Annoying Slave

by Lisa

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© Copyright 2017 - Lisa - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F+/m; club; scene; femdom; D/s; x-frame; cuffs; bond; hum; pain; cbt; kick; torment; revenge; true; cons; X

As a first time writer, I should introduce myself. My name is Lisa and I'm 5 ft 5 inches with a 38C bust for all you size queens out there. I am happily married to my "I'm not a slave" hubby and we reside in the lovely never snowy lands of South Florida. We had heard of a new play party venue which was going to occur inside a strip club on a Saturday night. The ground floor was going to be your normal strip club full of scantily clad women and the upper floor was going to accommodate the real play party. Being a woman, I've never been inside a strip club and wanted to see why men like going to these establishments.

So I made the necessary reservations for hubby and myself to attend. Sadly though, the babysitter decided to back out at the last moment and hubby graciously allowed me to go solo.

Now at this point I am pissed. I had a scene in mind that I was going to inflict on hubby. I got dressed in a bustier which shows off my cleavage and a skirt and carrying a riding crop. I also left knowing that my curiosity would be satisfied as to the going-on in a strip club.

The strip club itself was disappointing. I was expecting gorgeous women with electric personalities wearing scantily clad clothing. There were lots of plain-Jane women wearing more clothing than a Victoria Secret's Fashion show on television with a personalities that rivals toxic waste.

The guys were not much better. Most were watching the college football games on the televisions trying to drown their sorrows in cheap alcohol and lousy earthquake inducing sounds which supposedly is called music.

So it comes as no surprise that many of the strippers were playing games on their not-so-smart phones. But what got me was the guy playing video strip poker. Seriously?

My mood was slightly improved upon reaching the SM gathering on the 2nd floor. There were a few people I recognized and did my customary rounds of socialization. Then I saw "him".

Who is "him"?

The most annoying male sub I have ever met. He wreaks of desperation and literally does the same shtick at every play party: he strips to a jock thong, ties a rope around his cock and balls and has the other end dangling. He also uses duct tape and binds his hands behind his back. He then literally will approach each woman and asks them to play with him... be they sub or top, alone or with a Master, or whatever. In short, he is annoying. The locals know exactly who I am talking about.

I had gone to the ladies room and when I emerged, I saw annoying guy making his rounds. So I ordered my drink and took my seat at the bar. I then got a flash of inspiration.

So when annoying guy approached me, I told him that I would under one condition: He needed to go to each and every woman in the play room and invite them to witness the spectacle to come, and that he needed to start his rounds in 20 minutes.

Those twenty minutes must've been brutal for him. Seeing him just wander aimlessly, not speaking to a soul and hoping that something is going to happen. So when the appointed time arrived, I went to the restroom to let him ponder things and marinate.

When I returned, I found him anxiously waiting for my return having completed his rounds. I told him to go to the X-frame and use the house supplied cuffs and to place the ankle cuffs on and I applied the wrist cuffs to him.

At this point I should mention the layout of the play environment. There were about 25 attendees and about 10 of which were women. Apart from the aforementioned X-frame, there were a couple of spanking benches. There was not a lot of space and there was no other scene going on at this time. So everyone was curious what I had in mind, and even if they were not, they would find out anyway.

As soon as the cuffs were placed on his extremities, I told him to get some duct tape and to blindfold himself thoroughly. Then I told him to remove that disgusting piece of cloth around his genitalia. (Total male nudity was permitted during the play party and only on the 2nd floor.) He reluctantly did that. With some assistance, I secured him to the X-frame in such a way that he could not free himself. This part is important. If I am actually going to play with annoying slave, I do not want him backing out.

I then whisper in his ear if he is ready. He tells me that he is. I then ask what it is he would like. He mumbles something which I couldn't understand over the rumblings of an overplayed Pitbull song. No matter. I ask him if he would like me to kick him in the balls. (I've seen him take them so I knew this was something he liked) He assures me that I can. I tell him to ask me to kick him in the balls. He says it, but very meekly. I then say louder. He says slightly louder.

So I up the stakes: "Do you want me to kick you in the balls?" I say very loudly.

"yes" he says.



"Louder slave! Let everyone hear you!"

"Yes Mistress. Kick me in the balls!" he finally says loud enough that people could actually hear and understand it.

So I kick him in the balls. After all, he asked me to. He moaned and tried to collapse but after a few seconds, started straightening up. So I kick him again. Again he staggers and cries. He recovers a little.

Kick, kick, kick. Three little but rapid fire kicks. I wanted to do more but I was starting to lose balance.

I then turn to a Femdom I kinda am friends with and invite her to kick him in the balls, to which she does with great delight.

After a few more, I then turn to the closest female and invite her to take a try. Eventually, I ask every woman to take a kick. Even the bartender but she tells me she is not permitted to leave the bar. It was interesting to see how each woman approached an invitation to kick a guy in the nuts. Apart from myself and the first Femdom, no one did an enthusiastic kick and a few did some token kicks. A few even declined. (I guess female subs have a different view on the male genitalia.) I ended up doing an impromptu lesson on how to kick a guy in the nuts.

So about 20 minutes and about 30 kicks later, I went to annoying slave and told him, "Merry Christmas slave. This is a one-time scene and present. Never ever approach me again. If I want to play with you, I will let you know."

I released his left hand and watched as he is able to release his right hand. At this point, I grabbed my riding crop and went home.


slave now speaking. If you enjoyed Mistress' account of what happened, send me an email and i'll relay it to Mistress at thrill[at]juno(dot)com.

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