Amaris Adara

by ZTVFemdomtales

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I love Comic Con. There I said it and I’m not afraid to admit to anyone who will listen. It has to be the single best time of the year. It’s when those of us obsessed with comics, sci-fi and fantasy can come together to share in our love of all the above. I never missed a year though maybe I should have this time, depending on who you ask.

There was one reason and one reason only I was ready to beat down the person ahead of me in line to get in and her name was Amaris Adara. Adara was my favorite comic book character when I was a teenager. Set in the sword and sorcery world of Zaira the series followed Barbarian warrior Amaris Adara who took over the kingdom after her father’s death. She led her peoples in bloody hand to hand combat to preserve and expand her empire.

The series was notable for its overtly femdom themes. Adara had complete control over all in her court and was worshipped by all. There were numerous sex scenes where she tied up her partners. She also had a harem of male slaves made up of men she had personally kidnapped on her journeys. Concerned parents had long ago had the series cancelled.

This summer however Double Down Comics, which promoted itself as selling comics for adults by adults, was rebooting the series. In this this version Adara had been transported to our world and was trying to find her way back home and remember how she got here. They had a massive display set up for her here to promote it. God, I couldn’t wait to get there.

Not wanting to look too desperate, or get stuck in another long line, I decided to look around the rest of the convention for a few hours before going to the Double Down display. When I did I nearly came in my pants. Standing there alone at the booth was Amaris Adara herself. Tall with thick calves and wide powerful but still very feminine hips she had long powerful arms to match. Flowing blonde hair framed an angelic face. She wore silver metal boots, skit and bodice that showed off her impressive chest. Her sword was secure on her side. A white fur cape hung majestically from her back.

Now I knew she was a model and not the real Adara but still just the sight of my first fictional crush in the flesh sent chills through my body. I had to get a closer look.

“I’m sorry,” she told me, “the Double Down team is currently out to dinner and will be back soon.”

“That sounded a little scripted.”

She had to laugh.

“It was, I’m about to take my break too in just a second.”

“Oh so you work for them, you’re not a cosplayer or anything.”

“Well I’m kind of a professional one. A company pays for my tickets and my food if I dress up and help promote their newest big seller.”


“Yeah it kind of is.”

“I bet you’ve heard this all day but Adara was my favorite comic book character growing up.”

“Mine too.”

“Really? Most girls I knew thought it was sexist and disrespectful.”

“Are you kidding me? A strong woman who kicked ass, took names and had all the power: she was my hero.”

“God you look like her and you love her as much as I do. This is a dream come true.”

“Why thank you.”

“I know this is going to probably come across wrong but would you mind if I treated you to dinner?”

“I would like that actually.”

“Well then right this way, mi lady.”

She had to be back soon so we couldn’t go too far. We decided on the retro 50’s place around the corner from the convention center. You can imagine the looks we got when we walked in with her in full costume. It had to be a real sight for our waitress when Serinda, whose name I learned on the walk over, ordered a burger from her.

“Does it ever feel weird, having people stare at you all the time?” I asked her.

“Well not for me no, but then again I’ve been told I have an attention seeking nature. I don’t know where they get that from,” she joked indicating her revealing costume.

“Not a clue,” I added playing along.

We laughed and talked for a while. Eventually the conversation came back around to Adara.

“I bet you loved the femdom.”

The comment caught me completely off guard. Especially since she phrased it as a fact not a question.

“Excuse me?”

“In the Adara comics, that’s what got you hooked wasn’t it?”

It never even occurred to me to hide it from her. I just had to tell her the truth.

“Yeah, it was.”

“I knew it, all the guys who love Adara are femdom fans too. I’ll tell you a little secret though: so are the women.”

She winked at that. I felt my face turn bright red.

“Oh god that’s so cute I could just snatch you right up.”

I almost chocked on my milkshake when I heard that.


“Nothing, it’s just you reminded me of a dream I used to have when I was a teenager.”

“Really? What was it about?”

“It’s stupid.”

“Tell me.”

“Fine, I would be in my bed asleep when Adara would barge in and tie me up. She would throw me over her shoulder and carry me back to her castle. She would ravish me and when she was through she would gently kiss and tell me that I was hers now and would never have to leave her side again.”

“Wow, that’s hot.”

I mumbled something looking down at my burger as I ate.

I walked her back to the convention center and we parted ways.

“Well I’d better get back at it. I’ll see you around.”

As she hugged me goodbye she whispered, “In your dreams.”

That night I did. I had the hottest dream I’ve had in years. In it I was chained naked in a dungeon being ravaged by an Adara who looked a lot more like Serinda than she used to.


I sat up in my hotel room bed but saw nothing. Figuring it must have been in my dream I started to lay back down. Suddenly someone jumped onto my back.


Before I could say anything else my face was shoved down into the pillow. My arms were pulled behind my back and rope tightly wrapped around them. What was going on here? A fair amount of weight was pressed into my back holding me down as my attacker then set about tying my legs. After they were done they flipped me over.


“Hey lover.”

She gave me a long passionate kiss.

“What are you doing here?”

“Making your dream come true.”

Before I could ask her anything else she shoved a knotted cloth into my mouth tying it off behind my head gagging me.

“Come on let’s go.”

Using a strength I never would have guessed she had she flung me over her shoulder and carried me off. In the light of the hallway I could see she was still wearing her Amorous Adara costume. She was right my dream was coming true. Down a flight of stairs and into the alley behind the hotel she carried me. Coming to a car of some kind she flung me face down onto the padded backseat and slammed the door closed.

She climbed over me and into the driver’s seat. The car had been left idling so all she had to do was drive. From my prone and very appreciative position I couldn’t tell how long we drove or how far. All I knew was I heard a garage door open and close while we parked. Suddenly I was drug from the backseat and flung back over her shoulder as she carried him into the house.

She tossed me on my back onto a large four poster bed before crawling over top of me. She looked down at her helpless prey with hungry eyes. She kissed me on the gag. Grabbing two handfuls of the old thin t-shirt I used as a pajama top and ripped it right off me throwing the tattered pieces to the bedroom floor. My pajama pants and underwear went next. She then went back to attacking my gagged mouth with frenzied kisses.

I watched as she reached up under her metal skirt and pulled out a plainly soaked pair of panties which joined my clothes on the floor.

“I am Amaris Adara, Queen of Zaira and you my helpless little fool are now property of the crown!”

Hearing the words Adara would say before a sexual conquest in the comics spoken to him by a flesh and blood Adara made my heart speed up and my already engorged member swell more than I had ever felt it do before.

She began kissing me forcibly on my neck sending sparks of erotic energy through my already sensitive body. She licked and sucked on my nipples while her hands played with my erect shaft. She would bring me to the edge of orgasm but then pull back again. It was maddening. She roughly pulled the gag from my mouth.

“Are you ready to be fully and completely taken by your queen?” she asked.

All I managed was a weak, “Yes.”

Without any further hesitation she threw her costume off and slammed her hips down onto mine swallowing my happy penis into her wet and ravenous vagina. She began pounding away at a maddening pace. She wrapped her legs and arms around me and kissed me hard forcing her tongue deep into my mouth. With a passion I never knew I possessed I kissed her back. She rode me like an animal in heat for hours.

Finally I could hold back no longer and came long and hard within her. Exhausted I wanted to collapse beneath her. That would not happen though, Serinda was far from done. I was surprised to find that a short time later with her still going to town on me that I was hard again. She continued to pound away causing me to come again. This happened one more time before she finally climaxed herself.

We collapsed together into the bed with her still clutching my bound and naked body to hers. She didn’t even bother to remove my member from her before she fell asleep and I soon joined her. I awoke the next morning alone. Looking over I saw her standing next to the bed back in costume. Sunlight poured through the window. It was over and I had to say I was sad.

“Back to reality huh?” I asked.

She just giggled at that.


“I told you I’d make your dream come true right?”


“Well how does your dream end?”

“Adara keeps all to herself in her castle forever more.”

“Exactly, well you’re in my castle and I have intentions of ever letting you leave again.”

“Thank you.”

“No need to thank me. This is what I do. I am Amaris Adara after all.”

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