All's Fair

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2015 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; corsets; chast; cuffs; leather; bfold; gag; cd; heels; club; display; bdsm; electro; hum; enslave; tease; denial; mast; climax; cons; X

Awaking in bondage was new to me, Eva had spent many mornings awaking in bondage of some sort but now it was my turn. The company I had worked for had closed leaving me unemployed for the first time in my adult life. Luckily Eva had finished school and gotten a very good job a few weeks before and could easily support us while I looked for a job so I also thought of this time as a long vacation. We had been practicing bondage since before we met each other and it still plays a large part in our lives, even now Eva wears her steel chastity belt and extreme heels at work and we have a new suit on the way.

During the second week of my “vacation” Eva had mentioned she didn’t think it was fair that while she didn’t work she spent all of her free time bound and I am not. I am always the dom, we have traded roles a few times but I always have been the one in control. I laughed about it at the time but a few days later she brought it up again. During those few days I had thought “Maybe it might be fun to relinquish control to her” so when she brought it up again I asked what she had in mind and she told me what she had been thinking about.

Basically all the same rules we had for her now apply to me, I would be bound in a way that would allow me to complete her list of chores and in the evenings I would serve her. I had always enjoyed when Eva was out of school for a few days and she was kept bound while I made her serve me, increasing the difficulty of her chores and punishing her for not completing them. Eva had always agreed to play whenever she could and at any point she could have stopped any of the challenges given to her.

We agreed it would not interfere with any job inquiries or interviews and all the rules from her incarceration applied. I thought it might be fun so I agreed, Eva squealed with delight until I added one stipulation, she would continue to wear her chastity belt during the whole experiment, the key would remain at the service with me being the only one able to give the code to have it returned. Eva pouted for a moment then smiled and agreed.

That Friday night would be the start of our new game, I spent the next few days thinking about what she would do to me and found myself getting excited about being made helpless and being forced to comply to her every wish. She arrived home finding me as she had requested naked with the ball gag strapped in my mouth and my hands cuffed behind me. Eva smiled as she saw me and took the key ring from my fingers as she set her shopping bags down.

Eva grabbed my swollen cock and stroked it a few times then started pulling it, leading me to the bedroom finding I gave little resistance while she had my cock gripped so tightly. She stood me in front of our large four poster bed and spread my legs attaching the cuffs chained to the legs of the bed tightly around my ankles. Eva slipped onto the bed and unlocked the cuffs around my wrists and had me reach up to the top of the posts where she locked my hands into the waiting cuffs. I was now standing spread eagle chained to the bed like she had been so many times.

I pulled at the cuffs knowing full well I had attached them well and they would not be giving me my freedom anytime soon. Eva stroked my cock again then pulled a blindfold over my eyes and walked out of the room. I could hear her moving around in the house and then heard her come back into the bedroom and sit her bags down again. “I went shopping for you today, I hope you like what I bought for you”. I mumbled something incomprehensible and heard her say “Well I know at least I’ll enjoy them”. Eva was getting undressed as she continued “I figured you needed something for your new role as my slave”.

It felt like I had been standing there for hours while she unpacked her bags and showered. I had been thinking about her words “my slave” wondering how far she planned on taking this. My hands where going numb and my legs were starting to cramp from being spread so wide as I pulled and twisted blindly trying to find a comfortable spot. I swore I could hear her getting dressed again and couldn’t figure out why and continued pulling and twisting. Eva normally would slip into a large shirt or nightie for the evening but by the length of time she was taking it seemed like she was getting dressed to go out.

When she pulled the blindfold off I was stunned to see her dressed in full leather, the skirt she wore went to her knees drawing her legs close together as it stretched tightly around them. She had a corset on that pushed her breasts up and squeezed them tightly forcing her nipples out of the small holes. She had worked the corset under her belt before lacing it as tight as she could giving herself a wonderful hour glass shape. The skirt fit so tight that it showed the outlines of the waist belt and chains of the steel protecting her pussy and ass under it. I stared in awe of her “What do you think?” she asked cheerfully. “By the quick response of that thing between your legs I’m thinking you like it” Eva said as I couldn’t take my eyes off her while she turned to give me the full picture.

Eva’s long arms had been covered by black leather up to her shoulders and as she looked at my swollen cock she said “We’ll have to do something about that”. “I need you to lace my corset correctly first then we’ll try and make you more comfortable” she uncuffed my wrists and I quickly reached out thankful do have my arms lowered. With my legs spread wide I had difficulty getting good leverage but within a few minutes I had her gasping and had pulled her waist in another two or three inches. I have had years of lacing experience so I tied my special triple bow knot that if not untied correctly will leave the laces in a almost unmanageable knot and completely untieable while reaching behind one’s self.

Now that she was properly laced she turned around to secure my hands giving me a wonderful view of her nipples that were now straining against the leather surrounding them. The tighter lacing made the corset crush her full breasts even more and neither of us knew how uncomfortable they would become later. Eva walked off letting me watch her walk away and noticed the skyscraper heels she balanced on top of. Eva’s calves had been covered in what looked like black liquid making me think she had purchased some latex as well. Eva was right I did approve of her purchases and liked what I saw a lot.

Returning Eva held out her hand showing me the ice cubes she was carrying and smiled as I looked at her with questioning eyes. “I see you like my outfit, it’s one of several I bought but they are not for you”. Eva pulled a chair closer to my helpless body and quickly grabbed my cock with the ice still cupped in her hand. I moaned and pulled at the tethers while she rubbed my cock and balls with the ice making it retreat quickly. Still holding me she slipped a steel ring around the base of my cock and balls and squeezed the two halves together ending with a slight click the new sensation made me look down to see her slipping a steel tube over my cock.

The click of it locking into place was deafening as I realized she had just put a chastity tube on me! I moaned louder still pulling on the cuffs while she continued to but more of the steel pieces on my cock and balls. I could feel the pressure around my balls increase and started getting the “kicked in the gut” feeling when I heard two more clicks and she said “There all done”. Eva bounced my encased unit chuckling as she said ‘You’ll get used to the weight and once they have stretched enough they told me you won’t have any discomfort”.

Eva stood in front of me looking every bit the dominant and quickly snapped a two inch wide steel collar around my neck, again the click was deafening. Now I was chained spread eagle my cock and balls incased in steel and was wearing what I would find out later was a steel collar with “SLAVE” engraved and painted black on it. Eva rubbed my body kissing and pinching me making my cock respond and swell inside its steel tube. Within a few minutes a sharp pain hit me in my groin and I was whining and mumbling as the pain increased. Eva smiled again and rubbed the ice on my cock tube and I quickly felt the pain ease.

“I forgot to tell you about the small spikes in the tube and around the inside of the ring around your unneeded thing”. I looked at her wide eyed as she explained just how fucked I really was. “Inside the tube the little spikes will teach you cock control, we can’t have you getting a hard on just any time you want now can we?” I was still stunned by her transformation as she continued her explanation. “The spikes around the ring would dig in if you try to slip your worthless cock out of it meaning that until I desire to use your cock it stays locked up and in my control” I hung my head in defeat knowing she was now truly in control.

Eva smiled as she clipped a short leash to the ring near the tip of the tube giving a quick yank just to show me how the spikes around the ring worked. I grunted and moaned loudly as she let the leash hang swinging between my legs. I was wondering what I had done as I felt the blood pumping in my ears from the tight collar and the pain radiating from my cock and balls and watched her strut away from my aching body. Eva left me spread eagle for the rest of the night, only slipping a blindfold over my eyes before she got undressed. She did let me watch her “clean” up the bedroom, my cock grew each time she passed in front of me with her forced hip sway and her firm ass showing under the tight leather making me groan each time I felt the spikes touch my cock.

I spent the night listening to her breathing as she slept comfortably in our bed, many thoughts crossed my mind as I hung there helpless. I thought about how many times she had spent the night bound just as I was now and wondered if she had enjoyed it. I had never asked but she had always told me when she didn’t like how things went so I had always assumed she liked it. I also thought of all the things that could go wrong, fire, burglary etc. and hoped she would free me before running out of the house if it caught fire. These thoughts made me fight my bonds and each time get defeated by them.

I listened to her awake stretching and moaning from the tight corset she had slept in then felt her rubbing my bare ass before she moved to the bathroom. Eva returned to my aching body and took some nipple clamps and clamped both my nipples and stood laughing as I fought the chains and whined through the gag.

She got dressed and went and made breakfast for herself leaving me twisting at the ends of the chains desperately trying to free my nipples. I hadn’t heard her return when suddenly my blindfold was pulled off and she was standing in front of me in a skin tight latex dress, her corset and chastity belt could be seen through the transparent blue hue of the rubber. Her protruding nipples looked as if they had grown by an inch and were desperately trying to punch through the rubber.

My cock instantly swelled making me whine as she wiggled around showing me how tight the rubber was and how difficult it was for her to walk in the ankle length dress. I tried to think of something else but all I could think of was her perfect body encased in rubber and my dick continued to grow bringing tears to my eyes. She rubbed her nipples right in front of my face while she told me how much they were hurting from being forced through the leather for so long, all the while rubbing them with one hand and me with the other. Eva uncuffed one wrist locking a set of steel cuffs around it and twisting it so I wouldn’t fight her while she released my other wrist and quickly cuffed them together behind my back.

I had no intentions of fighting her, the relief of lowering my arms almost made me drop to my knees. Eva cuffed my ankles with our leg shackles and tugged on the leash towards the bathroom. I followed, like I had a choice, and was told to empty myself and she would check on me in a few minutes. Eva smiled as she tied the leash snuggly around the toilet and left me sitting alone cuffed, gagged and with my nipples screaming in pain. She returned shortly and pulled the leash making me follow her to the kitchen where she hooked the leash on a cabinet door handle anchoring me in place. My jaw hurt almost as much as my nipples so I was relieved when she said “I am going to remove the gag, if you speak AT ALL I will replace it” I nodded and she pried the ball from my mouth.

Eva seemed to take particular pleasure feeding me and forcing me to drink more than I ever do normally while parading around in the tight rubber. She even put a chair behind me and said “Sit down, if you can” I turned and looked and decided it was too far back to not jerk on my cock if it tried to sit so I remained standing. We spent most of the day with me following her around getting my cock and balls jerked on regularly while I fought to control my hard on. Finally she drug me into the bedroom again and asked if I wanted to go to the club with her, I nodded I did thinking she would release me but she wasn’t done yet.

When I agreed to go she squealed and clapped her hands and quickly tied my leash to the bed post and ran off. The gag was starting to hurt again but the clamps and tube had eased into a dull ache as I stood waiting with my eyes closed. When suddenly I felt my arms being wrapped together and in a few minutes Eva had covered them in many layers of the pallet wrap I normally use on her. Once she had covered my arms in plastic she began wrapping them in clear four inch wide packing tape, something along with the pallet wrap I keep plenty of in the house at all times.

Eva had finished wrapping my arms together behind me, thankfully she didn’t try to make my elbows touch like I do hers but they were still wrapped very tight and still cuffed together. I was grunting and whining around the gag when I heard her mumble “I’ve heard enough of that”. I listened to her tear off several strips of the wide tape then felt her pry the ball from behind my teeth. I was about to try and talk my way out of this when she pushed up on my lower jaw and quickly spread a piece of the wide tape over my closed mouth. In her hurry to seal my mouth she had partially covered my nose, she was still pressing the tape smooth as my air began to get thin and I started to struggle. Eva held my face firmly and folded down the offending tape allowing me to gasp for air through my nose.

While I tried to catch my breath Eva took the other strips of tape and applied one below each eye down my face and under my chin effectively locking my mouth shut. She continued to layer more tape over my sealed mouth and the previous layers making sure no amount of struggling or rubbing would remove the sticky tape. Eva now had my entire face except my nose and eyes covered in layers of clear tape, essentially my lower face was smooth and she continued to rub the tape over my mouth. Eva’s breathing became quicker as she continued to rub my face with one hand and rubbing her exposed nipples through the rubber with the other.

Eva was rubbing my face harder pushing my head back and even covering my nose occasionally as her gasping and moaning increased. I was fighting for air around her fingers as her free hand moved down to her rubber and steel covered crotch and she started slapping her ass then mine always keeping one hand on my face. Eva’s eyes were closed and her head was thrown back as she kept swatting herself then me all while pushing harder and harder on my featureless face and blocking my only air passage.

This went on for what seemed like a long time and as Eva grew closer to an orgasm she whipped both of our bodies harder with her free hand never removing the other from my face and pressing her protruding nipples into my chest. When I felt her hands begin to tremble she quickly covered my nostrils cutting off all air.

My cock had grown to painful size but with her deepening moans and her hands all over me mixed with the incredible sight of her nearing an orgasm I didn’t fight it. I watched her heaving chest as the orgasm slammed into her body making her scream and shutter as she slid down my body dragging her free hand, and finger nails, down my captured body. Eva knelt in front of me panting and moaning for several minutes, I could see the sweat glistening on her shoulders and wondered if she was envisioning herself in my current predicament.

Once Eva regained her composure she stood up grinning and asked if it was good for me too? I was surprised when she reached behind me and took the leash and pulled it through my legs then slowly began pulling my cock and balls back between them. She continued pulling until I was whining loudly and stopped and locked the leash to the back of my collar keeping my cock and balls wedged firmly in between my thighs.

Eva smiled as she pulled out the latex leggings and uncuffed my ankles long enough to force my feet into the rubber. I do not wear rubber often and never out of the house so now I was really getting worried about her intentions. Eva struggled with the thick rubber until it was around my waist, the added pressure of it pushing on my cock and balls gave me the kicked in the gut feeling again but all I could do was stand and moan. When she wrapped the corset around my waist I knew I was screwed, she was going to get me back for every time I had done the same thing to her, the only difference she enjoys it and I did not, yet.

Eva tugged and pulled on the laces assuring me it was a male corset and soon had me gasping for air so she stopped and tied off the laces. She couldn’t have taken me in by more than a few inches but it felt incredibly tight and I also knew that since it was over the latex and clamps both would be staying on. Eva rubbed my body laughing at how wonderful I looked the chain leash from my cock and balls had been forced to pull more by being trapped under the latex and corset. She said that she had another surprise for me and dashed to the closet, I didn’t think I could take anymore but again I could not stop her so I stood waiting when she appeared with a box in her hands and quickly knelt in front of me. I couldn’t look far enough down but realized quick enough when I felt her stuff my foot in the first shoe she was forcing me to wear high heels!

Eva was laughing and giggling as she closed the multiple straps around my feet and ankles and I could hear the clicks of the small locks as she made sure the shoes were not coming off. I was moaning and shaking my head as she cuffed my ankles together with her large shackles, these left only a few inches between them forcing her… me to take tiny steps. I was starting to really try to get away from her when she pulled out a long leather dress and said she thought it would fit me. I tried to back away from her but she slapped my trapped cock making me double over in pain.

During my struggles I had heard the plastic and tape wrapped around my arms and hands crinkling, this sound quickly got her attention and when she saw how much I could move them under the plastic she decided to fix that problem. I could smell her arousal as I stood twisting and desperately trying to keep my balance. Eva grabbed my arms and took a belt she had looped together and pulled it up my arms. Once it was just over my elbows she cinched it tight forcing my elbows as close together as possible making me whine and try to move away from her again.

Eva began wrapping more tape around my wrists over the cuffs and worked steadily up my arms pulling the tape very tight. With each pass I could feel how tight she was wrapping my arms and tried to whine louder but she ignored me finally reaching the belt. Eva was laughing as she removed the belt and continued wrapping my upper arms. I stood motionless no longer having the energy to fight as she reached my shoulders and started wrapping back down to my hands. Eva smiled at me and said “There you go, no more loosey goosey doesn’t that feel better?” I flexed my arms and found not only had she pulled them much closer together but the added layers of wide tape had now made bending them all but impossible.

Picking up the dress again she held it out to me and reluctantly I stepped into it. It turned out not to be real leather but once she had the open back laced as tight as she could around my arms I found the dress crushed my thighs together making my cock and balls hurt more and reduced my steps even further. Eva clapped and squealed again as she inspected her new friend then laughing hysterically she took one of her red wigs and swung it onto my head. Now I was a six foot five inch transvestite with my arms trapped behind me and unable to take more than a tiny step with a tight corset making me pant through my nose. Eva clipped a leash to my collar and began “helping” me to practice walking in my new outfit.

At six feet tall and almost two hundred pounds I was not graceful at all in five inch heels but I followed her around listening to her suggestions for the next forty five minutes. Eva was telling me how proud she was of me for coping so well and began to lead me to the garage. I didn’t want to go but really had no choice so I shuffled to the car and plopped into the passenger seat. Eva strapped me in tightly and closed the door leaving me helpless inside the car as I watched her walk back into the house.

Eva had left me sitting slightly forward due to my arms wrapped so tightly behind me, this position quickly began to make breathing difficult because of the tight corset she had laced around my waist and lower chest. I sat trying to breathe through my nose desperately wiggling and twisting in an attempt to reach the recline button of the seat, sure if I even reached it that my wrapped up hands couldn’t manipulate it but the struggle kept my mind occupied.

As my struggles grew more desperate I spotted her coming back into the garage, the scowl on her face told me she wasn’t happy. As she neared the car I could see she was still wearing the tight rubber dress making each step a struggle in the tight hem. Eva had added her steel posture collar and matching ankle and wrist cuffs over some long black latex gloves. She wiggled into the car and I turned to plead with my eyes to lean the seat back and saw the rage in her eyes. “Is that corset becoming uncomfortable?” she asked. I moaned and shook my head yes. “Good!” she snapped. “I was trying to remove mine but someone tied one of those tricky knots and now I’m stuck in it” I smiled inside knowing my training of her to never cut her corset laces had stuck.

Eva adjusted her seat and started the car, I was still trying to cope with the tight corset when she leaned over and flipped the handle and my seat leaned back. As I sighed she said “I don’t want you passing out in the car, but you’ll get punished for trapping me in my corset later tonight.” I didn’t care at this moment I was much more comfortable and sat panting thorough my nose. Arriving at the club she parked as far away as possible and drug me out of the passenger door. She pulled the leash over her shoulder and walked as fast as she could a few feet in front of me. Once again my cock failed me as I watched her tight ass and long legs move under the transparent rubber making it swell back to the spikes as we walked through the parking lot.

Inside the club my cock retreated mostly due to the feelings of embarrassment and anxiety as Eva pulled me through the crowds stopping only to say hi and introduce me as her new girl friend. Eva walked me up to where masters tie off their slaves and quickly tied the leash to a loop in the wall and disappeared into the crowd leaving me alone to shift my weight on the spiked heels and to be groped and spanked by anyone who stopped by. I had been standing alone sweating in the tight rubber and pleather dress for a couple of hours when she was suddenly standing beside me talking to a large woman dressed in black latex from head to toe about something I didn’t understand.

Eva hugged the woman and walked off and I watched helplessly as the women untied my leash and began tugging me towards the stage. I searched for Eva as I was being pulled on and could not find her anywhere. Reaching the stage I could not raise my foot high enough to take the step so the woman leaned me over her shoulder and heaved me up the three steps setting me back down on the stage to whoops and hollers from the crowd. For another hour I was led around the stage while being whipped and prodded by this woman. The last half I was blindfolded as she used the cattle prod to “steer” me around the stage.

I heard last call and hoped my evening of embarrassment was coming to an end and felt myself being hoisted back down to the floor. I stood in my five inch heels, my feet, legs and nipples on fire as the throbbing in my ass continued to radiate heat under the rubber. I listened to Eva’s voice and could tell she had been drinking heavily as she slurred and repeated herself often when I finally heard her say “Sure you can take her home for the night, but nothing too painful and no permanent marks!” Shit! She just gave me away to someone I don’t know, what was she thinking? I screamed in my head.

I struggled and twisted as I felt the leash being pulled on and was dragged out of the club still bound, firmly gagged and blind. I was pushed into the passenger seat and lashed to the seat by several straps. I was still struggling as the drivers door opened and I could feel the car driving for what felt like a long time. When the car was turned off I was drug by the leash out of the car onto my throbbing feet and pulled into a house. I was lead around what seemed like a large house, the building dread of what would or could happen to me building as I gasped and panted to keep up.

Finally I was tied to something and left standing alone blindly trying to feel something as I tried to get my bearings and come up with a plan to escape if necessary. I was trying to twist my arms in hopes of freeing the plastic from them but Eva had wrapped them too tight leaving me no room to wiggle when I heard something off to my right and froze as I tried to locate the sound. Suddenly the wig was being worked out from under the blindfold then I felt the dress being loosened.

When the dress was pulled down my legs some of the pressure on my trapped cock and balls was released and I moaned slightly from the relief but was becoming more worried about what was going to happen next. The high heels were removed and the rubber leggings were peeled from my sweaty body and legs and I was dried roughly. As soon as the drying stopped the shoes were forced back onto my aching feet and quickly locked in place. I was left standing in a corset and high heels with my arms wrapped tightly behind me wearing a blindfold and tightly gagged. I felt the leash being pulled downwards and resisted as well as I could but still found myself chained into a bent over position as my arms were pulled upwards and tied to something making it impossible for me to stand up straight or move away from whomever had secured me this way.

I was starting to really freak out as I realized my uncovered ass was now a perfect target to be used as anyone who might be there would want to use it. With my head forced towards the floor and my arms tied above them I could do nothing but whine and gasp for air. The first few lashes of the whip surprised me but the next ten made me almost start crying as each lash bit into my bare ass harder making the pain radiate throughout my entire body. I was getting light headed from being bent over in the corset when I felt my arms being untied and I was allowed to stand up straight again.

I was relieved in two ways, one because I could breathe much easier and second because I hadn’t been violated while my ass was sticking up in the air. I felt the chain connected to my cock and balls being worked from under the corset where Eva had secured it allowing my cramped cock and balls to swing forward into their natural position. The corset was quickly loosened and I sighed again as it was pulled from my body but squealed loudly when the clamps were unceremoniously yanked from my nipples. I was still whining about the clamps when I felt the plastic and tape around my arms get cut open allowing them to spring apart, the sudden relief in my shoulders made me moan loudly.

Now I was only cuffed hand and foot in high heels and a tight collar around my neck, I couldn’t see or speak but I felt like I was in heaven as I flexed and twisted as far as I could. The leash on my cock tube was pulled, and of course I followed the tug around the room until I was pushed backwards and I fell onto the bed behind me. I lay back and let whomever pick up my high heeled feet and put them on the bed. I now lay on my side thinking how wonderful the bed felt as the leash on my collar was pulled out from under me and pulled taut. Right after the leash was attached to presumably the headboard the lead from my cock tube was pulled the opposite way and anchored to the footboard. I could now roll over but any attempts to move other than that resulted in my cock and balls being tugged on brutally.

I lay there feeling totally relaxed and drifted off to sleep even while I was unsure of where I was at or with whom I had been left with, the extreme evening had not only defeated me but exhausted me as well and I could not do anything but sleep. Waking the next morning I found the blindfold had been released and at some point during the night’s sleep I remember having a dream about someone pulling the skin off my face. I smiled finding it had not been a dream but someone removing the tape over my mouth. I looked around the room and realized I was at home and that she had pulled the old mind fuck trick on me and relaxed onto my still cuffed arms and smiled.

Waking in bondage was new and it quickly became necessary to find out if I was free or not so I swung my cuffed together high heeled feet to floor and looked around the room. I spotted a small key ring on the table and stood up and shuffled to it and took the key and in a few minutes had the cuffs off my wrists and ankles and was sitting trying to remove the shoes. I sat rubbing my sore feet and glad she hadn’t made me wear the shoes all day and wondered after the night we had how she got up and went to work. I relieved my bladder and tried to remove the collar and cock tube but found no keys on the ring would open either.

Entering the kitchen I found a note from Eva, I read it as I wolfed down some breakfast “Don’t think my generosity of allowing you to free yourself means you don’t have to complete your chores slave. You will complete the following items by my arrival tonight or you will be punished, your mistress” I laughed at her note and found a short list of chores and decided I would treat my mistress to a night of pampering. I cleaned the house, mostly naked since my cock and balls still ached from last night, I found her bath salts and prepared her favorite meal. Our discussion at lunch left me with the feeling she was very tired so I had everything ready when she came home.

I met her at the door wearing only the cock cage, a large ball gag and collar with leash attached, I went immediately to my knees and removed her high heels and briefly rubbed her feet. I handed her my leash and escorted her to the bedroom where I undressed her untying the tight corset she had been wearing for almost two full days getting and moan from her as her swollen nipples were kneaded out of the small holes and led her to the bath tub full of hot water. After helping her into the tub and handing her a glass of wine I went to the kitchen and set her meal on a tray and carried it back to the bathroom.

She soaked in the hot water and ate while I rubbed her neck, slowly moving my hands down to her breasts regularly and even reaching down and feeling the steel still wrapped around her waist. Eva drifted off in the tub so I cleared everything away and carried her to the bed in a large towel. While I was toweling her off she awoke enough to say how much fun she had while she was my mistress but hoped I would continue to be her master, she likes that better.

I kissed her good night and covered her wonderful body with a warm blanket. I truly love her and being her master but it’s nice to be reminded of what it’s like to be on the other side. Tomorrow I would show her what it’s like to be my slave again since I had already called for her keys to be returned overnight. I had studied the cock and ball device after finding the “attachments” and found not only was it for chastity the tight rings around the base of my balls could be changed for a wider ones stretching them further. Each treatment could take weeks or months for the wearer’s body to get accustomed to it. I was unsure of the purpose of the metal rings I had found until I looked them up on line and wondered exactly how long she was going to keep my cock and balls locked up. But looked forward to finding out.

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