Anna in Chains

by Julien Sorel

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© Copyright 2009 - Julien Sorel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; chain; fdom; college; hum; mast; reluct/nc; X

Summary: A college girl makes the mistake of showing her psychological vulnerability around the subject of chains.
Author's note: This story was a request from Anna in Russia, who seems to like chains.


It was the beginning of summer vacation. Eight girls had split the costs of renting a huge beach house on a secluded inlet off the Long Island shore for the entire season. There were so many of the girls' classmates summering nearby, male and female, that the beach town felt like an endless college party.

Tonight three of the girls were out God knows where, and the others were were sprawled around the rental's luxurious living room, in front of windows looking out on the beach as the sun sank below the horizon late in the evening. The girls were chatting merrily after a day on the sand and a pleasant communal dinner, and the conversation had turned to sex, as it so often did with this fun-loving bunch. An extroverted brunette named Sheila was giggling her way through a narrative of her conquest of last night, an encounter that had taken a pleasantly kinky turn.

"And I have proof," said Sheila. She dashed out of the room and returned with a length of heavy chain and two padlocks.

The girls were fascinated. "He put that on you?" asked one of them.

"I was totally helpless," said Sheila. She chattered through a blow-by-blow account of the fornication.

"But how did it go on?" asked another, a curvy girl with streaked blonde hair named Janet.

"How didn't it go on, you mean! Here, I'll show you." said Sheila.

In a flash, Sheila was looping the chain around Janet's wrists. Before Janet knew what was happening, the chain was looped around her neck, and the padlocks were holding her joined wrists just below her chin. Janet yelped in mock panic, as the girls laughed giddily and talked over each other.

"Get these off me!" yelled Janet, a big grin on her face.

"Okay, okay," said Sheila. In a second Janet was free.

"And you did it with him like that?" asked Janet, rubbing her wrists.

"The first time, yes," said Sheila.

"I want to try it!" said Sheila's best friend Helen.

Sheila pounced on Helen, chaining her wrists behind her back and wrapping the rest of the chain around her arms and waist.

"Stop, stop!" yelped Helen. She couldn't move her arms at all.

"Isn't that totally sexy?" said Sheila, as she freed Helen.

"Sexy? I would be terrified if a strange guy did that to me!" said Janet.

"Oh, he was a nice fellow," said Sheila. She looked around the room. "I want to put it on Anna."

Anna was a newcomer to the group, a tall, very pretty natural blonde with a pleasant and easygoing personality. But her reaction tonight wasn't easygoing at all: "No! Oh, please, no," she exclaimed quickly. Her expression was as blank and pale as that of a child about to be punished.

The room got quiet. "Whoa, Anna, relax," said Sheila.

Anna was suddenly aware that everyone was watching her. She laughed and said, "You scared me for a second. It's okay, I guess. Go ahead."

Anna managed to strike the right tone, and the mood in the room became light-hearted again. But her face went totally blank as Sheila wrapped her wrists in the chains. In a low voice, she said "Oh, God," as if she wasn't aware she was talking. Everyone heard her.

Sheila merely padlocked Anna's wrists in front of her and dropped them in Anna's lap. Anna tried to gather her thoughts. "It's no big deal," she said, smiling. She looked at the bluish-gray links of steel pressing into her pale, almost transparent flesh. The sight made her dizzy.

"Anna, you're in some kind of sex trance," said Helen. Anna was startled to hear this: she didn't know that her thoughts were written on her face so clearly.

Anna forced a laugh. "Okay, get me out of these," she said, as naturally as she could.

"In a second," said Sheila. She walked over to Anna and took the loose end of the chain in her hand. Anna's face dropped like a rock. Using the chain as a lead, Sheila walked backwards, pulling Anna's arms out in front of her.

"Oh, please, don't, please, oh, my God," mumbled Anna under her breath. It was plain to see that she had lost control of herself.

"Okay, Anna, Jesus," said Sheila, unlocking the padlock and freeing Anna's hands. Rubbing her wrists, Anna smiled weakly.

"I don't know why that was so scary," she said, sitting down.

"Anna, you clearly have some kind of fetish," said Helen.

"What, a chain fetish?" said Anna, trying to make light of the situation. "Is there such a thing?"

The conversation moved on, but the girls couldn't let such a juicy item go, and kept teasing Anna all night. Eventually Anna was thinking clearly again, and realized that she had to participate in the talk and try to put this incident behind her. Before long she couldn't remember what the chains felt like, and couldn't understand why she had had such a violent reaction to them. But she knew that she had made a spectacle of herself, and wondered how she was going to live it down.


The next day, all the girls were getting up early for a day trip out to Montauk with a group of boys. Anna was a sound sleeper, and tonight she was helped along by a sleeping pill that the other girls had ground up and put in her water bottle.

In the morning, Anna woke up screaming before she had even opened her eyes. Something had happened to her that she didn't understand. After crying out at the top of her lungs for what seemed like hours, she lay hyperventilating on her bed, trying to pull herself together.

She was completely naked. The chain was padlocked around her waist, like a belt. The loose end was pulled tight between her legs, with the chain way up inside her, dividing her furry cunt in two. Her hands were chained behind her, with the other end of the same chain - every time she tried to move her hands, the chain split her more deeply.

The house was completely quiet. Her heart pounding, Anna stumbled to her feet and ran as quickly as she could into the living room, the chain riding up into her with every step. No one was there. The girls had left her and gone to Montauk. Anna assessed the situation. Could she get help from a stranger? It was unthinkable; she was stark naked and chained in the most humiliating way imaginable. There was nothing she could do except wait for the girls to return.

The house was full of picture windows that Anna would have to avoid, so that passers-by wouldn't see her. She made her way back to her room, then collapsed on her bed and began sobbing pitifully. How could her friends do this to her? Couldn't they tell that this was the single worst thing in the world that she could imagine? She would never forgive them.

Anna cried and cried until there were no more tears, then lay numb and exhausted on the bed. After a long time, she pulled herself painfully to a sitting position. There were practical matters that she would have to attend to if she were going to get through this day. First of all, she had to pee badly.

She walked to the bathroom. The toilet was going to be impossible. Finally she gathered some toilet paper in her hand, then knelt in the bathtub. By arching backwards, she managed to get enough slack in the chain to dislodge it from between her cunt lips, allowing her to pee down the drain. She cleaned herself and returned to her bedroom. Throwing herself on the bed, the poor girl cried a little more, then drifted off to sleep.

Anna woke up before noon and remembered her predicament with a dull shock. It was a long time before she could make herself get out of bed and face the day.

Was there any way for her to dress? She tried to crawl head first into a loose dress, but quickly realized that it was hopeless. She was going to be naked for the entire day.

Gloomily, she went to the living room, fumbled blindly on the coffee table for the remote control, then sat down to watch television. But she couldn't focus, and she quickly hit the off button.

Anna shifted her chained wrists ever so slightly beneath her. Suddenly she heard a little moan escape from her mouth. All morning long the chain between her legs had made her feel nothing but irritation and humiliation; now, as if someone had thrown a switch in her head, she realized that the chain was in intimate, slippery contact with all of the most sensitive spots on her body.

She shifted her weight again, and felt a tiny but insistent dirty feeling radiating outward from her cunt. She hated the idea that this cruel prank could turn her on - she would be horrified if the girls found out what she was thinking. For a minute she sat very still, trying to settle herself down. But each tiny move was making sparks fly. There was no way that she was going to be able to ignore this for the rest of the day. Better to get it over with.

She relaxed in the chair, spreading her legs wide. Then she pulled her fastened wrists slowly up behind her back. The chain moved agonizingly, each link lifting up out of its sticky hiding place, then nestling into a new crevice inside her. Anna's mind shut down under the sensory overload, and her hands and cunt started making their own decisions. In fifteen seconds she was screaming out the most devastating orgasm of her life, her long legs jerking in spasms in the air.

If the morning had seemed to last forever for Anna, the afternoon slipped away in a sex haze. At some point she slid off the chair and found herself on the carpet; she couldn't remember when it happened. For a while she lingered in a post-orgasmic mist, sending little vibrations along the chain to her cunt to keep herself wet and yearning; then, without warning, she would start falling into another climax, working her bound body like a series of pulleys. Though the crotch chain had made her helpless to perform even the simplest routine functions around the house, it had transformed her into an amazingly efficient orgasm machine, with her every thought converted into tiny muscular events that the chain transmitted losslessly to her cunt, which exploded in unendurable sex aches that rewired her brain and started the cycle again.

By the time Anna began to return from the sex world and recover her senses, the day was almost over. She lay in a puddle of her own sweat on the carpet, slowly preparing herself to get up. It was hard to return to reality, where the inescapable chain removed the use of her arms and split her in half with every step; so much easier to remain on the carpet, where the chain was a strict master that gave her pleasure while it broke her will.

Finally Anna rose unsteadily to her feet like a newborn pony, unbearably sensitive between her legs. First she relieved herself in the bathtub. Then she realized how hungry she was. In the kitchen, she searched the bottom shelves of the refrigerator (the higher shelves were out of her reach) and managed to grab and open a bag of cut vegetables. To her delight, she spotted some trail mix on the kitchen counter, and was able to knock it onto the floor with her hips. She dumped the contents of both bags onto the wood table, and grazed on them like an animal. The food tasted delicious. After, she turned on the tap in the bathtub and drank water from it.

In the bathroom, she caught a glimpse of herself in a full-length mirror, and almost cried. Her blonde hair was brown with sweat, and hung damply around her head. Her body was dappled with dried sweat and dust, and her thighs gleamed down to her knees with her own juices. There were bits of food clinging to her face and breasts.

Anna immediately turned on the shower and stepped into it. She couldn't wash herself properly, but she put as much of her body as she could in the path of the shower stream. When she felt that the water had washed away the pee that she had left in the tub, she lay on her back, spread her legs, and let the shower remove the evidence of her solitaire sex orgy.

Unable to use a towel, Anna stood in the tub for a while, then walked dripping into the house, hoping that her hair wouldn't look too crazy when it dried. She was starting to think about how to handle the girls when they returned. The only sensible approach would be to play it as cool as possible. After all the changes she had gone through today, she realized that the chain had finally lost its dark magic for her, that it would no longer make her nervous or vulnerable. Whatever she decided to do about the rest of the summer, she had to capitalize on her new confidence and try to normalize the social situation.

She thought about being in her bed when the girls got home, but she couldn't get the covers up over her breasts; and anyway, being in her bedroom would make it look as if she were hiding. She finally opted for sprawling in a natural position on the couch and watching television, making no concessions to her nakedness. She didn't think the girls would be nasty enough to bring boys home with them, but if they did, she would have to act like a hussy and brazen it out.

As soon as the television was on, Anna felt an urge to masturbate with the chain again. Before she had much time to weigh the pros and cons, she found herself already way past the point of no return, and she came once more in a long, rolling orgasm that panicked her with its intensity. But she came down from the orgasm comfortably, without feeling the need for a repeat performance. After another quick shower, she resumed her position and watched a rerun of "Buffy."

Anna had fallen asleep in front of the television when the girls arrived, but woke up in time to greet them with an angry stare.

"That was just about the funniest joke in the world," she said angrily.

"Oh, Anna! Are you still in that old thing?" said Helen. The girls' giggling was quickly turning to belly laughs.

"Get me out of this now," said Anna.

"After only one day?" said Janet.

"After dinner," said Helen.

"I have to go to the bathroom," Anna lied, angrily and very convincingly. "Get me out of this now!"

"Oh, all right," said Sheila. She unlocked Anna front and back. Anna grabbed the chain and walked naked to the bathroom, not looking back. After flushing the toilet for show, she took a real shower, washed the chain until it didn't smell like pussy and ass, then put on a jersey and sweatpants and went into the kitchen, where the girls were gathered.

"So how was the trip, which I desperately wanted to go on, as I must have said at least twenty times?" said Anna.

"It was fabulous!" said one of the girls, and they immediately began recounting the events of the day as if nothing had happened. Anna listened, asked questions, allowed the tone of her interactions with the group to settle gradually back to normal. Once in a while someone would tease her about the chain incident; it was obvious that the girls considered it too hot an item to let drop. But Anna handled herself well.

After dinner, everyone retired to the living room, where the day trip continued to yield gossip about boys flirted with, sights seen, and more boys.

"We felt bad for you, Anna, really we did," said Sheila. "So we brought you some presents."

"If you think a couple of presents is going to make what you did okay, forget about it," said Anna, sitting comfortably in a chair and beginning to think about going to bed.

Sheila walked up to Anna, stood right in front of her chair between her legs, and quickly locked a small length of heavy chain around her neck.

Anna's eyes opened wide in terror as she clutched the chain necklace. Her mouth opened, but no words came out.

Helen stepped up behind Anna and wrapped another chain around Anna's face, across her mouth.

"No, no, no, no," said Anna hoarsely.

"Open up," said Sheila to Anna, without raising her voice.

"Please no," whispered Anna.

"Open up, dear," said Sheila, just as calmly as before.

Eyes wide, Anna opened her mouth. Helen pulled the chain deep between her lips and locked it behind her head.

Sheila took out a chain leash and locked it to Anna's collar, holding the other end in her hand. Then Sheila pulled up on the leash, lifting Anna slowly to a standing position.

Anna was babbling nonsense syllables into her chain gag as she stared pleadingly into Sheila's eyes. The girls were surprised to note that Sheila's face had the same blank look as Anna's, as if forces beyond her control were directing her. No one knew what would happen next.

Holding Anna tight on her chain leash, Sheila bent down and violently yanked Anna's sweatpants to the ground, baring Anna's hips and legs. Standing up again, Sheila pulled the chained blonde toward her until the girls' faces were inches apart. Then, keeping the leash short with her right hand, Sheila plunged her left into Anna's cunt and began playing with it, roughly, as if she were cleaning out a chicken. Anna let out an animal-like howl, her eyes rolling back into her head. The girls watched in amazement as Anna, hanging from her leash like a marionette, began jerking and spasming in her first public orgasm.


As the summer wore on, the beach house became a hangout for boys that the girls knew from college, or that they'd gotten to know over the months. A few days before the girls' return to college, Sheila's old friend Dave paid a visit.

"She's in the back yard, with Anna," said Helen.

Dave was hoping that Anna would be around. He walked through the house to the back yard, where Sheila, sitting in a lounge chair in shorts and a bikini top, greeted him cheerily. Anna was lying naked on the grass at Sheila's feet, and didn't look up.

Dave pulled up a chair. "Taking her out for walkies?" he said.

"I like her to get some fresh air," said Sheila. "And this is her bathroom too. Hey, do you want to see something amazing?"


"After a lot of hard work, I can now report that Anna will go potty on command. Even if she just went, she'll squeeze something out if I tell her to."

"No," said Dave, "I most definitely do not want to see her go potty, thank you."

"You need to expand your thinking, David," said Sheila. "This is one in a million. This is something you're never going to see again."

"Even so," said Dave. "Now, if you've trained her to relieve my pent-up sexual tensions, that would be a different matter."

"That can totally be arranged," said Sheila.


"That's what she's for," said Sheila. "Just be a man and ask me right out. And give me notice. She has a very busy schedule. I'm her social secretary."

Sheila laughed at her own joke. Dave said, "That certainly gives me something to think about."

Anna lay tranquil on the grass during this conversation. She was wearing a crotch chain again - but, on closer inspection, it was more like a chastity belt, with holes to allow her to eliminate, so she could wear the chain for the long term. The chain collar around her neck looked permanent, just a circle of heavy links with no locks. In her mouth was a small ring gag, held in place with another chain. She didn't seem to notice or mind the stream of drool trickling out of her mouth to the ground. Sheila was gently caressing Anna's ear with her toes, sometimes pushing her blonde hair out of her face and behind her ear. Anna might have been enjoying the caress - it was hard to tell.

"Last time I was here she seemed embarrassed to have company," said Dave, staring.

"Yes, she's come a long way," said Sheila, looking at Anna affectionately. "It used to be so hard to train her...and then one day it all changed, and everything became easy."

"Does she listen to what we're saying?" asked Dave.

"Of course. Look. Come here, Anna, toward me! Further! Now down, on your tummy! Good girl!"

When she heard Sheila's command, Anna rose, crawled in front of Sheila, then lay directly in front of her on the grass. She showed no expression the whole time. Sheila propped her bare feet up on Anna's ass.

"That's kind of cold," said Dave.

"No, it's not," said Sheila. "I'm putting her to use. I like using her. You don't understand this sort of thing, David."

"You're right about that," said Dave. Sheila ran her toes idly along the chain that dove into the crevice between Anna's ass cheeks. Then she hooked her big toe under the chain and pulled gently, transmitting pressure to Anna's delicate parts. Anna gave a little girly squeal through her ring gag, turned her head to the other side, then lay still on the grass again. Sheila smiled and patted Anna on the ass with her foot.

"So what happens when you girls leave?" asked Dave.

"You mean to Anna?" asked Sheila.


"I don't know, exactly," said Sheila. "I'm keeping her. That much I know."

"How is that going to work?"

"I haven't figured it out. What do you think?" said Sheila, seriously.

"You're asking me?" said Dave. "I have no clue. You can't keep her in this state, can you?"

"I don't know," said Sheila. "I don't think she can act like a normal girl anymore. Her poor little brain blew a fuse." Sheila scratched Anna behind the ear with her toes.

"It has to be figured out," said Sheila. "I've got to talk to some people, get advice. Anyway, I'm keeping her."

Anna listened to this conversation without showing any emotion, lying naked in the grass under Sheila's feet. It was very hard to tell from watching her whether she was thinking the thoughts of a young woman, or whether that life was all behind her.


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