh yes Master! As i said before, You have turned on the faucet, i cannot turn it off. Everything You do to me, everything You force me to do, just makes me hotter and wetter, Master.”

“Force you?”

“Yes Master, please force me to do whatever You wish, i love the fact that as Your slave i have no choice, i will happily do whatever You order me to do. You own me, completely, i am Yours.”

“My god Hannah, I can see I will have to be careful with you.”

“Why Master? i’m Your slave, do with me as You wish. Whatever pleases You Master.”

“You are truly immersing yourself in this role, aren’t you?”

“i don’t want it to be a role, Master, i want it to be real, i want to be Your slave, Your plaything, Your pet, whatever You wish.”

“Oh my god, Hannah! Are you serious?”

“Yes Master.”

“Why? How?”

“i already knew i could trust You when You told me about what happened at the Christmas party. You were honest and open about it. You didn’t take advantage of me. You think i’m beautiful, even though i know there are plenty of women out there who are much more beautiful than me. You are a handsome virile man with a big beautiful penis – er, um, sorry Master, cock. You want to be my Master. i want to be Your slave. i didn’t realize until we started into this dynamic how much i really need it. Now i know why i’ve never found a man i was compatible with. i wanted this, i needed this, Master.”

“I think I’m falling in love with you Hannah?”

“i already love You, Master.”

“I’m in shock, how could you know that you love me already?

“A slave has no secrets from her Master,” Hannah responded as she reached up and touched the collar lovingly. “Thank You for Your collar Master, i’m so happy You own me now. Your slave has been obsessing about You.”

“Hmm, when did you start obsessing about me?”

“After the Christmas party, Master.”

“Ohh, I think I know why.”

“Why Master?”

“I planted a little seed that night, I had no idea it would grow into this. I whispered in your ear just before you closed the door to your apartment.”

“i don’t remember that, Master, what did You say?”

“I told you that if you were mine I would give you attention you never dreamed of.”

“Oh my god, Master, no wonder i kept thinking about You. Your statement stuck in my head and i just had a feeling You could be my perfect man – my Master. Now i know why.”

“Could you be any more perfect?”

“i’m not perfect Master.”

“Oh, you are perfect to me.”

“Thank You Master. So what do we do now?”

“An excellent question my pretty slave. Soon I will remove all of your choices, you will become the perfect slave for me, but not just yet.”


“Hannah, this has been a whirlwind for both of us, we need time to process what has happened tonight. We need to think about this and make sure it is what we both really want.”

“i don’t need any time, Master, i know this is where i belong, please don’t send me away.”

“I know you think that right now because you are romanticizing everything. You’ve never been a real slave, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.”

“But i do, Master, i’ve read a lot about it, i know it’s what i want and need.”

“Could you live without clothing unless specifically designated? Could you live without working ever again? Could you live without ever leaving this house again? Could you live without any freedom whatsoever?”

“Oh god, Master, ungghhh, Your slave almost came at the thought of all those things. But You wouldn’t really cut me off from my parents, would You?”

“No, of course I wouldn’t cut you off from your parents or friends, but you would need permission to contact anyone.”

“Of course, Master, You must control Your slave completely, i understand.”

“I know you think you understand, but reality might prove far differently,” Neil said as he released his grip on Hannah. “Kneel for me my lovely slave.”

“Yes Master,” she obeyed, sliding off of his lap onto the floor, kneeling in the position he had designated earlier, so lovely and elegant yet so lewd and revealing, her body open and accessible to him. Neil went to the cabinet and returned, clutching something in his hand. He opened his hand to reveal a key with which he unlocked the collar around Hannah’s neck and removed it.

“Master please! i promise to be a good slave, please let me stay here with You!”

“No Hannah, I will take you home. You have two parties in honor of your birthday that you must attend. Do what I have ordered. Think about what you want. Be sure you are ready for what you ask.” Neil then got up and walked toward the door of the dungeon, opening it and gesturing for Hannah to exit. She leaned forward onto her hands and knees and began to crawl toward the door. When she exited the door he closed it behind them and Hannah knelt as before. “Get up and get dressed, Hannah,” he ordered.

“Yes Master,” she responded sullenly, standing up and walking to the rack where her clothes hung.

“No Hannah, no more calling me Master or Sir.”

“But i know in my heart that You are my Master,” she said as she put on her bra.

“I know you think that right now. You are high on endorphins, but that may change after you’ve had time to sleep on it.”

“OK, Neil,” Hannah intoned as she slid the hose up her legs and attached them to the garter belt. She slipped the dress off the hanger and shrugged her body into it, zipping up the back with some difficulty. She slid her feet into the heels and buckled them snugly around her ankles. He led her up the stairs back into the house.

“Would you like to use the bathroom before I take you home?”

“Yes please, Master, er, sorry Neil,” she said and slipped into the bathroom where he had gestured and used the toilet before fixing her makeup and brushing her hair. She wanted to look as lovely as possible for him. She exited the lavatory to find him waiting for her.

“You look lovely, Hannah, you didn’t have to get all dolled up again.”

“i wanted to look my best for You, M – um, Neil.”

“I’ve already seen the best parts of you, Hannah, you don’t need to try and impress me anymore. But I do appreciate the effort, it means you will make a wonderful slave, if that’s what you choose,” he said as they exited the house and into the garage. He walked around and opened the truck door for Hannah, helping her into the cab before going around and climbing in. He pushed the button and the garage door opened. He started up the truck and then drove out into the night.

“M – Neil, when may i call you and tell You my decision?”

“You may call me Sunday evening, after you arrive home from your parents.”

“When i ask to be Your slave, will you accept?”

“You’re getting ahead of yourself, girl.”

“Please, i want to know.”

“Yes, I will accept you as my slave.”

“Thank you. Will i be kept nude and in the basement?”

“Yes, you will be kept naked and will frequent the dungeon. But you will also be in charge of the house, you will clean it, make our meals, shop for food, pay the bills and keep me sexually satisfied.”

“Oh god – Neil, i want to start now, i don’t want to wait. Am i allowed to cum while i am away from you?”

“Yes dear Hannah, you are not my slave yet. I do not control you, so you may orgasm as much as you wish until you submit to be my slave, or sub if you prefer.”

“Oh no Master, er, i mean Neil, i want to be Your slave. i want a total power exchange, i want to give all the power to You.”

“Very well,” he said as they pulled up in front of her apartment. Neil got out and came around opening the door for her and helping her out of the truck. He was carrying her walking shoes and he held out his arm for Hannah to take, which she did with great enthusiasm. They walked to her apartment and she unlocked the door, taking her shoes from him and tossing them inside, then turning toward Neil. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to him, hand in her hair, he pulled her head back and kissed her deeply their tongues dancing together with great passion.

“Ohhhh,” Hannah moaned as Neil broke the lascivious kiss.

“Good night Hannah,” Neil said barely above a whisper as he turned and walked away. Hannah nearly melted into a puddle outside her door. She composed herself and went inside, locking the door and sliding to the floor against it, sitting there against the door. She wanted to stay, she wanted him to keep her as his slave. Why didn’t He? She asked herself, but she had asked and he had answered. He wanted her to think it over, to sleep on it, to really search her soul to be sure this was the right thing for her.

With great effort Hannah got up off the floor and headed for her bedroom. Once there she started to strip off her clothes like normal, but stopped herself. Instead of leaving a trail of clothing on the floor, she threw all of it into her clothes hamper, which was nearly empty. Now fully naked she picked up the other clothes strewn about the floor and put them in the hamper also. She almost laughed out loud when she realized she was doing a menial task while naked, which if she were a slave, she would have to do all the time. Oh god, my pussy just convulsed at that thought! She plopped down on the bed and began to masturbate, harder than she ever had in her life. She came fairly quickly, but it was not as good as it had been with Neil. i want him so much, i already know i’m His slave. Wish i didn’t have to wait.

She slid under the covers and laid there, thinking about their evening and the unexpected turn it had taken. She had gone from being sad and depressed over not having someone in her life, to a man who wanted her exactly the way she was. The way she wanted to be desired. One date had changed her life so drastically! She was too keyed up to sleep so she started up her laptop and went into Lit. There in one of her favorite rooms was Neil. He personal messaged her almost immediately.

Neil_Dom_Dan: Hey beautiful

Curious_Hannah_Cut: Hello handsome

Neil_Dom_Dan: Couldn’t sleep?

Curious_Hannah_Cut: No Sir

Neil_Dom_Dan: You don’t have to call me Sir. Too excited, nervous… what?

Curious_Hannah_Cut: Excited

Neil_Dom_Dan: Not nervous?

Curious_Hannah_Cut: Not really Sir

Neil_Dom_Dan: Maybe that will come later or tomorrow

Curious_Hannah_Cut: Perhaps Sir

Neil_Dom_Dan: I said you don’t have to call me Sir

Curious_Hannah_Cut: Yes Sir, but we are in Lit and i am a submissive/slave – You are a Dominant/Master, i am showing You proper respect.

Neil_Dom_Dan: Very well, good girl

Curious_Hannah_Cut: Thank You Sir

Neil_Dom_Dan: Anything you want to ask?

Curious_Hannah_Cut: Not right now Sir

Curious_Hannah_Cut: Oh wait, just one Sir – Is this Your cell number (999) 555-4242?

Neil_Dom_Dan: Yes it is

Curious_Hannah_Cut: May i text You, Sir?

Neil_Dom_Dan: Of course

Curious_Hannah_Cut: Thank You Sir

Hannah immediately exited the chat on Lit and saved Neil’s number under his name, then thought better of it and changed it to say ‘Master’, then she texted him:

Hannah: Hello Master

Neil: Hey Hannah, don’t call me Master or Sir

Hannah: OK

Neil: What do you want to talk about?

Hannah: Nothing, i just wanted to text You and make sure You were in my phone correctly.

Hannah: Thank You for a most wonderful evening! Good night.

Neil: Good night Hannah

Hannah tossed and turned but could not sleep. Too many things were running through her mind. It was 2am and her mind was going a mile a minute. She was surprised that she had little reservation about submitting to be Neil’s slave. This was a life changing decision, but it didn’t seem all that difficult to her. It was what she had been dreaming about for many years. She had given up all hope of it happening and had never sought it out with anyone, yet here it was, staring her in the face. She was so excited, all she could think about was how many orgasms she was going to have. She even masturbated again, and though not nearly as satisfying as her earlier orgasm, it helped her relax and calm down. She turned on her TV and watched some old reruns until, exhausted, she finally fell asleep.


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