An Unfortunate Phone Call

by Yoni Steele

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© Copyright 2007 - Yoni Steele - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; toys; reluct; X


Danielle was furious!  She had been in the middle of uploading a large file when the phone line went dead.  Well, not exactly dead, but the computer link was terminated as her roommate, Linda, kept dialing a phone number using the library phone until it cut off the server connection.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Danielle screamed as she burst angrily into the large, dimly lit study.  The blonde was sitting in the large leather arm chair.  The lovely girl's legs were splayed open over the upholstered arms, her short skirt was hiked up to her waist to give one hand full access to her pussy while she used the other to hold the handset.  Her tight sweater was in a heap in the middle of the desk, and since Linda didn't believe in encumbrances like bras, that meant she was completely topless, undoubtedly so she could play with her own nipples when the thought struck the incredibly lascivious wench's mind.

"Oh, get a grip, girl," she scowled, cupping her hand over the mouthpiece of the phone.  "I just had to tell Darla about that great new horror flick down at the Strand Theater."  She immediately returned her attention to the person on the other end of the phone line.

The boiling brunette was astounded by the simple stupidity of that response.  The blonde knew full well that Danielle used her home computer for her job, and if she was using it in the middle of the afternoon, it was almost certainly a work-related issue.  Normally, this wouldn't have been a problem as they have a cable link, but the cable company had been having problems and was doing repairs so they had been without cable service for more than a week.  Consequently, Linda was completely aware that the funny buzz on the telephone was due to Danielle's use of the computer link to her company server, so to interrupt her important link just to gossip about a movie was totally inexcusable!

"Uh, what about your cell phone, sugar lips?  You do still own one, don't you?" the sarcasm dripped from her lips as Danielle tried to be calm.

"Well, it needed to be charged."

That was an unexpected response.  "Why would it need to be recharged already?  Do you need a new battery?"  Danni had seen her girlfriend disconnect the portable phone from the charger before leaving for the movie, so it just didn't make sense that it would need a charge so soon.

"Oh, don't get get your panties into a knot, darling!" Linda retorted while her phone partner was chatting away.  "Dee-Dee and I were talking during the flick, and I just drained the bat.  It'll be OK in a bit."

Danielle's anger flared again.  That was incredibly stupid!  Not only had Linda interrupted the upload of an important file, but it was only to continue a conversation that she had been inconsiderately conducting for two hours in the theater.

Danielle smiled sweetly, and said with much concealed anger, "Yes, of course you did."  Then she deliberately dropped her pen on the floor, "Oops, how klutzy of me," she said with feigned shock.  "I dropped my pen!"  As she bent over to pick it up, she reached over and plucked the AC adapter for the wireless remote extension phone station out of the electrical socket on the floor under the desk.  Because Linda had promptly returned to the phone conversation and was in the midst of one of her incredibly long descriptions about her favorite movie star's make-up, Danielle knew that it would be a couple minutes before she even knew that the phone line was dead.  And Danni would be back before then, with appropriate supplies...

The brunette grinned when she walked back into the grand, book-filled room.  Her girlfriend was still jabbering away.  A quick glance at the plug on the floor revealed the obvious.  She still had NO idea that that phone connection was completely dead.  And since she had promptly taken the primary phone off the hook in the hallway as she walked past it, Dee-Dee couldn't even call her back.  Well, she could have dialed Linda's cell phone, but Dee-Dee was endowed with huge breasts and an incredible body rather than a brain.  In fact, Danni was quite sure that her bra size was a much larger number than her IQ!  Anyway, if the cell phone was charging, no one would have heard it ring as Linda's bedroom was on the other side of the house.  And the best part was that the luscious blonde was so occupied with her phone conversation and with pleasuring herself that she didn't even notice the box that Danielle set down on the table next to the large desk.

"You know what, darling," Danielle began with a broad smile, "I think that you need to learn a lesson about consideration for others."

"Hold on a sec, Dee, my girlfriend's bein' a bit of a bitch right now," she said loudly into the dead handset.  Then she turned her attention back to Danielle.  "What the hell is your problem, lovey?  You know that I just have to talk with my friends about important stuff, like watching Demi have a hot and heavy grope scene with a cute, young girl on the big screen."

"Well, why don't you ask Darla if you can call back later so you can have a short heart-to-heart with your loving girlfriend?" the tall brunette said with a smile, deliberately emphasizing the word "loving" because at that particular moment love was not the dominant emotion in her head.

Linda frowned at her lover, but she nodded and said, "OK, but this will have to be short."  Into the handset she asked, "Dee-Dee, can I call you back in five?"  After a pause, she asked, "Dee-Dee, are you listening to me?  I'll have to call you back, OK?"  Of course, there was still no reply.  "Damn, girlfriend, are you reading a magazine again while I'm talking to you?" 

Finally, Danni could hold it no longer.  With a shake of her head, she began laughing at her roommate.

Linda covered the mouthpiece of the dead phone and angrily asked, "Why are you laughing at me?  Danielle, you shouldn't be so rude!"  Then back into the phone she asked, "Darla, what the hell are you doing on the other end of this phone line?  Are you giving yourself a hand job without describing it to me?"

Still laughing, the brunette replied for the disconnected friend, "Desperately trying to call you back, darling!"

"Now why on earth would she be trying to call me when we're already talking?" the irritated blonde asked.

"Well, I'll put it to you this way," the long-haired brunette said, with a grin directed at her semi-naked lover.  "The only thing that you're making hot and sweaty right now -- besides yourself, that is -- is that poor telephone you're squeezing to death in your right hand."

"I don't know what you mean by that!" Linda replied indignantly, plunging her left hand a bit deeper into the warm, velvety folds of her own pussy.

"OK, I'll put this to you another way," the frustrated female said from her position across the desk.  "The phone connection has been dead for almost ten minutes now." 

"No, it's not!" intoned Linda.  "Darla would have told me if the phone had gone dead."

That was a response that even caught Danielle off-guard.  "Uh, did you, uh, just hear yourself say what I think you said?"


"You realize, don't you, that if the phone is dead, Dee can't tell you the phone is dead ...because the phone is dead?"

The innocent imp looked puzzled for a few seconds, and then responded slowly, "Well, she would have called me back."

"Well, she might have tried," the much more astute brunette began, "but she couldn't..."  The charming woman paused and smiled.  Why tell the silly girl the truth?  "You hadn't hung up the phone so she couldn't call you back because it would still be an open connection."  The fact that the phone had been physically disconnected from the system when the remote station was unplugged meant that it didn't matter that Linda hadn't hung up the phone; it would have still rung on the other extensions, which was precisely why Danni had taken the main extension off the hook: it created an open circuit that prevented Darla from promptly ringing back.

"Oh.  Yeah.  Crap."  It amazed Danielle how slowly comprehension came to her lover, sometimes.  Simple response from a simple girl.  The sultry nymph curled her lips in a cute pout as she stared at the mouthpiece of the telephone and finally declared, "Well, I'll just hang up and call her right back."

Instead of hitting the 'end' button, Linda replaced the phone in its cradle, just as Danni knew that she would.  She immediately grabbed her lovely girlfriend's hand, and firmly announced, "I think that you've talked enough with her for one day, sweet cheeks."

"Hey, let go of my hand!" Linda shouted at her lover.

"Not right now," Danni said as she walked around the desk, still maintaining her hold on the lovely blonde's slender hand.  When she was finally on the same side of the desk as Linda, she wrenched the girl's arm behind the well-cushioned chair.  Before Linda could figure out what was going on, Danni grabbed the other hand that was still occupied with the soft cherry nubbin between the blonde's thighs, and pulled it back to join its opposite.  It took only a second to lock the cold, steel police handcuffs onto the slender wrists.

"Hey, what are you doing?  I was just about to cum!" the sensual female whined.

"Well, I guess that you aren't going to cum now, are you, baby girl?" Danni retorted sarcastically.

"We can play later, Danni!  You know I love it when you tie me up and play with me, but I've got to finish telling Dee-Dee about the movie!" 

"No, I don't think so.  In fact, you've talked wa-a-a-ay too much today," Danielle said as she walked back to the box on the side table.  She rummaged around the contents briefly and grinned when she found the toy that she was seeking.  She held up the large dildo gag for her roommate and asked rhetorically, "I think that this will do just fine, don't you?" 

"I don't..." Linda began.  "No, love, I ...I really don't want to be gagged right now!  Please!"

"Well, the choice really isn't yours, is it?"  She was amused by the desperate pleas of her sexy roommate as she walked back behind the chair, and demanded, "OK, now open up that cute little mouth of yours." 

"NOOO!" replied Linda angrily and stubbornly, shaking her head from side-to-side.  She closed her mouth in a tight pout. 

"I was hoping that you'd say that!" Danni chuckled.  She reached down with her right hand and began to massage the stiff right nipple of her lover.  This is almost unfair! Danni thought as she softly rubbed the tender bud.  The sexually obsessed girl had been playing with herself for more than fifteen minutes and was two-thirds of the way to an explosive climax, which meant that her nips were hard and extra sensitive.  The trick worked.

"Mmmmm..." moaned the excited blonde, closing her eyes in pleasure.  The girl continued to moan as Danni rubbed the tit bud, clearly getting more excited.  So the devious brunette gave the swollen nipple a strong, but loving squeeze.  "Oh, God, yes!" the captive vixen hissed softly in response.  And it was the last thing she was able to utter as the large phallus slipped between her soft pink lips.  Ten seconds later, the elaborate complex of face, head, and chin straps were all tightly buckled...and locked!  Linda's eyes were wide open, pleading for relief as Danni had brought her one large step closer to the nirvana she lusted for.  And then she just left the poor girl hanging, so pitifully close to a climax.

But Danni had no intention of giving her girlfriend any relief.  That was going  to be part of the punishment.  Linda was going to be denied any sexual relief, just as she had been denied the opportunity to upload her file to her corporate office.

The brunette moved the box to the center of the desk so she could easily access the contents.  "I want you to be as frustrated sexually as I was a little while ago," she stated flatly.  "Well, my frustration wasn't sexual, but you know what I mean.  I was nearly done with the upload that you interrupted for your stupid phone call," she said, interrupted once more by the blonde, but this time it was only an angry grunt.  "And now I'm going to have to repeat the entire process, which is really annoying.  The phone link is painfully slow, and you are going to remain tied up for a period that is at least five times longer than it takes me to upload that file."  She noticed that the blonde seemed ready to cry.  "I know, you are probably thinking that means that you are going to spend the next fifty to sixty minutes tied up because it normally takes about ten to twelve minutes for me to upload a large file."

She knelt down in front of her lover and started to tie her legs to the leather-covered chair arms, over which they were draped.  She continued, "Well, that is true, but you have to remember that that is when I use the cable link.  It's about fifty times faster than the phone link, darling.  It takes about 8 hours to make a complete upload via the telephone link, and I had already spent seven hours transferring the file when you interrupted it to make your silly phone call to Darla.  That is why I was so angry with you!"  Linda stared up at her with fear and confusion.

"Yes, I can see that you are desperately trying to perform the simple arithmetic," the brunette said as she twisted her right leg back, circled it with heavy cord, and looped the rope back under the chair arm, securing her ankle to the thigh.  "Well, allow me to help you out.  That is forty hours of bondage."  Linda's eyes grew as the fear turned into shock.  "Hmm, for simplicity, maybe I should just make it a full two days."  She smiled wickedly at her pretty paramour.  "Oh, don't worry, I won't keep you in this chair for the whole time.  There are so many wonderful ways for me to torment you given that much time, but only a few of them come to mind right now. 

"For example, later you'll get to spend several hours locked into the pillory in the basement.  Of course you'll be very tightly laced and locked into that wonderful discipline corset that you love so much -- not that you really need it as you've already got such a perfect narrow waist, but it will keep you from getting a back strain from being bent over for so long." 

The thought of being tightly laced into that rigid leather corset again made Linda shiver in both fear and delight.  The stunning sylph loved the way that it emphasized and enhanced the curves of her already gorgeous, sexy body by compressing her waist even more while pushing up the boobs which she loved to flaunt, but hated the astonishingly stiff, unrelenting grip of the heavily boned garment. 

"And I'll arrange it so your butt is facing the television while it loudly plays episodes of your favorite soap operas which you won't be able to see!  Then, once an hour, I'll come down to the room and nibble those sweet buns ...just before I mash them with a paddle for ten minutes or so."  She cocked her head to one side and grinned.  "Oh, I just had a wonderful thought!  I should also zip you into those wonderful ballet-toed boots that I just bought for you.  Can't you just imagine how wonderful it will be to stand on your cute little tippy toes for five or six hours!  It will do great things for those thighs of yours!" 

She reached out and pinched the flesh of the athletic limbs, eliciting a pained shriek from her finely fettered lover.  The idea of being forced to stand for a prolonged period in those boots was not the least bit appealing to Linda.  She had only worn the boots in the store to try them out, and balancing only two minutes in those things while led around the store on a leash -- a blatantly submissive act that almost made her cum in full view of a dozen customers -- made her calves feel as though they were on fire.  The thought of spending hours in them made her groan.

"Of course, there will be other torments, too; but I know how much you enjoy surprises so you can just think about the possibilities, although I can tell you that at some point, that crazy ditz, Darla, will get an unexpected invitation from me to come over here to spend time with you.  Dee deserves to receive at least part of my rage, too,  as she was your co-conspirator in mindless chatting." 

That thought also made the wanton blonde quiver in anticipation.  The idea that they might be bound together, naked flesh against naked flesh, sent her libido into overdrive!  She had fantasized about that idea many times, but she had never had the courage to suggest it to either woman.  Her body shook with delight when she thought, Mmm, I wonder if the vac bed has enough room for two, one lying on top of the other, face-to-face...

When she noticed her lover's quivering and increased flush, Danielle commented, "Well, that idea seems to have struck a pleasant chord in your head and body, my pet!  Too bad you can't tell me what you were thinking.  Perhaps I'll give you the opportunity when I take out the gag to give you a drink or feed you..."  She returned to her task of binding her subservient inamorata.  A few minutes later, Linda's left leg was secured just as tightly and uncomfortably as her right.  The blonde was totally immobilized and almost completely exposed. 

"Hmm, time to get rid of this skirt, darling.  It's going to interfere with my plans."  She grabbed a pair of sharp scissors from the center desk drawer and showed them to Linda, who shook her head violently in protest.  She was, however, in no position to seriously resist.  It took only three snips to cut off the very short skirt while the blonde trembled.  "Yes, I do know that it was one of your faves, lover, but that is part of the price of being inconsiderate!

"You are going to love this next part, darling," Danielle said as she pulled a leather device from the box.  Linda recognized it immediately.  Once upon a time, it had been her favorite toy, but that was before Danni had made a very nasty modification to it. 

"Well, I suppose that this part is going to be a bit difficult.  I don't imagine that you'll cooperate very much."  Linda whimpered softly and shook her head, 'no.,' just as Danni expected.  Consequently it took her about an extra minute to get the belt around the deliciously narrow waist of her lover.  But that was all.  The divider strap was a bit more difficult, but there was enough space for Danni to connect the narrow strip of leather to the rear of the belt by pulling her lover forward on the leather seat. 

Normally, she would have stuck in a butt plug, but that wasn't really possible given her position on the chair.  However, inserting an extra large dildo between her wet, swollen, pouting love lips was a bit less of a problem because of her incredibly wanton pose.  She used one hand to pry open the swollen lips of the bound girl's pussy and slowly screwed the large instrument deeply into the hot, hungry slot.  Danni observed, "Umm, you do smell luscious, darling.  I know it doesn't take much to get your juices flowing, and it smells like your honey pot is positively overflowing!" 

She licked off her fingers which were wet with her lover's dew.  Then she leaned forward and placed her lips firmly onto the throbbing clit of her over-sexed girlfriend.  She drew the firm, dripping wet little organ into her mouth and sucked lovingly on it, swirling her tongue all over and around the sensitive snake, once again causing her fettered friend to moan in delight.  Unfortunately for Linda, that loud moan reminded her tormentress that she wanted her roommate to remain frustratingly close to the edge, so with some regret, she abruptly stopped sucking on the swollen clitty.  Then she quickly pulled up the strap and attached it to the front of the waist belt, cinching the chastity harness tightly before locking it on.

Then Danni grabbed a pair of thick, padded, leather wrist cuffs from the box and replaced the nasty steel handcuffs that she had used to quickly immobilize her lover.  She slipped a rope through the single link that connected the cuffs and tied it to a rung on the chair, pulling it tight so Linda couldn't move her arms at all.  But she wasn't satisfied with that so she added another long rope around her victim's chest, looping it numerous times, both above and below her gorgeous boobs.  She used short pieces of rope to cinch off the cord around her soft biceps so it wouldn't slip up her arms, which had the added benefit of pulling her elbows closer together.  That made Danni smile in admiration.  Her roommate was an avid practitioner of yoga, and it made her remarkably flexible: perfect for a bondage addict.  Three additional short segments of cord cinched the loops tightly around her breasts, too: one in the middle, down the centerline of her ample cleavage, and one on either side, effectively imprisoning the soft melons while making them stand out so Danni could more easily play with them at a later time.

At that point, though, she had another idea in mind.  And it was directly related to the modifications to the chastity harness that she had made for her lover's pleasure ...or torment, depending on one's point of view.  The dildo that filled Linda's tender pussy was a vibrator, a remote-controlled vibrator.  There were two ways to control the vibrator: the first was a conventional hand-held unit that allowed various levels of torment, and the second, which was the modification that Linda dreaded, was much more devious, as it was a control unit connected to Danni's personal laptop computer.  She had written a program that would ensure prolonged periods of stimulation, but would always be too short to actually allow her lover to climax.  It was, to be blunt, wicked torture.  Linda had worn the chastity belt on numerous occasions, including several times when Danielle was out of town.  Linda didn't know where Danni hid the computer during her absence, but the sexually frustrated, agonizingly stimulated blonde had practically torn the house apart to find it on more than one occasion!  (She had never found the laptop because Danni had, in fact, taken it with her.  It was linked via a network connection to the server in the basement, which passed the instructions from the laptop to another computer containing a control unit for the vibrator.  It never occurred to Linda that Danni could have created more than one computer control unit.  In fact, the second computer with a control unit was the one that Linda used all the time!)

The brunette reached into the box one more time and brought out something that her lover didn't completely recognize.  Linda stared at the pair, trying to divine their purpose.  They looked like Japanese clover nipple clamps, but there was a small metal ring near the clamping end and a large black cylinder at the opposite end of each clamp.  Linda wondered if they were weights of some sort, which would pull on the nipple clamps.  She was half-right.  "Do you know what these are, darling?" Danielle asked rhetorically.  "They look like nipple clamps because they are nipple clamps.  But with a twist.  The little cylinders on the end contain little motors and some simple microelectronics that I designed just for you. 

"Do you remember that wonderful program that I created to keep your pussy warm with a remote-controlled dildo?"  She paused to wait for an answer that Linda could not possibly provide.  And then she continued, "Yes, of course you do.  And you know that you have one of those wonderful toys plugging that sweet sex slot of yours right now.  Well, these new little toys are the electronic fingers that go along with that big fat rubber cock in your love hole.  As you remember, I'm sure, the dildo that I stuffed into you vibrates, expands, and twists, depending on the computer's commands, but these just pull and squeeze.  The metal ring goes around your nipple and rests against the luscious flesh of those scrumptious boobies of yours; the clamps then squeeze your tender little, er, I should say 'big' cherry pits."  (Linda hated it when Danni referred to her nipples as 'cherry pits.'  It just sounded too crude, somehow.  Consequently, she emitted an angry whine through her muzzle, which made the sound more like a mouse squeak.  The brunette simply smiled back at her tautly tied coquette.)

"Well, when the computer sends out the proper signal, the little motors will cause the clamps to tighten.  Because of the clever way that clover clamps work, that means they get pulled back, away from the rings which are pressing into your soft mounds, so not only do they get tighter, but they also stretch out your sweet cherry pits, too.  Personally, I think that it's one of my more 'stimulating' inventions."  She smiled at her own cleverness, and then added, "I'm sure that you'll love it, too."

At that, Linda wildly swung her head from side-to-side, squealing into her gag.  But her body was so effectively bound, that nothing else moved.  The brunette bent down and gave each breast a loving squeeze.  In addition, she gave each nipple a long, adoring kiss, clamping her soft lips down on each breast in turn, sucking in the hard, exquisitely sensitive buds and tickling them briefly with her tongue.  "Damn, girl, you have the yummiest boobs this side of the Atlantic!  It's one of the reasons that I love you so much," she said.  (In fact, Linda's intensely overt, boundless sexuality and remarkable talent as a lover were only parts of the reason that Danni loved her, but it was the aspect that Danni enjoyed taking advantage of the most!)  Then with a mocking tone, she added, "It really is too bad that I'm going to have to punish them so badly!" 

With one hand, Danni grasped Linda's left breast and held it firmly as she pushed the small metal ring over the thick, protruding nipple while simultaneously pushing back on a tiny lever on the side of the clamp to manually open the rubber-tipped jaws with her other hand.  She then released the lever so the jaw firmly bit down on the stiff nipple.  The process was ritualistically repeated for the right breast.  Poor Linda made a shrill screech as each nipple clamp was applied.  Danni pulled a control unit from her jeans pocket, flicked on a switch, and slowly pushed up the control lever, which resulted in an even higher pitched shriek from the fettered blonde as the two clamps bit down more viciously on her tender love buttons while simultaneously stretching them out by a full centimeter.  She then flicked off the switch.  "I'm sure that will be tight enough for you to remember that they are there, darling.  That will be the minimum tightness level for them.  When the program sends out the proper signal, the clover clamps will get ever tighter for a while.  How long?  Well, I used a random number generator so I really can't say for sure.  It will be anywhere from a minute to an hour.  At max, your nips will be squashed almost flat and stretched out another centimeter or so.  I'm quite certain that it will distract you thoroughly from any stimulation you might be receiving down in your pussy.

"I'll be back in a few minutes, darling, with one final surprise.  I have to go turn on the program and restart the file upload.  And then I'll come back."

Twenty minutes later, and after two short, but very stimulating cycles of the vibrator, Danni returned.  If Linda could have smiled, she would have.  Nice outfit, lovey, she thought.  Her statuesque girlfriend had traded her tight-fitting pink T-shirt for a very sexy black-and-gold satin brocade corset that pushed up her firm breasts and embraced them in stiff cups, and she had swapped her frumpy blue jeans for form-fitting black ones that showed off the beauty of her great legs.  Both garments had been gifts from the fettered feline female!  Linda might not have been the brightest gem in the world, but she was observant when it came to issues of sex and love, and she saw something interesting about her girlfriend, Damn, sweetheart, your cheeks have that warm pink glow that they always get when you climax!  You've been masturbating, so you're as turned on by my bondage as I am!  But it's totally unfair that you get to cum and i don't!  

"I'm sorry it took me so long, lover, but I had to make a side trip to the bathroom.  And then I got a phone call from my office informing me about some new changes that I'll have to make to the software."  (Linda noticed that Danni failed to mention that she changed her clothes for a much sexier outfit, nor did she say anything about the self-stimulation she enjoyed!)  "Sadly, that will detract from our playtime tomorrow, but I'm sure that you'll be fine with your ever-faithful vibrator to keep you company while I work.  In fact, by then, I'll probably have you in a position where I can also add a butt plug to buzz in your other hole, too.  I know you'll love that!"

She turned to walk away, and then stopped suddenly, "Oh, silly me!  I almost forgot the best part of your pleasure punishment.  Since your real problem is related to the telephone, I decided to leave your cell phone with you.  There won't be a thing you can do about answering it whenever it rings, and that will just make you more frustrated."  She walked back to her totally bound girlfriend.  "Oh, one other thing.  I've set it to vibrate mode so it won't annoy me when your friends call, and I know how often they do that!  But you'll know when they call."  Linda expected Danni to place it on the desktop where she could watch it move around when the vibrator buzzed to indicate an in-coming phone call, but that wasn't what happened.

Instead, Danni bent down and slowly forced the silver cell phone under the thick leather crotch strap.  It was a bit difficult as the strap fit so tightly against her vulva.  But Danni persevered, and with her fingers, she carefully pushed and prodded the wireless communication instrument until it was perfectly placed, pushing firmly on her clitoris.  Linda understood the implications, and she pleaded with soft whimpers and sad, wet eyes.  Oh, sweet goddess of mine, please don't do this to me! she thought futilely, but her dominant lover had made up her mind: the punishment had to fit the crime. 

"Just to be sure that the batteries don't run down again, I'll keep the charger plugged in for you."  Danni bent down and plugged the charger unit into the outlet under the desk, ironically, the same outlet that had been used for the house extension land line that she had previously disconnected without Linda's notice.

She pushed up Linda's chin, and gave her a loving kiss on the nose as the girl's moist, lush lips were covered with a thick strap of leather.  "Now I have quite a bit of work to do, sweet cheeks, so you just rest here and dream about me.  I'll be back to take care of your needs when I can."  Then she abruptly laughed at her well-fettered lover.  "Yeah, sure I will.  When pigs fly!"  She stood up and looked down at her helplessly tied up pleasure toy.  "Damn, you look like such a slut in that position, girl!  Perfect!"  Then she turned to walk towards the door.  Linda's head flopped down on her chest in exasperation.  She knew it was going to be a very long two days. 

The brunette stopped at the doorway and turned back to her lover to say, "By the way, I told Darla that you were sorry about getting cut off earlier, and she should just call you back when she has the chance.  However, I pointed out that you were going to be a bit occupied this afternoon, so if she doesn't get an answer, she should just try, try again.

"Oh, yes, I also invited her over for lunch tomorrow.  I didn't bother to tell her, though, that she was going to be on the menu!"  Linda stared mutely at her lover, her regret for her awful behavior clearly visible in her tear-filled eyes, but unable to voice her feelings due to the large gag that kept her silenced.  Somehow two days of punishment seemed a bit excessive to her, but she couldn't point that out either.  On the other hand, suffering with Darla was a rather pleasurable idea.

As Danni started to leave the room, she pulled her cell phone out of her jeans' pocket, then pushed two buttons on the phone as she stood at the door; she glanced back over her shoulder in time to see her tormented lover fling her head back in shock, shrieking into her gag.  Ah, yes, this is going to be a lot of fun!  That cell phone of hers is going to drive her crazy every time it rings during the next two days, she thought gleefully.  As she pulled the library door quietly shut behind her, the brunette's lips were curled upwards in a smile of pure, devilish delight, And I am personally going to make sure that it 'rings' a lot! 


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