Anniversary Surprise 2: Two Days before

by Robert Deane

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© Copyright 2009 - Robert Deane - Used by permission

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Part 2: Two Days Before

Damn, damn, damn, thought Jamie. If the phone had rung a only minute sooner, she would have been able to answer it. Or if she had been just a little slower, she could have still reached over and grabbed the phone, before it became impossible for her to answer it.

"I'm sorry that I can't take your call. I'm a little tied up right now."

Jamie could hear the sound of her voice on the answering machine. From behind the ballgag, she giggled a little, as her lips tried to form a smile. If only the caller knew what that message really meant.

"Please leave a message and I will call you back."

And then that damned beep. It seemed to go on forever. Finally, there was a voice on the line. And that is when Jamie started swearing. It was Dawn's voice, the sultry voice of the little bitch who stole David from her. Damn, damnm, damn, Jamie tried to mumble. But all that came out was "Mmmmmph. Mmmmphhhh. Mmppphhh."

"Jamie" said the voice on the answering machine, "David and I are going to have our first anniversary. I'd like to surprise him, to really blow his mind. He said something about......what was that word..... bondage? He seemed to like it, and I'd like to give him something that would really make him happy."

It had been a very long year for Jamie, watching David and Dawn. All she could hear was those names in a sing-song fashion, David and Dawn, David and Dawn. So, thought Jamie, maybe the blond haired bimbo who stole him away was finally going to get what was coming to her. Bondage, very tight bondage.

But, first, Jamie had to concentrate on getting loose----getting loose from some very tight, and very uncomfortable, self-imposed bondage. She glanced across the room, into the full length mirror on the wall, and had to admit that she liked what she saw. She was sitting naked on her bed, white ropes tied very tightly around her ankles as well as above and below her knees. Her legs were pulled upward, against her body, and her breasts, pressed against her legs. Another rope, wrapped several times beneath her knees, and around her thighs and her upper body, held her in that position.

Jamie took another moment to admire the view. She had a great body and it took a lot of work to keep it that way. Everything, including her size 36C breasts and those long, firm legs, were natural. What Jamie saw, the reflection on the mirror, caused her to breathe a little faster and to squirm a little, pressing her butt cheeks down against the bed as she recalled how David used to like this position. He used to say that all he had to do was nudge her over, on her side or on her back, and then he could do whatever he want. And she was always ready for that, already moaning, usually from behind a ballgag.

That thought made Jamie squirm a little more, now trying to grind herself against the bed. But she knew that if she kept thinking about David she would not get loose for a long, long time.

And then there was the ballgag. Damn, that thing was huge. It was the largest rubber ball that Jamie had ever seen, let along worn. It took a lot of work, and a lot of ignoring the pain in her jaw, to get it in place, until her soft lips wrapped around the bright red rubber ball. It was after the ropes held her body against her upper thighs that she forced the gag deep into her own mouth. And before she changed her mind, she fastened the black leather straps, behind her head at the nape of her neck, beneath her chin forcing her mouth even harder against the rubber ball, and around her head, quickly snapping small padlocks to the chin, neck and head straps. The keys to the padlocks were in the next room, on the table, waiting for her eventual release.

Again glancing into the mirror, she had to admit that the head harness looked great, even if the sight of the black leather straps was sometimes lost in her coal black hair. That's another thing, she thought. That bimbo Dawn was a blond. David didn't like blondes. Nope, not at all. David used to call Jamie his Raven haired beauty. And he loved her soft hair, even as it lay gently on her back, as David used to say to her, "all the way down to your cute little butt." That thought alone caused Jamie to begin to shake her head back and forth, as if a release of frustration, and to scream as loud as her lungs would permit. But all that came out was that same sound, only a little louder.


In that moment of frustration, almost anger, Jamie yanked hard on the metal handcuffs that held her wrists in place, just as suddently yanking her head back and almost pulling her body over from the sitting position. She quickly realized that she had to stop, regardless of whatever was going through her mind, and wait. It had been a great self-bondage plan. Her wrists, held by the metal cuffs, were pulled up just above the middle of her back. The cuffs were attached, by a short chain, to the back of a black one-inch leather collar that was snugly wrapped around Jamie's neck. How she got in that position was not difficult to do, or to explain to anyone. Jamie fastened the collar around her neck, with the chain and the already attached cuffs hanging down her back, though she did pause to feel the soft leather caressing her throat. But, before she changed her mind, she took that last step and, with a little bit of struggling, reached behind her back and snapped each end of the metal hand cuff around her wrists.

Again glancing across the room at the mirror, she liked the look, her black hair, though held tight against her head by the harness gag, still hanging free below her chin and gently caressing the black leather collar. With her wrists pulled up to the middle of her back into the unforgiving metal cuffs, her breasts thrust forward; even as they were pressed into her thighs, she could still see the top of those creamy white-skinned breasts. And at that moment, she recalled one of David's favorite bondage positions for her, tying her elbows tightly, until they were touching each other. She still liked that position, even as uncomfortable as it was for her. The result was her thrusting her breasts forward, as if they were begging to be touched. And David loved to touch, and tease them.


This time, Jamie was bouncing on the bed, that sound of frustration coming from behind the ballgag. She wanted loose, and she wanted loose right now. And if she couldn't get loose, she wanted satisfied. All these thoughts about bondage, and David, were causing her to become even more frustrated.

But it was not to be. And she still had to be careful. The key to the handcuffs was hanging on a string attached to a small hook above the bed, held out of her reach by a melting ice cube. When the ice cube melted, one end of the string, holding the key, would slide free through the hook. Jame would be able to reach up slightly, grab hold of the key, and though it would take a lot of work, unlock the handcuffs. But if she fell on her side on the bed, the string would be forever out of her reach, hanging above her body. She planned it that way, to force her to keep completely still on the bed.

And there she would sit, tied, ballgagged, and frustrated. And planning her revenge.


Robert Deane

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