Amazing Shoes

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2022 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; bond; latex; catsuit; balletboots; corset; heels; gag; rope; cuffs; straitjacket; hood; susp; chair; straps; chastity; permanent; revenge; cons; X

Linda had loved high heels since she was a small child stomping around in her mother’s high heels continuing to wear all types until she was old enough to pick what she wanted. Linda could not remember not wearing heels, even getting into trouble in school for wearing “too sexy” shoes and refusing to change her footwear. The high heels gave her an air that she thought she was better than others and only hung around with the “pretty” people. All during high school she was one of those people that took great joy in tormenting the people outside her group. Her whole life seemed to revolve around her love of high heel shoes and tormenting less “important” people. Her attitude worsened now that she was a model and had begun doing more and more fetish shoots, being one of the few current models that could wear extreme heels during the entire shoot. As her career progressed she was given her first pair of ballet boots and quickly fell in love with them, mastering wearing and walking in all styles of the tortuous shoes.

During one of her early shoots she had modeled ten different styles of wrist and ankle cuffs; at the end she was restrained with over twenty pairs of steel cuffs around her wrists and ankles. Linda laid in different positions as the photographer, James, guided her, eventually asking her to stand in the ballet slippers, wanting to catch her on film stumbling in the cuffs and heels.

Linda struggled to her pointed toes and began to shuffle around the set, having no real issues moving in the shoes and the extra weight of the steel locked on her. James got frustrated, wanting to teach his new model a lesson, and removed all the cuffs from her left arm. Then he pulled her arms behind her back, cuffing her arms from her wrists to her elbows, even adding several more pairs above her elbows to make it harder on her. Linda had never experienced any form of strict bondage before and was becoming very aroused as he locked her arms behind her making her completely helpless to free herself. Linda moved around, struggling against the steel enjoying her new position as more pictures were taken of her bound body.

Linda modeled for almost another hour before the photographer stopped shooting and told his assistant to change the set, ordering Linda to the dressing room. Linda was still distracted from the strange sensations and shuffled slowly towards the dressing room, sweating profusely under the black latex she had been wearing. 

Reaching the dressing room Linda pushed the door open and shuffled to her chair and sat down gasping. Linda waited for an hour with the cuffs becoming uncomfortable, the pleasurable feelings had passed and now she wanted to be released. Linda struggled to her pointed toes noticing as she looked down the shoes had been locked on by the stirrup cuffs. This made her smile, knowing she could function very nicely in the strange high heels.

When Linda reached the set, she found only the assistant there cleaning up. Searching for James, Linda asked where he had gone, and was told he had already left. Linda light-heartedly asked, “Well can you help me out of these?” holding her arms towards the seemingly confused assistant.

The girl inspected the cuffs, trying several keys lying on the table, before saying, “I guess James took the keys.” She turned and walked away.

Linda was starting to get upset, having to shuffle after the girl, stunned that she didn’t seem more concerned. Linda was beginning to feel anxious asking the girl, “Can you call him or something?”

The girl looked at her, still confused. “You didn’t want to stay that way?” she asked.

“No, I don’t want to stay this way!” Linda snapped frantically, “who would want to stay this way?”

The girl smiled. “More than you would think, I don’t mean forever, I just meant until he comes back for you.” Linda was struggling hard as the arousal returned, thinking she might actually be stuck begging the girl to call James.

James sat in his apartment, looking at his high school yearbook, knowing he had seen the fresh face he had been shooting all day before. Half way through the book he spotted Linda and grunted satisfactorily remembering how she tormented him in high school.

 Linda sat struggling in the heavy steel James had locked her in, getting more aroused from the feelings of being restrained. James made Linda wait for two more hours before returning to the studio, finding Linda twisting and grunting as she sat struggling in the steel. James watched her quietly for a few moments noticing the small beads of sweat on her forehead and face and smiled, thinking she was getting overheated from the tight rubber, not aware she was very near a massive climax.

James cleared his throat startling Linda as he walked in apologizing for the oversight, beginning to unlock the cuffs, acting like it was all an accident. Linda was still confused and sat, wishing he had given her just a few more minutes to achieve the orgasm she had been so close to. James released his now willing captive telling her she should change clothes and he would take her home.

Linda pretended she was worn out, asking if she could just wear the rubber suit home and return it later.

James smiled, telling her she could just keep it, for the inconvenience of being left restrained.

Linda thanked him and stepped into the short skirt, before hanging her shirt through her purse straps as they headed to his car. Linda was enjoying the constant feeling of being hugged by the tight rubber feeling her arousal growing as she walked in the tall shoes she had not removed from the shoot.

James watched her sit in the rubber suit strapped into the passenger seat waiting for her to start cursing him or something instead she sat in silence quietly telling him where to go. Reaching her apartment James asked if she would be willing to do another shoot with him? 

Linda snapped her head towards him, her eyes wide quickly, saying, “Anytime.” She thanked him for the ride home and stepped out onto her pointed toes walking quickly away from his car. James watched her rubber-coated legs and torso, walking perfectly in the toe boots, neither of them realizing she hadn’t unlocked them.

Linda couldn’t remove the rubber suit without destroying it, since it was tucked into the shoes so she would unzip it, pull it down, clean herself and zip it back up. She spent three days locked in the toe slippers and rubber suit. Linda had enjoyed her time in the rubber and toe shoes even doing an interview show while locked into them causing quite a stir showing up in a tight knee length leather skirt and matching corset over the suit and ballet slippers. Linda loved the attention especially since while wearing it she had been able to easily make herself orgasm over and over again.

After the third day James called, asking if she had the time to do another shoot, getting an excited, “When do you want me there?” in response.

James chuckled and said, “Tomorrow around lunch, don’t eat too much. I have several corsets I want you to try on.”

Linda cheerfully agreed, asking if he still had the keys to the shoes she was wearing.

“I might find them, if you do well tomorrow.”

Linda laughed as she hung up the phone, but was unable to sleep because of the erotic dreams she was having about being forced to wear the toe shoes and rubber forever.

Linda arrived at the studio around eleven thirty, wandering around the empty sets while James finished getting things ready, spotting a pair of incredible shoes on a low shelf. The shoes looked like they were made of some kind of metal with incredibly tall and thin high heels with two straps across the soles one would run across the toes the other across the top of the foot. From the back of the heel ran another metal strap that connected the upper that looked like a steel cage that would encircle the leg to just below the knee. There were several places that had flexible joints and the shoes were polished to a high gloss. She noticed there were three small lock cylinders keeping the whole assembly together, and as she studied them she felt her pussy begin to drip as she thought about being locked in them.

“They are part of a set,” James said loudly, snapping Linda out of her trance.

“They’re amazing, where did you get them?”

James said he had done a shoot for the designer and the designer had left them with him. James had remembered her fascination with high heels in high school and brought them out just to see if she would let him lock her into them. James had hopes of being able to pay Linda back for tormenting him in high school and if all went according to plan these would be the start of her punishment. James ordered her to her dressing room and to get as undressed as she could. Linda felt a sudden urge to obey him, smiling as she moved to the small room stripping her clothes off as she walked. James returned to find her sitting in the small chair with her head lowered waiting on him. James told her to stand taking the firm corset he was carrying and wrapped it around her torso. James intended to crush her waist and force her to beg him to loosen the corset.

James pulled the laces straining the thick leather as he squeezed Linda until she couldn’t breathe ignoring her whispered pleas to stop and give her a chance to catch her breath. When James could tighten the laces no further he stopped and tied them off grabbing her wrists as she reached back to try to untie the torturous corset and cuffed them closely together. Linda was gasping as she struggled in the corset and cuffs, hearing James tell her she had one minute to get to the set or she would spend the night in the corset.

Linda shuffled after James, whimpering as she gasped and teetered on her pointed toes. Linda did as she was told, posing in different positions letting James bind her further until she was bound in a tight hogtie with her corseted breasts hanging off the table and a large gag stuffed in her mouth. James was making it as difficult as possible trying to break her spirit, unknowingly fueling her desires and making her arousal grow as she fought the bonds and corset James had put her in.

Hours after she had been first laced, and even after several adjustments making the corset tighter, Linda was still bound and gagged. James continued to take pictures of her bound and struggling body wondering how much could this woman really take. Linda had never felt like she currently felt as each time James made the corset tighter or pulled her into another position finding she was enjoying herself more. James released Linda’s ankles from her wrists letting her sit up watching her face as she panted around the gag. 

James sat in front of her and asked “Are you ready to quit or can you take some more?”

Linda stretched her back mumbling “-or.” She giggled at the look on James’s face hoping he would place her in another stringent position and that it would push her over the edge and she would orgasm.

James shook his head in disbelief. “OK, whatever you want.” Untying her ankles, he said “Follow me.” He made her struggle to her toes and shuffle behind him with her wrists still bound tightly behind her back. James had tied her wrists extremely tight together making her begin to love rope bondage as she tried to twist her hands as she walked. James led her to the medical set watching her breasts heave as she stopped and stared at the props scattered around the room. James picked up what looked like a straight jacket telling Linda to turn around, making her pause for only a second before turning her back to him, feeling him pull the jacket up her arms surprising her because she thought he would untie her wrists first. James yanked the jacket up over her shoulders, spinning her on her toes to face him as he pulled the straps across her chest and torso.

Linda felt the thick canvas material being pulled tightly around her body and her arms being pulled tighter against her back realizing the jacket had one sleeve for her arms. James pulled all the straps tight, spinning her around again then started pulling the straps around her arms crushing them together from her wrists to her elbows. Linda tried to struggle finding she could no longer move her arms or hands at all and that they were now welded to her back. James finished with the arm sleeve he reached through her legs and pulled the strap from the front into the buckle on the back of the jacket pulling it very tight making Linda moan as she felt it press hard on her pussy. Linda was standing on her pointed toes turning slow circles as James unrolled another piece of canvas across the exam table grabbing Linda and lifting her onto the table. Linda lay on her trapped arms while James pulled the leg sleeve up over her pointed feet wrestling it up to her narrow waist then quickly rolling Linda over onto her chest. Linda felt James tightening all the straps crushing her legs together ending in tightening the wide strap around her waist. James told her to stand photographing her struggles as she tried to get to her pointed feet knowing she wouldn’t be able to wait until she flopped to the table gasping around the gag, whimpering as she lay still on the edge of a massive orgasm. 

James wasn’t finished with her yet, attaching a thin cable to the thick D-ring on the end of the leg restraint, preparing her for the ultimate feeling of helplessness. James took a matching hood and pulled it over Linda’s sweat covered head lacing it tightly before pulling all the straps encircling her head tight blocking all light and most sound from her. Linda squealed loudly as the hood was tightened having never worn a hood before finding it very scary but even more exciting.

With her orgasm growing by the second Linda was whining and moaning, as her body thrashed on the table, squealing even louder as she felt her legs being pulled upwards. James watched her twisting body as she rose feet first towards the ceiling stopping the winch when her head was six feet off the table. James watched as Linda twisted and flopped around inside the heavy canvas dangling above the floor smiling as he thought about how much he was enjoying torturing her. Linda fought her building orgasm as she struggled in blackness upside down helpless to stop or change anything that was happening when the massive orgasm slammed through her body making her scream in orgasmic pleasure. James listened to the screaming woman thrashing wildly in front of him still unaware she was enjoying her torture.

James let her hang in black silence for an hour after she stopped thrashing, finally lowering her to the table and removing the hood. James thought Linda was unconscious so he removed the head harness, getting a slight moan from her and realizing she was actually asleep, and swore he saw her smiling. James couldn’t believe she had enjoyed herself. Getting mad, he took several straps and strapped the sleeping woman to the table before leaving the studio. 

Linda woke up twelve hours later, looking around as she whined feeling the aches in her body from being restrained all night. Linda struggled finding not only was she still encased in the rubber suit, corset and heavy canvas she was strapped tightly to the table and couldn’t move at all. Linda yelled out hoping someone was there continuing to struggle twisting in the wet rubber listening for someone to answer her screams.

Linda lay, swimming in her trapped body fluids for hours, before seeing some lights turn on and started yelling again. The assistant came around the corner and stopped, smiling at Linda, saying “See I told you some people like it.”

Linda begged for her to release her but the assistant just walked away saying Linda would have to wait for James. Linda was almost in tears when James walked in an hour after his assistant saying “I see you are finally awake, how was your night?” Linda calmly told him she had enjoyed every minute of it but really needed to go to the bathroom so unless he wanted to clean up a mess he should release her quickly.

James was stunned but he quickly removed the leg binder, helping her to her sore but numb feet, and unbuckled the jacket, pulling it from her latex skin before untying her wrists. James unlaced her corset as she leaned on the table gasping, feeling a sudden sense of loss as soon as it was released. Linda needed help to get to the bathroom letting James unzip the latex and pull it down for her, exposing her bare sweaty breasts and bare ass before sitting her on the toilet laying the keys to the shoes on the counter as he left the room. Linda relieved herself, flexing and stretching her arms and hands, rubbing her legs, whining as the feeling returned to them, finally reaching down and unlocking the cuffs around her ankles and unbuckling the shoes. Linda whined more as she pulled her feet from the shoes squealing as she set her foot back on the floor finding she couldn’t set it flat.

Linda noticed the small shower and tiptoed into it letting the hot water soothe her aches as she slowly was able to stand flat footed. Linda was drying off when James came back in, asking if she was ok and wanted something to eat. Linda hugged him saying she was fine and starving. The two ate breakfast with Linda sitting in only a towel that barely covered her chatting about what had happened last night with Linda telling him about her massive orgasm. After eating James suggested that she get dressed and he would take her home again and as Linda passed the steel shoes she stopped standing staring at them then coyly asking if he thought they would fit her.

James smiled and said “Try them on but remember I am not a hundred percent sure I know where the keys are for them” smiling at her. Linda grabbed the shoes, giggling as she dashed to the dressing room already having a plan on what she was going to wear home.

Linda grabbed one of the corsets that she had noticed that had cups for her breasts and wide shoulder straps and a long latex skirt to match. Linda sat down pulling the skirt up over her legs and pushed her foot into one of the shoes. Linda squealed again as she found the shoe seemed to fit perfectly and closed all the clasps snapping the locks closed. Linda fitted the other shoe standing up loving the tightness of the steel bands around her legs and feet dropping the skirt to her ankles and pulling the skirt up to her waist. Linda wrapped the corset around her waist, closing the busk, adjusting the shoulder straps before strutting in the steep heels out to find James.

James was downloading last night’s pictures. He turned to see her, clapping as he approved of her ensemble, grabbing his camera and snapped a few pictures of her, getting her to pose.

Linda asked James if he would tighten the corset for her before they left, making James smile as she turned her back to him. James pulled the corset tight and began to tie off the laces. Linda simply asked, “is that as tight as it can go?”

James chuckled, thinking he had created a monster, and pulled the corset until Linda was gasping again. James watched Linda strut out to the car, her firm ass wiggling under the tight latex. Linda sat gasping as he drove her home again in total silence with James wondering what he could do next to try and break her. Linda wore the latex skirt and corset for two days before pulling the latex out from under the corset not wanting to remove the corset yet. 

Linda did two other shoots, having to remove the corset at one, but was able to get one of the stage guys to retighten it even more than James had. The other shoot let her keep the corset on appreciating her narrow waist and perfect posture. Linda waited a week before calling James and asking if he had found the keys yet, telling him the steel straps across her feet were becoming uncomfortable. James said he would look for them and that she should come by tomorrow and maybe try on another part of the set.

Linda was intrigued, but couldn’t get him to tell her what the rest of the set was. Linda thought about it all night hoping she could stop herself from whatever she was getting into. The next morning she was at the studio by ten, wandering around again as she waited for James to come in, getting sly smiles from his assistant as she roamed around.

James arrived a few minutes before eleven, finding Linda sitting in the set's large bondage chair with her chest, and waist strapped tight and her arms and legs through the wide straps. James asked “Want me to tighten them up for you?”

Linda giggled, thinking for a second, then said “Would you?”

James laughed and walked up to the chair pulling a lever and all the straps snapped tight making Linda squeal from the sudden snap of the straps. James turned a knob and Linda felt the straps tighten around her all over. She watched as James walked off, gasping “Where are you going?”

James waved and answered, “To eat breakfast,” leaving her trapped in the heavy chair. Linda sat for a few minutes before beginning to whine only to see his assistant walk in and take a leather hood from the back of the chair and push the large leather bung into Linda’s mouth before pulling the hood over her head and buckling it tight. As soon as the hood was on Linda felt a leather strap being wrapped across her forehead and pulled tight forcing her head back against the chairs back.

Linda was left alone for several hours while James photographed another model, forcing Linda to listen to her heavy moaning and grunting, arousing Linda again. Linda sat gasping through the small holes in the hood fighting the wide straps holding her tightly slowly starting to build towards another massive orgasm. Linda was wondering what was happening to her. She had never been aroused by bondage and had never been able to cum without a lot of stimulation and now she could come just from the frustration of being bound. Linda continued to struggle pulling and twisting, hanging on the edge of another orgasm but unable to push herself over it.

James had finished with his shoot and sat watching and snapping pictures while she flexed her hands and body moaning and flexing in the leather straps. James asked if Linda was ready to try on another part of the set, getting a loud moan since she was unable to do anything else. James released her arms only to slide the long steel sleeves up her arms fitting them almost to her shoulders. The sleeves had steel lattice open finger gloves connected by matching steel bands linked to each other by flexible joints allowing her to bend her arms but not her wrists. Each glove had several locking joints and fit her arms tightly up to her shoulders.

Once they were locked on James released Linda from the chair helping her to stand in the shoes leading the blind woman towards the front door. He removed the hood, and said, “Thanks for coming by!” He pulled Linda out of the door, locking it, before walking off leaving Linda standing in a daze, still locked in the steel shoes, and now wearing steel shoulder length gloves.

Linda drove home learning the limits of the gloves and finding she not only couldn’t bend her wrists, she couldn’t twist them either making even starting the car difficult. Linda tried to contact James for a few days, finally being told he had gone out of town for a shoot and would be back in a week. Linda had been unable to remove the corset because she couldn’t reach behind her anymore. She had to call her friend to come over and unlace the corset for her, and beg her to re-lace it once she had showered and cleaned herself thoroughly. Linda had another interview and since she couldn’t cover the sleeves or shoes she decided to show them off, presenting them as jewelry. Feeling brave she wore the short black latex skirt she had purchased that went with the corset and stopped just above her knees. The skirt stretched tight across her thighs and ass and was easily tucked under the corset.

Linda put on a dark wig that was cut short hanging around her face making her change her makeup applying it much darker than normal staring at her transformation from a cute strawberry blonde to a dark gothic beauty. Again her outfit was a huge hit getting her a lot of attention and she was suddenly being asked to do multiple big shoots and even being considered for a small role in a movie. It had been two weeks since she was locked in the sleeves, she was getting used to the shoes and they hadn’t hurt her in days but the need to orgasm was making her want to return to James for another session.

Linda called James, being told he was out of town but had left something for her. Linda was curious and increasingly horny so she went to the studio meeting his assistant that evening. The studio was dark and Linda was nervous as she walked around calling for the young woman. Linda squealed loudly as she turned a corner, almost running into the assistant, both of them jumping and then standing laughing at their reactions. The assistant asked her to remove her clothes and led her to a dimly lit set letting her undress laying her clothes on a nearby table.

Linda was led to another room and told to stand under a low hanging cable with a long bar attached to it where she took Linda’s caged hands attaching a small clip between them and each end of the bar and raising it until Linda was standing on the toes of the steel shoes. Linda was grunting as the young woman filled her mouth with a strange gag that was slightly soft. Once stuffed deep into her mouth, it allowed her to squeeze it, feeling it bulge and push back. Linda pulled against the cable, slowly turning around watching the assistant walking away, leaving her dangling by her wrists chewing on the soft bulb strapped in her mouth.

A short while later the woman returned. “This is what James left for you saying it was another part of the set.”

Linda was in awe of the steel webbing that shined in the dim light, she stared at the woman and the strange web of steel she was holding, trying to tell the woman she didn’t want more but wanted out of what she was already wearing. The woman ignored her muffled babbling. She set the device on the floor, approached the struggling woman and spun her roughly around, taking the small cutter she was carrying, slicing through the laces of the corset, ripping it from Linda’s body and making Linda squeal loudly at the sudden loss of compression.

The assistant picked up the device turning the web work sideways before pushing it between Linda’s legs grunting as she held the heavy device with one hand as she reached around Linda’s body. Grabbing the other side she pulled it up to Linda’s chest hugging her as she made sure her breasts were lined up and fed into the web of steel before squeezing Linda hard. Linda was screaming as she felt the air being forced from her as the cage was closed hearing the clicks of the locks as each snapped shut.

The assistant walked away, saying, “James said to leave you alone for a few hours before allowing you to leave.” Linda was left struggling in her bonds, gasping around the strange gag twisting and turning on her toes desperate trying to figure out what had happened, finding she was unable to look down. Linda was hanging limply by her wrists glad the long steel sleeves took most of the strain allowing her to hang without hurting her wrists.

Linda could hear people talking and moving around even listening as someone said, “OH that is beautiful!” She turned as the naked woman walked out of sight. Linda moaned and whined loudly, but never saw or heard anyone again. She hung limply, wondering how long she had already been there and how much longer the mean woman was going to leave her there. Each time Linda relaxed her neck muscles letting her head hang she could feel the tall collar of whatever she had been locked into push against her throat and begin to choke her, forcing her to hold her head up.

Linda’s eyes popped open when she felt something being clamped around one of her thighs, then quickly felt it again on the other. She moaned as her arms were lowered just enough to let her stand fully in the extreme heels. She heard the assistant say, “I saw these in the dressing room and figured he would want to complete the set.”

Linda felt her thigh muscles fighting the steel now clamped around them concentrating on her breathing as the assistant connected each new piece to the ones she was already wearing, listening to each click as they were latched to the main cage. Linda’s hands were lowered and released from the bar and the assistant helped her back into the short skirt and blouse she had arrived in. Linda was trying to reach the gag strap, finding the attachments from the sleeves to the shoulders of the cage limited how high she could raise her arms. 

Linda was gasping and whining as the pressure on her torso increased after she had been standing for several minutes. She was led towards the front door, as the assistant was telling her she had an appointment and needed to go. Linda was still mumbling around the bulb in her mouth as she was essentially pulled out the front door waving her hands. The assistant finally reached up and unbuckled the gag, pulling it from Linda’s mouth. Quickly walking off, she said “James will call you when he gets back.”

Linda was left in a confused daze, standing in front of the locked door wondering what had just happened and how she seemed to be unable to stop James from enforcing his will even when he wasn’t there. Linda struggled to walk, finding not only did the new thigh covers compress her legs to the point of making them difficult to control, the connections forced her to move only in the way the rigid assembly allowed her to. Linda could feel how much she was restricted as she fought to try and move normally, finding she was forced to move like a robot. 

Linda reached her car finding she had to lean forward and that pulling the door handle to open the door was very difficult. It took several tries before she was able to open the door, hitting her head hard on the roof as she almost fell into the driver’s seat fighting to get her legs into the car and whining as she reached to close the door. It was difficult but Linda was able to drive very slowly being forced to adjust her seat back making her have to strain her neck to see over the hood. Linda made it home wanting to turn back and make the assistant release her right away but as she knew the assistant wasn’t at the studio, she had no choice but to continue to drive home.

Now she was safe in her apartment, struggling to undress herself learning if she moved slowly she could turn and twist allowing her to move but only the way the suit allowed. Once she was undressed she walked to her long mirror and gasped as she saw what had been done to her. The shining steel webbing encased her from her neck to toes seemingly concentrating in the areas near her pussy and breasts. She ran her hands everywhere she could reach, feeling her skin pushing through the lattice of steel, noticing she could not see any openings large enough to allow her to insert anything into her pussy and she could not touch her nipples or feel her breasts.

Linda inspected the cage she had been locked into. She was now only able to move like a robot and assumed she would have to perform enemas. She smiled as she felt her pussy tingle at the thought of being completely out of control. Pushing her hands to her caged pussy whining as she found she was unable to stimulate herself at all. Linda was now forced to relearn how to walk, sit and move in her new body cage. She also found if she fought the steel encompassing her it was a lot harder to move at all, learning to relax and let her body be guided by the steel cage.

For two weeks she struggled in the steel calling the studio every other day being told each time James had not returned and would call her when he was back. Linda missed two shoots her agent had set up, finally getting a call from one photographer asking why she had canceled her shoot. Linda told him that she was trying out a new design and there had been a problem with removing it. Hearing that, the photographer said, “Well come by we’ll see if we can incorporate it into our shoot.”

Linda agreed and set up a cab to pick her up so she wouldn’t have to drive again. Linda arrived at the studio wearing a long knit dress with long sleeves, the dress covered most of the steel leaving only the fingerless gloves and her shoes uncovered. The photographer smiled asking her to remove the dress so he could see what he had to work with watching as she carefully slipped out of the snug dress then stood staring at her encaged body. Linda was becoming nervous as he stood with his mouth open finally saying “Amazing! We can definitely incorporate this into our shoot.”

Linda was relieved as he walked around her babbling about how wonderful she looked asking her “So you really can’t remove it?” Linda giggled telling him there was a problem with the locks but the designer was working on it. Linda spent the day being admired by everyone that saw her, even letting a few touch her, relishing the strange sensations of her puckering skin being touched, arousing her greatly.

Linda sent pictures of the suit to a few of the photographers she was to model for, finding each loved it, telling her they would treat it like tattoos and wanted her to show up to the shoots. Linda was kept very busy for the next few weeks enjoying her new found stardom. She was asked to do another interview on TV, and to wear something that would expose as much of the steel cage encompassing her. Linda thought about what to wear finding a clear PVC catsuit ordering three in different sizes. When the suits arrived she tried each, finding the smallest one stretched over her body perfectly showing every detail of the steel cage she was locked into.

Arriving at the studio she got a round of applause from the crew as they watched her moving deliberately inside the steel cage amazed the way the steel glistened under the shiny PVC. James had been following Linda’s new excitement in the industry, angered by how her punishment was now turning into her greatest pleasure. James wasn’t realizing that Linda was starting to feel claustrophobic and desperately wanted to be freed so she could not only move normally but achieve an orgasm she so desperately needed.

James tried to contact Linda several times, finding she was away on business being flown all around the world to be photographed and even make an appearance in a movie being shot. After two months James stopped calling her thinking she would contact him when she was ready to be released then maybe he would finally get his revenge on her for how she had treated him.

Linda was encouraged by her agent to not seek release from the suit telling her to wait until the fan fare of her unique situation faded. Linda was caught up in the excitement of her new popularity being in a few more movies over the following year even though each night she fought her desires to be freed from the increasingly uncomfortable entrapment. Linda remained locked in the steel suit only feeling uncomfortable when she was alone, her body adapting to her confinement making her appear normal when she was in public. It took two years for Linda to finally break down and contact James’s studio finding that none of the numbers were any good having to hire a detective to find him. After a week he called her telling her James had been killed in an accident and all his assets had been auctioned off by the state. 

Linda was crushed. She had been encased for over three years and was desperate to feel someone’s hands on her body and finally be able to orgasm and contacted a prop engineer she had met on a film begging him to remove the steel from her body. He studied the locks, finding that whomever had built them had used steel as tumblers for the locks instead of brass or stainless like they had used on the cage and that they had rusted almost completely, until there was no way to unlock them. He experimented with a way to cut the steel, finding no matter how he tried the heat he measured would be too much and would damage her significantly.

Linda spent weeks locked in her new home weeping at how she believed she was permanently trapped in the steel cage, wishing she had never tried on the amazing shoes. Linda continued her career, the uniqueness of her situation keeping her in the spotlight for years. Linda tried to have relationships finding no one was willing to accept never having sex again with none of the relationships lasting more than a few months. Linda began pulling herself out of the public eye ending up financially able to maintain her celibate lifestyle living alone desperately wanting to be able to feel again. She hired top dominatrixes to bind and abuse her in hopes she might feel something and possibly orgasm, only to be disappointed each time.

When she was contacted by the props guy who excitedly told her he thought he had found a way to free her. Linda flew to his shop hopeful she would finally be able to live a normal life listening to him tell her his plan. Linda knew there were risks thinking only for a second before agreeing to let him begin the long process, understanding she would be placed in uncomfortable positions that she would have to remain in for extended periods each time. 

For days Linda was contorted and restrained in some amazing positions while the man slowly cut certain pieces of the steel and after a week she felt the arms sleeves pop open hearing them drop to the floor. Linda was crying as she realized it was working and that she might finally be able to live again. It took another week for him to remove the body suit hearing Linda scream as the pressure was released from her body and he unstrapped her allowing her to sit up and run her hands all over her body. Linda allowed the man to cut away the thigh cages asking him to leave the amazing shoes on for now.

She jumped up and ran around his shop, stroking her body, stopping to stare at the man, before begging him to have sex with her. The man couldn’t turn her down, she was beautiful and he had been enthralled by her for years. Linda smiled as she climbed onto the table asking him to restrain her again with him agreeing quickly and strapping the beautiful woman to the large table stretching her tightly.

They spent two days, with Linda bound while he fucked her many times, satisfying her desperate need to feel alive again, when she suddenly felt lost and alone. She realized it was her body missing the steel cage she had worn for so long. Linda stood looking longingly at the steel still lying on the floor. When she was found by her new lover, he knew instantly what she wanted, silently agreeing he would repair the steel and replace it on her.

Linda was so distraught wandering around his shop in a daze unsure of what she should do to relieve the massive feeling of loneliness. When he went looking for her she had slipped herself into a long steel crate he had made. He was shocked she had been able to wiggle into the small space but when she begged for him to keep her in a metal box until he had finished repairing her suit he couldn’t refuse closing the end cap. For a week Linda stayed in the small crate only being freed when she needed to relieve herself until finally she stood again encaged by the beautiful steel. Linda was smiling knowing this time she had someone to free her whenever they wanted to use her and hopefully satisfy her needs.


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