The Adventures of Raika Élan Esq Chapter 3: Aimee’s Javert

by Thanos

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Storycodes: F/f; bond; rope; gag; tape; kidnap; tease; hum; cons/reluct; X

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The Adventures of Raika Élan ESQ.: Hostage of the Year (Runner-Up) Chapter 3: Aimee’s Javert

DATE: JULY 25TH, 2006
TIME: 11:36PM

“Reyes, start filming. I want you capture every bit of this.  Tuesday, July 25th, Eleven Thirty Six pm. Address 732 Elm, Fifth Floor, Ms. Raika Élan’s office. Subject: Raika Élan, Patent Attorney, her paralegal, Holly Blue, discovered her in this fettered state at approximately ten forty-five pm. As instructed, Ms. Blue did not move anything in the office until our arrival.”

“Ms. Élan’s clothing jacket has been opened and her brassiere pulled down. Her skirt is hiked up. She was possibly molested but otherwise is not injured.”

“Description of ligature: Subject bound with treated hemp rope. Tied at the ankles, above and below the knees, at the waist, underneath and above the breasts, at the wrists and above the elbows. Ropes wound neatly with little crossover. All ties firmly cinched and finished off the perfect square knots.  Subject fastened to chair at the waist, lap, and at her ankles pulled underneath the chair… Come around and film her back.” Means ordered Reyes. “Arms placed over the back of the chair. Wrists bound palm to palm with thumbs and middle fingers tied together, ropes around breasts securing upper arms and ropes at waist securing the wrists. Elbows pinioned together behind subject’s back, augmenting figure.”

Raika blushed. The Inspector ran her fingers along the rope as she explained Raika’s predicament. “This is important… Rope doubled up and hitched at the elbows passing between the left arm and the back, through the armpit, up the shoulder, behind the neck and back down the same path on the right side and wrapped to the elbow tie. Same rope runs up to behind the neck and is pulled back down to the elbows and wrapped again, then wrapped around the wrist tie three times, covering the wrist knot, then to the ankles to pull them underneath the chair. Finally that rope is brought up and tied off at the nape of the neck. Ingenious.  Very rigid. Ms. Élan please try to move your arms.”

Raika struggled mightily but could only move a fraction of an inch.

 “Gag consisting of Vet wrap copiously wrapped around the head. Ms. Élan, please try to make audible noises.”

Raika complied with a faint “mmmmph.”

“Subject almost completely silenced.” Inspector Means began unwinding the red vet wrap.  She continued, “Several pieces of black duct tape crossed over the lips. Mouth cleaved twice with a cashmere scarf and knotted with a square knot.” Means removed the tape and the scarf.  Raika slowly worked the packing from her mouth with her tongue. Means expedited the process and removed the obstruction, silk drenched with saliva.  “Mouth filled with subject’s lower undergarment and a handkerchief.”

“Finally.” Raika shrieked, “Get me out of this. Right now. This is humiliating!”

“Please Ms. Élan; we need to do this systematically.”

“Then hurry.”

“Ms. Blue could you give Ms. Élan some water.?”  Raika took a well earned gulp. The inspector continued, “Subject firmly bound in a professional manner. Does not seem injured. Ms. Élan, has anything gone numb?”

“No, it is relatively comfortable considering the circumstances. But very frustrating. Can I get free now?”

“Sorry Ms. Élan you need to stay that way from a little while longer. It should improve your memory. Can you be strong?”

“I am a very strong person.” Raika snapped. “But this is ridiculous.”

“Just a few minutes more, Ms. Élan. How long have you been tied up?”

“Since seven thirty or so. I believe the last time I remember looking at the clock was seven fifteen.”

“Let the record show that the subject was bound and gagged securely and safely for approximately four hours. Ms. Élan could you describe what happened.”

“Sure, I was working in my office late, reviewing documents on my computer. I do not think that anyone else was in the office. Ms. Blue was gracious enough to run an errand across town to meet a filing deadline.”

“Why did you send her so late at night?” Reyes interjected.

“Reyes, please let her continue. I apologize for my colleague. You were saying…”

“Yes I was reviewing some work when the intruder surprised me from behind. I discerned a female voice but I did not get a good look at her.  She wore a hood; I couldn’t even tell you the color of her eyes. A knife at my throat, I begged her not to hurt me and she told me to put my hands behind my back. She bent me over the desk and started to tie me up. I told her I would cooperate and that my money and credit card were in my purse on the credenza. She told me she was not interested in “petty cash” but just wanted to borrow my computer. Since I had my desktop opened she did not need a password to access the network.”

Inspector Means interrupted her.  “Do you think it was the same perpetrator as the last time? The one who tied up your whole office?”

“The voice was similar. And the ropes had a familiar feel. I couldn’t move a muscle yet it was not painful. Just like the last time.”


“The intruder moved quickly. She tied my legs and carried me over her shoulder to this chair. I don’t think it took more than two minutes to tie me to the chair. During that time I detected the scent of lambskin. I didn’t dare look back. I was too afraid.” Raika whimpered.

Holly contributed, “The intruder from the previous instance, was dressed head to toe in black leather.”

“Thank you Ms. Blue” the Inspector curtly responded, she had already determined the culprit. “Ms. Élan, anything else to identify her?”

“I can’t think of anything. Once she had me trussed up, she asked whether anyone else was in the office. I told her no, but that the cleaning woman would come in at eleven. That was the last thing I said tonight up until a couple of minutes ago. Pulled my hair, when I gasped she deftly stuffed something into it; now I know it was my own panties. I didn’t even notice her cutting them off. She was so quick. Bitch! She remarked that lawyers have big mouths and then I sensed her packing something else behind my teeth. I was difficult to get it all in my mouth. When she was done I could not move my jaw. She put the middle of one my expensive scarves between my teeth and pulled it really tight from behind my head to push the mound of cloth further back. Then she sealed in my mouth with sticky tape and finally wrapped a whole roll with that sticky red stuff they use on horse’s legs.”

“Vet Wrap. Ms. Élan, did you know that the cleaning woman showed at approximately quarter to eight? And that she met a similar fate?”

“Yes the intruder surprised her when came into my office, while she was stuffing my mouth. I had hard time making a noise with my mouth stuffed. I tried to warn her, but I couldn’t muster up more than a slight grunt. Is she alright? The intruder forcibly removed the cleaning lady from my office.”

“She is fine. Ms. Blue released her. Reyes took her statement. Do you know when the intruder left?” queried Ms. Reyes.

“I don’t know the exact time but approximately an hour later… How come you won’t release me? … Anyway, I heard her whisper “Thank you” in my ear and then she… I can’t say it in front of a rolling camera.”

“It’s important Ms. Élan,” comforted the Inspector. “I assure no one but Ms. Reyes and I will review this tape.”

“Okay Inspector Means, but I want a copy of this tape and a non-disclosure from you and Ms. Reyes.”

“Certainly, counselor.”

“Well I sensed a slight pressure on my right nipple as she whispered in my ear, ‘A pleasure doing business with you.’”

“Was it like this?” the Inspector swirled her finger around Raika’s areola.

“How did you know?” Raika cried. “She, She… also groped my breasts and rubbed my pubic area from time to time with her gloved hand. I was thoroughly violated.”

“What did you do after she left, Ms. Élan?”

“Afraid that she had not left, I stayed still for a while. Once I was convinced that she was gone I started struggle. At first I could only move my head from side to side. My fingers groped for some knots, but to no avail. She had even tied them up! My breathing was labored and I started to break a sweat. Fortunately, I had gone to the bathroom at seven. I tried to push the gag out with my tongue but it was like cemented in. After much effort, I was able to move my hands and hips slightly. Eventually I gave up, hoping that someone would find me. Thankfully, my assistant returned or I would have been here all night. On second thought, I have been here all night. Will you untie me?”

“In a moment,” the Inspector promised, “Do you have any surveillance tapes?”

“Yes,” Ms. Blue answered.

“Good, show Reyes where they are.” Holly and Reyes left the room. The Inspector faced the still captive attorney.

“Ms. Élan do you know what she has taken?”

“She did not take any jewelry or money. She did take one of my mints. She did something with my computer. I heard the tapping of keys. The network has many things on it.” Means brought the laptop to the attorney.   “Oh my God! She opened my calendar! I was supposed to pick up Ms. Rashir at the airport at ten tonight.”

“Who is Ms. Rashir?”

“A very important executive with my client, Ms. Leela Rashir is an expert on financial transaction processing. I don’t think the burglar knows who she is, but we have to make sure. Quick, call the airport and see if the flight from Bangalore has landed.”

While Inspector Means called the airport police, Holly and Gonzales reentered and began working at the bonds, removing them with a pocket knife and scissors. Still it was hard work. In five minutes they were about half way done.

Jo Anne Means adopted her nonsense manner on the phone. “Airport Police? … Hey Officer Holmes this is Inspector Means …right former Inspector. I work for an insurance company now… Listen we have an emergency. There is a Ms. Leela Rashir landing from Bangalore tonight, has she arrived… Could you page her?”

The two girls continued to saw at the ropes. With much effort they had undone most of the cords. The Inspector clicked off the phone, “She landed an hour ago. She cleared customs at eleven. A page for her was not answered. The airport staff is on high alert. Hopefully she has not left the building. ”

Holly ever forward thinking, “I tried to call her right after I discovered Ms. Élan, but got voicemail. I just sent her a text also… She just responded in all caps: ‘WHERE IS ÉLAN?! I AM TAKING A CAB. UNPROFESSIONAL!!!’ I apologized via text, and told her to avoid any suspicious people but she has not responded. She has such a temper.”

“That sounds like Leela,” smiled Ms. Élan, “Regardless Inspector, please go to the hotel and protect Ms. Rashir. She could be in danger. Her picture is in the open file. She is staying at the Empress,” the attorney beseeched as Holly sawed at the ropes at her superior’s elbows and wrists.  Raika let out a sigh of relief, “About time Holly. I don’t want to ever experience that again. This is the second time in three weeks. Inspector Means, you have to catch that bitch!”

 “Don’t worry, if this is who I think it is, I have caught her before. But she has also got the best of me, too.” Means called the Empress Hotel, “Ms Rashir has not arrived at the Empress. Ms. Blue could you finish untying your boss? We need to get to the hotel.” The Inspector and Reyes and raced out of the office.

The insurance inspector having left in a rush, Ms. Blue finished extricating the alluring attorney from yards of rope. “It was a harrowing night, yes. But not too harrowing I’m sure.”

“What do you mean by that?” Raika rubbed her wrists and stretched her shoulders.

“You seem pretty comfortable and I noticed the wet spot on the chair. We both know what a little rope does to your libido.”

“Well, I must confess that I probably could have withstood that for another couple of hours. And I do love to wriggle and moan. I know how much you enjoy that. For all this trauma, I am in the mood tonight,” purred Raika.

Holly her voice cracking a little, “You do need some punishment…What about Leela?”

“The Inspector can handle it. Ms. Rashir is probably fine. There isn’t anything we can do.  Besides, I am so turned on right now. How ‘bout taking me back to the apartment for some discipline.”

“Whatever you say boss.”

Holly’s phoned buzzed.  A text from Ms. Rashir: “Have checked in. Face my wrath tomorrow!” Holly giggled. “Leela is at the hotel and plenty mad.”

“I will do some suitable groveling tomorrow,” Ms. Élan hoped that her co-conspirator was texting incognito, “Hopefully some sleep will calm her down. Perhaps we should have taken a picture to prove I was literally tied up. I’m a little cranky after a twenty hour flight too. Forget her for now. Let’s get back to your place.”

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