An Employee Vanishes

by Uto

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© Copyright 2016 - Uto - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFM/f; kidnap; drug; bond; captive; computer; hack; MF; rom; sex; climax; MF+/fff; robbery; rope; gag; chairtie; cons/nc; X

Sarah Sterke was a very successful woman who owned and profitably operated her own business. Still on the right side of forty, she had a full figure yet still retained a somewhat girlish waist. Short, carefully tinted hair framed a square determined face that was obviously used to giving the orders. She dressed well and stylishly, as she could afford to.

Well over a decade back there had been a hard fought divorce in which she had taken her worthless husband very thoroughly to the cleaners. 
This had given her the stake she used to start her business in the field of investment and computer research, national and international. 
Responsible people might have questioned some of her dealings but she had been very successful. Now she had her own modern premises in a discreet part of the financial district. She lived above her office in a tasteful, well designed apartment. She employed three ladies, well qualified and well trained and who served her very well indeed.

On a typical day her three employees were in the office by eight thirty a.m. Her office supervisor, Donna would ascend the stairs and meet with Sarah in her private upstairs office. The two would talk briefly for a while, discussing any major business to be handled that day and the two would go down to the main business office and the day's work would begin. The two girls were Elizabeth and Bev. Tertiary educated and very computer literate in the field of international investment, they would be told what they needed to know to carry out the day's program. The whole office workings were extremely complicated yet as a rule everything worked smoothly and efficiently. 
Some of the overseas information they handled was very valuable. Worth perhaps, millions.

What was surprising was that Donna, who was now responsible for the smooth running of the whole office had only been there for a little over three weeks and had been completely unknown before that. Yet it was as if she had been there for years. She herself could be described as having a good figure, fit and with shoulder length blonde hair with a face that might be described as attractive. She was reputed to be very well qualified for the job she had only been in for such a short time.

Prior to her coming the work supervisor had been a lady named Janette Flack who had been there almost since the founding of the business. 
She had left mysteriously and unexpectedly and now Donna was in her place. In order to understand this strange business we have to go back to the day of this lady's departure.

The now vanished Janette had not been kindly treated by nature, or by people. Unlike Donna, she had not been particularly tall and was thin and mousy. Her face had been narrow, her chin pointed and her short hair was straight, scraggly and already greying, though she had been only in her mid late thirties. Her skin had always been coarse and spotted. No one would ever have called her pretty.

But she had had much in her favour. She was remembered as a prodigious worker, who had fully understood research computing and coped with anything Sarah's office could throw at her. It was largely due to her that the business had continued to function smoothly year after year. 
Elizabeth and Bev had respected her for her competence and because she was always ready to help them with the intricacies of their work, they had even liked her. They had also felt sorry for her.

The tragedy was that Janette had not been the strongest of personalities and could not hold her own in any company. She had been very much underpaid for the value of the work she did. And she had also been a tragic social failure. Throughout her adult life she had never had a lasting male friend. It was nastily said she was becoming a chronic old maid. And Sarah had been insensitive enough to ridicule her about this from time to time.

Janette's last day at work had not been a happy one. There had been a cruise ship due to depart the harbour that night on a voyage to the tropics. Sarah had maliciously suggested that she stow away on it in the hope of enjoying a few shipboard romances to brighten up her dismal social life. She had kept up this less than tasteful joke long after it ceased to be funny. The very sensitive Janette had been close to tears when she left to go home that afternoon. She had not come in to work the next day or the day after. Sarah made a few snide remarks that perhaps she had gone on the boat after all. Elizabeth and Bev had wondered if she were out looking for another position somewhere. If so, they both wished her good luck.

Sarah had not been able to contact Janette at all. Not that she tried very hard at first. Nor did she report her as a missing person, saying it was for her family to do that. Even though, as far as she knew, her vanished supervisor had no immediate family.

It was shortly before this that Donna had come onto the scene.

Two days before Janette's untimely departure Sarah had been approached by Donna who had shown what she said were her qualifications and enquired about a supervisory position with the firm. At the time Janette was competently and efficiently doing her work and there had been no need for her. Donna had smilingly withdrawn, asking only that she be kept in mind if an opportunity did arise. She had said she wanted to work with Sarah and her organization.

Five days later Janette was still missing and, by then, seemed unlikely to reappear. Sarah started to get worried and then she remembered Donna. A quick phone call and an even quicker interview and it was agreed that she be given a trial. Amazingly, Donna took to the supervisory work the vanished supervisor had done with the greatest efficiency. It was almost as if she were somehow in contact with her and been told  what to do. In two weeks she was installed in the supervisory position. Sarah was only pleased that she had found such an excellent replacement in so short a time. She even took to making hurtful remarks about her vanished employee as if she were still around. Elizabeth and Bev were puzzled about the whole business and wondered what had really happened to Janette. On hearing this Sarah derisively remarked that she had probably eloped with a famous movie actor.

The reality was very different.

But to get the full story we must go back to the evening of Janette's last day of work with Sarah, Elizabeth and Bev.

Janette was near crying from Sarah's unkindness when she left late that afternoon. She had shed a tear or two on her way home on public transport. It was almost dark when she reached the street where her lonely flat was located. Such was her distress she did not notice two women standing in the deep shadow of a tree about a hundred yards from her front door.

Both were wearing trench coats though the rain had stopped several hours ago. They also wore hats and dark glasses. Had Janette been her usual observant self she might have wondered why they needed sunglasses in this darkness. But, greatly upset as she was, she barely noticed them.

As she passed them one stepped towards her and asked directions to a nearby street. The other remained in the shadows. Such was her preoccupation, Janette did not hear properly. She stopped and asked the woman to repeat herself.

The enquirer smiled and did so. At the same time the other stepped from the darkness to behind Janette and firmly seized her arms. The smiling questioner pulled an anaesthetic soaked cloth from her handbag and clamped it firmly over her mouth and nose, stifling any noises she might have made. Both of them pulled and manoeuvred the surprised woman into the dark from which they had emerged. No one in the darkening and deserted street saw this incident.

Unable to utter more than barely audible mewing sounds, Janette struggled for less than half a minute before the drug took effect and she finally went limp in her attackers arms. The cloth was held against her face for a short while longer and then, still holding her upright, they half carried her to a car parked unobtrusively a few yards along the street. Here she was thrust onto the back seat and covered with a blanket. A quick look round and her captors got into the front of the vehicle and drove off. In the space of a few minutes Janette had been abducted from a public street and no one had seen a thing.

She woke up over an hour later. Though she had been heavily drugged, her mind was clear and there were no ill effects. She found she was tied to a chair, not gagged but very effectively blindfolded by a thick surgical bandage that had been wound round and round her head. 
The chair itself appeared to be made of solid tubular steel with a very comfortable leather seat, backrest and armrests. Altogether, a very superior sort of office chair. Her lower arms had been bound to the armrests with what seemed to be strips of cloth, as had her waist been tied firmly to the steel shaft which held the backrest. Her ankles had been tightly lashed to the steel ring to which the chair rollers were attached. She had been secured with great care but, on the whole, was not uncomfortable.

She wondered why this had happened to her. Why would anyone want to kidnap her? She wasn't wealthy and neither was what family she had. 
There was no possibility of a large ransom for her safe return.

As if to answer her query she heard a door close and footsteps approaching behind her. "Who's there?" she asked.

The visitor was Donna and from this we learn that Janette's abduction had been part of a careful plan and not a random kidnapping. "Good evening Janette," she began pleasantly, "I hope you weren't too frightened when we brought you here. Anyway, I can assure you that you'll be much better treated from now on."

Janette still seemed to think she had been abducted for profit. "I tell you," she began shrilly, "Neither me nor my family are rich. There's no chance of a big ransom."

"Ransom indeed?" laughed Donna, "Please. Nothing so sordid as that. All we want from you are a few details about the work you've been doing. Unfortunately, it'll be necessary to keep that blindfold in place. At least for a while. But first we'll put you to sleep." With that she produced a prepared needle and deftly and expertly injected Janette in the neck. This brought a startled protest from the bound woman but it was done before she fully realized what was happening. 
"Just relax darling," she was told, "It'll take effect very quickly."

And take effect very quickly it did. Within minutes the captive's eyelids started to droop underneath her blindfold. After five minutes she was drowsy and in ten she was out to the world. She had been injected with a very effective truth drug and twenty minutes later the questioning began. Janette slowly, dully but correctly answered a series of questions that were tape recorded. Donna took notes on her replies. She was joined in this information extraction by a male associate named Adam who entered the room shortly after.

Over an hour later Janette regained consciousness and her two interrogators told her what they had done. She was told there would be more questioning to come which she could answer freely or they would simply drug her once more. She considered this in silence and, not liking the idea of being drugged again, decided on limited co-operation.

All this, it seemed, was taking place in a room full of very sophisticated computer equipment. And that these two had hacked into Sarah's business website without her knowing and already knew a great deal about her operation. But they needed to know more, which could be best obtained from someone with experience with the firm. And this was where Janette came in.

The work continued for several hours. Janette was asked questions from time to time which she answered very guardedly. From the extent Donna and Adam had infiltrated Sarah's computer records it became very obvious how important she had been to the firm and they also seemed to know how little she had been paid. And the niggling, petty treatment she had had to put up with. They took every opportunity to tell her this. She became very silent as this became more and more obvious.

Later in the evening the work came to an end. Janette was untied from the chair, stood up and, still blindfolded, was led by her two captors out the room, down the corridor outside and into a room a short distance away. Here the blindfold was taken off. In the room was a large bed, a small table and two chairs. An annex to one side contained a toilet, washbasin and a small shower recess. There was no window, she learned it had once been a photographic darkroom and was to be her place of confinement for the time she was with them. Both Donna and Adam said they hoped she would be comfortable for the duration of her stay. The bed, they assured her was soft and there would be no noises to disturb her slumbers. Their captive heard them in silence and wondered how long she would be a prisoner here - and what was to happen to her after that. From her limited association with them she could see they valued her computer skills very highly indeed.

Then they both left, locking the door behind them.

In the morning breakfast was brought to her on a tray, which she ate at the table. Then she was taken firmly by the upper arms and marched back to the computer room and seated in the chair she had sat on the day before. Her captors sat each side of her in front of an array of computer equipment that was very sophisticated indeed. She was told it was considered unnecessary to tie her up, blindfold or gag her. 
Instead a linked chain was circled round her waist and secured with a lock to the tubular upright of the chair back, effectively giving her freedom of movement but anchoring her to the chair. Clearly, something was expected of her.

No longer blindfolded, she could now see the pair who had brought her to this. The attractive Donna, who now wore a white, belted shift-like uniform which fitted her trim figure very well. But it was Adam that interested her most. He was not particularly tall and slight with a narrow face. Something like Janette herself. Though probably about the same age as she was, his hair was also greying prematurely. And she got the impression that, also like her, he was not one of the strongest of personalities. She did see, right from the start, he was gifted in computer research, coincidentally in the same speciality field as herself.

Her two captors continued their project of hacking into Sarah's website, exposing more and more clearly how badly Janette had been treated. A sense of resentment began to grow in her. Particularly when they broke through to the Personal Files section and she saw some of her employer's remarks about herself. Occasionally they asked questions which the captive now had no qualms about answering.

After six days Donna was no longer with them. She had gone off to her trail period doing Janette's old job. Where she was to amaze her fellow employees with the speed with which she picked it up. It was almost as if she had been getting information from her predecessor, and studying the firm's records. Which is just what she had been doing.

That left Adam and Janette together in the computer room. This had a well equipped kitchenette and dining table at one end. Here they jointly prepared a midday snack which they ate together after she had been unchained. Donna returned in the evening and all three had a simple meal, later she was escorted to what was now her room and locked in. She reflected she was not uncomfortable and got along increasingly well with her captors.

However, she was still a prisoner, still chained to her very comfortable work chair. She and Adam now worked together. They had long gone as far as they could with Sarah's firm and now worked jointly in the field of international computer espionage. Janette discovered she had a greater talent than she thought for this. Her partner watched this with increasing interest.

One afternoon she was working at a particularly intricate aspect of accessing classified information of a nation wide combine. Adam was standing behind her chair, reflecting she was doing this as well as he could have done it himself. At one very adroit aspect of the work he bent down over her shoulder, nuzzled her cheek and then kissed it. A few days ago she might have jerked her head away. Now she simply raised it slightly and closed her eyes.

In half an hour she had brought the job to a successful conclusion. 
Adam, still watching from behind, realized he could have done it no better. He reached down, unlocked her chain, pulled her chair back and, putting his hands under her arms, raised her gently to her feet. He then turned her around and kissed her softly on the lips. Again, her eyes closed.

"This speciality is one thing we've both got in common," he murmured softly. "Look, do you think.., since we're together now, and likely to be for a while, and er, well. Well, ah, could we?" he groped for words.

She kept her eyes shut and smiled. "Well, if I refuse you'll most likely tie me up and make me, won't you? So perhaps we could."

He took her arm and escorted her out of the room, down the corridor and into what was now her bedroom. The time for bindings and blindfolds had long passed. They stood on opposite sides of her bed and wordlessly undressed, looking at each other as they did so. Equally quietly, they slipped into it and embraced. Janette was moist and expectant, Adam was hardening by the second.

Six minutes later they both climaxed simultaneously in a shattering orgasm. Janette was exultant, it was her first in years and the most delightful she had had in her life. Afterwards she just lay, numb and content in Adam's arms.

During the shared meal that evening they told the returned Donna of the difficult project they had successfully accomplished that afternoon. She was pleased and spoke of how profitable it would be to their organization in the future. She smiled at Janette and commented, "You are proving very useful to us, you know. It's almost as if you were one of us."

The pair then shyly told her of how they had celebrated their success in bed. Donna just gaped. Finally she said, "Well I hope you both enjoyed it." To Janette she remarked, "You sound as if you're making progress in another direction as well. Every day that bitch Sarah still makes snide remarks about you having been a frustrated old maid in the making. Clearly, she's got you quite wrong. You're not like that at all."

Later that evening Janette was informed of the group's final plans for Sarah's firm. The premises were to be raided and the all three occupants taken captive. Elizabeth and Bev were to be bound and gagged in their own staff room. Sarah herself was to be seized, tied up and, if necessary, drugged. Passwords and other information that only she knew would be obtained from her. A large part of her ill-gotten gains, together with some priceless industrial information would then be removed. They would then depart, leaving her unconscious in her office to untie her two employees when she revived.

Janette heard all of this in silence. Finally, she said, "When you do that, I want to be part of it, after what she's done to me." They told her it was not to be for several days and she would have to prove herself a little more before this could be.

Meanwhile, from that day on she and Adam became practicing lovers. They indulged at times when they pulled off a particularly difficult piece of work or whenever they felt like it.

The planned raid took place a week later. Four of them took part. 
Donna, dressed in a neat tailored blue business suit. Sarah always insisted that her employees dress smartly and well. Adam, who said he liked getting out into the field occasionally. Trish, a very competent member of the organization. She had been the other raincoated lady who had, with Donna, kidnapped Janette near her apartment so long ago. And Janette herself, who had by now proved herself very trustworthy.

All four drove to the business target in an unmarked van, well before opening time. Adam, Trish and Janette all wore grey boiler suits and caps. If questioned, they were cleaners. Before entering the premises with Donna's key, all put on head covering masks. It was agreed that Janette should not speak during the operation to avoid recognition.

Elizabeth and Bev arrived at the normal time and were let in, as usual, by Donna. She told them things were going to be somewhat different today and they should go straight into their staff room. 
Puzzled, they did so and found three masked, grey clad people there who told them they were going to be bound and gagged. They were asked if they wanted to take off any of their thick outer garments. Elizabeth opted to remove her heavy overcoat but Bev, becoming uneasy, chose to keep wearing her raincoat.

They were then made to stand side by side and their wrists bound with short lengths of soft white rope. Their captors had come well prepared with the means of restraint. Next their arms were lashed tightly to their sides. Then they were effectively blindfolded with thick black strips of cloth by Janette who until now had been careful to stand behind the pair. The next move was to gag them both with prepared knotted sashes. Bev became apprehensive at this point. "You aren't going to hurt us, are you?" she asked plaintively.

"Of course not darling," said Trish who could be reassuring to her victims when she wanted to. "It's your boss lady we're interested in. Open your pretty mouth." And with that she forced the wadded gag between Bev's soft generous lips.

Finally they were made to sit in two chairs and their ankles and legs above the knees were securely tied with more of the white rope. The two girls were now securely tied up, gagged and blindfolded in their own staff room.

Donna then went upstairs to Sarah's private office and, after meeting with her as usual, the two came down together.

Sarah looked at the empty office. "What's this?" she snapped.  "Where're the girls? Why aren't they at their work stations?" She was a hard taskmaster.

Donna smiled, "They're in the staff room."

"What're they doing in there? Why aren't they here, at their desks?"

"It's quite simple," explained Donna, still smiling, "They've been bound and gagged."

"What!" Sarah was astonished. It was time to abandon all pretense and Donna did just that. She flung open the staff room door and through it were visible Elisabeth and Bev, tied up, securely gagged and sightless due to the thick black sashes. Their employer was for a moment, literally speechless.

"As you can see," Donna went on, "They're not going to do anything for a while. And now, Mrs Sterke, it now becomes necessary to restrain you as well." Sarah's eyes bugged. Meanwhile Adam and Trish came out of the staff room with ropes in their hands. Janette remained inside to keep an eye on Elizabeth and Bev. Though boiler suited and fully masked it was deemed best she stay out of her former boss's sight as much as possible.

Swiftly, efficiently Sarah was seized by Trish and Adam who began to tie her arms and wrists. This had the effect of jolting her out of her state of shock and she started to struggle. This earned her a slap on the face and a warning she could be bound unconscious if necessary.

Her upper limbs secure, Sarah was marched toward her own office which had been unlocked by Donna. Pushed into her very comfortable office chair, her computer was switched on and activated. "And now Mrs Sterke," she was told, "We need a little information from you."

"You don't think I'm going to tell you anything, do you?" she snapped. 
Her captors did not answer. They simply produced a needle and injected her through the sleeve of her business suit. "What's that?," she shrilled, "What're you doing?"

It was the same truth drug which had been used on Janette so long ago. And it worked just as effectively on Sarah. Within twenty minutes she was drowsily giving replies to everything they asked.

The whole operation took little over an hour. During this time passwords and other items of interests were extracted. By using these some large amounts were removed from her accounts and professional information worth a fortune was also obtained.

Towards the finish Janette, having made sure that Elizabeth and Bev were comfortably secure, came in and helped with the operation. 
Quietly, professionally, she hacked into Sarah's secret personal file and was surprised at what she found. Disguising her voice, she asked a few questions of the drugged woman and was further surprised. This overbearing lady had always boasted of a full and successful love life. The reality was she and her male companion had been on bad terms for months and were on the point of bitterly parting company.

"And she always sneered at me as a social failure," she fumed.

At the end Sarah showed signs of awakening. She was given a final dose of chloroform, unbound and laid back in her comfortable office chair. 
Elizabeth and Bev were told their boss would be able to release them in about an hour and the whole party withdrew.

Back at base the foursome had a celebratory drink. "A very successful piece of work," enthused Donna. She turned to Janette. "You were very useful to us, very useful indeed. We couldn't have done it as well without you."

She looked thoughtfully at their newest worker. "In fact, we could certainly use you. Do you want to work with us?"

Janette was sitting next to Adam. She looked at him and smiled. He gave the faintest of nods. "Well," she smiled, "Right now I'm unemployed, aren't I? So why not? It can only be better than the last job I had. And who knows? I might get a chance to tie and gag an old bitch like Sarah."

All four laughed and clinked their glasses.




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