Angela Is Now Just A Teddy Bear

by Garsponlin

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; hood; costume; oral; drug; reluct/nc; X

Brian really hates his job even though he is really good at it but he cant pack it in as he needs the money which is good very good his only pleasure is his social life with Angela he is besotted by her as she is with him it’s a Thursday so he only has one more day before the weekend which cheers him up no end.

When he does get home Angela greets him even before he has got out of his car which is quite unusual.

“You’re keen”

“I have something I need to talk to you about so sit down and I will show you”

Angela has been working on the teddy bear in secret for months and it's now finished so she shows it to Brian.

"You are so clever Angela have you made that all yourself“

"Yes all my own work what do you think"

"It looks fantastic but it's hollow what are you going to fill it with"

"Me I'm the filling"

"Are you serious I didn't expect that explain yourself"

"I have wanted to be sealed inside a teddy bear for years so I have decided to actually do it"

“This is so unexpected I never ever suspected you wanted to do this how long do you expect to be in the teddy for"

"Probably a month once I'm sewn into the teddy bear there is no way I could get out anyway"

"Sewn in how will you be able to do that?”

"You would need to do it for me, if you won't I will have to find someone who will"

"Of course I will help I reckon you already knew that"

"I did I know you are as kinky as me aren't you"

"Yes I guess I am but this is on a whole new level"

"I know that but I want to do it today if that's ok"

"If you have made your mind up I guess that’s it I know how single minded you are so I guess its a yes just a couple of things how will I manage without sex and what about your feeding and toilet"

"I'm sure you will find someone for sex and as regards feeding and toilet read my instructions I have worked all that out all you will need to do is follow everything that I have written.”

Brian sits down and reads through her instructions, there is a lot more in them that she hasn't mentioned.

"Are you sure you want to do all this"

'Yes of course why"

"You won't be able to see or talk and if I put you in the latex outfit you will effectively be in bondage"

"That's exactly how I want to be I want to feel completely helpless"

"You will certainly be that but if that's what you want ok"

Angela had laid out all the stuff on the kitchen table and Brian looks through everything.

"Ok let's do it you need to take all your clothes off and have a shower before we start”

Angela does that and also drinks a whole glass of strong laxative to clean herself out when she has done all that she comes back downstairs he gets her to lay on her back on the kitchen table where he duct tapes her arms and legs into a folded position.

"Is that too tight"

"Not at all it needs to be"

She has had no hair for some time as she has alopecia if she didn't Brian would need to shave it all off.

"I might as well gag you now do you want to say anything before I do it"

"I do I know you are going to have total control of me and I like that so it will be your decision when to get me out so long as it's not more than a month do I have your promise on that"

"Of course you do"

Before she can talk anymore Brian slides the breathe through penis panel gag into her mouth and does the strap up behind her head.

"Ok close your eyes now"

She does that and he glues shaped latex patches that Angela has provided into her eye sockets he holds them in till the glue has set them he glues two slightly bigger ones in and does the same.

He picks up the clear rubber bag that she has had made and holds it up.

"Are you sure the rubber bag will fit it looks too small to me"

Angels nods at that and he gets on with pulling it on her its very thick so he has to really pull to get her in the first job is to push the breathing tube through the only hole in the hood then he pulls it with some difficulty onto her head he then pulls the body on again its quite a job but he does it and zips her up the rubber is so tight it makes her arms and legs almost disappear she looks really tiny now.

She wriggles to make the rubber fit better he pushes a length of plastic tube over the breathing tube and secures it on with a jubilee clip then he feeds the pipe through the teddy bears mouth he picks her up when she stops moving and pushes her into the space in the teddy bear with a lot of effort he gets her right inside she has provided a zip in the back of the teddy so he does that up.

"That was quite something Angela but you are in and I have to say you look fabulous all I need to do now is to cover the zip keep still while I do that"

She can barely hear but she does get the gist of what he said and she does keep still.

He reads the instructions again and she specified a strip of teddy bear cloth to be glued on then sewn over the zip so he gets on with doing that he is very skilled with a sewing needle so this part it very easy for him when it's done there is no sign of the zip it looks now as though the teddy is made in one piece all he needs to do now is glue the breathing tube in place and then he trims it so it fits inside the teddies mouth.

"All done what do you want me to do with you now"

There is no response from the teddy bear so Brian puts his ear up to the breathing tube and listens and happily he can hear steady breathing so he knows she is ok.

There is slight movement from the arms and legs but no sounds.

Now he has done it, he has no idea what to do next so he picks the teddy bear up and carries it upstairs and into the bedroom and sits it on a wooden rocking chair.

A month is a long time to be without sex so he will need to find some female company Angela was ok with that so it's not cheating.

Angela is now wriggling quite a lot so to make sure she doesn't fall he uses a couple of luggage straps to secure her to the chair.

It's nine o'clock in the evening and he really needs a shag so he gets changed turns the lights off and drives to the local pub he can't really drink as he is driving but he can socialise and within a few minutes he is being chatted up by a very sexy girl this is the first time that has happened for many years at least since he met Angela.

Back at the house Angela is getting used to being a teddy bear this is what she has been dreaming of for years and it's even better than she thought It would be though she can't work out why she can't move much.

"What's your name mine is Brian"

"It's Laura"

"Ok Laura let's cut to the chase I need sex are you up for that"

"Yes I am so where do you want to do it I live with my parents so that's not on what about your place"

"My place? ok it's my place then"

He hasn't worked out yet how to explain about the teddy bear but he is so randy he will have to think of something .

Laura is obviously very randy as well and she almost drags him outside he gets her into his car and they drive the short distance to his house. 

"I love your house it's really posh looking"

"Do you think so"

As soon as they are indoors she unzips his flies and gives him oral then she drags him upstairs and into the bedroom where the teddy bear is still strapped to the chair Laura only gives it a glance before she gets him on the bed and gets on with sucking his cock again now he doesn't really care about Angela she would never do this and he has worked out what he will tell Laura about her.

He has never had sex like this before Laura is unrelenting its like he is being raped and he loves it.

After a couple of hours even she is exhausted so both of them go to sleep.

The alarm is set for seven and Brian has to go to work so he gets up Laura is still asleep so he leaves her like that and has a shower and gets dressed by the time he is back in the bedroom Laura is awake.

“You are dressed don't you want more sex”

“I would love to but I need to go to work what about you”

“I don’t work I inherited enough money to live on can I stay here today”

“Yes of course you can I will be back home at about six so make yourself at home”

“Shall I cook you some dinner i'm a good cook so I’m sure you will enjoy it”

“If you want to do that it’s fine with me”

“Then I will just one thing before you go what’s with the teddy bear and why is it strapped to the chair”

“Its robotic and its strapped like that so it doesn’t fall and get damaged”

“Ok that makes sense”

“Its switched on permanently so don’t remove the straps”


Angela cant hear properly but she can hear muffled voices and she is sure one of them is a female so it looks as though Brian couldn’t wait she is ok with that in fact she finds it quite a turn on.

When Brian has driven away Laura gets out of bed she doesn’t get dressed apart from her high heels she goes downstairs into the kitchen and makes herself some breakfast.

When Laura has had her breakfast she goes exploring the first place she goes is the garden fortunately there are no other properties overlooking it as she is still naked she lays out on a lounger on the patio for an hour as it's so warm and sunny she really enjoyed that at home with her parents she couldn’t do that certainly not in the nude anyway afterwards she carries on exploring it's a big house so it takes her a while and she finishes up in the bedroom the teddy bear seems to be struggling against the straps but she promised Brian she wouldn’t touch them and she doesn’t but she does put her ear up to the teddy’s chest expecting to hear mechanical noises and is shocked to hear faint heart beats now she is really confused.

Angela is so hungry and thirsty that she is already angry with Brian she knows that she will have to wait for him.

While she is in the bedroom Laura has a good look through the two big wardrobes one is full of Brian's clothes, the other is locked so she has a hunt round for the key and finds it in a bedside table under a whole lot of bits and pieces and when she unlocks and opens it she is blown away its full off fetish type female outfits lots of latex and leather garments and dozens of very high heeled shoes she has never seen anything like this before so she re-locks the wardrobe doors and puts the key back where she found it the teddy bear is still struggling so she watches it for some time before going back downstairs.

By the time Brian is back from work Laura has got dressed and has cooked his dinner.

“I hope you have enjoyed your day”

“Yes it's been good I really love your house it's so comfortable”

“Well if you want to stay for a while i'm ok with that”

“Thanks I will”

While Laura is busy with the dinner he goes up to the bedroom with a container of the special food that Angela has bought he takes the instructions out of his pocket and reads them again the teddy bear is quiet at the moment which is perfect so he gets the feeding kit that she has bought and pushes the pipe down her feeding tube he does make sure that Laura is still busy before he pumps the liquid food in, she does struggle to breath while he does that but eventually she manages ok he pulls the pipe out of her feeding tube and puts the kit and food away in the cupboard.

“Dinner is ready”

“Ok i’m coming”

According to the instructions the liquid food has a sexual stimulation additive in it and it also doesn't produce any waste all the food gets turned into energy and it's now obvious by the way the teddy bear is moving that its working he will have to make sure that Laura doesn't see this so he will need to keep her downstairs till Angela stops.

“If it tastes as good as it looks wonderful”

It does and they both eat everything on the plates.

“You weren't lying when you said you are a good cook that was superb”

“Thanks I enjoy cooking”

Upstairs the bear is having orgasm after orgasm now Angela is no longer thirsty and hungry.

“I had a good look round your house today and I must say it's immaculate if I didn’t know better I would have thought a female lived here”

“I have to admit I did have a female living here but she left so its down to me now”

“That makes sense there is no way a guy would keep the house like this and that explains the locked wardrobe”

“You noticed that did you”

“I did and I unlocked it as well you are a dark horse why didn’t you tell me I thought you might be a transvestite”

“I paid for it all so she left everything behind when she left if you want you can borrow anything that you fancy”

“I might just do that but I guess she was a bit smaller than me so maybe they won’t fit”

“She was small but so are you so why don’t you try some on”

He has already forgotten about Angela in the bedroom.


He stays downstairs while Laura goes upstairs to the bedroom unlocks the wardrobe and pulls out a black latex mini dress sheer black tights and the highest heels she can find the dress fits her it's just a bit shorter on her and luckily she takes the same shoe size so she looks at herself in the mirror and does a twirl as she does that she gets a clear look at the teddy bear and its moving in the most erotic way, now she is really confused she really needs to talk to Brian about it so she goes downstairs she can walk in high heels but this is the highest she has ever worn so she takes her time.

“You look wonderful and so sexy”

“I will admit I do feel wonderful you can take me out clubbing if you want”

“It’s a deal”

“Before we do go out maybe you can talk to me about the teddy bear I swear its human, today I listened to its chest and I think I heard heart beats and just now its moving just like a woman having orgasms it's not a machine is it”

Now it's Brian who is confused he convinced himself that Laura would believe his story about the teddy being a machine but she is too intelligent to swallow that so he decides to tell her the truth.

“No its not there is a woman called Angela in there I must stress that she wanted to do it in fact she organised everything so what you see is a live teddy bear I don't think it’s illegal so don’t think about blackmail but I would prefer if you kept all this to yourself”

“I’m surprised you would think I would blackmail you to be honest I love it she is obviously indulging a fantasy not many people get to do that”

“Thank you for that you don’t know how relieved I am”

“Ok but the bottom line is when where you planning to get her out”

“A months time that’s what I agreed”

“Did you put that in writing”

“No it's just a verbal promise”

“Then you could leave her in the teddy bear effectively for ever?”

“I guess I could but I won't”

“I can see I have a lot of persuading to do but I do have some time to do it so let's go clubbing”

Brain gets changed and they get a taxi to the main night club in the centre of town.

Angela is so randy she wanted to do this and so far it's exceeded her dreams.

Over the next two weeks Laura works hard to persuade Brian and she really goes for it with lots of sex and finally he agrees to keep Angela in the teddy bear permanently, most nights they bring it into there bed and it makes both of them extra horny Brian has shown Laura how to feed the bear as well so when he gets home its sex sex and more sex.

After a month Angela has forgotten all about wanting to be got out and is now just a live and very cuddly teddy bear.

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