by The Old Man

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The security cameras at Mr. Neads followed the rather tall woman through the store. They observed as Dana stopped at the electrical supply area and picked out a couple sets of small bright orange objects and placed them in the basket. She strolled through the store stopping at the summer close-out section and placed a long cylindrical object in the basket. These were small ticket purchases, but then, she headed to the contractor desk and placed an order for four 6-inch wide by 12 foot long straight red oak boards.

She drove her Mercedes van around to the lumber yard to pick those boards up and paid for the rest. If someone cared to look at the history of her Mr. Neads credit-card purchases, nothing would look out of place. There were the dog collars and leashes of various sizes, hooks and swivels that might be used for various garden projects or useful for pets. These were typical purchases for home improvement projects but some of the Items were for larger scale. There was the purchase, months ago, of a small welder and steel supplies. But then anyone observing Dana might decide that she had no desire for anything but repairs and projects around her home and maybe her pets. She was exceedingly tall and thick of build. Her style of clothing, short hair, and make-up seemed to indicate that relationships other than with her pets were the last thing on her mind.

It was a Thursday; Dana was looking forward to the weekend with Adrianna. She still had some finish-work on the welded-up cage she had fabricated, and the boards just bought were for the St. Andrews Cross she was making. She had spent considerable time improving ‘the inferno room’, fabricating benches and installing tie off rings on the cement walls and ceiling. Recently Dana had undertaken installing metal brackets in the concrete floor, The plan was to be able to swivel the St. Andrews cross project from vertical to almost horizontal, if desired.

Adrianna had just recently arrived in the area but had a long enduring relationship with Dana from the past. They both enjoyed the gradual improvements Dana had made to the room. Adrianna was ecstatic to have restarted her relationship with Dana. She was perfectly content to be Dana's pet; Adrianna's desire would be to remain Dana's pet forever.

Adrianna was about a head and a half shorter than Dana. Blond hair, which was medium length and usually a streak of color in it: dyed green, pink, or purple. C-cup breasts, and oddly all of that set on a small bum with thin legs supporting it all. There was no mistaking that she preferred a woman's touch. The two had met in Portland Oregon and on the lesbian scene. She liked bondage, and Dana's style was perfect.

They really were in love, but Dana had moved to Minnesota, after selling off a patent that ultimately had her set for life financially. Long-distance relationships were the order of the day, until the scene in Portland grew too much for Adrianna. Nothing compared to Dana. Minnesota and Dana made Adrianna feel so much more comfortable. Dana counted herself extremely lucky to find a partner like Adrianna, always willing to trust and enjoy the scenes Dana might create.

"How about a little bondage play after dinner?" Dana asked.

Adrianna made her way to the bath shower to hose the grime off of her. Dana soon joined her. Both took turns using the soap and wash towels. Dana took great delight in lingering at Adrianna's pussy. First washing her with soap and rinsing, then sampling Adrianna with her tongue. Adrianna steadied herself against the shower wall enjoying the sensation.

Adrianna dried off and stood in the bathroom as Dana instructed. Dana opened the towel closet and brought a Mr. Neads bag out, of which she produced four bright orange cable clamps which would ordinarily be sold to organize extension cords. They were the right size for Adrianna's wrists and ankles. No keys were needed to lock or unlock them, these innocent appearing clamps were so commonly sold there was no unwanted attention when purchased.

Once on Adrianna, Dana passed a rope through the orange ankle clamps to keep Adrianna's legs hobbled, and then used snaps to fasten the orange clamps at Adrianna's wrists behind her back. Dana enjoyed the sway of Adrianna's ass as she was pushed forward into the living room. Adrianna was already becoming aroused, under Dana's control. Dana guided Adrianna to lay face down on the rolling hassock. Adrianna's neck and head hung uncomfortably over the hassocks edge.

"It's time for you to return the favor I did for you in the shower," Dana said. "How about for starters I watch a little television while you do something useful with that tongue?"

Dana, sitting on the sofa, drew the hassock as close as she could to the edge of the sofa placing Adrianna's tongue in just the right position between her legs. Dana's thighs and legs over Adrianna's shoulders blocked out the light and Adrianna could only breathe in Dana's musk as she worked. She was interrupted from time to time by Dana's judicious use of a music conductor’s baton on Adrianna's ass, sometimes spanking and other times prodding Adrianna's button. Satisfied, Dana relented and helped Adrianna upright and standing.

Dana shifted to the handicapped elevator, pushing buttons, and the cab emerged from the floor. As the cab emerged, the cage that Dana had labored on came into view. It took Adrianna's breath away. Certainly escape-proof. An opening on one short end would allow Adrianna's head to poke through, The cage was designed to shut just behind Adrianna's ass with a slot at the bottom of the other short end to clear Adrianna's ankles.

Once Adrianna was installed in it, she found that her ass cheeks butted up against the bars of the cage and her head was positioned perfectly for familiar duties. The cable clamps at her ankles were snap hooked to the cage's floor.

"It's not for storage. but a bit of temporary fun…” Dana said, “keeping you in there for a long term would certainly be cruel punishment." She smiled, preparing her next surprise. “Mr. Neads was having a summer toy close out today and I found another interesting toy to play with." She showed Adrianna a water soaker toy, long and thin with a narrow nozzle at one end and a plunger at the other, about 32 millimeters in diameter and about 70 centimeters long.

"You might think that it just squirts water and other liquids," said Dana, "but listen to this…" Dana pulled the plunger back and then pushed it back down the tube, The nozzle hissed air as the plunger was pushed home. "Quite a column of air, don't you think?"

Adrianna gazed curiously at the orange tube, narrowed to a nozzle and its yellow plunger handle. A myriad of ticklish possibilities racing through her mind. Adrianna tried to kick her legs, but the cable cuffs tied to the cage floor did their job admirably.

Dana set her face down so that Adrianna could tilt her head and look into Dana's laughing eyes. "Don't worry, I will be gentle." Dana shifted upright and handled the new water soaker toy. Presently a thick child's balloon was placed over the toy's nozzle. "Hmm let's see just how much of a balloon you can become." Dana inserted the nozzle end of the toy into Adrianna's back side and then set the plunger into the toy.

Adrianna squirmed a bit as she felt the column of air invade and inflate the balloon in her sphincter. The balloon stretched her and rose within her, expanding to a size that locked it in her just above the narrower sphincter. Dana played with the plunger, withdrawing it a bit and then forcefully plunging it back into the toy, watching Adrianna relax and then tense up alternately to Dana's pumping the handle in and out.

"Can you imagine how deadly this could be if there was a liquid in it? Maybe next time." Dana rammed another puff of air home and quickly withdrew the toy from Adrianna's ass. She tied a knot in the balloon and just as quickly slid the large, very lightly-lubed, butt plug into Adrianna, pushing the trapped balloon deeper within her.

"There, I've just corked you, my cute balloon." In the low light of the room Adrianna watched as Dana placed a set of blue latex gloves on her hands. "What's a balloon without that squeaky latex sound?" Dana asked. She spread Adrianna's pussy lips a bit wider, the two thumbs playing with Adrianna's plugged ass, the stronger fingers rubbing and squeaking against Adrianna's labia.

Adrianna became soaking wet, realizing her situation. Dana played with her until Adrianna was ready to burst and then stopped. Dana's hands came into view holding a deck of playing cards. "We aren't talking for hours tonight, Adrianna, but days," Dana said. "The difference between your draw and mine, will be how many days I get to have you in the Inferno room." Adrianna watched as Dana shuffled the deck and then dealt two cards face down. "You say a number."

Adrianna chose the safe bet. "17."

Dana giggled as she turned her cards face up and showed Adrianna a king and a four. "14. We are going to have a fun three days."

Adrianna was helpless as her cage was trundled into the elevator and could only grow more aroused as the elevator was lowered into the "inferno of desires". Adrianna in her cage could only look through its glass door. She had to wait as Dana made her way down the stairs.

While waiting she could see the rest of the inferno room. The small shower with ringlets at its low ceiling, Not too far away the St. Andrews cross with its rope supports rising from the upright arms and to a pulley that would allow its re-positioning. The spanking bench next to that. In the corner sat a small bed and across the wall from that a large television set with a collection of DVD's for erotic inspiration. Adrianna enjoyed the tension in her mind. She was a pet, a toy, awaiting the whims and unexpected trials that Dana would put her through. Lucky I didn't say 19 or 21, Adrianna thought.

Presently, she heard the key turn in the door lock, and she watched as Dana locked the door from the inside and hung the door key on a chain around her neck. Adrianna's mistress stood before her. Fishnet stockings just below a cat's cradle at her crotch, a bustier squeezed the flesh of her torso and contrived to lift her breasts to stand proudly on her broad chest.

At last, the glass door to the elevator was opened and Adrianna enjoyed the cooler air that refreshed her after being drenched in sweat in the cramped elevator. The cage was wheeled out into the center of the inferno room. Dana walked around her imprisoned pet, stopping at her backside to admire the plug in Adrianna's ass and the slight moistness of her pussy.

It might have been a half hour, or it might have been longer. Eventually Adrianna felt the hatch at the back of the cage shift, sliding upwards against her ass. Reflexively She tried to shift her ankles but the feeling of helplessness was reinforced by her inability to move her legs. Presently the snap hooks at the ankle restraints were un-done and Adrianna was allowed to shift backwards. Dana closed in, brushing her breasts against Adrianna's back as she assisted Adrianna to stand. Adrianna's arms were again shackled behind her, she was helpless as her mistress placed a heavy leather collar at her throat.

Dana took hold of the collar, and using another conductor's baton went after Adrianna's ass, while she was guided with halting steps towards the St. Andrew's cross. Arms first, raised above her head and spread apart attached to the cross. The ankles next, spread just wide enough to leave Adrianna's nether regions exposed, standing upright. Dana admired the view of Adrianna's pert tits.

Moments were spent fondling and grabbing Adrianna's breasts with Dana's mouth, only to stop and shift behind her. Dana reached down and swiftly pulled at the plug in Adrianna's ass. Adrianna almost lost her composure at its rapid removal. The still-inflated balloon was next, it felt so large Adrianna was sure that her back passage would never return to its original size. ‘Modified’ was the word that came to mind.

Adrianna hung on the St. Andrew's cross, wishing she could always be identified as Dana's; her eyes could roam over to a board where all sorts of both intrusive and painful tools hung. Dana picked off a couple items, including a belt that strapped between Dana's legs, which contained a socket where the rather large dildo could be attached.

Adrianna tried very hard to remain loose and not tighten up as Dana inserted that dildo into Adrianna's pussy. The feeling of being controlled overwhelmed Adrianna as she was rocked against the dildo. She started to push back against Dana's thrusts, working herself to an orgasm only to be frustrated as Dana stopped at just the right moment. "Ah, ah, ah, Not yet, pet. I am torturing you after all." Adrianna hung panting, denied fulfillment.

Dana applied a set of clips to Adrianna's ample breasts. She watched as Adrianna squirmed against the newfound sensation on her nipples. Dana spent some time alternately swatting at Adrianna's ass with that conductor's baton and breasts while pulling on the light chain of those clips.

Finally, Dana set to work with the dildo in Adrianna's pussy in earnest. It didn't take long, Adrianna's moans rose to a crescendo in a matter of minutes. The St. Andrew's cross rocked at Adrianna's uncontrolled trembling. Gradually Adrianna again slumped on the cross, panting. Dana supported her body as Adrianna's arms and legs were released from the cross. Dana led Adrianna to the bed in the corner and made sure her friend was well in, then climbed in to cradle Adrianna and cuddle.

Sometime during the early morning hours Dana asked, "is all this all you ever wanted?"

Adrianna in a low voice agreed it was.

"I love you," Dana replied, as they both fell asleep.


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