Anticipated Release

by It'sForScience!

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© Copyright 2020 - It'sForScience! - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; denial; sex; bond; chastity; cockring; gag; rope; bedtie; spreadeagle; climax; vibrator; cons; X

He clenched a fist, curled his toes and pulled. Not. An. Inch.

Spread-eagled on her bed, strung from the four corner posts, he waited. A cool evening breeze caressed his chest, playing over his nude form.

The one point that it couldn’t touch was his cock. A steel cage, sized to be slightly larger than his flaccid member prevented the touch of the breeze, or anything else for that matter.

It strained against the entrapment, anticipating the erection following his promised release, the first one in far, far too long.

He’d been waiting for almost an hour since his mistress bound him here, while she made herself ready. She’d left the key to the cage on his stomach, so close, but he had as much chance of reaching it as he had of dancing right now, tied as he was.

He moaned in anticipation, through the gag – it had been hastily made with one of her stockings before she’d left the room.

Just when he thought that she might have decided to leave him there for the night, the door opened a few inches. Straining his neck to see, he watched as a gleaming leather clad toe poked in through the door, the high-heeled booted foot sliding in, allowing him to slowly traverse his eyes upwards as the leather continued. It wasn’t until mid-thigh that the leather gave way to creamy flesh.

A hip showed, then a taut flank; tantalisingly suggesting that the owner had nothing covering her sex, confirmation frustratingly still hidden by the door.

Black leather fingers wrapped around the edge and swung the door wide, Ruby lips smiled, raven black hair streamed down past taut pink nipples down to her waist in line with, Yes! In line with a neat little landing strip of the same colour, above the blushing lips of her nether region, already slightly swollen with her own arousal.

“You’re in luck” she laughed, a sensual sound, oozing with erotic potential. “I’ve been busy and need some stress relief: something hard and satisfying will be just the thing.”

His cock redoubled its futile efforts to escape, aching painfully, twitching with his pulse.

“I can see someone’s eager,” she smiled.

She knelt between his spread legs, and with one elegant hand, reached out and plucked up the key, a few deft manipulations later and it was mostly off, the base ring still in place, acting as an improvised, but effective cock ring.

A brief kiss of those ruby lips to its circumcised head had his member at full mast in an instant; her warm breath providing the first sensations along his shaft for months, a small bead of pre-cum appeared at the tip.

Her index finger touched that bead, resting there for a moment as she sat back and then raised her hand to her tongue, a long sticky trail briefly linking it with his cock.

“Ooh, I think we’re both ready for this,” she breathed. The hand sank lower, and her first two fingers swept the length of her slit, coming away slick and glistening with her juices. “ need for foreplay”

She grasped his cock and smeared her juices across it’s straining head before pulling herself forward, straddling him. She caught his gaze and stared into his eyes as she guided him into her silken folds. Gently moving down his length, rotating her hips agonisingly as she went. To go from nothing for months to this in less than a minute was almost too much for his long disused cock.

There he stayed, buried to the hilt whilst she ground against him, hips moving anticlockwise sometimes slow, sometimes fast, changing tempo as if to a beat that only she could hear, her eyes locked on his.

He was getting close now, he could feel it, and glanced down past her perfect breasts, past her enticingly trimmed bush to the point where they became one.

She froze. He could clearly feel her pulse through her soft walls – keeping him on the edge by itself.

“Where are your manners?” she mocked, “let’s slow down, and relax. I’m expecting plenty of orgasms tonight, and we wouldn’t want it to be over that quick now would we...?”

She lay forward, her breasts pressing against his chest and kissed his gagged lips, her arms stretching past his head. After a minute of kissing his edge subsided, his hardness within her still, but the urgency gone.

She whispered into his ear: “I’ve got a treat for us, right here.” Sitting back up, her hands sliding from beneath the pillow, pulling a wand-style vibrator with it.

She leant back and spread her folds, showing him her engorged clitoris, its hood fully retracted.

He could have sworn it was pulsing with need, though that could have been a trick of the light. She pressed the head of the wand against her clit, pressing hard so the delicate nub of flesh transferred the pressure straight to the base of his cock, and turned it on.

Slowly at first, the vibrations rumbled through her and into him, she held them together as still as she could. Then as her breathing quickened, she rolled the slider with her thumb until it hit full speed and threw her head back gasping. The vibrations were getting to him, but she wasn’t moving. She held her hips firmly against his and let the wands magic run through her.

She came, drenching him and the sheets, and kept coming, her vagina spasmed with the pleasure Yes! This was it, the twitching of her tight channel rapidly pulling him towards the edge. A second wave hit her! Then a third, fourth and fifth in rapid succession, screaming in ecstasy. He was on the verge, clenching all the muscles in his abdomen, ready for release when she pulled the wand away and collapsed on his torso, breathing hard. She caught her breath as he tried to move within her, but it wasn’t enough. He was tied too tightly to get enough movement for that last bit of sensation.

“You were wonderful darling, thank you,” she gasped. And rolled off him, the sensation as he slipped free so unexpected it pulled him to the edge again for a brief second. “This week has been exhausting, and you’ve been just what I need to relax before a good night’s sleep.” She curled against him, her breasts and midriff pressed against his body, one of her legs over his, still dripping her wetness against his thigh. “As a reward, I won’t lock you back up until the morning,” she said sleepily, and her eyes closed contentedly. She drifted off on his spread form, his still-erect cock in her hand twitching occasionally.

He was still hard after another hour had gone by, when her hand twitched and slid along his length. He looked down at her in surprise, she was still asleep. He froze. As her hand slid back down, there wasn’t a thing in the world right now that could make him risk the slightest chance of waking her. He just had to hope that whatever dream she had was as erotic for her as it was for him right now. He looked at his sleeping mistress, and silently begged that it would last the night...


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