The Amber File


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Storycodes: M/f; kidnap; bond; pantyhose; straitjacket; susp; toys; reluct/nc; X

Amber was often described as beautiful, at 5'6" tall with a great 36d, 24, 36 figure, natural dark red hair that swept 1/2 way down her back and green eyes. Her legs were stunning from her gorgeous ass down to her size 6.5 shapely feet. She kept herself expertly groomed and hair free from the neck down, her main reason she loved the feel of nylon, cool and smooth against her skin, especially on her shaved pussy and long shapely legs. Her preferred color was suntan of course and she always wore them with everything also preferring to match them with open toed high heeled sandals showing off her polished toes.

She had left home at 18 to go to the city and had worked her way through college at a local establishment whose waitresses were know for beauty and hose. It had been a long 4 years but she had just graduated and was considering her options. Her family had not agreed with her leaving home and so she had become estranged, no one even showed up for her graduation from college.

She had no current boyfriend, previous ones had indulged her to varied degrees in her nylon and bondage fetishes, non to the degree she needed, so she mostly relied on her roommate, Samantha, herself a nylon lover and more dominant than Amber, at 5'5" 36/25/37, she was a stunning blonde, blue eyed gal who fit Amber's needs and personality perfectly. She worked in the same establishment, but usually different shifts which meant Amber could count on spending lots of time alone tightly encased in her pantyhose and bondage until Samantha returned from work.

Her admirer in the dim light was Joe; he had first seen Amber about 6 months prior at the restaurant when Sam (Samantha) was his server. He had asked her who she was and later Sam introduced them, on a rare shift that they worked together. Joe was a private contractor in the field of shall we say surveillance and recovery for hire. He was in his mid 30's 5'10", dark tan, short cropped dark hair, with a muscular build and piercing dark eyes. He liked her right from the start and made it his business to find out all he could about her.

He watched her from the shadows as she slowly stirred his desire to keep her as his own was deep and he was developing a love for her as much as the lust for her shapely form and lovely nylon covered legs. Her struggles again the restraints made her shimmery nylon legs swish back and forth an endearing sound to her captor.

Amber stirred from her chemical induced sleep and slowly began to take in her surroundings, in the dim light she determined she was in a large room on a bed still her uniform from the shift that just ended at work that night. All she remembered was someone behind her and now awaking in a strange place. Her pussy was wet from the constant rubbing of her tight nylons and work uniform shorts. She soon realized that her movements were restricted by leather restraints on her arms, legs and torso, a large orange ball gag kept her silent.

Her captor had done his work well her arms pinned behind her tight uniform top, the orange shorts pressing on her nylon encased hips, all she could do was rub her legs together with limited movement. Her shoes and socks gone exposed her lovely pantyhosed feet with orange polished toes. She was scared but at the same time turned on by her situation. Amber shifted in her tight bonds as her sex became more enraged by the nylon against her skin, suddenly a little demon came to life within her and she exploded in a sudden orgasm like she never felt before. Her captor just smirked in the shadow as he watched her wither and moan to his delight.

He decided to leave her in the uniform for the time being and just enjoy the sight of the suntan nylon encasing her legs and pussy. To add to the mystery he slid up behind her and placed a tight leather blindfold over her eyes to keep her better under his power. He contemplated what to do to her next; no one would miss her for several days as Samantha was also part of his plans.

Joe prepared the next treatment for her the leather straitjacket was lined with sheer nylon the same material as the most expensive pantyhose designed to hug and hold in total smoothness and cool comfort. She was asleep as he approached her and his touch startled her awake. He whispered to keep her calm and instructed her not try to escape, she nodded and he released the arm and torso straps allowing her to sit up on the bed she had been layed on. He helped her slide her arms it to the stretchy nylon lining in the sleeves and she became butter at the feeling as the nylon encased her flawless skin as Joe removed Amber's uniform top and shorts. She was now fully encased in the silky nylon from the neck down and awaited the tightness of the new restraint.

Amber could feel as he tighten the leather straps to the jacket that secured her arms and the jacket itself from her neck to her waist. Last but not least he secured the 2 crotch straps extra snug against her nylon covered pussy and she realized he would not have to remove them to have access to her thru her seamless suntan hose as Amber never worn anything between her pussy and the seamless pantyhose. They alone had the special stretch that allowed her to be serviced without ripping them and they were the most expensive type available.

Joe made sure all the straps were secure before placing the leather chastity belt in place that would shove the hose and little toys deep inside Amber to keep her entertained that evening. Once buckled in place Joe moved Amber to the center of the room underneath the electric winch hang from the high exposed beam. He secured her ankles with an additional strap and then using the winch raised Amber by the ankles to a point where she hung head down several feet above the floor.

Just before leaving the room, Joe switched the remote control on high for both toys and left Amber to wither and swing in her world of darkness and sensual nylon and leather.


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