Adventures in Lock Smithing

by Tektaper

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In all my years as a locksmith I have seen many weird things. So I thought I would write some of then down before I forgot them.

Part 1

My first unusual experience was with a very beautiful young woman in her early 20’s. She came in to the shop with her coat over her hands. The shop was kind of busy so she set down and waited for the other people to clear out. I asked her if I could help her while I was still working on the last customer before her. She said she would wait.

When I finished ringing up the last customer for the 12 lock rekey and he said thank you and good bye.

She got up and came over to the front desk and said she had a problem and removed the coat from over her hands. She said the keys broke off in the handcuffs and she could not get the pieces out to use the spare keys and asked if I could help.

I looked at the handcuffs and knew they were a cheap knock off copy of police issue handcuffs with a bad double locking spring. It took me about ten minutes to pop the locks on the handcuffs because she keep moving around. I told her I could fix the handcuffs for her for ten dollars so this would not happen again.

She said yes please.

So I gave her a shop ticket and she wrote 'handcuff girl' on it and paid the shop labor fee for unlocking her. She then said she would be back in a week to pick up the handcuffs. When she came back in, I asked her if she had a safety person.

She said no and I told her to call me before and after any game. She said she would. And I have gotten many calls from her over the years.


The next unusual experience was when I was called out to open a locked foot locker at a sorority house. The young lady on the phone wanted to know if I could open it without hurting the foot locker or the stuff inside.

I told them I would have to look at the foot locker to see what type of lock mechanism it had. When I got to the sorority house I was meet by over a dozen beautiful young woman all dressed in skimpy little two piece bikinis.

The young lady that called me, came down and said, "Girls off you go now," and lead me into the sorority house and down to the basement and back into what looked like a dungeon. She said the foot locker locks by its self when you close it. She then said I am sure the key is inside the foot locker and all I need is for you to open it so I can stick this stick in it.

I told her I needed to see her Drivers License and some kind of proof she was authorized to have me open the foot locker and a list of what is inside of it before I open it.

She asked if I had to see what was in the foot locker.

I told her I did if she wanted me to open it.

She then said that one of the girls was inside of the foot locker. She said the girl was being punished for being bad and that she had taken the key with her and that they did not have a spare key.

I said that was foolish of them to use the foot locker without a spare key. I then went back out to the van and got my big bag of tools. I was going down the stairs when I over heard the girl telling the girl in the foot locker that she was in big trouble for getting an outsider involved and that she would regret this stunt. I made some noise at the bottom of the stairs and she stopped talking. I started working on the lock and had it open in about 5 min., I opened the lid and saw the naked girl in the foot locked tied up tight in a ball.

Two of the girls pulled the tied girl out of the foot locker and sit her down on the table while the other girl looked in the foot locker of the key. She found the key and went over to the table and pickup a paddle and hit the girl’s bottom 5 times hard on each butt cheek. The girl asked if I could make them an extra key or two for the foot locker now that she had the key.

I told her I could make a key back at the shop and that she could bring it by the shop and I would make it for them or I could take the key with me and have it ready to drop off tomorrow evening.

She said that would work out well. We can have a disciplinary meeting about her actions and be ready to dish out the punishment when you get here tomorrow evening.

I finished up the bill and wrote down her D.L. # and that the foot locker had no valuables within, only an old blanket and some rope and the key.

She gave me cash and told me to keep the change. She also said to make sure you bring the key back tomorrow because we are going to put her back in the foot locker.

I looked over and saw them give her water and putting an adult diaper on her before putting her back in the foot locker and closing the lid. She said we will see you tomorrow and I drove off.

When I got home I told my wife what had happened and she said that they all should be put across someone’s knee and paddled good for being so foolish, Only having one key. She then said to call her if I was going to be out past 10pm tomorrow evening. I told her I would and said that every one should have an open marriage. She said if they let you paddle her, hit her ten times for me, (With an evil smile on her face), as I left to do a car lockout.


The next unusual experience was when I was called out to open a locked bathroom door. The lady said she was trapped in her bathroom and could not get out.

I took down her address and told her I was on my way.

She said the whole house was locked and that I would have to break down a door to get in.

I told her I should be able to get in without having to break anything. When I got to her house I called her back and told her to wave at me through the bathroom window.

She stuck her hand out the small window and waved.

I told her I could see her waving and that I would be up to help her soon.

She said thank you.

I started around the house to see which door would be the easiest to open. The front door had a Kwikset Titan knob and deadbolt so I moved on around to the side door. The side door was a standard Kwikset knob so I picked it open and entered the house after calling the lady back to have her give me walk through directions to the bathroom on the third floor that she was stuck in. after using my Kwikset bed/bath key to unlock two more doors. I check the door to the bathroom; it would turn but would not open. I unscrewed the door knob and pulled it off. Then I could see the problem, it was a cheap plastic latch that had broken in half. I used my needle nose pliers to break the rest of the latch housing and then pull the latch out of the strike and push the door open.

She was standing there in the buff still a little wet from her bath.

After a minute with my mouth open, I turned away and said I could fix the door for her if she wanted.

She said yes please. She then said she would change into something more comfortable.

I went back out to my van and got a metal replacement latch. Then went back in and fixed the door. Then I finished up the bill and went looking for her to write down her D.L. # and get payment.

She was in her bedroom. She had tied herself down to the bed in a spread eagle and had on a large ring gag. She had a hand written note laying on her tummy and a box of condoms and a flogger.

The note read:

I have been a very bad little girl. I knew the door was about to break. So I removed the shower curtain and towels from the bathroom. Then I took my cellphone in with me and twisted the door knob till until the latch broke. PLEASE punish and use this very bad little girl!

PLEASE,  PLEASE,  PLEASE,  PLEASE,  PLEASE, punish and use me!

The note was attached with two clothes pins to her nipples.

I walked in and asked her if she really wanted me to punish her hard.

She nodded yes.

I reached down and took the bottom of the note and yanked it up and a way hard.

She screamed out.  AAAAAaaahahhhh.

I asked if she wanted more.

She nodded yes very vigorously.

I told her she had to ask my wife and I removed the gag from her mouth.

She looked at me fun while I dialed the cell phone.

I told my wife I had someone that wanted to talk to her. I then told her to refer to my wife as Mistress R and to me as Master T and held the phone up to her ear.

She told Mistress R what she had done and pleaded with her to not have Master T punish and use this very bad little girl!

Mistress R said over the speaker. You have been a very, very bad little girl and deserve to punished and used!

I said to Mistress R she will be PUNISHED more that she wants and used as I see fit.

Mistress R said be home by midnight and to have fun with her.

I spent the next six hours working over that very bad little girl

When I released her. She thanked me for the good time. I gave her the bill for the lock smith work and she gave me a fifty dollar tip.

I told her if she needed any more locks worked on to call me.

She smiled and waved as I walked back to the van.

I was called back many more times to fix this or that.


Lord of all my dreams.

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