Alice & Amanda 3: Mistress Amanda

by Alina Aamu

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© Copyright 2009 - Alina Aamu - Used by permission

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continues from part 2

Part 3: Mistress Amanda

I woke up to the distinct sound of handcuffs being clicked in place. It took me a moment to realize that they were my hands being firmly locked behind my back with expert handling. And the moment I realized it, a bolt of excitement shot through my body. Today was my turn to be submissive to Amanda and I had been looking for this for quite some while. The last two times it was my turn had to be postponed because the first time I was sick and then some uninvited guests showed up on our door. It wasn't a pleasant surprise although we were happy to see our friends, but it took a lot of panicky hiding of some unsocial items, ready for our day of fun and games.

So I really did need a day to relax and enjoy myself being hugged by sturdy ropes, being silenced by gags and most of all, being topped by the girl I loved more than I could imagine, Amanda. I tried to turn and face her, but she pinned me on the bed to my stomach by leaning on me with her knee. I felt a strong grip taking hold of my jaw and I obediently opened my mouth. I felt a thick scarf being put between my teeth and tied firmly in place. There was a knot in the scarf, but we both knew that the gag was more suggestive than effective. I was pretty sure that it wasn't going to stay in place for long.

Amanda yanked me up and out of the bed and started to lead me away from the bedroom. She raised my hands so that I had to bend down as we were walking and I still couldn't catch a glimpse of anything more than her naked feet. She led me in the bathroom door and shut it behind me.

"Do your morning business and then come to the kitchen. Be quick and god help you if you spit that gag out of your mouth." Amanda said to me from the other side of the door.

I wondered if the comment about the gag was an invitation to cause trouble which she could punish me for, since gags were my favorite toys in the whole wide world and I'd never spit one out unless it was part of the game. Or maybe she thought that I'd protest the ineffective gag? But this time I decided to be a good girl and leave the gag alone. Besides, she had tied it so tightly behind my neck that even though it didn't prevent speech very effectively, it'd still be very hard to pry it out without hands.

And speaking about things hard to do with your hands cuffed behind your back, the morning wee-wee break would be one for most people. But I had done it so many times even during my times as a single self-bondage enthusiast that it was pretty routine, although it required some figuring out the first few times around. Now it was very simple, especially since the scarf was the only piece of clothing I had on, so it didn't take me more than few minutes. After I was done, I went into the kitchen.

Once I got there, I finally got to see Amanda. I knew that she probably put a lot of effort into preparing the day since she always woke up hours before I did. And she didn't let me down. She was standing there, waiting me like a goddess. She had obviously showered in the morning and her hair was almost shining. She was wearing a dreamy bright red sheath dress, which was so tightly fit that it was practically a second skin. She was holding a huge white work apron in her hand that she obviously had taken off just seconds before I came into the room to make this sexually charged impression.

Amanda's unusual fetish for aprons was nearly as strong as my fetish for gags, so it meant that both were prominently and often featured in our play, and even our daily lives. I never quite understood her excitement about aprons, but I was happy to wear them and put them on her during our play. I guess nobody who gets her biggest thrills from large ballgags in her mouth, and even as a tool for masturbation can't blame anyone's taste for a fetish. Actually I kind of envy her since she trained as a cook and therefore gets to wear her aprons daily at work. I haven't found a line of work where ballgags would be part of the official attire...

Amanda kissed me passionately and asked me if I had washed my hands. When I nodded, she pet me on the head and lead me to sit in one of the kitchen chairs. Only then I noticed how much trouble she actually had gone through. There were a lot of straps already attached to the chair waiting for me to get set in.

She started by attaching my legs to those on the chair. Once she was done, she uncuffed my hands but immediately started to strap them to the armrests of the chair. She was extremely skilled and quite strong at handling me, which only made me love it so much more. Every step of the way she acted as if I was an unwilling victim, making sure that I couldn't get away or attack. She uncuffed my left hand first and immediately closed the cuff on the opposite armrest so my right hand was very securely behind me. She kept a firm grip on my hand as she attached the straps on the armrest before letting go and repeating the process for the right hand.

Then came out the bigger straps which she used to pin my torso to the chair. I couldn't but admire that she really took the time and effort to use so many straps in every step of the way that when she was finally done, I was practically immobilized. I had to hand it to her, she really knew what I liked. Once she was finished, she stood back to admire her handiwork and I took the opportunity to enjoy the soothing sensation of absolute immobility. She recognized the look I had and smiled. I couldn't help but to give back a stupid grin.

Amanda then took a big bowl from the table and turned to stir a saucepan.

"You know that the most important meal of the day is breakfast, don't you, Alice?" Amanda asked and I nodded obediently. We both knew that I very rarely ate breakfast at all.

"Good. That's why I've decided to make you a good breakfast for once." She said as she started to fill the bowl with steaming oatmeal. She put the bowl down and then went to one of her cupboards.

"It seems like you're not able to use a spoon for some reason, so I guess I'll have to feed you like a baby. And since you're going to eat like a baby, you need a bib!" She said enthusiastically as she pulled out a big plastic bib from the cupboard and started to tie it to my neck.

Now this was something new, I thought. The thought of using a bib as a toy hadn't never occurred to me, but I didn't have anything against it so I went along with it without protest. I actually kind of liked the derogatory effect it had and it probably was related to Amanda's apron fetish. Once she had tied the bib to my neck, she loosened the scarf and pulled it out of mouth. I sucked in the spit from around the knot as she took it from behind my teeth and she threw the scarf aside. She then pulled a chair in front of me and sat down.

"Now, be a brave girl and eat your oatmeal so you'll have a lot of energy to play with pussy today." Amanda said.

"Yes, Ma'am." I answered and she started to spoon feed the oatmeal to me.

As the meal progressed, I came to notice that the bib actually had a utilitarian purpose as well as an erotic one since a lot of the meal was being dropped on it. I wasn't sure if this was because it was so difficult to eat without hands or if Amanda was making a mess of things on purpose. By the time time the bowl was actually empty, there was oatmeal all over my cheeks and chin. Amanda leaned towards me and said in a soft tone:

"Isn't that a messy little girl? You need some cleaning up, don't you?"

I nodded sheepishly and she leaned even closer to me. I though she was about to kiss me, but instead she started to lick the extra oatmeal from my face. I couldn't imagine how soft and warm her tongue felt against my cheek as she cleaned them out of the mess. I would've started to squirm with excitement hadn't the straps held me so firmly in their grips, but Amanda sensed my state anyway.

"You want something for dessert?" She asked.

"Yes, please, ma'am." I answered and I knew we both had the same idea about the nature of the dessert when she stood and raised her dress to give me a delicious view of her naked pussy.

"You'd like this for all of your meals today, I bet." She said as she took her right hand to her crotch and started slowly to caress herself with a single finger. I could see that she was really wet herself and I was sure that we were both going to feast on each other in a matter of minutes.

She raised her other leg to my chair and shoved her hips so that I could almost smell her, although she was well away from anything that I could touch her with.

"You want this?" She asked.

"Yes, ma'am. Very much."

"And I bet you'd like me to return the favor to you afterwards?"

"I'd like that, ma'am." I said as I had to close my eyes to keep my arousal at a manageable level. I took a couple of deep breaths and opened my eyes again, expecting to continue to feast on her with my eyes. But Amanda had obviously noticed my momentary lack of concentration and instead what I saw was that she had taken a step back and covered herself again.

"I'm sure we would both enjoy a good licking about now." She said in a very regular tone. "But you have chores to do."

"Gee, Amanda. Chores?" I whined. I really had expected something a lot more sexy from the day. But I knew I had made a mistake immediately when I said it. Being strapped in a chair and being a slave for the day, you really shouldn't voice your opinions about the planned schedule.

Amanda happened to agree with my thoughts and pinched me hard on my nipples and I let out a yelp. I could tell that she wasn't really angry, but her tone was stern.

"Look here, missy." She said. "You do exactly what I want you to do, when I want you to do it. Don't forget that this is my day and you better remember your place."

"I always thought that being the bottom meant that it was my day." I said. It was a bratty thing to say, I knew it. I decided that although I didn't mean to start on this track, I might as well go with it once I had started.

"That's it! I thought I'd give your jaw a rest, but you're getting a gag."

Amanda left the room to get the gag from our bedroom. I had nothing to do but to wait since I really couldn't move. I thought about yelling something even more bratty behind her, but decided that maybe I shouldn't derail her plans any further.

Doing chores on your slave day was always an interesting prospect. I hated doing anything around the house and didn't mind a bit of a mess. Amanda on the other hand was a clean freak, so she was almost constantly tidying up. Doing the chores themselves was a pain, but then again, it strengthened the feeling of submission and slavery. The idea of someone forcing you to do chores was a lot more appealing than the practice.

Amanda came back with a harness ballgag. My jaws might have  appreciated the break, but I bet that the gag would make the chores a lot more fun to do. I saw that it was a lockable harness so Amanda also had a few tiny padlocks that she set on the table.

"Open!" She ordered and I accepted the gag without protest. The ball wasn't very big, but Amanda put the straps very tight, so it wasn't giving any way. Once she had tightened and locked all the straps, she even nudged the ball to make sure that it was absolutely immobile behind my teeth.

"There. I'll consider you going without a gag once you know how to behave without one."

I mumbled something in reply. I thought that the comment deserved an answer, but I couldn't think of anything. Being firmly gagged like this, it really didn't make any difference anyway, so I just made a sound.

"Good." Amanda said and started to unstrap me from the chair. Obviously she had read my mumble as whatever she wanted to hear, so it worked perfectly.

It took her awhile, but once she had unstrapped me, she helped me to stand. She obviously wasn't going to tie me up right away since she had taken the time to secure the gag with locks. And besides, there wasn't many chores that you could do while tied up, although I'm sure Amanda would like to see me try. She went to her apron closet and pulled out a full plastic apron. It was colored so bright red that you could put someone's eye out with it. I knew that that was going to be my wardrobe for the next item in the agenda, and Amanda put it on me as a confirmation.

"Now, you be a good girl and wash all the dishes while I'm going to go and watch my soaps. And see to it that you do a good job with it or I'll make you take out the garbage like that."

And with that, she was gone from the kitchen. Nothing to it, I had no choice but to start collecting the dishes to the sink and get to work. The bitter irony of the situation was that we had decided to not replace the dishwasher when it broke down. Instead, we decided to use the money for more bondage equipment. The odds were pretty strong on the fact that the ballgag stuffing my mouth at the very moment was one of those investments.

But speaking about perversions, I could understand almost every fetish that Amanda had thrown at me. Our level of kinkiness was about the same, although Amanda had some strange kinks I didn't fully share, including the shiny plastic apron I was wearing. I would've probably been game for almost anything that she could throw at me, so strong was my love for her. But her deep fascination with soap operas was the most perverted thing I could think about her. And that was something we didn't share.

I couldn't understand how she could spend the time watching those horrible shows day after day. She would even record the shows that aired during her work hours and a lot of her weekend was spent catching up with them. The shows were so terribly written that even the better actors couldn't save the shows in my opinion. I couldn't understand what was the appeal to her. I didn't believe she couldn't identify with the characters very well since it seemed that they had a rule against lesbians on the shows. Not to mention kinky lesbians.

And I had to admit that I was a bit miffed about the fact that the day she had me as a slave, she put me to work on menial chores so that she could watch those wretched shows. I had wondered why she had let the dishes pile on for almost a week. It wasn't unusual that I didn't wash the dishes, but she usually couldn't take it after a couple of days. Now I knew, and in retrospect it was quite obvious. I decided to do the best that I could, as fast as I could. I didn't want to risk the chance of having to go out in this less than socially acceptable attire. I didn't think she'd make me do it since neither of us were into public play, but you never knew. And the threat was a part of the game.

So I did the work, getting what pleasure I could from the gag. And I had to admit that the plastic texture of the apron did get to my kinky side as well. Especially the way how the material rubbed against my nipples and breasts every time I turned. It took me a little more than an hour to get it all finished. Deciding to be a good slavegirl, I also wiped the sink dry and dried my hands. I wondered what Amanda expected me to do next. Maybe she heard that I was finished and I should wait for her to come over. Or maybe I should call out to her. She loved gagspeak, as did I.

In the end, I decided to take a breather and sit down for a moment. I really could've used a glass of water, but I was pretty sure that I couldn't get anything past the ballgag. Not without getting water all over the kitchen, anyway. So after a couple of minutes when I hadn't heard anything from Amanda, I went to the living room and found her sitting in the couch in front of the TV. She obviously hadn't listened to the sounds coming from the kitchen as she was surprised that I had finished so soon. I could tell that she was really turned on seeing me wearing an apron and having a restrictive gag in my mouth. I knew from experience that it was one of the absolutely sure ways to get her juices flowing and I could tell from her eyes alone how charged she was.

"I see you kept the apron on. Good girl." She said and ordered me to kneel in front of her. I did so immediately and it was only then that I noticed she had a bunch of ropes waiting beside her. Things were starting to look a lot better.

"You're so delicious that I could just eat you." Amanda said and her hands started to wonder all around my body. She opened her legs and pulled me right up to her as her hands dived under the apron to fondle with my breasts. She leant in to kiss my gag and licked my lips around it. I was was really starting to get to the mood when she suddenly pushed me from between her legs.

"But I'd much rather you eating me." She said. "Turn around and put your hands behind your back."

I complied and turned around without getting up from my feet. I could tell that she was at least as anxious as I was because she didn't even wait for me to put my hands behind my back, but grabbed them as soon as I was facing the other way. She started by tying my wrists palm to palm and she really pulled the bonds tight. I loved it. I've always loved the hug of rope that nothing can replace. Cuffs and straps are all fine and convenient, but every time I had to say that there was nothing like good rope bondage.

Once my wrists were secure, she pulled my elbows together and started to tie them. I was never a flexible girl, but the one thing that I've always been able to handle very easily is getting my elbows together. I can do it even without assistance so it's pretty lucky that I became a bondage enthusiast. Once my elbows were locked behind me, I thought that Amanda would be eager to move on, but she wasn't finished. She took a very long piece of rope and started to wrap it around my upper torso, both under and over my breasts. Finally she cinched the rope under my armpits so that my hands were really locked against my back.

"Now, turn back to face me." Amanda ordered and I started to work my way around. It was a lot harder to do when I couldn't use my hands and I had to use my knees for leverage, which was quite painful. But once I had turned, I forgot all about it.

I had been right about Amanda, she was really anxious to get going. She had thrust her hip so that I could reach her pussy easily and she had lifted her skirt as high as it would go. Her pussy was glistening with wetness and I couldn't wait to bury my tongue to that sea of love. I waited for her to remove my gag, but she had other ideas. She raised herself and grabbed the straps of my head harness and pulled me again near her waiting pussy.

"I told you that you'd wear that gag until you proved you'd be good, and I'm saying it stays in. The ball isn't that big, let me see your tongue."

The ball was indeed small enough to allow me to barely maneuver my tongue under it and over my lower teeth. It was barely visible, but Amanda seemed happy enough.

"Good girl. Now show me what you can do with it." Amanda said.

Immediately she grabbed the back of my head and forcefully buried my face to her crotch. I thought this was a wonderful idea. We were both extreme gag fetishists and this was like being licked by a gag. I made a mental note that I'd have to steal this idea and take the same ride some day.

There wasn't much that I could do with the tongue, other than let it hang out, so I had to work with my entire head to get her stimulated. But Amanda really didn't need much stimulation anymore. Before I knew it, she was humping against my tongue and gag powerfully herself and her fingers were buried in my hair. I did the best that I could, trying to work her over the edge by shaking and jiggling my head. The gag was rubbing against her clit while I tried to aim my tongue for her opening. I could only barely taste her behind the gag, but her arousal was filling the air all around me. The fact that I was essentially eating her pussy with my gag also drove me wild and I was almost coming myself.

Then Amanda's entire body started to stiffen and I knew that she was seconds away from coming. Her hands let go of my head and instead grabbed the neck strap of the apron. I knew that the fact that I was wearing it was a major source of her excitement and she wanted to make it concrete even though she couldn't see me. She moaned and groaned as her entire crotch area started to convulse in what I knew was a massive orgasm. She pulled on the apron strap, which made my neck go into an uncomfortable position, but the ballgag was also buried as deep in her as it could possibly go, so I didn't want to ruin it for her. I knew that she tried to remain as silent as possible, but she was making more noise than usually.

And then it was all over. Her body relaxed and she pushed me away from her over-sensitive pussy. I let her gather herself and didn't make a move. It took her awhile to catch her breath and I took this opportunity to take in her beauty and reflect on the incredible thing that had just happened. Finally she appeared to get her strength back and she rose from the couch, just to kneel beside me. She unlocked the padlocks from the head harness and unstrapped the thing. When she pulled out the gag, I let the saliva gathered behind it to flow out. Even though I usually try not to make a mess, this time I just didn't care.

And neither did Amanda. Not waiting for the flow of drool to stop, she kissed me so passionately that I was afraid that I might fall on my back. It would have probably been painful with hands there, but she embraced me firmly and kept me on balance. The passionate kiss was wonderful, but what I felt the most was that she radiated love for me with her entire body. I loved it how our breasts compressed against each other and how her hands caressed my tied hands behind me.

"You're such a sick dyke and I love you to bits for it." Amanda said when she had finally allowed some space between our tongues, although she was still leaning very close to me. I smiled back, not knowing any words to fit the situation. That, or my jaw wasn't fully functional yet, I have to say that I wasn't sure.

"But you're also a dirty bitch and I think I'll need to give you a good scrubbing." Amanda continued. I wasn't sure if she meant my personality or my body, but if it was the latter, I had to admit that I was pretty sweaty and dirty from all that had happened so far.

Amanda stood up and helped me to do the same. She then removed the apron, which was a big reason for being sweaty as plastic isn't the lightest material for garments.

"Aprons make for really good bondagewear since they're so easy to wear and take off without having to undo any rigging." Amanda said cheerfully as she folded the apron and put it to the couch. She was probably right, but I didn't really care as I was mainly craving for a release from the sexual pressure that Amanda had built for me. Amanda also took off her dress and folded it equally as neat. Now she was as naked as I was. She suddenly smacked my ass to get me moving and lead me to the bathroom.

The one thing that made me fall in love with our apartment was our extra large bathtub. The apartment wasn't big or luxurious in any other way, but as far as I was concerned, the big bathtub made it a palace. I've always enjoyed long baths immensely and I really suffered trough the years I spent in various small apartments with only showers. The bathtub was just big enough for both of us to be in at the same time. So you can probably guess that we did. A lot. Amanda left me standing in front of the tub while she rummaged through a bag she had brought in earlier.

"Um, Amanda." I said sheepishly while she went trough the bag, searching for something. I didn't want to ruin whatever was in store for me by behaving out of line, so I was pretty shy about speaking.


"If you're going to have me sit in the tub for any amount of time, might I please be boxtied instead? It's really hard to find a comfortable position if my hands are tied like this."

Amanda looked up from the bag. She looked quite annoyed about something, but I was pretty sure that it wasn't because of my remark. She had been in the same situation often enough to sympathize with me.

"I just painstakingly rigged you like that." Amanda said, with a trace of exasperation in her voice, but she did abandon the search to come to me. She grabbed both of my nipples and pinched them, but not hard enough to make me let out a yelp. "You'd make such a lousy slave with an attitude like that. You're going to pay for it later, you know."

I decided that it was best to keep quiet and just follow Amanda's lead. I didn't want to top from the bottom even by mistake since I knew how annoying it was to the other party. But Amanda did apparently consider my request reasonable after all because she started to untie me. I was going to stretch my hands a bit when Amanda had finished untying me, but she had other plans. Immediately when the final rope dropped to the ground from my wrists, she forcefully grabbed my hands and forced them to the boxtie position. She wasn't going to give me any relief, but was ready with a new piece of rope immediately to begin rigging the new position.

It was pretty clear that she was still annoyed about not being able to find what she was looking for. She was more rough with the rigging than she usually was, but I actually didn't mind at all. The result of it was simply that my hands and arms were tied extremely firmly behind me and I could move them only the minimal amount that the ropes gave way. After checking the ropes were tight, Amanda gave me a gentle pat on my cheek and then continued rummaging trough the bag. She was starting to get frustrated with her search, but then her face lit up and she pulled out the item she had been looking for. I was very anxious to see what was the source of such frustration, but she hid it behind her as she faced me.

"Now, Alice, I had hoped to have your jaw rested by this time so that my new purchase would be even nicer, but as you couldn't behave and had to wear the gag for the past hour, I'm going to give you a choice. Do you want your surprise now, or do you want me to save it for later?"

Judging from her words, what she was hiding behind her back was a new gag. And if there was even a slight possibility of trying out a new gag, my answer was more than clear.

"You know me. I can never say no to a gag, and I assume that's what you've got there behind you."

Amanda smiled and showed me the new item to enter our toy collection. It was a quite large black ballgag, but what made it really interesting was that the leather straps with buckles had been replaced with a wide black cloth that I assumed was made with silk.

"It took me quite a while to trace a gag like this and it wasn't very cheap." Amanda said proudly as she hang the gag in front of me. "But you know we can't use the regular gags in the bath for very long to make sure they don't rust. Not a problem with this one. You can rot in the tub all day with this baby in your - or my - mouth without a worry in the world."

"It's great." I said. I couldn't say much more since I was so eager to get the new toy in my mouth. A new gag was always a joyous occasion in our household and I couldn't believe that Amanda had gone through so much trouble for our little games tonight. I would have to think hard before my next turn as the dominant to pay her back equally as well.

"Don't worry, I've washed it and it was in a clean plastic bag so it's clean." Amanda said as she went behind me.

"Thank you, Amanda." I said with my voice nearly as full of emotion as I felt. "I really do love you."

"That's so sweet." Said Amanda, but her tone had changed. The soothing voice of the lover giving her girlfriend a present had been replaced with the sarcastic snarl of the dominatrix. And with that, she shoved the gag as deep into my mouth as it went and started tying it in place behind my neck. I noticed that the silk straps bit into my skin a lot more than the leather straps as the wide cloth rolled into a thin wire. But it was nothing that I couldn't handle and the sensations of the sheer thrill of having a new gag jammed behind my teeth blocked out all unpleasantness.

When the gag was fastened tightly in place, Amanda came back in front of me to admire the look the new gag gave me. I was happy to be a model for her and turned my head from side to side and tried to push it out to make us both satisfied that it didn't only look like it was secure.

"Good." Amanda said. "Now get in the tub. It's time for dirty bitches to get a good scrubbing."

I immediately complied and started to climb into the bathtub. I was a bit worried about slipping, since I had no use of my hands, but Amanda had thought of that as well and was immediately there to keep me steady. She then helped me to get seated and after I was in relatively comfortably, she grabbed the shower head which started its onslaught of water. As always, the water was freezing cold at first and it caused a few involuntary spasms.

"Oh, don't be such a baby." Amanda said as she adjusted the water temperature. Soon the water felt familiarly comfortable and I started to relax in my bonds.

But relaxation wasn't what was in Amanda's mind as she put the shower head down and started to rub soap into a big sponge. When she was finished, she started to rub the sponge everywhere across my body. She was a lot rougher than required, but it made me feel wonderful. The warm water and the soft, but firm touch of the sponge combined made my desire for immediate satisfaction grow again. It didn't help that Amanda chose to use a lot of time cleaning my breasts. Or it helped a lot, depending on how I wanted to look at it. Fortunately, I didn't have to make up my mind about it.

"Now, open your legs. Don't even try to pass as a lady to me, we need to clean you where you're the dirtiest." Amanda said and tapped the insides of my thighs. It was pretty obvious what she would be cleaning next and I eagerly granted access for my pussy for her. I was so wound up sexually that I was sure that I would explode from the first touches in my private place. And the sponge went exactly where I had hoped. Amanda rubbed it across my love mound very roughly and I couldn't help but to moan in pleasure.

Unfortunately, that was a message Amanda didn't want to hear just yet and she immediately withdrew the sponge. I looked at her pleadingly and I could see that she was a bit surprised to see that I was so close to coming already, although I didn't understand why. It was all pretty obvious to me.

"Oh, it's like that, is it?" She said. "I guess you're clean enough already, then."

Amanda rinsed the sponge clean from the soap and then put it away, much to my disappointment. She then took the shower head again and started clearing me from the soap. She kept the shower directly at my face for a long time, even though there wasn't any soap in it. I had to spit out the water from my mouth behind the gag, which probably was the exact reason why she was doing it.

Finally she seemed happy with her handiwork and declared to me that I was clean enough for my reward. She then plugged the drain and the water started to slowly fill the tub. She then pushed me to the other side of the bath tub and climbed in to lay beside me. Now I was glad that she had denied the orgasm from me since things were looking even more exciting by the moment. I was in a bath, tied and gagged and a naked girl I loved was there beside me. Was there more I could ask from life?

Amanda propped her left hand under my arms to keep me steady, which was another sign of great things to come. She then directed the shower to my right breast and nipple and started fondling it with the free fingers of her hand. My moans behind my gag started to fill the room again. Even Amanda didn't seem to mind since it was pretty sure that the noise of the shower covered up any other sounds from the neighbors. She kissed me passionately on my gag as she slowly moved the shower lower and lower. It's destination was pretty clear and I was getting so eager and restless that I tried to move my hips to it just to get my release as soon as possible. But Amanda was careful not to let me ruin the buildup and she moved the shower away from my waiting pussy accordingly.

My crotch was already under the water when Amanda finally leaned back away from the kiss and directed her attention to my waiting pussy. Finally the warm tiny water fingers of the shower reached my clit and I was in heaven. It wasn't enough to take me over the edge, but the water felt more stimulating than anything I remembered. But that wasn't all. Amanda used her index and middle fingers and started to feel their way around my pussy opening. I was now really moaning and whimpering and the bathroom echoed with the sound as the shower didn't make much noise at all underwater.

Finally Amanda shoved the fingers inside me and that was all she had to do. I exploded with such force that even though was barely conscious. My ears hummed, but I could hear distant splashing of water, which meant that my body had jerked around violently in the water. I wasn't aware of anything but the overwhelming sensation of pleasure and release that ripped trough my entire body. I don't know how long I kept my eyes closed after it was over to revel in the afterglow of the thunderous surge of pleasure. I wasn't at all aware about my surroundings and it wasn't until I opened my eyes again that I saw that Amanda had put away the shower head and the tub was filling the conventional way.

Amanda noticed that I was back among the mortals again and took me in an embrace. It didn't matter what was going to happen after this, I was so happy to rest in her arms that I knew that I was going to remember this moment even more fondly than the orgasm. Her body felt so warm and soft against mine and her breath that I felt on my shoulder felt like it was saying that right this moment, I was the most loved person in the entire world.

I almost cried with joy as we laid there against each other for a long time, waiting for the tub to fill up. I was sure Amanda had a lot more planned for  the day even after this, but I wouldn't have minded even if we were to stay like this for the rest of the day. As I was just about to fall into blissful slumber, I heard her whisper:

"I guess this was your day after all."


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