After School Activities

by ZTVFemdomtales

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Storycodes: F/m; babysit; bond; cuffs; bedtie; chairtie; trunk; encased; leathercage; susp; tease; captive; sex; climax; cons; X

Everyone has their afterschool activities. Some attend clubs. Some do athletics. Some hang out at the local community center. Some volunteer. Some try their hand at theater. I have my own activity but it’s a little … out there. I spend every weekday afternoon being held prisoner.

It started my junior year. I had been staying home alone after school each day but a series of violent home invasions in the area put an end to that. So my mother arranged for me to spend my time with my former babysitter. Which suited me just fine.

Katy was a goddess. A tall leggy brunette with the biggest boobs I had ever seen. She had an angelic face that masked the devil living inside. She was also very affectionate. Whenever she saw me she would pull me in for a painful hug crushing my chest against her much more ample one. She would also kiss me all over my face or playfully pat my butt. I loved every second of it.

The first week was great. Katy’s college classes hadn’t started yet so we spent all afternoon together. We would lay on the couch for hours watching TV with her holding me tight against her wrapped up tight in her arms and legs. I never wanted her to let me go.

The following weeks she had class and had to study all afternoon. I was getting bored and was about done with this whole babysitting thing. One afternoon I saw my friends heading for the park.

“I’m going out with my friends.”

“No you’re not,” she told me without even looking up from her textbook.

“Yes I am.”

“No you’re not.”

I went for the door. Far faster than I thought possible she was up off the couch and on top of me knocking me to the floor. Squeezing me tight against her she drug me into her bedroom and tossed me onto her bed. Before I knew what happened she locked my wrists into furry pink handcuffs looped around one of the metal bedposts.

Without another word she left the room and closed the door behind her. I lay there for hours in quiet contemplation until she returned. Climbing onto the bed she kissed me on the lips.

“Are you sorry for misbehaving?” she asked.


“Good now when your mother gets here I’ll unlock you.”

“What? Why can’t you do it now?”

“Because your bad behavior today tells me you need to learn your place. So until I’m convinced you have everyday from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave you will be bound.”

“But …”

She silenced me with a long passionate kiss.

“Besides seeing you all helpless like this really turns me on.”

OK then. So the next day I came in ready to go. Katy pulled me in with a powerful hug and a passionate kiss. She then drug me into the den. In the middle of the floor was a hospital bed.

“I ‘borrowed’ this from the medical school last night.”

She had me lay on the bed and looped a strap over my chest and another over my legs just under my hips tightening them down until I couldn’t move. To further restrict me she used the cuffs attached to the bed to secure my hands and feet.

She grabbed her text books and climbed up onto the bed sitting on my belly legs crossed. She then spent the rest of the day studying. I spent the rest of the day admiring the view.

“Back to the bed?” I asked the next day.

“No that wasn’t the right place to keep you. Don’t worry though I’ll find it.”

She led me over a wooden chair and had me sit in it. She then fastened straps over my arms and legs holding them against their corresponding piece on the chair. Then she fastened the attached collar around my neck.

“There,” she said stroking my face.

She then went back to studying. I couldn’t help but think the collar needed a dogtag that read ‘Property of Katy’ hanging from it.

I couldn’t wait to see what she had planned next. I never found out. They caught the home invaders and Mom decided I needed to be more independent again. I talked to Katy on the phone about it and she agreed. Before hanging up however she did tell me one thing.

“I’ve found the perfect way to keep you and one day soon I will show it to you. I’m just not sure I’ll let you back out when I do.”

As I fell asleep that night I thought to myself ‘I hope she doesn’t.’

Part Two

I didn't see Katy again until my high school graduation. My family was throwing a celebratory cookout at the park and she joined us. God it was good to see her again. She grabbed me into one of her massive hugs.

"I'm so proud of you," she said smiling.

Then she leaned in and whispered sexily in his ear.

"God I've missed tying you up."

That night I took a long shower to try and get her out of my mind. I emerged from the shower and reached for my towel but found none. Strange, I could have sworn I left one there earlier. Well good thing no one else was home tonight so I just strolled naked as could be into my room.

Flipping on my light I saw an old rolling trunk sitting in the middle of my floor. Where on earth did this come from? Walking up to it I saw a note on top. ‘Your graduation present is inside’. Shrugging I opened it up and found it was empty save for a lining of pillows. What?

Suddenly I was shoved from behind falling face first onto the soft pillows. Before I could get up the lid was slammed shut. I could hear the loud click of locks. Oh god. Suddenly the trunk started moving.


“Shh, we’ll be home soon.”


“Just lay still and get ready for your present.”

Excited I did just that. A short roll latter, with a stopover in what felt like the back of a van, I heard the locks pop. The lid opened and I slowly stood up and stretched. Looking around I found myself once again in Katy’s room but saw no one. The only light in the room came from a flashlight on the bed.


Nothing. I shrugged and climbed out of the trunk. On the bed was another note. ‘Stand in the ring’. Shining on the floor I saw a metal ring a few feet over. I walked over and stood in the center of the ring smiling. God I love Katy’s little games. Suddenly the ring shot up over my head. Something dark came with it obscuring my vision even more. I even felt the ground rise up beneath me. What was going on?

The light clicked on and after my eyes adjusted I could see just what had happened. I was in a cage but not a metal one. It was made from leather straps and it looked like it was my own weight on the bottom that was pulling the cage down and tightening it up around me. It was just wide enough for me to stand in but not move any real amount. Katy walked up to me smiling like a cat looking at a canary.

“I knew it,” she said.

“Knew what?”

“That this is the perfect way to keep you.”

At that my manhood responded.

“Now that I like to see. You know all of our fun last year was part of a long game.”

“What do you mean?”

“I knew I couldn’t take your body last year because you were still a minor so I decided to take your mind instead. I made sure to make captivity a pleasurable experience for you, to make it something you looked forward to everyday. Now here we are a year later and you’re turned on by the idea of being held prisoner by me. I stole you last year it’s just time to make it final.”

She proceeded to strut up to him and slowly, very slowly, undress. Piece by piece over ten minutes she slowly revealed her perfect body to me.

“You ready?”

All I could do was nod. She lowered the cage back to the floor and pushed me onto my back on her floor. She then proceeded to climb on top of me and lower herself onto me. I gasped a little and she laughed at that. She then rode me like a bucking bronco screaming as she came several times that night.

When she finished she climbed off leaving me gasping for breath. Before I caught it however I was hauled back into the air.

“What time is it? I need to call and let them know I’m going to be out tonight.”

“I already called your parents and let them know what’s going on.”


“As far as they know you’ve decided to come live with me while you’re in college. Soon we’ll let them know you’re going to switch to online courses and then take a job out of state.”

“Why would I do that?”

“You won’t. This is just what your family will think is going on while I keep you all to my self in this little cage.”

“Are you saying …?”

“Yes, I’m doing what I promised last year. I’m never letting you go.”



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