A Drinkin'

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; rope; gag; spreadeagle; bedtie; ziptie; cockring; toys; insert; tease; sex; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X

Dan Westgate opened bleary eyes and gazed fuzzily around. A feeling that something wasn't quite right had brought him out of sleep, but the room looked just as it always did when he woke on Saturday morning after a night out with friends. Shrugging off the vague feeling, he made to rise, only to find out that not everything was just as it usually was.

Still groggy with sleep and the after effects of a night of drinking, he struggled to figure out what was different. First, he lay in the center of the bed, arms stretched out over his head. Not a position he usually slept in, but now, for some reason, he couldn't move from that position. Also, his mouth felt strangely dry, as if it were packed with cotton, and he couldn't close it. Slowly, his mind cleared, bringing details into sharper focus.

He couldn't move, he realized, because something was wrapped around his wrists, holding them together and somehow keeping him from lowering them. His ankles, also, had something wrapped around them. As to his mouth, it didn't just feel packed, it was. Some kind of cloth filled his mouth, and he couldn't seem to push it out.

As awareness increased, he began to examine his position. With his fingers, he discovered what felt like rope leading from his wrists towards the end of the bed. His ankles, he realized, must be connected in a similar fashion to the other end. He could also feel something on his cheeks, deciding after a moment of thought it must be tape placed over his mouth to keep the cloth packed in. For a moment, he tugged at the ropes holding him, then relaxed slightly, mind racing.

How had this happened? When had it happened? He had a blurry memory of getting home the night before. He remembered getting undressed and climbing into bed. He also remembered how good Karen, his wife, had looked, and how she'd turned down his advances until he let her know he wasn't prepared to be denied. He remembered the sex, and he remembered rolling off afterwards. Then nothing, until he woke up like this.

Gradually, another sensation distracted his thoughts. It felt almost like he needed to go to the restroom, but the feeling was somehow different. As he became more aware of it, though, it was enough to make him squirm slightly. All motion stopped when the door opened and Karen entered the room.

Damn she's beautiful, Dan thought, staring at his wife's naked body. He especially loved the way her firm, full breasts bobbed and swayed with every movement. Gracefully, she sank onto the bed and, for a moment, Dan thought she was about to untie him. That thought faded with her first words.

"Comfortable?" Karen smiled, reaching down and stroking him. Dan realized he was quite hard, but that wasn't unusual first thing in the morning. "I hope so. It took some doing to get you into this position, and you're going to stay like this all day."

Hearing this, Dan once more pulled at his bonds, but they remained secure. Then, as Karen slid her hand beneath him, he froze, feeling her prod something that shouldn't be there.

"Like that?" Karen grinned. "I borrowed that from Stacy. Remember Stacy, the woman next door you always said was kinky? Well, you're right, and she was happy to let me use one of her butt plugs. Can't have you making a mess, can we?"

Dan's eyes widened as he began to understand exactly what the full feeling in his ass meant. He knew exactly what a butt plug was, but he'd never wanted to actually experience one. Now, though, it seemed he had no choice.

"As to this," Karen continued, beginning to stroke him again, "you know I've always loved how it makes me feel. But not," she went on, gripping him firmly, "when you come home drunk and force it on me. You need to learn that no means no. And you will, by not being able to say no."

Releasing him, she traced her finger across his skin. As she did, Dan noticed something else different. Something thin was wrapped around the top of his ball sack, holding it tightly. Something else was wrapped tightly around the base of his erection. He was vaguely surprised that he hadn't noticed them before.

"Cock ring," Karen told him, then smiled. "Well, not really. Stacy didn't have one of those, the good ones are expensive." She laughed. "Chalk up yet another use for zip ties. Between them, they'll keep you hard and ready all day, with the added advantage that they won't let you cum."

Rising, Karen moved to the stereo across the room. She thumbed a button, bringing the system to life. Hearing the song that began playing, she smiled again.

"I'm going to go have breakfast," she told him, turning toward the door. "Afterwards, I'll be back to make use of you. For now, you might as well relax, since you're not going anywhere."

As the door closed, Dan resumed his struggles, but Karen had done too good a job. The ropes were bound too tightly to let him slip free, and his questing fingers couldn't locate the knots. Desperately, he glanced around, but even if there had been something he could use to free himself, he had no way of reaching it. Finally, defeated, he slumped onto the bed, mind racing with ideas for revenge.

As he lay helpless, Dan slowly lost track of time. To make matters worse, the stereo was obviously set on a loop, playing the same song over and over. He was surprised when the door opened once again to admit Karen. Smiling, his wife slipped onto the bed, straddling his body. Slowly, teasingly, she reached down and began stroking herself. At the sight, Dan couldn't suppress a groan, feeling himself twitch in anticipation in spite of his situation.

Satisfied with her own readiness, Karen lowered herself onto him. At first, she rode him slowly, but her pace gradually picked up until she was literally slamming herself down onto him. The sensation of her muscles squeezing him soon had Dan's hips rising in rhythm, moving as much as his bonds allowed. When Karen stiffened into her own orgasm, his hips continued to thrust, even after she rolled herself off his body.

"That was fun," Karen said, rising from the bed. "And I expect to have more fun later." Her eyes narrowed. "Oh," she added, "and by the way, in case you're thinking about getting back at me for this, you might want to remember something. You will eventually have to sleep. So if you don't want to wake up like this again, I would suggest you behave yourself. This will happen anyway next time you come home drunk and decide to force yourself on me." With this, she once more left the room.

That was the start of a very long day for Dan. That first ride by his wife had left him incredibly horny, and even when that started to fade, he remained hard thanks to the twin rings encircling him. The plug didn't help matters, though by now it had become a minor sensation compared to how he felt in front.

Three more times, as the day progressed, Karen mounted and rode him to her own orgasm. By the time she rolled off him for the fourth time, Dan's body was twitching uncontrollably with his own need. His moans had become almost continuous, even the tight packing of his gag unable to silence his unwilling counterpart to the song that played over and over from the stereo.

Finally, as the room began to dim with the onset of evening, Karen mounted him for the fifth time. After she'd ridden him to her own orgasm, she slipped to one side. Smiling, she stroked his by now madly twitching erection.

Karen smiled. "You want it bad right now, don't you?" Seeing Dan's emphatic nodding, she laughed. "Well," she told him, "you're not going to get it. Stacy didn't have a ring, but she does have a cage she said I could borrow. So you have a choice. Either you can decide to go the rest of the weekend without an orgasm, or I can put that cage on you and make that decision myself. Now, I'm going to take the gag off. If you make any kind of threat, or if you in any way ask to cum, the gag goes back in and the cage goes on."

After Karen had removed the packing from his mouth, it took Dan a moment to find his voice. Although his body screamed for orgasm, he feared the consequences of asking. Instead, he asked, "Will you untie me now?"

Karen shook her head. "Not until I think it's safe to take the rings off you," she replied. "I'd hate to see you shoot all over yourself if I take them off too soon. You can just stay like this for now, and I hope you'll remember this next time you're out with your friends."

Friday night, and Dan sat at his usual place at the bar. Surrounded by his friends, he drained his first beer. He raised a hand to order another, only to freeze as the jukebox began playing a new song.

Turning, Dan stared at the jukebox, his hand still half raised. Then, to the surprise of his friends, he slid from his stool.

"I gotta go," he said, turning toward the door. Without another word, he walked quickly from the bar. Behind him, his friends looked at each other, then turned toward the jukebox.

"That's funny," one remarked, "I always thought he liked country music." Nodding their agreement, the friends stared at the jukebox as the singer continued her song:

And don't come home a-drinkin',

With lovin' on your mind.

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