Alice & Amanda 1: The First Night

by Alina Aamu

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© Copyright 2008 - Alina Aamu - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; rope; gag; oral; cons; X

Alice & Amanda 1: The First Night


It was like magic. Nothing like this had ever happened to me. I was so surprised by the entire situation that it took me awhile to even start to respond to the passionate kiss that she was giving me. We had just met, but already I felt like I wanted to share my heart with this woman whose tongue seemed to explore every corner of my mouth.

The strangest thing about this was how simple it had been. Of course one can expect to find someone with a similar mind from a lesbian night at the bondage club, but there was something about this woman that was really special. Immediately when I saw her sitting lonely at her booth, I knew I had to at least talk to her.

Naturally me being me, I didn't have to courage to just walk to her and ask if I could sit down. No, I had to circle around, building my confidence. I made the decision to walk to her at least a dozen times, but every time I turned back only after a few steps.

But finally our eyes met, and they immediately locked. I felt electricity in the air and my stomach was effectively turning upside down inside me. There was something about her short blonde hair, casual clothes and the absense of makeup that drew me to her. She seemed to be the only genuine person in the club since pretty much all of the women in here had way too much makeup and outrageous fetish gear on. They all tried to prove themselves, but somehow that plain lonely woman in the corner booth managed to prove herself a hundred times more effectively than anyone else in the room.

She smiled at me coyly and then I knew that nothing could make me turn around this time. I sat down opposite to her in the booth. We exchanged greetings and started talking. We started very carefully getting to know each other. I learned that her name was Amanda and that it was just her second time on the club. The first time she was there it had been a regular evening and she had to quickly leave because only the men were offering their services to her.

"Is that what you've come here to get? Only 'services'?" I asked her.

She smiled back to me and said not necessarily. She wouldn't say no to a true love if she met it, but as the likelyhood of that wasn't too great, 'services' might be nice for the time being.

After that, it was easy to turn the conversation to our specific preferances. I had never told anyone about my deepest desires to anyone, but telling them to her was easy, so natural that they just came out as a perfectly natural part of the conversation.

Of coure we both knew that we were lesbians and heavily into bondage. We wouldn't be here if that wasn't the case. But I told her everything. I told her about my childhood games which involved tying up my friends or me being tied up by the very same friends. I told her how it was difficult to face those friends after puberty when those desires to be tied had turned into something sexual and how they had unknowingly helped me to realise my fetishes.

And if I didn't hold anything back, neither did Amanda. She told me how bondage were something one of her previous girlfriends had taught her. She told me she kind of had the urge to be tied up since she was a child, similarly to me, but she didn't realise that the urge was sexual before her girlfriend had handcuffed her quite innocently and mostly as a joke during sex and nothing had been the same for her ever since.

We both had gone trough a long period of not having a partner and it turned out that we both were quite skilled in selfbodage when the need would overcome our ability to find a partner.

We talked like this for over two hours. We told each other what equipment we had and which of them we liked the most. For me it was my head harness ball gag while for her it was quite and simply rope. I agreed with her that while it might not be the easiest way to tie someone up, it was the most comfortable. And rope has the added benefit that it's easy to explain even large amounts of rope should someone find it.

And the more we talked, the more I was convinced that this woman was something truly special. And what made it even more exciting was that she seemed to think of me the same. I wasn't shy about telling her what I felt and she responded by asking me to sit beside her. When I did, she started to caress my arm and soon we were locked in what was one of the more passionate and definately one of the longest kisses I've ever experienced.

Once our lips seperated, we still held each other closely. I could feel her soft skin against mine, and it felt so beautiful that I nearly shed a tear. I had never felt so close to anyone in my life and judging from the amount of pressure she used to hold me, it wasn't the most unpleasant moments of her life either.

We stayed like this for awhile. People around us were apparently commenting on our kissing display, but I didn't hear any of them. Amanda on the other hand seemed to pay more attention, because she wispered to my ear:

"Maybe we should go somewhere more private?"

We seperated each other from our embrace and I smiled to her.

"I'd like that very much." I said.

She smiled back to me and said that I needed to ask the bartender for a key fitst. I didn't need to ask the obvious question as she pointed to her feet. I hadn't noticed it before, but her ankles were firmly cuffed to the seat that she was sitting in. I looked to her and she just shrugged.

"I didn't want to chiken out."

I kissed her gently on the lips before going to the counter for the key. I liked this woman more and more.


We agreed that we would go to her place as she was the one of us who drove a car. I had never gotten around to getting a licence because I didn't feel any need for driving a car in the big city.

I was surprised to see that her car was very small and pretty old. I knew that she had a job that paid pretty well, but then again this seemed pretty much in line with her way of life where she didn't want to show off in any way.

When we arrived to her house, the line remained the same. She had her own house in the suburbs. It wasn't the smallest house around, but it certainly wasn't the biggest. It was quite old, but it appeared like it had gone through repairs not too long ago.

We didn't talk much as she parked on her driveway and we got out of the car. I was suddenly very nervous about what was going to happen. I had never gone off with anyone so soon. But when she told me that she never took anyone to her house so soon either, it made me feel better.

I got a quick tour around her house. It was pretty ordinary in every way. Two bedrooms, a living room with a big TV and a very comfortable sofa, kitchen and a surprisingly big bathroom with two showers. The house was pretty conservatively furnished, but it still looked very homely and had a personal feel to it.

The other bedroom housed a guest bed, but mostly it was taken over by Amanda's working area which was a desk, a computer and a lot of files, books and various paperwork.

But it all became very interesting when she led me to her actual bedroom.

"This is my dungeon!" She said proudly.

I was a bit confused by this because it was just an ordinary bedroom with a large bed, nightstand and some closets. She didn't look too happy either.

"Sorry," she said amd went to the large window. She pulled down the blinds and suddenly the entire room was pitch black. Not a ray of light came in even though there was a very powerful streetlight just outside the window.

She turned on the small light at her nightstand. The light was enough to light the entire room although not too brightly.

"Now this is my dungeon," she said satisfied and sat on the bed. She invited me to sit next to her while she pulled a large briefcase under the bed. She lifted the briefcase between us and took a key from a drawer next to the nightstand.

She told me that I was about to see her most treasured posessions and that not everybody got to see these on their first date. I smiled at her and she continued to unlock the briefcase.

When she pulled the briefcase open, I saw what I had been aching to see ever since we had left from the club. It was all of her bondage gear tidily set to the briefcase. I was really surprised how everything was in order. It was mostly just pieces of rope in various lengths, but every one of them had been carefully put in neat stacks so they were easy to separate from each other. There was also two big rolls of rope where it would be easy to take new ropes of needed length, a couple of handcuffs. It wasn't much compared to my collection, but I was ashamed how all my stuff was stored in just a big pile in a drawer where I had to figure out how they were entangled to each other before being able to start with a session.

But what really got my interest were her unusual choices of gags. She had a regular ring gag and a bit gag with a big ball attached to the inside.

"Oh, you have a ring gag," I said as I took it to examine it some more. "I've never worn one of these."

"Really? They're really comfortable. Here, let me give you a hand," Amanda said as she took the gag from me.

She went behind me on the bed and I opened my mouth when she brought the gag in front of it. She then gently placed the ring right behind my teeth and buckled the strap tightly.

It was really an interesting feeling since my ability to speak had been taken from me quite effectively, but I still could breath normally. Suddenly I became very self-conscious about my tongue and didn't find any natural place to rest it since with ball gags it's restricted to the bottom of my mouth.

I tried to explain this to Amanda, but naturally only the only thing I managed was a strange combination of vowels. Amanda laughed at it. She had already gone back to the briefcase and was taking out various bits of rope. I unbuckled the gag and took it out.

"Very interesting," I said. "It feels very different from any other gag I've worn. I'll be interested to see how it'll come into play in a session."

"Something tells me you'll get plenty of opportunities for that," Amanda said as she smiled to me. She had placed all the various lengths of ropes on the bed now. "What do you say we begin?"

"I wondered if you'd never ask," I said and my internals were starting to bounce inside me again.

"So, should I tie you up, or should you tie me up?"

"I don't know. Do you want to be tied up?"

"Sure I do. But do you?"

"Well, I do. A lot," I said as my body was screaming to be bound by this bondage goddess that suddenly had entered my life. My nipples were already standing in attention and the exciting warmth started to come to my pussy.

"So..." Amanda said looking mildly awkward, not knowing what to do.

This was to become a regular issue in our relationship. We were meant for each other in every way, but one thing of imperfection was in this union: we both were strongly submissive. Of course we both were very skilled in tying people up, but our preference at all times was to be the one forced into complete helplesness.

Amanda was about to say something when I suddenly grabbed the bit gag and lunged forward to her. I grabbed her shoulders firmly and forced her back towards me. Before she had time to react, I forced her mouth wide open with my fingers at her cheek and slid the large ball inside the gag into her mouth.

Hey, it was her house after all and this was her stuff. It's only fair that she got the first ride.

I pulled the strap as tightly as I dared and secured the gag. Then I forced her to turn again and pressed her to the bed on her stomach. I grabbed a long piece of rope and pulled her hands behind her. She didn't offer any resistance as I started to wrap the rope around her wrists, palm to palm. She didn't even fake resistance, but I thought that was just fine as it was our first time doing this together. Better keep it simple at first.

When her hands were tightly together, without any warning I pulled down her pants and panties with one scoop. I pulled them off from her legs and threw them to the corner. I then turned her once again on her back. I climbed on her head and pulled her futher on the bed so that her knees bent as her legs and feet were left were left dangling over the side.

Taking another long stretch of rope I wrapped one end of it around her left ankle and tied the other end to the nearest leg of the bed. I then took a similar rope and did the same for her right ankle and the other leg of the bed. I had done it so that here legs were wide open and her most precious parts were exposed and free for me to use as I wished.

But I didn't want to give to her what she wanted just yet. Instead I took the briefcase and all the unused bondage gear from the bed and placed them on the floor. Then I lay down next to her. She looked at me with her big green eyes with so much love that I just wanted to melt right there next to her.

I took her bound torso to my loving embrace and I kissed her on the bit gag. Her body shuddered in delight as my hand that wasn't under her torso started to explore every part of her body. I started with her neck and worked my way down over her blouse. I probably should've removed it before tying her hands, but that would've spoiled the surprise. So I just kneeled over her and pulled the blouse up to her neck, revealing her beautiful breasts.

It wasn't a surprise for me that she didn't wear a bra under the blouse. She had told me she very rarely did because she thought they were uncomfortable. I slowly started to stroke her breasts with both of my hands and her nipples told me how much she was enjoying the treatment. I then moved from on top of her to her side and leaned down to play with her nipple with my tongue.

I held her breast with my other hand so that it was easy to tease her nipples with my tongue while my other hand started to stroke her belly. When I started to move my hand from her belly downwards to her waiting pussy, she tried to get it there faster by arching her back. I immediately withdrew the hand and slapped her breast.

"Now, now. Don't you get greedy on me," I said to her and she relaxed immediately. I released the breast I was holding.

"You, my little girl, need to learn some patience," I said while she moaned from somewhere behind her gag in frustration and started to stare at the ceiling.

Figuring that now I had the element of surprise, without warning I grabbed her breast again and bit into her nipple. At the same time I moved my other hand to her pussy and feeling that it was well lubricated by her own juices, I inserted two of my fingers as far as they could reach.

Not very subtle or sensual, I must admit, but it did have just the effect I was wishing for. Her entire body spasmed as she was taking in the mild pain in her nipple and the feeling my fingers made intruding inside her. Then, as suddenly as I had done it, I withdrew completely. I took my fingers out of her and raised from her nipple.

She lifted her head and looked to me to see what I was about to next. Although she did have a strong reaction, I knew that it hadn't been enough to take her over the edge. Her eyes were begging for me to finish her off, but instead I crawled away from her and stood up right between her legs.

I had decided to tease her now and she strained her neck muscles while keeping her head up to look at what I was doing. I started to lick the fingers that were still wet from the recent visit inside her tunnel. I made sure I got every last drop of her juices from my fingers while at the same time I unbuckled my pants. I then took off the pants and my panties and threw them to the corner with hers. I also took off my shirt and bra and let them join the heap of clothing.

I then kneeled and nodded to Amanda. She let her head relax as I directed my attention to her wet and inviting pussy. I felt her tremble as I first stroked the insides of her tights before I inserted my thumbs slightly into her. Using the thumbs I took her pussy lips as far apart as I could with making sure that it didn't feel too uncomfortable. I heard her gasp for air when I took my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could.

After that it was very easy to work her through to a wild orgasm, as you might imagine.


It was less than half an hour later when I started to release her by untying the ropes that attached her ankles to the legs of the bed. I had worked in many ways to bring her over the edge two times after the first huge orgasm, and decided that that would be enough for the first time. I helped her to sit up and her eyes looked exhausted but extremely satisfied.

I unbuckled the gag and took the ball out. A long streak of saliva came out with it, but I didn't care. I immediately kissed her hungrily and she responded with equal passion although her jaw was a bit stiff from wearing the gag just seconds before.

When our lips parted she kept her eyes closed and whispered to my ear:

"I presume you'll be staying for the night."

I didn't reply to her as such, but I smiled to her coyly before landing a huge kiss on her again.


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