another story from a kats life

by Kitn

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© Copyright 2003 - Kitn - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; slave; hood; gag; cons; X

Yet another of Kats Creations
The Tell Tale Collar

Sighing softly as she looked at her financial mess she grimaced and swept all the papers off the table to the floor.  How am i ever going to make my ends me she wondered briefly before going to her computer and turning it on.  Signing into her account she worried that she would have to get rid of it too soon, and forget about her possessions in storage.  Pushing all those thoughts aside she signed into the chat software she was using and found several of her friends .. male and female dom and sub alike.  

She began talking at length to a good sub friend of hers about her money troubles, it was then suggested that she come and serve at her Master's New Years Eve party.  kitn thanked her friend, steph, and gave it serious thought before agreeing to it, knowing that the sum of money required to keep her possessions from being auctioned off would undoubtedly indebt her to the couple.  Agreeing to it she was given a date and a time to show up at the couple's home.

December 30 arrived far too soon for kitn, as she stood on their doorstep her head lowered slightly as she cast about for any last minute solutions that would allow her to back out of this, knowing in her heart that already it was too late. That she needed to complete this service as best she could as the loan had already been given and spent.  Glancing up as the door opened her friend bounced out and hugged her hard welcoming her to their home.  A soft smile lighting her lips she returned the hug with enthusiasm glad that she would get to spend time with her friend as well as being able to serve in her friend's place at the party, thus allowing her to serve and enjoy the party with her Master.

Following her friend, steph thru the halls of the house the two stepped into His den, moving close before kneeling respectfully in greeting.  "Master", steph began, "this is my friend kitn, the one who is now in your debt and has agreed to serve as your slave for the next two days in payment of that debt".  

Hearing those words uttered kitn drew in a soft breath and waited as He turned about to face her kneeling form. "kitn", His voice deep and booming commanded her attention, "I trust you have used the loan to pay your debts as expected".

Glancing up at Him she responded softly "Yes Sir i have thank you for allowing me to come and serve you in repayment" 

Watching Him nod his head as he listened to her words she couldn�t help but think that her friend was lucky to have one such as Him mastering her.  she waited quietly as he rose and walked around her examining her closely, his fingers brushing her here and there his booted foot pressing her knees wider apart, listening as steph rose at his command and moved away form her kneeling form. 

"You are here to serve me this weekend .. essentially as a serving slave at my party tomorrow night ... you will not be used by my company, but we will ensure that by clamping your pussy shut to help my friends avoid the temptation otherwise.  Further you will serve hooded as will the rest of the serving girls ... collared and cuffed ... ", pausing for a brief moment he looked at her from behind and smiled at her quiet acceptance of his instructions so far. "kitn rise and remove your clothing .. place it in the trunk behind my desk and lock it in there ... then bring me the key.  You will not be needing clothing until you leave here." 

Watching her carefully to gauge her response he was pleasantly surprised that she complied without hesitation, rising and carefully stripping off every trace that was her, leaving only the small hoops in her ears at his permission.  Carefully she folded her clothing and placed it in the trunk following it with her coat and her shoes as an afterthought she removed her necklace and placed it atop the pile, lowering the lid with a quiet thud she locked it and removed the key.  

Stepping lightly across the cold hardwood floor she knelt before Him and offered the key up her head bowed.  "Master, this girl gives herself to you for your pleasure and her use to repay a debt.  Please accept this key to her belongings and let her begin her service to you as pleases you."  He listened to her speech in silence before reaching out and taking the key from her and placing it in a pocket. 

Turning to his slave he indicated that she should retrieve the package in the corner of the room.  With a smile she rose and moved to do his bidding, bringing it back and handing it to him with nary a word spoken between.  kitn just knelt before him and waited knowing that he would begin when it pleased Him to do so.  

"Place your hands behind you kitn, in the small of your back", smiling softly she complied thinking how good it would feel to repay this debt and at the same time fulfill one of her own needs to be used.  She heard him move behind her and slowly encircle each wrist with a cuff made of leather, she also heard the distinct click as the lock on each cuff was locked ... and the sound of a third lock keeping her hands together behind her until he would decide to release them.  "Stand Up", came his next command, with a fluid grace she rose to her feet and stood head lowered slightly.  "Now, now .. we can't have you looking like your best friend just died .. lift your head and smile kitn". 

Lifting her head she looked at him and smiled a radiant smile ... one full of the joy of being used in such a manner.  "Better ... but lets see what we can do to keep your head where it belongs shall we ?", with a wicked gleam in his eye he motioned his slave to get the collar he wanted, she in turn scurried to do his bidding returning and handing it to him.  

"Have you ever worn a posture collar kitn?", he asked as caressing the collar with his fingers he moved back into her line of sight.  "Yes Sir i have worn them", came her quiet but strong answer. "Good, lets see how this one looks on you then shall we?" stepping closer to her he wrapped the wide collar about her neck his body pressing close to hers as he locked it in place, before stepping back to gaze at her. "Well kitn think that will help you keep your head high ?" he asked with a smile in his voice.  Unable to nod she replied with a soft Yes Sir. 

"Lets see how you look in the rest of your holiday finery for tomorrow then shall we ?", not waiting for a reply he had steph place the high heels on her feet locking them on her with tiny golden locks before handing her Master the keys and moving away once more. 

"Very nice, now kitn .. walk across the room", watching her closely as she turned about and moved away she was shamed by the soft tsk tsk she heard from Him.  Reaching the opposite side of the room she turned around and started back towards Him.  "Guess it's a good thing you came early slave, you need lots of practice in those heels.  steph .. come and put this cunt thru her paces ... I need to go and retrieve the tray she will be carrying tomorrow night so she can practice without spilling." steph jumped up and began instructing kitn in how to balance in the high heels and told her of how important it would be in the long run .... spilling is punishable she whispered as kitn walked back and forth thru the room. 

After a while He returned to the two slaves watching them from the door as steph helped kitn keep her balance a time or two in her trek across the room.  "You have much to learn kitn", his deep voice startling them both from their concentration.  "Yes Master" she replied in a soft and quiet voice.  "Come here kitn", he called out and waited.  Watching as she moved he grudgingly admitted that she was a fast study and that she had learned much from steph in such a short time.  Reaching Him she waited quietly her eyes lowered to His chest.  "Since you are getting better in those heels it is time to add a little challenge to your lesson." She watched as his hands came up to caress her nipples forcing from her a soft moan of delight only cutting it short with a moan of pain as the nipple clamps were attached and their chains tugged to make sure the clamps were firm.  Nodding that the tension in the clamps was enough to ensure the tray when added would not pull the clamps free from her nipples, he smiled a smile that chilled her.  "Ready for the next part of your outfit kitn ?, Of course you are" he replied for her. 

Tensing up she waited as he attached the light tray.  The tension placed on her nipples was slight but not enough to cause undue discomfort.  Smiling softly, she thought to herself that she could handle this.  "Okay kitn a few more turns about the room and we will move on to the next part of your training.  The others will be here shortly.  Their Masters will have prepared them for me."  Listening to him she began a few more times around the room practicing on keeping her steps smooth and even so that she would not jostle the tray and cause more pain to her nipples. "Much better kitn", he called out as the doorbell rang.  "steph go and let the others in, place them in the living room kitn and i will be along shortly." 

With a respectful reply steph left to do her Master's bidding, leaving kitn the center of his attention.  "To me kitn" he called.  Moving as fast as she could without bumping the tray excessively she stopped before him and looked wide eyed at the gag and hood in his hands.  "Time to finish our preparations so that you can practice with the others.� Stepping forward with a smile he placed the gag to her lips and watched as she parted them allowing the rubber penis to invade her mouth deeply before securing it behind her head but below her hair tightly.  Smiling he then began working the half hood over her head adjusting it so that the eye holes were where they should be and that she could see well enough before tightening everything down so that the leather hood formed itself to her features.  "Very nice .. I think we will forgo the pussy clamps till later kitn", so saying he attached a leash to her collar and led her to the living room. 

The day continued on in a similar manner walking in the high heels and being whipped by Master or steph whenever a drop spilled or sloshed over the sides of the glasses they now carried on their trays.  Grateful for the gag kitn moaned softly as she was whipped often for her spills, she wondered how often the other four girls served like this as they seemed very much at their ease and well skilled in the process.  The day dragged on, the girls being given a break where their gags were removed and they were allowed to drink water out of a dog�s bowl licking and slurping it down while they were given the chance.  Then it was to be regagged and back to work.  One by one the girls masters arrived and the girls were packed up and sent home with their Masters being advised of each girl's progress or lack of, each Master commenting on the mysterious new slave He had added to his collection.  Laughingly he told them all of her indebtedness to Him and of how she would serve at his party to repay that debt. 

Finally her hands were uncuffed and the tray removed to the tune of a loud groan from behind the muffling gag. "Kitn go and fix dinner for steph and I, you will find all that you need in the kitchen."  Walking down the hall rubbing her wrists but knowing better than to remove the gag she prepared their meal and set the table for two, she then served the meal and knelt by His chair as they arrived in the room to eat.  Smiling inwardly she watched steph enter rubbing her red ass.  The two sat down and began to eat, while kitn knelt quietly her eyes lowered to the floor.  Reaching out he smiled as she looked up at Him, before her sighs was closed off by His hands zippering the holes up.  "I hate being watched while I eat kitn."  With a soft sigh thru her nose she acknowledged his comment before lapsing into a thoughtful and quiet place within. 

"kitn", she heard her name called and snapped back to herself and cocked her head towards Him.  "you better learn to listen better than that", she heard the anger in his voice and realized he must have called her name a few times. "a blindfold is not permission to nap, now get up and help steph with the dishes."  Steph rising helped kitn to the sink and handed her the dishes and the dishrag then held her hands out to the dishwater.  Realizing that she was not to be permitted sight while she washed the dishes she concentrated on the task making sure that her hands ran over the entire surface of the dish before placing it in the rinse water for steph to retrieve and dry.  After the dishes were done, she was led by the leash attached to her collar to the living room where she was positioned to be used as a footrest.  After a while, the gag was released but she was warned to silence, the hood removed but told to keep her eyes closed.  Laying there on the floor His feet propped on His back she lay in wait for his next desire. 

He commanded her to kneel up and keep her eyes closed as steph fed her small bits of leftover food from supper.  "Well sluts .. time for bed, you've both a lot of cleaning to do tomorrow and a lot of preparations to make before the party, lets go"  Rising he watched as steph placed the remaining food in the refrigerator before scurrying up the stairs to await her Master. "Lets go kitn", attaching the leash he tugged gently as she rose her eyes still tightly shut as she followed the pull on her leash.  Once in the bedroom she was positioned at the foot of the bed, her hands once more secured at the small of her back her ankles joined and then pulled towards her head to be fastened to her hands. a full hood including an inflatable gag completed the sleeping ensemble before she was fastened by the neck to an eyebolt in the floor and patted on the head.

After a fitful night she was released completely from her bonds including the hood and the collar. "You have ten minutes to use the restroom kitn then go and make breakfast.  You will find a dogs bowl under the counter that you will serve your breakfast in.  Do you understand?", waiting quietly he watched her flex and stretch her body as she replied in a clear voice �Yes Master".  

Moving as quickly as she could she showered and barely dried off before entering the kitchen and preparing breakfast for Master and steph.  Resuming that same kneeling position she waited for them to enter.  Moving into the room Master grabbed kitn by the hair and made her crawl over to the laundry room door where he tossed her roughly inside and placed her bowl on the floor.  "Eat up kitn, I'll be back after breakfast to retrieve you."  Closing the door behind Him she was left alone for the first time since she was permitted to serve.  The realization that she was hungry struck her hard and she dove into the bowl unsure of how long she would have before he came for her. 

The sound of the door opening startled her from her nap curled up on the floor in the laundry room.  His laughter filling the air as he realized how much like a cat she really was in her mannerisms.  "Your name certainly fits little one ... Come on you have to help steph clean for the party"  Rising she walked past him and out of the laundry room pausing but a moment to pick up her bowl and wash it in the sink before seeking steph out and asking what she wanted done. 

The house cleaning was routine and very busying.  At 3:30 she was finally allowed to shower and shave .. drying herself off before seeking out Master and steph, her hair combed straight back and braided out of the way as it dried.  

"Master, thank you for allowing the shower" she began but was cut off by the gag being pressed into her mouth by a man she hadn't noticed in the room behind the door and off to one side.  

"Slaves were meant to be seen and not heard", were the whispered words in her ear even as a hood was being pulled over her head the eye holes closed, keeping her in the dark literally about the man behind her.  She felt the collar and the cuffs and the nipple clamps being attached as they had been yesterday.  She felt her legs being spread wide and felt the hands of the man holding her spreading her legs, complying she spread them as wide as he desired then grunted in surprise as her lips were grabbed roughly and clamped together, thus locking her pussy up tight.  

A comment was heard vaguely about  piercing her pussy so that they could look it up properly.  That comment was quickly squelched by Master as he did not own her and so could not permanently mark her.    Led to a corner she was positioned on her knees to wait for the party guests to arrive.  Listening closely she could hear the other guests arriving Masters bringing their slaves to serve and others arriving just to be served by the many slaves attending the party.  Others still attended just to search for an unattached slave or a Master in need of another slave. 

Being brought to her feet she began serving at the party her eye holes opened so that she might be able to serve without bumping into things.  All night she heard offers for her pussy which Master repeatedly declined.  She felt people bump her a purpose so the pleasure of whipping her with whatever was at hand.  her pussy was shipped many times as it was off limits to His guests.  shortly after midnight she was released with a kiss on her forehead by Him and given the key to the trunk holding her clothing. 

Walking  home she realizes that while not overly strenuous she was very sore from the various clamps, her mouth sore from the gag.  Arriving home at 2am she quickly showered and once more sat in front of her computer to sign online and greet her friends. 

written for a Master's pleasure on January 12, 1997, for his pleasure and possibly hers :)

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