All's Fair

by Jodi

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© Copyright 2008 - Jodi - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; hypno; mc; bond; oral; anal; cons; X

Brock rolled over silently as he sneaked out of the strange bed. The girl lay there sleeping quietly as he held his head in his hands and smiled. "Another successful night," he thought to himself as he silently left the apartment. "She has no idea how to find me and I sure don't want to be found. She was a good lay, but like they say, 'All's fair in love and..." He hailed a taxi and climbed in.

He arrived home and slid into his spandex shorts getting ready for his morning ride. He loved how muscular his hairy legs looked in the shorts and what miles of bike riding had done for his ass. Women loved his ass as it stood out, firm and muscular, instead of flat and pudgy like it had been just a year ago. It was his finest asset now and his slim body sat on top of it perfectly.

As he wheeled his bike down the hall, he felt a little grumpy from the last of a late night and hangover that nagged at him. He was surprised to see the door next to his open and boxes sitting in the foyer. He slowed and turned as he ran into a large man wearing only a leather vest, matching pants, and heavy leather boots. Brock barely stopped as he fell into him and the man chuckled.

"Excuse me. I didn't see you there," Brock said as the man helped him regain his balance. "I'm Brock. So you bought the Patterson's old place. I always wondered what would become of it after they divorced."

The man smiled, "I am John and yes it was quite a steal. Mr. Patterson and I go way back and he was more than happy to sell it to me at a great price. Come by after your ride. I always like getting to know my neighbors."

Brock shrugged trying to think of an excuse not to stop by, but he actually had an open day as he was off work. "Sure, good to meet you," was all he said as he headed to the elevator. He looked back and could have sworn he caught the man staring at his ass. "Freak," Brock said, a little too loudly as the doors closed.

John looked away as he saw Brock turn. He could not help admiring the tone bubble butt his neighbor was showing off in his tight shorts and he shook his head as he heard Brock mumble that last word. He would have to explain to Brock what his lifestyle was all about and he unpacked quickly to prepare for his visit.

It was mid morning when the knock came and Brock was invited in. "Wow. you work fast. I have never seen anyone unpack so quickly." He tried not to stare at the leather that seemed everywhere in the apartment. "Takes all kinds I guess," he thought as John offered him a drink. They made small talk about the building and Brock began to feel himself relax as he sipped the drink. He still wore his riding outfit, his thick head of hair a mess, and was hoping it would make John want to cut their visit short, but he soon found himself wanting to stay as he sat heavily on the couch.

"So what shdo you shdo?" Brock asked, a slight slur to his words.

John smiled as he topped Brock's glass. "I'm glad you asked. To put it simply, I make slaves."

He saw Brock's eyes widen in confusion.

"Men, women, whatever catches my fancy. After a time, I sell them to friends in the lifestyle and move to the next. Many of the women I turn into bimbo's or just slut slaves. A few become mistress's if I deem them worthy. The men are more fun as all I pick are straight to begin with. Some I turn into sissy sluts, you know big tits and more feminine than most women. Most though I make into slave boys and basically cum dumps, you know, cocksuckers and so forth, for one of my biggest buyers. Many of those stay with me a bit longer because I enjoy their company and the transformation much more."

Brock's head was spinning as he listened. "Your crashy. Theresh no way any man would allow you to make him into shomething like that. Women...." Brock suddenly felt his tongue relax and found he could not move.

"Brock Brock Brock. I have a secret weapon that makes it so much easier. Especially when I combine it with my special cocktail. Yes the one you have been enjoying since you arrived. See I use this."

He pulled out an amulet and it swung in front of Brock's glazing eyes. "Fall into the shiny stone."

Brock's eyes widened and his mouth opened as he fought to stop looking. He let out a small squeak as his will power slipped into the shiny amulet, his relaxed mind unable to stop it.

John pulled Brock up and dragged him into the bathroom, sitting him in a chair and opening a box on the counter. He pulled out clippers, a box of razors and shaving cream. "We will start at your feet and take care of your legs, then move to your head and chest before working on the best parts."

The buzz of the clippers began and Brock's leg hair fell in clumps on the floor. Soon John was wiping them down with a towel, applying lotion so that the smooth skin shone in the bathroom lights and regrowth would never be a problem.

He stood and smiled as he began laying buzzed strips through Brock's thick locks and soon had him sitting with a nice buzz cut and shaving cream piled on his head. It took time to work down, taking the brows and chest hair that was still matted with sweat from the bike ride earlier, but John enjoyed his work and soon had a shiny hairless slave sitting in front of him. He smiled as Brock's identity lay on the floor in clumps as he sat with the same shocked expression frozen on his face, unaware of the changes as his unseeing eyes floated in the shiny amulet that had burned into his opened mind.

"Stand." Brock did as he was told, happy to hear the voice echoing in his head. The spandex was pulled down over the smooth legs and John stood back as he grabbed the clippers. "Well boy, that has to be the hottest ass I have come across in my many conquests. I bet you were popular in college. Hehe. Anyway, I need you hard so we can make sure and get it all. Only a man gets to have hair."

He watched as Brock's cock began to swell and he grinned as it soon stood at full attention.

"Very nice. I bet the women loved you. What is that? Seven inches? Nice and thick too. Well it won't be much of a factor in your new life."

The clippers began again and John had to hold himself back as he rubbed the lotion over the fantastic mounds and cock. "I have the perfect thing to complete you." He went into a closet and returned with some garments and a small piercing gun. "Only these and a shower are left boy."

Later, John walked into the bedroom, his eight inch cock, hard, as it had been all morning, and looking lustfully at the form on the bed. He ran a hand up the heels of the boots he had laced onto Brock's feet and smiled as he felt the calf muscles as they strained against the tight leather that held them on. He continued up the hairless muscular leg as it it lay stretched, spread from the other matching the perfectly proportioned from he had discovered. He sighed loudly as he came to his favorite part.

The boy shorts, the ones he normally used on his female slaves, hugged the bulbous cheeks, the smooth globes hanging out the bottom enticingly as the rest stretched across the middle of the well toned cheeks. He gave them a light slap and his cock twitched as he saw the bulge resting between the spread legs pulse slightly. He shook his head and hurried to take his seat in front of Brock.

Brock still wore the expression, his eyes wide and mouth opened in surprise as he had lost all free will. His head was held in a posture collar so that it was raised and his hands were stretched and tied apart matching his legs. John sat on front of him and admired the view of the arched back above the world's perfect ass and he grinned.

"Now, we can begin your training. I know that pierced tongue is still a little tender so we will start slow." He slid his cock between the open lips. "Now move your tongue slowly, loving the bottom of my cock. Make sure your lips are tight as soon we don't want you to spill."

He sat back as his cock was held between the virgin lips and soon found himself about to cum as the hard nub he had introduced to Brock's tongue did it's magic. "Now when I say,'prepare yourself" you will be allowed to cum. It is all your cock is good for now as it acts as the supplier for the lube that will allow me to enjoy the hard work you put into your body. Prepare yourself."

He watched as the bulge of Brock's tucked cock began to swell in the tight shorts until the outline of the head could be seen snuggly sliding between his hairless cheeks. It pulsed slowly as Brock was allowed to cum for the first time since the night before during his sexual conquest. John felt Brock's throat vibrate as he helplessly moaned, both, John was sure, from the uncomfortable position of his cock combined with the orgasm he would long for as he lived his life with no worries or cares.

The combination of it all soon had John unloading his massive load and Brock swallowed quickly trying not to "spill' as he had been instructed. John soon slid from the lips of his new cocksucker and took seconds regaining his erection as he moved behind Brock. A zipper was pulled down and the smell of Brock's cum filled the air as it filled his spread hole. John felt himself flush with excitement as he saw the cock head shrinking back into the shorts and he lined himself up.

Soon the steady slurping of a former virgin ass, heavily lubed and beginning to accept the invader with ease, filled the room as John neared another orgasm. "Damn you are tight. I will definitely have to give you time to keep riding. Now we will share this moment and I want you to prepare yourself."
He felt the cock head as it swelled and pressed against his moving shaft, finally coating it with the warm lube Brock offered. Seconds later, John stopped as Brock's ass pulsed in time with his cock, milking John as he entered his new life for good.

Days passed and Brock still had his morning bike ride, though now a buzzing plug bulged through his spandex and added to the enjoyment of his ride. He could not wait until it was replaced with his Master's cock once again after he got to hear those magic words. He was lost in enjoyment as he thought of getting to clean his Master's new apartment once the wall was knocked out and how hard he made him when he watched him walk around the apartment int those heels that made his ass and legs stand out for his Master's pleasure.

He did not see the girl having coffee as he zipped passed as she talked to her friend. "Yes I heard the asshole mumble as he left, 'all's fair in love and......'"

He didn't hear her or the response, but he knew first hand it was true........

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