Anonymous Hooded Bondage Pinup

by Arkane

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© Copyright 2015 - Arkane - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; photoshoot; model; costume; latex; hood; bond; collar; mask; toys; insert; catsuit; outdoors; captive; tease; cons/reluct; X

This is a tribute to another story, The Dice Game of A Pensive Pen. With no pretense to be able to reach the same quality, I imagined a sequel to that exceptional story. Please understand that English is not the tongue I use every day. Suggestions, editing and corrections are welcomed in the forum.

“Just hold the teacup with two fingers and near your mouth…” Gwen was taking pictures and giving direction to Laura, sitting at the table near the window. Laura was modeling a striking outfit, all dressed in a long, high necked Victorian dress with long sleeves: the contrast was born from the latex gloves and hood the girl was wearing: her face was completely obscured by the garment, except for eyes and mouth holes. A blonde wig was substitute for the girl’s real blonde hair.

“Maybe we’re going to make this black and white set?” Laura wondered, raising the empty cup to her lips.

“That’s cool but we could make it even better than that” said Cheri, watching the scene.

Laura, having decided in a mood swing to participate in a fetish photo contest, was searching for an image, or several images, that would be unexpected without resorting to anything too vulgar or to nudity. So every good idea was welcomed, within the limit of anonymity: her face should not be visible.

“What do you have in mind?” she asked.

“Contrast could be even more effective” Cheri said. “And we have the equipment to do it.”

Gwen was quick to sense the opportunity. A week ago they had renounced to punish Laura after a serious home rule violation, because she was already exhausted after a marathon bondage night. But the reprieve was just a postponement. Now it was the time to strike.

“Oh yeah” she said “we could try something different. What did you have in mind, Cheri?”

“That outfit would be more surprising with the model wearing a full leather hood with only breathing holes” the other girl suggested. “Laura would appear in the act of sipping tea in her classic outfit, but with no real opportunity to drink or even to see the cup.”

Laura was obviously unaware of the looming danger: any strange or outlandish fantasy was bound to capture her sparkling imagination. “Funny! Cool! Why not?”

Cheri was already gone to find the black full hood. Gwen helped Laura out of the open mouthed one, then she covered her long hair under a white shower cap. “Do you want a little gag under the hood?” Gwen asked. “You’ll not be able to talk anyway, so why not? In the spirit of things…”

Laura shrugged. “That’s ok.” A little more bondage could not hurt. Readily Gwen took a white towel from the table. When Laura opened her mouth she inserted all the cloth, tucking it in to fill her cheeks.

With Cheri’s help, she put the hood on Laura’s head. Now she could not see or speak anymore. Cheri worked methodically to tighten the laces, then Gwen fitted a collar on Laura’s slender neck, buckling it tight. The wig was fitted again on her head. The girls features were hugged by the taut black leather.

“Comfy?” Gwen asked, getting a garbled mumble as an answer.

Cheri gave voice directions, guiding Laura’s blind moves. With her help, Laura poured tea from the teapot, put the tea-bag in, added some milk and stirred. Then she was guided to discard the tea-bag, finally getting the cup to her lips. During the whole process Gwen was taking pictures.

“Perfect!” Gwen announced. “I think you’re going to win the prize! I’d show the pictures to you, but now you can’t see them…”

“While we are here, we could use all this setup to create some more scenes, wouldn’t be cool?” Cheri voice was cunning and treacherous.

Laura’s comment was a barely audible groan. She moved her hands to the collar, fumbling with the buckle. With her latex covered fingers she could not easily open it.

Caring and helpful, Gwen took her hands and moved them away. “Let me help” she said. Laura stopped her attempts at gaining freedom, long enough for Cheri to move behind her with a leather strap. With quick and forceful movements she took her wrists and tied them behind the seat back, while at same time Gwen sat down on her legs.

Laura struggled, causing her wig to fall on the floor, but she couldn’t shake off Gwen, who proceeded to bind her waist to the seat. Cheri was tying Laura’s ankles to the chair’s legs with another two straps.

“Now that we’ve our model’s cooperation we can come up with some ideas” Gwen said standing up and recovering the wig. She put it again on the reluctant Laura’s head.

“I was thinking about an outdoor shoot, it’s such a beautiful day” Cheri quipped, eliciting a furious but ineffective reaction from Laura.

Then the prisoner could not hear tormentors any more. Sure they were gone, preparing some nasty surprise. They were back after some minutes. Laura was made to stand up and untied, but strongly held in check by Gwen, while Cheri’s hands unceremoniously stripped her of the Victorian dress.

Starting from her feet, Laura was fitted with a latex catsuit. When both her legs were covered to the knees, Cheri stopped, took a large vibrator and lubricated it. With almost no warning it was pressed on Laura’s pussy, stretching the lips to accommodate itself. “Just a little surprise to entertain you” Cheri taunted “aren’t we being nice?” She pushed on. The hooded girl squirmed but could do nothing to stop the invasion. Soon the latex catsuit was fitted around Laura’s hips, keeping the vibrator inside.

The dressing up proceeded. Soon the latex gloves were dispensed with, substituted by the suit arms with attached gloves. After the zip in the back was closed, Laura was totally enclosed from leather hooded head to latex covered toe. A stronger collar covered the overlapping of the two garments, while a big leather belt compressed Laura’s already slender waist. Strong handcuffs now trapped her wrists.

Gwen fitted a pair of high heeled boots over Laura’s leg, while another item was wrapped over her head.

Laura understood it was another layer of covering, but not tight as the bondage hoods they had. It was “Molly,” the female mask! They were going to parade her on the street hiding the hood behind Molly’s artificial face? She bent her waist and tried to get her hands to her neck, but they could not be raised so much. Cheri straightened her and forcefully held her hands to the small of her back. Gwen had to restrain Laura’s legs because the prisoner was trying to kick away blindly. Lithe and agile but somewhat inferior in muscle strength, Laura could not really defend herself against the coordinated aggression by her opponents.

Cheri held her putting an arm below her bosom. With the other hand she pressed on her mouth, squeezing her nose with two fingers. Laura tried to scream in her cloth filled mouth.

“Come on girls!” Gwen said. “How can I lace these boots if you can’t stop fighting for a second?”

“Are we going to behave, Laura?” Cheri asked.

She held her body fast: the victim squirmed for a few seconds, then calmed down and nodded.

“I knew you’re a clever girl!” Cheri chortled, and finally let her breathe. The anonymous Molly face showed no relief or anger, with her motionless eyes fixed forward, but some heavy, famished breaths were heard.

“I knew you were such a good girl!” Cheri commented, trailing her fingers on the latex clad abdomen and thighs.

The captive’s behavior was surprisingly docile while Gwen and Cheri fitted her with the Victorian dress again and covered her tied arms with a cape. With dark eyeglasses tied around her masked head, Laura was ready to go: blind and mute, and at least partially deaf, but hopefully impossible to recognize as a restrained girl unless the observer got really close.

“Now we’re going to make a quick trip” Gwen announced, taking Laura under her arm and guiding her outside. Cheri already had brought the car in front of the building’s door so it was just seconds to get to the relative safety of the car. Laura showed some stress but was cooperative.

It was late in the afternoon when they stopped near the park Laura crossed every day she walked to the department. Laura was made to exit from the car. Gwen guided her for some steps.

“Now you’re in the path between the flowerbeds. Walk straight and you’ll avoid to trip on the fencing or on the benches. We’ll be on the other side.”

Laura managed an angry roar behind the gag but started walking. Slowly the car toured the perimeter of the park. “There’s a lot of people out there, being so late in the afternoon” Cheri observed, amazed. Gwen was taking pictures of the stumbling Laura, walking blind with small, tentative steps.

One group of guys were watching her with mild curiosity. Laura’s clothes and behavior were bound to raise some concern, so it was not unexpected.

“Damn, I hope they don’t stop her or come too close” Cheri commented gloomily. Gwen was in a more giggly mood, as if nothing could go wrong. And nothing happened: one step after another, Laura got away unmolested, but the road to go was still quite long.

The car was stopping now, having reached the sidewalk on the other side of the park, Laura’s unattainable goal. The masked girl was losing her direction, stumbling on the low flowerbed’s fence. She managed to stay on her feet and get going again.

“Come on Laura, we’re here!” Cheri exclaimed. “You can do it!”

Probably Laura heard something because she used Cheri’s voice as beacon in the darkness to reach the car. She had passed some people not so far away from her, some of these folks really too close for comfort, but she never knew this because no one had said anything or tried to stop her, in spite of her antiquated clothes and artificial face.

When she finally reached the car Gwen opened the door and guided her inside. Laura groaned in relief. “This was too risky” Cheri said, starting the engine. “This was fun” Gwen commented, laughing. “And we still have dinner to cover.”

At home, Laura resumed her hooded pinup persona, losing the mask and cape.

“Now we’re going to shoot another set of pictures” Gwen announced. “Let’s roll!”

Laura was not so enthusiastic. She protested murmuring some unintelligible words in her cloth filled mouth. Cheri responded by slapping her ass. “Are we going to film a spanking video, girl?” she asked. Again, Laura’s behavior improved sensibly.

Gwen gave new directions. Laura sat at the table, held a spoon over the broth, sliced bread, feigned to drink wine from a crystal goblet, brought a big platter to the table, always carefully guided by Cheri and photographed by Gwen. Between shooting pictures and setting the lights, Cheri and Gwen ate some snacks. Obviously Laura could not get any food or drink.

“I think you’re going do well in this competition, Laura” Cheri commented. “You’ll be grateful for our help and advice.”

“Everyone will love you” Gwen said. “Who wouldn’t like to have a hooded bondage pinup in the house?”

Laura groaned, hoping to be at the end of her ordeal.

Cheri put an arm around her shoulders. “Well, maybe our photo set lacks something.”

“And that would be?” Gwen asked.

“Some old fashioned extreme bondage, maybe?”

Laura tried to escape but she tripped over the sofa and capsized, with a great show of latex clad legs. Gwen was already going to get some leather straps.

Apparently, it was a pilates position. Laura wore no boots, her feet just covered by the latex catsuit. Bottom cheeks on the thin mat, open legs balanced in the air at a 45° angle, hands holding up the ankles, back slightly inclined rearwards. But it was strong rope holding the hands fastened to the ankles. The cloth stuffed in the mouth was supplemented by a muzzle harness gag strapped around her head. Another long rope was looped over a ring on the back of the belt, tied below the bosom, wound around the armpits, knotted to the ring on the top of the muzzle gag and running to the hook on the ceiling. Another again connected the ankles, passing by the same hook, keeping her legs straightened and suspended. A spreader bar kept the legs open.

Laura managed small movements only. She was sweaty and tired, the dildo invading her was a continuous annoyance. Her enthusiasm for the fetish shoot long gone, during the long rigging work she was kept in check only by slaps and threats of further torture. Unable to defend herself or to get out of the latex imprisonment without help, she had no real chance to fight.

Cheri and Gwen chatted merrily while toying with her like with a bondage doll. She tried to show her discontent grunting and moaning but the triple gag made of cloth, leather hood and muzzle gag was too much: but almost no sound could be heard.

“Well, the ropes help a lot, but it’s a beautiful athletic position, quite elegant, too” Gwen commented. “I’ve taken a lot of pictures from every conceivable angle.”

Cheri was setting up a camera on a tripod. “Now we’ll leave you to your great escape act, Laura” she said. “Playing with an anonymous hooded bondage pinup is fun, but it’s getting late. You’ll be recorded by a static camera: you can stop it when you escape the bondage. We gave a lot of help already, you don’t want to keep us awake all night long, do you?”

Laura tried to shake her head and plead for freedom, but her friends had already gone to sleep.



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