After Hours

by Alina Aamu

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© Copyright 2010 - Alina Aamu - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; bond; zipties; bdsm; gag; spank; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X

I checked that nobody was inside or coming in and locked the door of the diner. I felt a slight jolt of expectation and arousal in my stomach, just as I had every night for the past couple of weeks. This might be the night.

I drew a deep breath and reminded myself that it was actually quite unlikely since we hadn't managed to play her into our bag, even though we had tried every night. The excitement settled down and I was pleased that I managed to control it. I wasn't every night and it was frustrating to harbour a strong arousal without being able to do anything about it.

Once I was sure the door was thoroughly locked, I walked trough the empty diner and entered the kitchen. Judy and Helen waited at the far end, Judy already ready with the flour jar. We were all still dressed in our work clothes, striped short-sleeved knee-high dresses and white frilly bib aprons.

Judy was a couple of years older than Helen and I. Shorter than me or Helen, but still quite impressive to look at. She took pride in compensating her height with every other aspect of her appearance, and did it well. She clearly worked out a lot and used just the right amount of makeup to underline her naturally beauty without ever overdoing it. She was the senior waitress and not afraid to use that honorary title against us at every turn. She wasn't a mean or unpleasant person by any means, but she could be a serious pain in the ass if she wanted to.

Helen was an old friend of mine, we had known each other for years. We had first met through a BDSM dating site and we had dated for a few months without it leading to anything. It was only a couple of years later when I had met her again in a party and had become friends. We weren't an item, but we always found it a fun undercurrent in our friendship that we had indeed had some very kinky sex together in our past.

"All clear?" Judy asked as I closed the kitchen door behind me.

"Empty and locked," I replied and Judy smiled.

She took a generous helping of the flour and the sprinkled it on the floor. While she was doing it, I went to the dry closet and got a handful of raw peas before closing it again. Helen had kneeled down to draw the target rings to the evenly sprinkled flour. Once she was done, Helen came to us and I handed her some peas as well.

Judy had developed the game some time ago and had convinced us to go along with it. The cook and owner of the diner had very early on decided that the waitresses should do all the cleaning and washing after she had finished the day and left, usually about an hour before closing time. As the work was tedious, none of us really wanted to do it and so Judy had invented the game.

The goal was to throw two peas from a distance to the target, where the rings represented 5, 10 and 15 points respectively. Whoever got the most points got to go home, while the two losers would stay behind and do the dirty work.

The first time she had introduced the game, saying that the two losers would be slaves to the winner, both of us had a moment of alarm. To Judy, it had simply meant that the 'slaves' would do the work for the winner, but obviously the word had quite a different meaning to two practising kinksters.

Judy had been quite puzzled about our early reaction to the word, but once she had explained her meaning, we were pretty willing to accept. That, as it soon turned out, had been a huge mistake.

We had not taken into account that she had way more practise than either of us. And as the inventor of the game, Judy had obviously created a game she'd excel in. So every day Judy beat us and we were the suckers left to work for an extra hour.

Now the game commenced once again and Judy threw her two peas, right in the middle of the target. She smiled broadly as she turned to us.

"Looks like another win for me," Judy said. Her smile wasn't malicious and there wasn't any hostility behind the words, but they still felt like daggers in my heart.

Helen threw next. Her first pea landed on 10. She threw again with a different technique and the pea landed right in the middle of the target, but quickly rolled away.

I was next. I wasn't very good at this game, but I had been practising, especially the past couple of weeks. I had been trying to find a good approach to the throw, but my results were more or less random. I flung the first pea high into the air and by some miracle it landed just inside the 15 point zone. Helen clapped a few times, which amused me.

The second pea I decided to throw differently and the pea took a nice arc, landing way short of the target zone. But by some miracle, it kept on rolling towards the centre and didn't stop until it laid rest on the 15 point line. Peas on lines count as points, so I had tied with Judy, the first time I had managed even that.

My insides took another lurch. There was still a chance.

Judy was blissfully unaware of the arousal I was fighting and seemed to be in good spirits about the lucky draw.

"Looks like we're going again, girls," Judy said as she went to pick up the peas. She carefully picked them up, not moving too much flour and the target was still good to go for a second round.

This time Helen took the first turn and threw her peas. The first one landed on 15 and my hopes took a few notches up again. But the second one went over and landed on a five.

"Which one of you goes next?" Helen asked as she walked back from the throwing line.

"Why don't you go next, Ashley. I'll know how much effort I have to put to it if I go last," Judy said and smiled again at me. I started to hate that smile.

I decided to try to go again like the last time, so I let the pea drop well in advance and hopefully roll it to position. But not surprisingly, I completely underestimated the power needed and the pea stopped short of the target. Our chances didn't look too good. I threw the second one just randomly and hit 10.

We were pretty sure to loose, as Judy didn't even have to try very hard to at least draw with Helen. She took the position and threw the first pea. Sure enough, it was full score from the start. But then a miracle happened. Judy didn't get the second throw off clean and the pea went way over the target.

My insides flared up. It was actually happening. Even though I had completely botched my turn at the throw, Helen had miraculously won the fight. Now it was up to Helen to decide if we were really going to go ahead with it. I glanced at her and she winked. My pulse doubled immediately and I fought hard not to let anything show.

Judy didn't seem too worried about the loss and shrugged as she turned to us.

"Oh well, can't win them all, I guess. Looks like you can go home, Helen," Judy said.

"I don't think so," Helen said with a tone that took Judy completely by surprise.

"What do you mean? You won, so me and Ashley have to do the cleaning."

"That's not what our rules say," Helen said. I couldn't but admire her complete confidence as she confronted Judy. I would've been stuttering like crazy.

"Sure it does, that's how we've always done it."

"Yes we have. But the rules say that the losers would be slaves to the winner. And I'm about to show you what it means to the two of us."

"What are you talking about?"

"As our slave, you'll have to do exactly what we tell you to do. You'll have no control over your fate for the next couple of hours and you'll just be our little playtoy."

Judy was clearly not believing what she was hearing. It would be a thorough job to actually get her to submit and I was even more glad Helen was doing all the talking.

"What do you mean yours?" Judy asked and nodded to me. "Ashley lost too."

"Yes, she has the tendency to do that. But we've worked a little alliance against you during all those times we've had to do the cleaning together."

"What? You mean I'm going to have to do all this by myself? Not going to happen!"

"Don't worry. We'll do the cleaning gladly after we're done with you. You'll just have to do exactly what we say, without questioning."

Judy was clearly completely at a loss now. She didn't have the slightest clue what we had in store for her. She looked us for a few moments and then grinned.

"Well, if I don't have to do any cleaning then go for it."

Helen and I exchanged glances and smiled at each other. We got her. Judy had no idea how much she'd come to regret saying that.

"Excellent. Take off your shoes!" Helen said in a commanding tone. I heard from her voice that she was in her dominant headspace. I had subbed for her only a few times, but those times had been memorable.


"I said no questions!"

Judy's grin turned into confusion and she shook her head in disbelief.


She kicked her sneakers off and I took them immediately. We had planned for this for so long that I knew exactly what my part would be. I started to take off the shoelaces while Helen moved closer to Judy.

"You have to understand your place, woman," Helen said as she closed in on Judy. "We're calling the shots and there is no part of you that's off limits anymore."

Judy stood still and let Helen get just inches away from her. I noticed that Helens hand was ready to cup Judys nether regions. I was still working on the shoelaces and decided I couldn't watch it anymore. This could mean trouble. I really didn't have a clue if Judy had any sapphic tendencies or not, but we were about to find out.

Sure enough, Judy's voice shot out loudly just a few seconds later.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!!"

The building arousal within me died immediately. It was all over. And thinking about it now, it had always been hopeless. I didn't know what we were thinking in the first place.

Yes, it had been fun to plan for revenge and to fantasise about the kinky things we'd do for her, but it had all depended on actually getting her to consent. We were going to push her, yes, but there was no way we were going to rape the woman. I tried to convince myself that it had been worth the shot, but I knew it really wasn't. It was idiotic and Helen would probably get herself fired for sexual harassment.

But much to my surprise, Helen didn't give up yet. I looked at them and saw that Judy had been taken a few steps away from her, but she didn't seem like she was going to run.

"Look, sister," Helen said firmly. "We've always done everything you've ever told us to when we've lost the game. We've been your slaves to do whatever you wish, so isn't it only fair that you should be held up to the same expectation?"

"I've never asked you to do anything sexual!"

"That's not our fault, now is it?" Helen said. She had slowly moved very close to Judy again. I could see her hand raising up and suddenly she pulled hard on Judys hair.

Judy let out a yelp, but didn't resist as Helen pulled her head back. Helen went right to her ear and whispered softly:

"You might like it, you know."

I couldn't hear the whisper, but it was what we had planned she would say. I saw the expression on Judys face change while Helen let go of her hair. Judy then looked hard at me and I turned my head away, pretending like I was still taking off the shoelaces, even though I had finished the job a while ago.

The silence hung in the room. I really didn't want to be there right then, even if I had been excited to make the situation to come true. It had never been like this in my fantasies. She was always the passive victim to who we could do whatever we wanted, but it was obvious now that horny fantasies don't make good plans for real life.

Finally Judy opened her mouth and I was sure we'd be fired, if not worse.

"Fair enough, you win," Judy said. "I guess I'm yours for the taking."

I couldn't believe my ears. I looked back at them and Helen was smiling broadly. She didn't seem to have any misgivings about anything and I equally admired and feared her cold resolve. She looked at Judy like a vegetarian looked at tofu turkey, knowing that Judy was right where she wanted her.

"Bring the shoelaces," Helen said to me without diverting her stare. I went to them, not quite sure what was going to happen. We had planned for a lot of things, but at least it was clear to me now that plans would have to change, even if Judy really was willing to submit. The questions and uncertainties had made sure that my arousal was gone, at least for now.

"You, put your hands behind your back!" Helen said to Judy.



Judy hesitated, but complied. It wasn't until now that Helen looked at me.

"You have the laces?" she asked and I nodded. "Good. Would you like to do the honours? And make sure they're tight."

I was more than happy to. Judy had her hands behind her back and I only had to secure them there. The shoelaces weren't very long, so I wrapped the first one around her wrists and used the second one to cinch the tie. I decided to go with it properly, so I pulled the laces as tight as I could. I felt Judy react, but she didn't say anything or pull her hands away.

Once I was done, I took a few steps back.

"Good," Helen said as she moved right to Judy again. "Let's see what we have here..."

Helens hands started to lift Judys skirt and this caused the reaction I had expected when I had tied her hands. Judy took a step back and yelled:

"What the hell are you doing now?!!"

"I'm getting really sick of this. Ashley, come and help me!"

I moved to action and helped Helen to tackle Judy face first over the counter right behind her. I wouldn't have been able to do anything by myself, but Helens confidence had made me decide that I would follow her lead, whatever it might be.

Judy was now bent face down on the counter so that her feet were on the floor, revealing her ass to us. Helen seemed to enjoy the view as she raised Judy's dress to reveal the short stretch pants we wore under our dresses.

Amidst fluent protests, Helen pulled the pants down to her knees without any ceremony. What this revealed, was Judys firm, round and outright delicious buttocks. What it didn't reveal was any underwear.

"Naughty girl," Helen said with a big grin. "Naughty, naughty. What will we use to gag you now?"

Judy was about to say something, but Helen quieted her down with a couple of firm slaps across her buttocks. Judy got the message and remained silent.

"I guess we'll have to use Ashleys, then," Helen said and turned to me while her hand massaged Judy's buttocks. I immediately followed the lead by dropping down my pants and panties with one swoop. As the air touched my now exposed nether regions, I realised that I had actually worked myself to a pretty aroused state in spite of my uncertainties.

I picked up my panties from the floor and handed them to Helen. She immediately rolled them to a small ball and pulled Judy back on her feet.

"Open wide," Helen said as she held the panties right in front of Judys face.

"Look, I'm game with whatever you want to do with me, but I'd really rather not be gagged!" Judy said and Helen smiled at me.

"How sweet. Unfortunately you'll find that what you want has nothing to do with anything anymore."

Helen pinched Judys pussy lips and twisted them sharply. Judy let out a huge yelp and found the panties in her mouth sooner than she had finished processing the pain. Helen immediately pushed her mouth shut and started to look around.

"Now, what should we use to keep those in?" Helen wondered aloud and I started to look for something as well. I was thinking that maybe I'd find some tape, but Helen got an idea before I had found any.

"Hey, Ashley. You remember the red waist aprons that we wore around Christmas? Get me one of those, we can use it as a cleave gag."

I nodded and ran to our small locker room and got an apron that was hanging on the wall. I rolled the hem of the apron around the waistline while I walked back to Judy and Helen.

Judy didn't seem to like her predicament one bit, but I decided not to care. We were so deep into it already that we might as well go the distance. Helens hands were full as she was holding Judys love mound with her other hand and Judys mouth with the other, I put the coiled apron on Judys mouth.

"Now, will you open your mouth one more time like a good girl, or should I incentivise you some more?" Helen asked as she moved her hand away from her mouth. Judy didn't think twice about it and opened her mouth. She didn't even try to push out the panties, but accepted the apron fabric between her teeth without any resistance.

Helen then took over as she grabbed either end of the apron and used them to pull Judy to a standing position. She then started to loop the apron around Judys head. The apron strings were long enough so that Helen had to do several turns, each pass adding more fabric into Judys mouth. Finally she reached the end of the strings and tied off the gag.

Once it was done, Judys mouth was forced about as open as it would go. The gag looked really brutal as Helen had really pulled it tight. Judy looked miserable, but I was completely taken by a rush of arousal. It was probably the most exciting thing I had ever seen and I ached to touch my privates.

"I think that turned out pretty well," Helen said as she admired her handiwork. "Guess we don't have to listen to her bitching for awhile."

Helen then moved in right next to Judy and outstretched her tongue. She then proceeded to lick Judy’s face, slowly and deliciously. I was already about to blow my socks off when Helen turned to me and asked if I’d like to have a go.

I slowly moved as close to Judy as Helen was and stuck out my tongue. I pressed it tightly to Judy’s cheek and marvelled at the feeling. Her skin was warm from blushing and straining and I could feel each detail better than I could’ve imagined. The thing that made my juices flow even more was the feeling of the fabric of her gag. I could feel how tightly it gnawed at her cheeks and how well it was doing what it was designed to do.

I stepped back, licking my lips as her taste still lingered. Helen smiled at me and I could see that she was thoroughly enjoying my commitment to the proceedings.

“Maybe it’s time to introduce our little game to her, don’t you think?” Helen said, not really asking a question. “There should be a bunch of zip ties in that cupboard we can use to tie her legs.”

I was still a little dazed from the sensations, but sprung into action. The zip ties had always been part of the plan, so I didn’t have to look for them. I grabbed a handful of the ties and handed them to Helen.

“Now, be a good girl and bend over the counter like before. I’m sure we don’t have to force you this time around,” Helen said in a tone that was almost too sweet to believe.

Judy just glared at Helen, but bent over the counter on her own just before Helen was about to tackle her. Helen patted her behind as a reward and then kneeled down. She forcefully pushed Judy's legs and ankles together and then proceeded to fasten them together.

While Helen was working with the zip ties, I couldn’t help but lean back on the opposite counter and take in the scene. I couldn’t believe that what was happening was actually happening. It was almost like a scene right from my wildest fantasies and I couldn’t help but take my hand to my crotch and give myself a few desperately needed caresses.

I didn’t want to come just yet, but the temptation seemed almost too great. I closed my eyes as my hand started to work my clitoris more forcefully. In an instant I didn’t care about the plan anymore. My insides screamed for release and I was determined to oblige.

But I snapped out of it immediately when I felt a strong slap on the hand that was doing the deed. I opened my eyes and saw Helen standing in front of me, not looking pleased.

“Oh come on, Ashley,” Helen said. “Stay focused, will you? You know there’s time for that later, but we have to stick to the plan for now. Don’t tell me I have to tie you up as well.”

I cleared my throat and looked away shamefully. I naturally knew that she was right and the impulse to release myself subsided. I muttered an apology while Helen went back to Judy. She put her hand on Judys back to keep her down while she used her other hand to slowly rub her pussy lips.

Judy jerked violently the moment she felt the hand on her privates, but Helen kept her pinned down. There was no alternative but to submit, so Judy relaxed only after a few vain attempts to get away.

“Now, Judy,” Helen began. “We know very well by now that you designed this little game of yours knowing full well that you’d beat us hands down every day. So we thought we’d make you a little game we designed just for you. Sounds only fair, right?”

Judy didn’t bother to even mutter through her gag as a response, but her dirty look made it clear that she was not in agreement. Helen smiled at me as she picked up the same message. This was my cue to get some more peas, so I started towards the closet.

But I was stopped when a loud yelp emanated somewhere deep behind the gag and I turned to look what was the cause of the distress. It was pretty obvious, as Helen had inserted a finger in Judy's pussy and was slowly exploring her insides. I looked at Judy, trying to interpret her expression, hoping to find at least a trace of arousal from her. But I couldn’t read her expression at all and once her gaze turned to me, I quickly looked away, feeling rather conscious about the entire situation. I scooped a handful of peas and then went back to Helen.

“The name of this game is ‘pick up the peas’,” Helen told Judy. “A very simple game indeed, nothing you can’t handle since you seem be partial to games involving these. The only goal is to pick up the peas Ashley is about to throw on the floor.”

That was my cue and I dropped the raw peas on the floor. They rolled around all over the kitchen floor and several of them went under the counters and the oven.

“That’s all you have to do, very basic stuff in my opinion,” Helen continued. “Now, to make it interesting, you’ll obviously be hogtied and remain gagged, so you’ll have to find some way of picking them up. I don’t know what you’ll come up with, but I’m sure we’ll both find it extremely entertaining. And that’s not all, there’s one additional rule.”

Helen took her finger out of Judy and reached for a spatula that was hanging from the wall. It had a plastic handle that I had been sure to wash several times before closing the diner. She held it close to Judy so she could see the handle.

“You’ll have to keep this inside. If you fail to do so, you’ll immediately forfeit the game and have to be punished.”

If Judy had been a docile listener up to this point, this new element of the game drove her up the walls. She started to struggle and muffled screams penetrated her brutal gag. We had been expecting this response, so I knew exactly what to do.

Helen kept her left hand on Judy's back and held her down forcefully, while I knelt and grabbed Judy's hips with both hands, trying to keep it steady. Helen then rubbed the handle of the spatula against Judy's pussy opening so that it opened properly to allow the handle to slide into her without any resistance.

This was another moment where I was almost carried over the edge. I was so close to her pussy that I could smell it and I could almost hear the handle penetrating her. I had to resist with all my might so that I wouldn’t just lunge myself at her clit. I would’ve so loved to lick her and see once and for all if Judy was into these kinds of games.

But the moment did not last and I had to stand up and step back while Helen helped Judy stand up while keeping the spatula inserted in her. I then assisted her as we helped Judy lay down on the floor on her stomach. Once she was settled on the floor, Helen still kept the spatula in place to make sure it wasn’t coming out on its own and then let go.

I was already ahead of her and handed Helen a zip tie just as she was turning to pick one up. She smiled at me as she took it and then bent Judys knees so that her heels touched her buttocks. She then took the zip tie and looped it around the ties securing her ankles and around the shoelaces that held her wrists together.

“Wow, when you said you wanted to tie her tight, you weren’t kidding,” Helen said as she struggled to get the zip tie under the laces that were already so tight they were biting into Judy's flesh.

But after a few tries, Helen found a strand to tie the zip tie to and so Judy was securely hogtied. Helen bent down so she could whisper to Judy's ear:

“Time begins now.”

She then patted Judy's cheek and stood up to watch.

I have to admit that I was soon quite impressed with Judy's resolve. Neither of us had been sure if Judy would even make an effort in this rigged game of ours, but she was struggling like crazy. I couldn’t be sure if she was struggling to actually reach the peas or to get free, but in either case it was very entertaining to watch.

I glanced at Helen, who was smiling as wide as she could, clearly enjoying the show as much as I did. The grunts Judy made behind her gag pushed just the right buttons for both of us. Nobody grunts like that unless they truly are securely gagged and we knew it from experience.

After we had watched her for a moment, Helen clearly got bored having nothing to do, so she went to Judy and started to slap her all around and yelled taunts at her. I’m not usually the aggressive player, but I was so into what was going on that I joined her just a while later.

Soon it was a rather enjoyable game that we were playing. Judy's dress and apron were a mess and she couldn’t help but expose herself in various parts and both of us were as eager to get a slap on bare skin whenever it showed. I shouted both taunts and encouragement at Judy, not really caring if it made any sense or not.

We soon found that in addition to slapping bare skin wherever it presented itself, her breasts and feet were especially gratifying to slap as it brought the most response in the form of those arousing grunts.

Soon we were in a very comfortable rhythm with Helen as we slapped and shouted at Judy, when all of a sudden: Clank!

Both of us froze and Judy did so as well once she got herself into a position where she could do so. Helen and I looked at each other and Judy tried to look away. The spatula was lying on the floor, definitely not inside her anymore. We all just stayed there for a moment, not saying a word.

“Well, looks like somebody’s in need of some punishment,” Helen said and smiled at me as she did so. I smiled back at her. We both had planned for just this to happen and knew that it was the cue for the final main event of the evening to start.

“I think it’s time we take Judy to the locker, she’ll find that we’re much better equipped to take care of her there,” Helen said and I nodded. I grabbed scissors from the counter and cut the zip tie that connected her ankles to her wrists. Judy’s legs sprung back straight and she let out a sigh of relief.

Helen then kneeled in front of Judy and together we turned her around so she was now lying on her back and I took a hold of her legs while Helen took hold under her arms.

“On three, ok?” Helen asked and I nodded. We raised Judy from the floor and she looked around looking quite surprised at the turn of events.

We started slowly to carry Judy to the locker room, careful not to let her fall or hit anything. I was going backwards, so I wondered why Helen was gesturing to me so frantically until I hit the locker room door.

A stupid oversight, I should’ve opened the door before we lifted Judy, but in the excitement I had completely forgotten. There was nothing to do but to awkwardly balance Judy’s feet in one hand and half turn to the door to open it. It was lucky that it opened inside the locker room, so we didn’t have to maneuver around it.

Once we were in the locker room, Helen kicked the door shut and we carefully positioned Judy standing in the middle of the room beside a long bench. Her balance wasn’t very good as her ankles were still locked together, so I held her up while Helen pulled out a gym bag from the closet.

When I saw the gym bag, I knew that this was finally it. All the planning, all the waiting would finally culminate in this. What had already happened was huge, but it would be nothing compared to what was in store. The plan had gone off without a hitch and the big climax was about to be delivered.

I looked at Judy, who had by this time clearly just given up and submitted to the scene. She didn’t resist anymore and her gaze was decidedly different. She was almost looking like she might reach subspace. Maybe she was into the proceedings after all?

Meanwhile Helen had opened the gym bag and the familiar sight of gags, toys and endless coils of rope were revealed. My insides took another spin as I registered the sight. I had been in a similar position before, but nothing pushed my buttons like the anticipation that the sight of rope brings.

Helen was an excellent rigger and it was clear that she had been waiting for the moment she could dig into the art of rope. Therefore it didn’t take her much time at all before she was coiling the rope expertly around Judy.

She began by tying Judy’s elbows so that they weren’t quite touching, but became very close. Judy didn’t object to it, so I assumed that she had to be fairly flexible. The rope was a very long strand, so after tying off the elbows, Helen used the rest of the rope to create a harness around Judy’s chest that secured her hands even more firmly against her torso.

Once Helen had tied off the rope, she took a shorter rope to properly tie Judy’s wrists again and tied the rope off to the elbowtie. Helen then took her safety scissors and cut open the shoelaces. Again Judy let out a sigh of relief as the shoelaces fell from her wrists, leaving quite severe marks. It had been a pretty rudimentary solution to use them and one could easily see why rope does the job better.

Helen then moved on to tie Judy’s legs above and below her knees. I had to hold Judy firmly as they were tied since her balance couldn’t deal with the jerks and pulls that are necessary to create an effective tie. Finally Helen tied Judy’s ankles and cut the zip tie off. She was now tied much more firmly, but also a lot more comfortably.

Helen stood up beside me and she caressed Judy’s breast trough the dress and apron that were barely hanging on Judy anymore.

“Now, isn’t that much better?” Helen asked and Judy nodded sheepishly. “I think it’s time we replace the gag as well.”

Judy seemed very eager to get rid of the brutal gag that she was sporting, even if it meant that it would just be replaced with another. I started to untie the waist apron strings behind Judy’s head, but Helen waved me off.

“It’ll be quicker if I just cut it off,” Helen said and I went back to keeping Judy’s balance.

Helen was very careful to not cut Judy anywhere in the face as she slid the scissors under several strands of the apron string. Then she slowly cut the strings and we both started to uncoil the gag.

As soon as it was possible, Judy spat out the soaked panties from her mouth with quite a lot of drool and breathed hard under the relief that having her mouth unclogged brought. But as she might have guessed, her relief was extremely brief as Helen almost instantaneously placed a ring gag behind her teeth and pulled the strap tight before Judy had a chance to say anything. She did try, but the ring gag only allowed for comical vowels to escape, yet another gag noise that pushed my buttons effectively.

“I think that now’s the time for punishment. And I think you know how bad girls are punished,” Helen said as she sat on the long bench in the middle of the locker room.

I then assisted Judy as she bent over Helen’s lap, so that her buttocks were once again the prime target area. Helen then lifted the hem of Judy’s skirt and her ass was bare for the abuser.

And that was exactly the role Helen took. She slapped Judy very hard on the buttocks and then rubbed them before hitting again. I was surprised how hard Helen was actually spanking Judy. Apparently she was more pissed at Judy than she had led me to believe. Every time a new hit was delivered, Judy let out a loud yelp trough the ring gag. We had tested the room before and knew that it was practically soundproof. There was no way for anyone to hear and even though spanking really wasn’t my major kinks, I cherished the gag noise and Judy's predicament.

I looked at Judy straining against the ropes each time a new blow was delivered and took in her helplessness. She was also starting to drool profusely and could do nothing about it. I was close to insanity with arousal, but this time I had no problems about keeping my hands away from the areas that screamed for attention.

“Have you learned your lesson yet?” Helen asked between slaps and Judy attempted her best to respond by letting out a lot of various vowels and shaking her head for yes.

“Well, that’s very good,” Helen said as she slapped her again. “But it’s really not enough anymore. We’ve done so much for you over the past few months that just punishing you isn’t going to cut it anymore. I think it’s high time you did something for us.”

Judy was no longer as eager to agree as she had no clue as to where this was going, but she was still in a generally accepting mood.

“Good, that’s what I thought,” Helen said and then nodded at me.

I immediately took a nearby stool and placed it in front of Judy. Helen helped Judy to lift her head up to the level of the stool as I sat down on it. I lifted my other leg on the bench Helen was sitting on and spread my other leg. I went a little forward so that Judy was almost touching my private area.

“I think you’ve seen enough movies to know what to do next, don’t even pretend you don’t. There’s a reason why you have a ring gag instead of a ballgag.” Helen said to Judy as I lifted the hem of my skirt and apron to reveal my pussy to her.

“Don’t start yet. I think we need to keep this interesting,” Helen continued. I thought it was already sufficiently interesting and wanted desperately for Judy to start, but there was no question that Helen was in charge. She held up the same spatula that we had used before in view and continued:

“I’m going to be fucking you with this and doing my utmost to get you to come. Therefore your challenge is to make Ashley come before you do or your next punishment will be significantly more unpleasant than what you’ve experienced so far. Consider it my way of making sure you put true effort into it.”

I was pretty sure that making me orgasm at the moment didn’t require much effort at all, but I couldn’t help but admire the scheme. Helen inserted the handle of the spatula in Judy without ceremony and started to slide it in and out. That was my cue and I slid forward just enough that Judy’s mouth encompassed my pussy mound and we were off to the races.

I was already soaking wet down there, so Judy’s tongue slid around my pussy lips and clitoris without any resistance and the feeling was nothing short of electrifying. Resisting the urge had truly been worth it now that I was finally getting my needs tended to. The feel of her lips and tongue was almost too much to handle and I arched my back to take in the sensations.

My other hand was holding up the skirt and apron and I put my other hand behind Judy’s head to keep her inseparable from my pussy. I could feel the strap of her gag, which only intensified the moment.

I could hear Helen slapping Judy amidst the fucking and fondling and every time I could feel Judy’s reaction on wherever her tongue was probing me. It felt like my entire body had turned into a sex organ and the orgasmic sensations filled my every nerve ending. Even my teeth tingled in tune of Judy’s surprisingly expert licking.

I tried to hold back in order to prolong the feeling, but there was only so much I could do. In the end the inevitable happened and I could feel explosive force of the massive orgasm gaining momentum. In short order it washed over me so intensely that I had to pull away from Judy’s tongue.

I had lost all sense of my surroundings and had forgotten that I was only sitting at a stool, so I could feel myself distantly falling over to the floor. But it didn’t matter one bit as my body was still under the spell of the orgasm. The sensation was so intense that I had to put both hands over my groin in a vain attempt to contain it.

My body was shaking and I was letting out a powerful scream, it felt like there was an earthquake inside me. I tried to inhale, but my strained muscles didn’t allow it. I was almost starting to panic in the throes of such violent sensations, but right then I could feel the orgasm slowly releasing its hold.

Slowly I brought myself back to reality, not trying to move or fight the sensations anymore. Slowly I could feel the strained muscles relaxing and getting back some feeling to my limbs. I could inhale again and I knew that I was in the clear. I had never imagined I could experience anything like it, much less ever came even close to it.

I kept my eyes shut and breathed heavily, recovering from the orgasm. I could feel drool starting to build around my mouth on the floor, but I did not care. I knew I had to take my time to recover and didn’t care about anything else. I wondered briefly what was going on with Judy and Helen, but I could hear no sounds from them, so I just let it go.

Very slowly I finally opened my eyes. I was facing away from Judy and Helen, so I carefully sat up, wiping the drool from my face. When I turned around to them the sight of them surprised me completely.

Helen had completely untied Judy and they were sitting side by side on the bench, smiling broadly at me. I didn’t understand what had happened. There was no way Judy could’ve gotten out on her own and even if she did, why was she just sitting there.

“I think we got her pretty good, don’t you?” Judy asked, smiling at Helen. Helen smiled back.

“Oh yes we did.”

“What’s... What’s going on?” I managed to ask, very slowly and weakly.

“You didn’t really think I go around the diner every day without any underwear, did you?” Judy asked and continued: “I was in it all along. It was all a set up, just for you.”

“What?” I managed to ask.

“It took some effort to keep it hidden from you, I have to tell you that,” Helen said. “Me and Judy have been seeing each other for almost a year now. Judy is a really hard player, she just hasn’t been in the clubs lately.”

“We decided pretty early on to do something like this with you,” Judy continued. “We knew that it’s been awhile since you’ve last had a chance to play and felt bad about it. I know you well enough to know that you would appreciate a stunt like this.”

“It was really hard to keep our relationship a secret from you, so you’d fall for it,” Helen said. “Every night that we spent planning this thing against Judy, I went over to her place and we continued planning this thing for you, incorporating our latest schemes to our plan.”

“We waited for a long while for just the right night to go ahead with it,” Judy said. “I lost the game on purpose. Although we almost messed it up since Helen was supposed to tie with me instead of you in the first round.”

I was stunned. Not only was I still feeling aftershocks from the tremendous orgasm, but I had to let these new revelations sink in. I searched a long time for something appropriate to say.

“Wow,” I said weakly. Both Judy and Helen smiled at this.

“You must’ve had some idea, right?” Judy asked. “I mean, things like these don’t happen in real life.”

“Uh, I was quite worried,” I said. “I was pretty sure we’d end up unemployed or in a courtroom.”

Judy laughed at the thought.

“But wow,” I said again. “That was a pretty harsh scene if it was all just an act.”

“As I said, Judy is a very hard player,” Helen said.

“Indeed. This was almost like foreplay to me,” Judy confirmed.

“Wow,” I said again, already conscious of how idiotic it must’ve sounded by that point. But that was simply the only thing I could think of.

“So, what now?” I asked finally. “The scene is over. Do we just clean up and go home? What will this mean for us in the future?”

Judy and Helen looked at each other. Then Helen pulled a ballgag from the gym bag and dangled it in front of my face. She looked at me with a twisted smile.

“Who said anything about the scene being over?”


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