Adventures being Tied and Edged by Guys 1: Scott in Atlanta

by Tiedguy

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© Copyright 2014 - Tiedguy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; D/s; naked; bond; rope; gag; hood; zipties; nipple; tease; torment; bdsm; spank; denial; mast; climax; true; cons; X

Authors note: I am a straight guy with a lifelong love of bondage. I have had a special love for edging ever since I saw my big sister’s “Joy of Sex” with the picture the guy tied spread eagle while the girl sat on him and teased his cock. I have tied and been tied by women many times, and enjoyed it thoroughly. However, when they took the dom role, I never felt like they were enjoying it. A few years ago, after reading some stories by Strand Ankler, I started thinking about what it would be like to be tied by another guy. Someone who wouldn’t “be nice”, and would be doing it to me for his own pleasure, not mine.

This has lead me on a few adventures with guys who could respect my limits, but enjoyed putting a big, muscular straight guy through his paces. I thought I would share a few of these stories. They are almost entirely true, with only a few details of the narrative altered just to make it a slightly better or hotter.

Tiedguy Adventure #1: Scott in Atlanta.

I was going on a business trip to Atlanta and put an ad up that I was looking to get tied up and edged by a guy.

I only had one reply, and his name was Scott. He had never tied anyone up, but was excited to try it and we exchanged many emails as we got to know each other and built our scenario. He kept drilling down into my fantasies about helplessness, control, and being edged. We established limits and he asked about things he could do and couldn’t. He was cool that I really didn’t want to reciprocate. I’m a very big guy, 6’2 and even though I’m in my 40’s, I stay fit and am a muscular 250. He said he thought it would be hot having a big straight guy naked and under his control while he stayed clothed. We agreed that he would take total charge and that I would follow his orders.

This emailing went on for over a week, and kept coming up with suggestions of things he would do to me, and told me he was reading up on bondage. Finally right before my trip, he sent me pictures from a trip to Home Depot where he had a bought a pile of rope, some zip-ties, duct tape and other ways to restrain me.

It ended up he lived a few miles away from the hotel I was staying at. We met at a German style bar within walking distance for me. It was a few blocks from my hotel and we had an understanding that if we both were up for it, we would take his car back to his place.

Scott turned out to be a personable, mid-30’s African American guy in very good shape. We actually got along really well and he seemed very likeable and intelligent. We talked for at least an hour and he grilled me about my motivations, why a straight guy would want to get tied up by another guy, about bondage, etc. He was recently single and just thought my ad sounded like a fun diversion.

We finished our 2nd beer and he looked at me questioningly. I swallowed and figured, in for a penny, in for a pound and “Let’s do it!”

“Great!” He beamed, “My car is just across the street.”

Parked in a garage across the street he had a beautiful brand new BMW with leather seats. We got in and he turned on the engine. Then he turned to me and said, “Take off your clothes!”.

I had asked him to take control right away, but this took me by surprise. I looked at him and he had a gleam in his eye and a cock eyed smile. I think I surprised both of us when I started stripping. Soon I was naked in a strangers car in a strange town. I was instantly hard as rock. He noticed and reached down and grabbed my cock hard.

“I have something for you to wear, put this on.” He handed me a black mesh jock. I quickly put it on and felt ridiculous, humiliated, sitting in this guys car driving through downtown, wearing nothing but a mesh jock with drops of precum oozing out between the mesh from my rock hard cock.

He ordered me to put my hands behind my back and not move them until ordered to. We spent the rest of the drive like that, with him reaching over to fondle my cock or pouch my balls as he drove.

Finally we reached his town house, which had a private parking area he shared with another town house. He ordered me out of the car. I balked, but he told me it was ok, his neighbors were out of town. He came around the car holding two long pieces of rope. First he tied my wrists together behind my back. Next he turned me around and pulled my balls down tightly through the mesh of the jock. He wrapped the other rope several times around my scrotum, tightly separating my balls from the base of my cock and now having a very effective leash.

“Stay!” he told me and left me standing in the dark as he pulled my clothes out of his car. “Open” he told me and my own underwear was rudely shoved into my mouth.

“Come!” He commanded and jerked my ball leash. Keeping the leash firmly pulling my nuts forward and up, he led me across the lot, and up the stairs to his house.

His house turned out to be a very nicely appointed 2 bedroom townhouse with a patio overlooking some woods. Hardwood floors and leather furniture accentuated some nice artwork. In the middle of the room, away from the regular seating area, stood a large, very solid looking, wooden chair. Next to it was the pile of rope and other supplies.

As I was taking this in, he put my clothes in a pile on top of his counter. He turned back to me. One of his conditions for doing the scene was that he was allowed to explore anywhere on my body with his hands. Now it was inspection time. He stepped behind me and he kicked at my feet until they were widely spread. He felt my ass, and legs. He firmly cupped my tightly restrained balls and made me gasp, then brought his hand from there up between my cheeks giving my hole a little brush.

I was ordered to bend over and he inspected my hole much more closely, rubbing his hands up and down until finally slightly pushing his finger in. I had been excited and hard from being submissive, humiliated and inspected, but when is finger invaded me, I nearly came just from the feeling of it.

He ordered me to stay like that as we walked around me. Suddenly I heard a sharp pain on my left cheek and heard a loud slap as his hand made contact.

“Good boy”, he said, “want another?”

“Yefff” I replied through my underwear gag.

“You will call me SIR” he said, punctuating the “Sir” with a much harder slap to my right check.

“Mmmph, yff FIR!” I struggled to reply through my own underwear.

He chuckled, clearly relishing his role, “What? I didn’t hear you” was followed by another hard slap on my now burning ass.

“YEFF FIR!” I replied.

“Much better. Stand up!” He ordered.

I complied and was rewarded with his smirking face, but only for a brief time as he pulled some sort of cloth bag over my head, making an effective blindfold. That was the last thing I was to see for quite a while.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp tug on my balls and had to step quickly to keep up as he pulled he yanked me along.

“Come along” he chided, laughing at my plight.

I was pulled into the bedroom. Once there, he told me to stop. I heard him move behind me and then felt a pressure on my shoulder and an order, “Down”.

I sank to me knees and he pushed my chest forward and I found myself chest down on a bed with my knees on the ground. This left my ass sticking straight out and I felt extremely exposed.

I felt a hard pull on my balls and could tell he was doing something underneath the bed. When he stood up, my balls were still pulled down hard, so I surmised that he had tied the leash to the bed frame. Now to summarize my situation, I was naked, gagged with my own underwear, blindfolded with my arms bound behind my back and leashed to this guy’s bed by my balls.

I was getting a little nervous, because we had agreed that there would be no sex, but here I was in a perfect position to be used as he saw fit with nothing I could do about it.

What happened next did nothing to make me feel better as his hand started exploring my now wide open and vulnerable ass. I felt some cold liquid as he dripped lube down my crack and he started running spreading it in circles with his fingers. This felt amazing as he gently ran his fingers around the rim and I started to move my hips and moan. This was pulling on my balls even harder and making the sensation even more intense.

He started circling faster the sensation became even more intense. Suddenly it stopped and just as suddenly, with another crack, a single, solid, resounding blow landed on my ass. Then another, and another, turning into a series of ten or so searing slaps which had me pulling desperately on my ball leash trying to get away.

Just as suddenly, the blows stopped and his fingers started exploring my hole again. Again, circling gently and slowly, but steadily faster and more intense, causing me to buck and moan through my gag. Suddenly it stopped again, and I tensed for the blow that was sure to follow.

After a pause, no blow landed and I started to relax. Just as suddenly, I felt his finger invade my ass to the knuckle. I arched my back and howled at this surprise invasion, and trying to pull away wrenched my balls in their leash. He left his finger buried in me as I started to calm down and get used to it. Then, he slowly started working it in and out.

As I started to relax, the sensation turned to pleasure and I began to push back against it. I was breathing hard, and my cock was hard as a rock from the stimulation. He started to speed up the pace and I moaned in rhythm. His finger pulled all the way out, and was replaced with two fingers. Again I moaned and pulled against this new intrusion, but he kept pushing it in and continued working me. As he sped up the intensity again, his other hand started smacking my ass, alternating between cheeks in concert with the rhythm of his fingering.

After a few minutes, he stopped. Leaving me breathing hard, and my cock rock hard and dripping. Later, he emailed me a picture of the puddle of pre-cum I left on the hardwood floor by his bed.

I heard him stand up and thought, “Oh man, this is it.” I expected to hear the rustling of his pants as he prepared to take me. I was dreading this, as I knew I was taking the risk of this by putting myself in this situation, but really didn’t want it. He was a man of his word, though, and soon I felt him underneath me and by the tugs on my ball leash, he was untying me from the bed.

He helped me to stand, and turned me around. I felt his hand wrap around my cock that was sticking straight out. “Liked that, did you?” he said as he gave me a squeeze.

“Yeff fir” I replied.

He reached up under the bag and pulled my gag out. My mouth was dry and a little sore, so it felt good to get it out. My relief was short lived, though, as I felt him wipe it up and down the pre-cum slicked head of my cock. He unceremoniously shoved my cum soaked shorts back in my mouth and asked me if I liked the taste.

“Ooo fir” I said adamantly. He laughed.

“Too bad, you need to get used to it.”

I felt that familiar tug on my nuts as he led me out of the room. We moved out into what felt like his living room and he stopped me. He grabbed my cock and used it as a handle to turn me a little bit, then to push me back onto the big chair I had seen earlier.

I felt him untie the leash and sighed as the pressure on my nuts was relieved. Then my hands were untied and pulled to my sides.

I heard soft rustling sounds and felt rope go around my left wrist. He pulled turn after turn around my wrist and the back leg of the chair. Then he ran a loop between my wrist and the chair to cinch it and my wrist felt like it was now a part of the chair with no chance of movement. He had clearly been doing some internet research!

He repeated this procedure on my right wrist. Next, my left ankle and then my right. I was now truly unable to move, as the chair was very heavy and sturdy. However that wasn’t enough. Next, he tied my arms, above the elbows to the backrest. Rope was then tightly looped around one thigh, passed under the seat and looped around the other, forcing my knees to spread. Several loops were tied around my waist and cinched between my lower back and the chair. As if I wasn’t helpless enough, he then ran loops crisscross over my chest to the backrest. I was now totally unable to move. But, to add insult to injury, he zip tied my thumbs to the base of the seat!

I tested my bondage, trying to move, something, anything to find a weakness in his ties. The more I struggled, the more I realized that I was well and truly helpless. This sent a shiver of excitement through me and made my cock iron hard. I could feel a drop of pre-cum slowly dripping down the back of it and onto the base of my balls, with another close behind it.

I settled down, and it became quiet and still in the room. I think he was just standing there watching and admiring my tied up body. We sat like that for what seemed like several minutes I was completely unable to move, sucking on my own cum soaked briefs and hooded. I turned my head, straining to hear what was happening, but couldn’t.

After a time, I heard him walk around behind me. I felt his hands come around my chest and they started rubbing my nipples. It started lightly at first, just brushes with the palm of his hand, then harder. He began pinching them and tweaking. I was already so sensitized that this had an incredibly intense effect. It was like my nipples were connected straight to my cock. I fought my bonds to try to squirm away, but of course I could do nothing.

The assault on my nipples stopped and for a brief moment I caught my breath as I heard him walk back in front of me. Then, without warning my left nipple exploded with an intense pinching pain. “Arrrrrgh!” came my muffled cry. After the initial shock, it hurt less, but I could feel a constant pressure and a tugging from what I guessed was a clothespin. I breathed a deeply a few times to get used to, but just as I was starting to relax, my right nipple was pulled hard and ruthlessly clamped.

I struggled in my tight bonds, trying to shake the pegs off my nipples, but what little movement I had just made them pull harder and I finally subsided.

I heard Scott chuckling to himself as first one, then the other side was flicked at random intervals. Each one causing me to shake and squirm. At the same time, the sensation was going straight to my cock and the pain and humiliation of him laughing at me only added to my excitement.

I felt a brush on the head of my cock, which surprised me and made me jump. It also made me want more, and after a second and third light touch I was straining to thrust my hips up into the touch.

I felt his fingers wrap around the shaft and I groaned. Then he gripped it tightly and starting working his thumb around the head. It was so intense! I leaned my head back and just groaned as he circled his thumb around my sensitive glans. I started trying to pull away, to shift, roll, anything to be free of this exquisite torture, but of course I was totally helpless. He was merciless as he just kept slowly orbiting the head, and I became more and more desperate to get away from it. I was reduced to a high pitched keaning as I thrashed the only part of my body that could move, my head, from side to side.

I had a moment where I relaxed a little. I was broken, I couldn’t get away and couldn’t stop it. It was still incredibly intense, but I just gave into my bondage and helplessness. It was such a turn on to be so completely bound.

He finally stopped and started stroking me for real, slowly, maybe once per second. I was so ready to cum, but he just kept up that slow, relentless pace. It was not fast enough to get me over the edge, but every stroke made try to thrust and get more, but I was unable to move and he was in complete control.

Suddenly, he sped up, just enough, working me with hard, long, methodical strokes. I started moaning and thrusting my hips as I finally felt an orgasm building. It built slowly, but relentlessly until I started to go over the edge of a mind shattering cum. He stopped! I was just short, desperately trying to thrust my hips in the air to get that last stroke, or even just a touch. Nothing.

He started flicking the pegs on my nipples again, randomly, one left, right, then both several times quickly. I was in a haze of sensation and couldn’t tell if it hurt or felt good, as I panted and sweated back from the brink.

He gripped me again like before and started circling the head. “Oh God, NO!” I thought, “I can’t take that!” I even tried to beg “NOOO!” through my gag but that only solicited another evil chuckle from him.

“You said ‘merciless edging’ “ He said in a taunting voice, “well, here you are. We are just getting warmed up!”

With that he started the slow stroking again, only this time every few, he worked back to the head again. My whole existence was now my nipples and cock. Once again, he started going faster, not too fast, but fast enough to bring me back to the brink, where of course he stopped again.

He relentlessly worked me like this for what seemed like hours. I went through a gamut of emotions, from desperation, to anger, to despair, acceptance and surrender, but then back to desperation.

“You would do anything to cum right now, wouldn’t you?” He finally asked me.

“Yefff FIR!” I replied.

“I can’t hear you, BOY” He said, laughing even harder.

I tried to tell him “Anything SIR” but it only came out as muffled gag speak.

I had pretty much forgotten about my nipples at that point, until they both came alive with pain at the same time as he plucked the pegs off. The sensation was so intense and I was so overstimulated that I almost ejaculated just from that, but I didn’t quite make it.

I felt him working his hand between my legs and suddenly felt his finger invade my ass again until he had the tip pushing right on my prostate. Then he grabbed my cock again and this time starting pumping my shaft fast and hard. I groaned as I immediately felt everything boiling for a huge explosion, as I knew that this time he was going to finish me off. But he stopped again! He only let me rest for a few seconds before starting and stopping. He repeated this, holding me right at the edge until all that was coming out of me was unintelligible gibbering.

As we worked me fast he started pressing on my prostate and I came to the point of no return again, but knowing in despair he would never let me go over. I was wrong, though. I felt the first wave hit me and he started jacking and fingering me harder. I screamed has he pulled the first shot out of me. He just kept working me as I kept cumming and cumming. I felt it splash on my chest, arm and even up my neck. I don’t know if it was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had, but it was very, very intense.

Finally it was over and he started slowing down until he felt me relax and pulled his finger out of my ass.

I was breathing like I had been sprinting, and my ears were ringing. I saw his smiling face as he pulled the hood off me and my underwear gag out.

“How was that?” He asked with a big grin.

“That was fucking awesome.” I gasped, returning his smile.

He clipped my thumbs loose and went about the not short process of untying me. Then he brought me a washcloth and let me clean myself up.

He offered me a beer, and while he got it, I suddenly felt self-conscious about my nudity, so I got dressed. We drank a few beers companionably and talked for another hour or so before he drove me back to my hotel. I was sore, chafed and spent, but it was everything I thought it was going to be.

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