Anne Takes Charge

by Anonymous

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Storycodes: FFF/m; D/s; cell; chain; prisoner; chast; rubber; cons/nc; X

This story would not have been possible without the inspiration I received after reading
"An Unexpected Discovery" Submitted by: Anne. 03/28/10 on the Altairboy webside. It would be helpful if you read that part first. Finally, I would like to thank that author for a truly creative story line.

Natasha drove us to my third floor walk-up apartment where I picked up enough things for two or three days. Told the landlord that I would be leaving at the end of the month.

The drive to Tim's was much shorter than I would ever have imagined. He actually lived within walking distance of my soon to be old apartment. Nearing the townhouse, Natasha pushed a button on the car's visor. The garage door opened to let in our Mercedes. It closed just as we pulled into one of several private parking spots.

Including the garage level, the townhouse had six floors. As we entered the elevator I remarked, "Nice luxury having your own private garage and elevator. Sure beats my old walk-up!"

"Anne, you would not believe all the perks that come with this position. I could tell you many of them now, but each day you will be surprised at how truly lucky the three of us are." She jokingly continued, "I guess you might say it's a win-win for the four of us."

The elevator by-passed the dungeon floor above the garage, and stopped at the living and dining area on the top. Each of the three remaing floors were huge individual apartments for Natasha, Stephanie and now me.

After a brief tour, Natasha began, "I know you're anxious to see Tim. And I can just imagine how anxious he is to see you. We thought to avoid any possible coercion on his part, that we would keep him ball gagged in your presence for the time being."

"Sounds like an excellently idea to me." As the elevator approached the dungeon floor, I felt excited. Much more than I would have believed possible.

"Anne this is Stephanie. Stephanie, Anne."

Stephanie spoke first, "I've heard a lot about you. Tim speaks so very highly of you."

Natasha interrupted, "Stephanie and I are going upstairs so that you and Tim can get caught up on old times. The conversation may be a little one sided but I'm sure you'll manage."

Noticing the gag in Tim's mouth, Anne jumped into her new role. "It seems that Tim has had a foul mouth."

Stephanie immediately took the cue and responded, "Yes. His language has been most dreadful. We do so hate to punish him. By the way, the key for unlocking the the gag is on a wooden peg near the belt key."

"I won't be needing it. Thanks anyway."

With that, they left Tim and me alone. I pushed the large brown leather chair right up to the bars of the cell. I wanted a good close look. Slowly, Tim walked toward me, still excited by Stephanie's and my conversation. The ankle chain stopped him a few inches from me. Sitting down, I asked rhetorically, "It's been a quick three years for me. How about you? Have the ladies been mean enough for your taste?"

Tim was caught in a trap of his own making. The best kind! First he nodded up and down. "Good, I'll take that to be yes. Then it hasn't been wasted money has it?"

Immediately he violently shook his head back and forth from left to right. "Oh! They haven't been mean enough. Maybe, I can do something to fix that." Not knowing how to answer, he started nodding and shaking in all directions like no tomorrow.

"Well Tim, as Natasha and Stephanie recently informed me, it seems that you never know what you really want. I guess I will have to be judge on what's best for you for now." With that, I arose and headed for the elevator. "I've enjoyed our litle chat. Hopefully, next time you can be a little more talkative."

When I got back to the top floor, Natasha and Stephanie were ecstatic. They had seen and heard everything on the in house monitor and camera system.

"How did I do? I hope I met with your approval?"

"Anne, you have an untapped talent to be mean. We would never have guessed," said Natasha.

"Quite sure Tim had no idea either," Stephanie added.

Immediately, we settled into 12 hours on and 24 hours off. Stephanie and Natasha took the first two shifts which left me 24 hours to clear out my apartment and enough time to go shopping for a new wardrobe. It's amazing what you can buy with a few extra bucks!

Whereas, Natasha and Stephanie, dressed in normal clothing around Tim, I had different ideas. In each of my sessions with him, I wore a different piece of provocative clothing. Knee length black stilletto boots, full length black leather trench coat, leather corsette and high heels, black leather mask, and much more.

To my surprise, the item that got Tim's greatest attention was an ankle length brown rubber apron, the kind that a hair colorist might use to protect her clothing. As the awareness of it's power became more apparent to me, I wore it less frequently and only randomly. What is that expression? "Intermittent reinforcement is the stongest and longest lasting."

Over the next six months, Tom's enforced silence continued during my sessions. I could well imagine how badly he wanted to sweet talk me. He never got the opportunity.

I wore the apron to our latest session. It had been more than a month since he had seen me in it. When I got off the elevator, Stephanie remarked, "You sure got his atttention!"

"Is that true Tim? Cat got your tongue?" I said matter of factly. Casually but calculating, I untied the strings and took off the apron, hanging it on the last wooden peg near the keys.

Walking over to the cell I said, "thought we'd play a modified "Let's Make A Deal." You know, the show where the contestants pick what's behind door # 1, 2 or 3. We'll only use two doors to make it easier on you. Would you like to play?"

He was staring so intently at that seemingly innocuous apron that he didn't hear a word I said. "Pay attention! " I shouted. Only when I screamed, "Right now!" was he finally able to pull his eyes off the apron and look at me.

Lowering my voice, I repeated, "Are you ready to play?

Sheepishly, he nodded up and down. I knew he wanted to look over at the apron, but didn't dare.

"O.K. Here we go!"

Door #1 "I'll let you talk for one hour. You can ask me anything or plead whatever case you want. And we both know that you do have a case. However, if your plea fails, the gag goes back and here's the kicker. From here on out, no more provocative clothing." Reading his mind, I added, "And most importantly that includes no more brown, rubber apron."

Door #2 "Wait three months and we can play "Let's Make a Deal" again.

Tim could contain himself no longer and stared over at the hanging shiny apron. Silently, I stood there, watching him mentally mull over his options.

Tim's thoughts. "Originally, the idea of being held captive had had great appeal Maybe too much appeal. Things were somewhat O.K., until Natasha and Stephanie, cruelly introduced that damn steel chastity belt. I never saw it coming. What a great touch on their part. Then slyly, I suggested Anne as a possible third jailer, praying that I would have a little more leverage with her than the other two. Then Anne, somehow stumbles onto my clothing thing with her in that apron. I know she knows. And she knows that I know she knows."

"Time for a decision," I said, snapping his eyes back to mine. Use your foot to count like a horse.

His choice was a foregone conclusion, the two stomps of his right foot only made it official. With our session over, I purposely left the apron hanging on the wooden peg and headed for the elevator. "I'll see you in twelve hours." Noticing the surprised expession on his face, I added, "I've asked Stephanie and Natasha for more quality time with you."

This new schedule of 12 on and 12 off went on for the next year. I never again offered "Deal or no Deal". Tim tried to stomp his feet after ninety days, but I put a stop to that with, "keep it up and you'll find yourself in a horse's harness and me in spurs. Get my drift?"

Besides, allowing me to spend more time with Tim, the new 12/12 schedule, produced an, unforeseen, secondary effect. Natasha and Stephanie each went from working 33% of the hours to 25%. It was like a narcotic. Eventually, they didn't want to show up at all. Sensing their increased dissatisfaction, I asked Natasha and Stephanie if I could buyout their interests.

Natasha spoke first, "What did you have in mind?"

"I'm prepared to pay both of you, half your monthly salary for life. It's just like a pension, less money but no work. That leave me with two-thirds of the monthly money but with all the work. Finally, I need both of you to accept my offer."

In unison, they said, "Please give us a moment." They took 30 seconds to huddle and came back with, "It's a deal. He's all yours, starting right now."

The actual details proved to be easier than imagined. Tim would continue to be the keystone. As long as I kept him under lock and key, I got paid, and they stayed retired. It was a win-win for all, except you know who.

Immediately, I saw the excitement in Tim's eyes, when I told him of the new arrangement. I could actually see the gears turning in his head. I reached through the bars and stroked his hair. He turned his head sideways as if to ask, "Finally, please take off this damn gag."

"In due time, my love." Without looking back, I quickly spun around and headed to the waiting elevator, taking it to the top floor monitor. Tim was acting like a mad man. I had never seen him so angry. The tirade continued for quite sometime until over the intercom to the dungeon I shouted, "Enough! I'll be right down."

Walking past the hanging apron, I approached Tim's cell. "O.K. Mister. Maybe I should recap things for you. First, it was your stupid idea to become chained up and held captive by Natasha, not mine. Secondly, you had the audacity to bring me on board, thinking you could sweet talk yourself to freedom. Well, the gag stops all sweet talk, so you had better get use to it."

"Finally, and pay close attention! Natasha and Stephanie can unretire. The ink ain't dry yet. " I now had his undivided attention. "You remember them? The chastity belt? Their cruel and indifferent attitude? You want them? You can have them!"

As I turned to leave, Tim dropped to the cement floor and began to sob. "I take it you would prefer I not call them. So be it, then."

Suddenly, I tossed the key for the ball gag to the far side of his cage. Tim sat there truly speechless. "Do not move until I'm finished! Got it?" Tim nodded. "When I'm not here you may unlock the gag."

"If and when you want to see me, relock the gag and throw the key over near the hanging apron. Simple enough? Easy to follow? Good. I wouldn't want any confusion on your part. Now go and get the key."

As he rose to retrieve it, I quickly spun around, and entered the waiting elevator.

Things remained the same as when Natasha and Stephanie were here. The cold water, straw bed, daily gruel and ankle chain as stated in the initial contract, remained in place. Likewise, the steel chastity belt also continued without interruption.

Tim came to learn that he not only shouldn't have started this whole captivity thing, but trading jailers was an even a bigger mistake. Whereas, Natasha and Stephanie were cruel and indifferent, he would soon learn my wicked talents.

As much as Tim detested the gag, he hated being alone even more. In no time, he was summoning me daily to the dungeon. Of course, my attire was always that innocuous ankle length, brown rubber apron. Well, certainly not innocuous to Tim, who was now in a constant state of arousal. If I had let him, he would have worn that self-imposed gag for days on end, without thought of food or water.

Finally, I had to put a stop to things after one particularly long marathon. Interrupting his glare like trance, I spoke, "Tim, remember in the beginning when I said that I would be the judge of what's good for you?" Suddenly, Tim snapped back to reality. "Well, me in this apron, 24/7, is not good for you. This particular apron causes your constant arousal, which has lead to the need for daily milking, followed by more arousal and the need for more milking. Quite a vicious cycle."

Up until this moment, Tim had thought that Natasha's introduction of the steel belted chastity belt was the cruelest thing to happen since his captivity, until I restricted his "viewing time" with me. You may call me cruel but not indifferent!

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