An Afternoon with Amy Young

by 64Fordman

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Hi, I’m so glad you came over, it’s been so long.

How have you been? You look great.

Sit down in the front room. Do you want something to drink? I have this fabulous raspberry soda, it’s Italian, that’s what I’m having.

I’m working as an account rep at a local radio station, and yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds.

We have so much to catch up on; you’ll love this, it’s so refreshing.

My wrist? My roommate and I were having some fun earlier.

Yeah, I was tied up, see my ankles too.

My roommates name is Barb Richards, she’s 32.

Yeah, 4 years older than me.

She works overnight as an ER nurse at the hospital next to the university.

She’s gay.

No, we’re not a couple, just friends with other benefits, but I have to admit I’m curious, and yes, I like to be tied up.

No, I’m not embarrassed, I love talking about it.

Why don’t I just start from the beginning?

I grew up with all boys; an older and younger brother and four male cousins, the youngest was my age. Also the neighborhood I grew up in was all boys, at least in my age group. But I was no tomboy; I preferred dresses with bows, ankle socks and ladybug hair clips. Don’t get me wrong, even though I was the smallest child despite being in the middle I could keep up with the boys and even blacken an eye when the situation warranted, but I had no problem playing the damsel in our games. My mother became quite used to finding me tied to a pole in the basement or laying on chalk railroad tracks on the patio.

Of the countless times I was tied up in my childhood the memory that stands out is the trip to the store. I was 12 and my older brother Steve was 15 when my mother told him to walk to the store and take me and our younger brother Tim with him. It was a cold fall day and Tim and I were wearing snow suits and boots to keep warm even though there was no snow yet. In the garage was a big old stroller my mother had dragged from the attic to give somebody and we decided I could ride in it. We decided it would be fun to tie me into it, and then Steve put a blanket over me and tucked it up around my neck.

We walked a few blocks to the store and Steve made Tim stay outside with me as people walked by and cars drove down the street. Steve put whatever he had to buy in the basket in back of the stroller and we walked to our school which had a small park next to it. The boys played on the swings and climbed on the fort while I was parked next to a bench unable to get loose. I watched the other people around us thinking about how I was tied up right in front of them. A woman walking her dog scolded my brothers for leaving a baby out in the cold and they decided it was time to go.

In college I had two dorm mates, Cathy and Tina, who seemed very familiar with tie up games. My first experience was them pulling me out of bed and duct taping me to a chair. They taped my mouth and put me on the elevator and pushed all the buttons. Our dorm had six floors, 1, 3 and 5 were boys and 2, 4 and 6 were girls, we were on the fourth floor. The elevator went up to five and six and then down to three where some boys saw me and pulled me off.

They dragged me into their room where they were having a little party and untied me. I hung out for a couple hours and had a beer and a great time. When it was time to go they said I should leave the way I came. The boys taped me back up to the chair and put me on the elevator pushing every button. This time I went down to two, one and the basement and came back to one because two girls had called the elevator. When they got on one girl pressed cancel so the elevator wouldn’t stop at every floor that was still lit and hit six. I grunted through my gag and motioned them to look behind my back and held out four fingers. The girl pressed four and they pushed me out at my floor, I sat in the hall for a half hour before someone saw me.

Another time we were doing laundry in the basement. We were finished and had our clothes packed in the laundry bags to go up to our dorm when they duct taped me to a chair. Tina was about to tape my mouth when Cathy told her to wait. She opened a dryer and took out a pair of panties and stuffed them in my mouth and helped Tina tape around my head. They taped a sign on me that said ‘pledging’ and left me there for two hours, no one tried to help me. The girl who came back for her clothes wished me luck, I wonder what she would have said if she knew her panties were in my mouth, I hope they weren’t her favorite.

After college I met Barb through a friend of a friend. We started going to movies and bars together and became closer as our circle of friends merged. Barb eventually asked me to share an apartment. One Sunday morning I was laying in bed feeling bad again that the games I loved ended as abruptly as my college years. I could hear Barb puttering around in the apartment while I fooled around with some ribbon.

It was getting late in the morning and Barb knocked on my door to ask if I was getting up and if I wanted to go out for coffee and bagels. I asked her to come in because I needed a hand. When she opened the door I was hogtied on my bed with the ribbon and could not get loose. Over coffee I told her the same story I just told you. Barb told me she understood and told me how she used to tie up the boys, and offered to help me out if I was interested.

The following Sunday evening we were relaxing at home watching TV in our pajamas when a playful debate erupted over the channel. The debate turned into a wrestling match over the remote. Round one ended with my hands tied behind my back. In round two I tried to push Barb off the sofa with my legs ending with my feet tied. Round three was verbal and ended with Barb gagging me with my socks. I conceded and we watched Barb’s show.

A few days later Barb came into the living room carrying coils of rope. She took my arm and guided me to my room and motioned me onto the bed. Without a word she tied my arms and legs to the corners of my bed, and then got on the bed straddling my waist. I didn’t know what she was planning but I was liking it. After applying several strips of duct tape to my mouth she leaned down and whispered in my ear she was going to take a nap before work and left the room with the door open. We still do that regularly, sometimes I am tied down for the whole night.

This old house we live in has four apartments and two sisters, Sheena and Shiloh, moved into the other upstairs apartment. They are both in their mid-twenties, Shiloh is the younger sister, and the four of us became friends. We have pizza and movie nights and sometimes go to a club together. The kitchen doors of the upstairs apartments face each other across a small landing of a stair that leads to the basement. On movie night both doors are open and we cross back and forth.

As the games continued with Barb they also escalated. One night I was wearing a midriff bearing T-shirt and panties tied to a kitchen chair in the living room and gagged with socks. I got the idea from the first night and purchased several long pairs just for gags. Barb rolls one up and puts it inside the other to form a sock ball gag; I find it comfortable and effective. Anyway; we were watching TV, or at least Barb was; I was focused on the game. The vibrator that was nestled in my panties was set to low with the remote on the floor and the game was to get myself off. I knew I could change the speed with my toes but the way I was tied only the tips of my big toes could touch the floor. If I wasn’t able to accomplish my mission Barb would do it when she was ready.

Barb was doing laundry during TV and went down to the basement to continue her work. She left the kitchen door open so she wouldn’t have to struggle with it when she was carrying a basket of clothes up the stairs. While she was gone Sheena and Shiloh saw the door open and came in. I thought they were going to die of embarrassment. Both sisters turned red, giggled out an apology and left. After they were gone I felt my level of arousal increase dramatically.

When Barb came back I tried to tell her what happened but those sock gags are too effective. She just thought I wanted my reward and told me I had to do it myself or wait till the work was done. When she finally ended my suffering, I almost passed out from the orgasm. On a subsequent movie night Shiloh brought up the subject of being tied up from a scene in a movie we were watching and Barb hogtied me as a demonstration.

Because Barb worked overnight it was common for her to be up at odd hours when she had off. One night I was lounging in my new Scooby Doo pajamas my brother gave me when Barb announced we were going grocery shopping. I barely had time to grab a jacket and step into my slippers before she practically forced me down stairs and into the car. We got to Wal-Mart about 2am and fortunately the store was practically deserted.

Barb wanted to browse the store before going to the food department and we ended up in the pet section. She suggested getting me a cage; I wasn’t big on the idea but Barb told me to get in one to see how it felt. There was nothing wrong with a little fun so when Barb opened a small cage and asked if I could fit in it I gave it a try. Barb held my jacket as I climbed in head first. The cage was small and I had to force my knees up to my chest but Barb couldn’t get the door closed until she pulled off my slippers.

She was sitting on her legs in front of the cage, which was on the bottom shelf of the display and took a small padlock from her pocket. She passed it around the bars of the cage and snapped it shut. I was locked in the cage and could hardly move. Barb said she’d be back when she finished shopping and left me there. I have to admit I got a little horny thinking about being discovered locked in a cage wearing PJ’s in a Wal-Mart.

When she came back almost an hour and a half later I asked where the food was. Barb said she already paid and loaded the car, then she pulled my slippers out of her purse and tossed them on the floor, she left my jacket in the car forcing me to walk through the store in just my pajamas.

I even got tied up at work. The morning show guys came up with an idea to raise money for charity. We did a remote at a shopping plaza with 12 girls, reps, secretaries and interns. The guys sold rolls of duct tape that the buyer used to duct tape us girls to the poles that support the roof over the sidewalk in front of the plaza. After we were all taped to the poles with dozens of rolls of tape each, they decided to raise more money by selling strips of tape to use on our mouths.

There were still more people willing to donate so the guys removed the stools we were standing on and sold the opportunity for the buyer to tickle the feet of the girl of their choice, some people bought all 12 of us. After 90 minutes of that the morning show ended but there were still people wanting to donate so they sold them the opportunity to get us down, which wasn’t the only thing they were interested in, now I know what a touch screen feels like. The whole thing was videotaped and put on the station’s website.

One night the four of us were having movie night at the sisters and after the first movie Shiloh wanted to see me tied up again. Barb came over here to get rope and Shiloh folded down the futon they have in their living room. I was tied spread eagle to the futon and Barb gave Shiloh two strips of duct tape and taught her how to apply them. I wasn’t really interested in the second movie and fell asleep.

When I woke up it was dark, the only light coming from the street lights outside. I was still tied to the futon with my mouth taped. Shiloh was lying next to me with her arm and leg over me and her head on my breast fast asleep. We must have both been sleeping when the movie ended and they just left us, at least one of us had a pillow. I went back to sleep.

The next time I was aware it was light and there was a strange feeling. I raised my head and Shiloh was fingering me. She was laying next to me with a stupid grin on her face and her hand down my pajamas fingering me. I was like, what does she think she’s doing? Does she think I’m lesbian because of the vibrator incident? She’s lucky I’m tied up or she’d be getting a super-size arse whooping.

Of course she thinks I’m lesbian, she was turning my VaJay into Niagara Falls. I was like, what was she doing to me? Does she do this to herself? I’d never leave the house; Okay, forget the arse whooping until after she makes me come. She was working my love canal like she owned it, which at the moment she did, then it happened, a head back, eyes squeezed shut, nostrils flaring, toes curled and hips rocking to the rhythm of her hand orgasm.

 I think I scared Shiloh because she didn’t move for a couple of minutes while I came down. She reached down and lifted the waist band of my pajamas and panties to remove her hand. Oh god I thought; her hand was covered in…me, stringing between her fingers, I was totally mortified. She rolled off the futon and I heard water running. I was like, don’t worry about me, I’ll be right here.

Apparently Barb and Sheena fancied themselves match makers and thought a spark might be ignited. They secretly planed to spend the day at a giant outlet mall down state. After a Friday movie night Shiloh and I fell asleep, I think Barb had something to do with it not that I’m a conspiracy theorist, and when we woke up we were handcuffed together. There was a note letting us know they would be back late. Though we had a good time together, we walked to the 7-11 handcuffed together in our pajamas, and Shiloh is pretty damn cute with that whole Pocahontas thing she has going on, there was no spark, at least no ignition.

Some friends of mine were going to a club we had been meaning to go to, but Barb was working that night. Not that it was an issue she couldn’t go, but I don’t have a car because the insurance company considers me a high risk because of a couple of stupid accidents that were totally not my fault, that cop ran into me. Since my friends couldn’t drive me back home after, I asked Barb if they dropped me off at the hospital could I take her car home and pick her up after her shift. Being the sweetheart she is she said no maniac was getting behind the wheel of her baby, but I was welcome to hang out at the hospital until her shift was over, and the plans were set.

It was almost 2:30am when I got to Barb’s work station. She told me she was going on break and I could tell her about the club in the cafeteria. She had to put some things away and we walked down the hall to a storage room. In the room was a gurney with the leather restraints attached. I had asked her a few times about restraining people in the hospital and she asked if I wanted to try it. Hell ya! She suggested doing it right and got a hospital gown from a cabinet.

Laying on the gurney in gown and panties, Barb put my wrists in the leather cuffs; the tightness as she buckled the straps told me there was no getting out of these. She reached up under the gown and pulled my panties off, saying they might get in the way, before strapping my ankles down. Not knowing what she had in mind was getting me excited. Barb finished by tightly buckling wide leather straps across my chest and legs.

She brought a small bottle and cotton swab from a cabinet and stood next to my head. I could smell the medicine as she wet the swab and began coating my lips and the inside of my mouth and tongue with the horrible tasting liquid. I tried to resist but she was holding my nose, keeping my head still and forcing me to breathe through my mouth.

As my mouth became numb Barb explained it was an oral anesthetic used to reduce the pain of minor procedures and oral injections and I would be numb for 6 to 8 hours. My tongue now felt three times its normal size and I couldn’t make my mouth work to form words. Barb put my clothes, shoes and purse in a canvas bag she used to bring a change of clothes to work and hung it on the gurney.

Smiling she told me I was almost ready for my big adventure, she pulled an ID bracelet out of her pocket and attached it to my arm right above the restraint telling me it was so I wouldn’t get lost. She patted my shoulder and said now I was ready. After checking the hall she held the door with her foot and pushed me out of the room.

We went down the hall and around a corner when Barb started calling to someone named Andre. A large black man in a white uniform walked up and greeted Barb, telling her he had finished his break and was headed back. Barb asked if Andre could take me down and park me; Andre took over the gurney as Barb grabbed the canvas bag and I was wheeled away. It was scary and exciting being helpless and in the hands of strangers who thought I was some drunk chic the cops dragged in.

Andre brought me to a large hallway in the back of the ER; one side is the admitting and waiting area and the other side treatment rooms. Andre put the gurney against the wall in the hall and walked away. Like nice meeting you too. As I looked around I noticed how crowded it was, doctors and nurses, patients and visitors, and all of them starring at the pathetic girl in restraints as they walked by. A couple of nurses with clip boards came up to me and looked at my wrist band and walked away.

Maybe a couple of hours went by when Barb came up and asked how I was doing. I managed two grunts. She told me a morning nurse had a problem and she was going to cover half her shift and would be back for me at 11am, but not to worry because she was going to take care of me.

About an hour later a nurse with a clip board came up and looked at my wrist band and motioned to this guy in white who wheeled me into a treatment room, pulled the curtain closed and left. A short while later a very nice looking guy walked in with a shirt and tie and a stethoscope around his neck. His name was Paul and he was very friendly, Barb’s little game was looking up.

Paul started putting on surgical gloves; safety first, I’m all about it. Then he started talking. He was telling me I needed more detox time and “we’re just going to make you more comfortable.” Who’s we? He took something out of a package I did not like the looks of at all, and I decided the game was over when he started folding my gown back onto my stomach.

He told me I was going to feel a little pressure and I told him I wasn’t even a patient here, it was just a little joke; a game my room mate was playing. Of course even if my words could have been understood in the slightest way, it would sound exactly like the crazy drunk person everyone thought I was. My words became a howl as Paul pushed the catheter into my bladder. Despite the appealing post-op bedside manner, I was over Paul.

Back in the hallway people had a new reason to stare as I had just been promoted to the pathetic girl in restraints peeing into a bag. Since I was getting bored and no one could understand what I was saying I figured might as well give them a show.

I’m like, that’s right, I’m a girl strapped down to a bed, and fortunately I’m into that sort of thing. The gown? Right off the rack at Filene’s, can you believe that? A few hours later I was wheeled back to the treatment area so my bag could be changed. I really didn’t want them doing that but, you know. That’s where I learned the only thing worse than having a catheter inserted is messing with the tube.

I must have fallen asleep; when I woke up Barb was pushing the gurney. She took me to an empty room, removed the catheter, also not fun, and helped me get dressed.

A long loud ouch filled the apartment as I took my turn for a shower, Barb was like, it may burn a little when you pee, ya think. We both had a snack, cereal for Barb and Ovaltine with a straw for me, and then it was bed time for Barb. A few minutes later I crawled into bed with her and snuggled, thanking her as we both fell sleep.

Well that’s pretty much my story, I feel like I hogged all the time we had.

I’m glad you had fun, so did I.

We’ll definitely have to do this again.



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