Accident Victim To Slave

by Cagedsgt

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Storycodes: F/m; bond; traction; cons; X

It seems strange thinking back about the change that took place in my life. It took my involvement in an accident to generate the imagination in my wife, Tncia, to enjoy bondage from the dominant role. We had been married for over eight years of fairly fulfilling companionship. We played with bondage about once every other month or so usually as a method to excite our lives as the boredom would set in. An exciting evening of bondage and our sex lives would be good to go for a month or two.

But then I got injured in an auto accident that left my right shoulder dislocated and caused me a two week stay in the hospital for recovery in traction. About two days before I was released from the hospital the doctor explained that for the best results I should still spend my sleeping hours in traction for a month or so to let it heal better. The doctor explained that sleeping with my arm bent wrong could cause numbness and keep it from completely healing. The doctor convinced Tricia that she could provide the help I needed at home with a little rental equipment from a hospital supply store. The doctor gave Tricia the address of three or four, and she had everything prepared for my safe and speedy recovery by the time I arrived home from the hospital.

The first couple of nights were no big thing but on the fourth night Tricia was hornier then typical. As soon as Tricia had my arms secured to the weights of the traction device, pulling them out of the way, she started to toy with my cock. The feeling of being teased and not being able to do a thing about it was amazing.

My cock jumped to full erection instantly and I never dreamed that my desire for sexual fulfillment to feel so demanding. It was funny but as my excitement grew I quickly realized that it was sex and not love making with Tricia I wanted. We had always enjoyed love making and now for the first time in a long time I felt the burning need for wild stimulating sex. Tricia got so excited as she toyed with my cock that she brought me to three mind blowing orgasms.

As the days moved by, Tricia continued to put me in traction and then tease me for a short while and then finally use me for her own pleasure, causing me sensational orgasms also. Every other day or so she would get a new idea and add to my bondage or tantalize me in a new and more tormenting manner. During the first week it was just my arms bound in the traction device. Then Tricia started to secure my ankles to the lower corners of the bed so that I couldn't wiggle around as much. By the time the month was over I lay each night totally secured spread-eagled, blindfolded and gagged for Tricia's harrowing games of exciting fulfillment. Then only have the gag removed while I slept. To be kept blindfolded and not knowing when or if anything was going to happen was one of the most exciting twists that Tricia added to our bondage games.

On my follow up visit to the doctor, I found out that the injury was completely healed and I no longer needed the traction. It was strange but I felt a bit let down that this now exciting way of life would be disappearing from our enjoyment, The doctor suggested a couple of exercises to restrengthen the muscle and off I went. I had a long talk with Tricia that night and slept for the first time in a month without my arms secured. It felt strange to hold Tricia again during sex and I screwed her for all I was worth. Our sexual excitement was quenched quickly. We were both satisfied sexually but I still felt that something was missing. The next evening I asked Tricia if I could play my game and secure her. I had my fun and teased her most of the night. Even after I fulfilled our desires I stuffed my thumb deep in her pussy for a long and relaxing nights sleep. I woke up clouded in thought about this new style of bondage.

It took about a week before Tricia noticed the unsettled feeling I had. We talked about everything and she agreed to continue our games with me bound from time to time because we both enjoyed it so much. Tricia insisted that we trade our roles back and forth so that we could both enjoy the tantalized as well as the tantalizing side.

I got the shock of my life that evening as I arrived home from work. Tricia had set up the comer of our family room as a workout area. Tricia purchased three or four exercise type machines and I could tell from the look in her eyes that she was over excited. This caused me to wonder what Tricia discovered to bedevil me with. Tricia had dinner ready and on the table and I knew that she was anxious to get started with her new discovery.

As soon as I finished the last bite of my meal, Tricia cuddled up close and said. "Love, I talked with a physical therapist today and he gave me a few ideas of how I can help you strengthen your shoulder. I have everything ready to help you. I'm begging, please trust me. Put your care and health in my hands." Tricia choose her words so perfectly that I had no choice but to agree and accept as well as endure her offer to care for my needs.

Tricia began by strapping both of my hands together behind my back with a rope. The rope ran up and through an overhead pulley. Tricia pulled the rope until she forced my arms up high. I had to stand very erect, but bent me over nearly ninety degrees.

Once I was in position Tricia secured the rope so that I couldn't move and started to tease my cock. In this position Tricia couldn't get any pleasure herself from my cock and spent an entire hour simply fooling around teasing my cock. Always stopping just short of bringing me to an orgasm. After the hour was over I could tell that Tricia was so excited that she was ready to explode herself.

As Tricia released me from my agonizing position I jumped her and screwed her senseless. My aggressive actions upset her. Tricia fought like a wildcat as pumped into her with all my strength. After I finished and rolled off Tricia again took charge of the situation.

Once Tricia secured my arms to the comers of our bed she let me know how upset I had made her by ruining her plans, as she said. "That's the last straw love. You agreed to give me your trust and let me care for you and then you went and took it back from me. Well, I promise you now, that win be the last time you take from me."

Tricia was true to her word. I have not spent a single night since then unbound. For over a year Tricia has kept and built on her control of my body. I have never been happier and would never again do anything to change the routine we now live by. Tricia is so imaginative, always coming up with new ideas and is a very loving and caring wife, until she has me bound up completely secured in one fashion or another. Once Tricia applies the ropes she turns into a very demanding fiend of some kind and uses me as an object for her pleasure. Or I should say, our pleasure because as Tricia uses me I always get my just reward. For about the last three months Tricia has grown more and more fond of genital bondage which she now uses under my clothing during the day while I am at work. Tricia's genital bondage causes me to stay excited knowing what is going to happen later. Then as soon as I return home from work Tricia binds me helpless and starts her fun.

Last week Tricia even went so far as to take me out shopping with my hands secured behind my back under a poncho. I was so excited that I all but shot my load twice while walking through the stores. The fact that straps to my cock and balls pulling in opposite directions with every step I took might have had something to do with my excitement also. Every time I just grow accustom to one thing Tricia comes up with something new and exciting to drive my desires higher with. If things don't change Tricia is going to drive my desires so high that I will go totally insane at her devilish tormenting hands.

I expect that the way things have been going, within another year or so, if everything keeps increasing as it has been I will be in total bondage never to be released. For me that day will never be too soon. I love the feeling of the security, not having to worry about anything. Simply being there for my wife to use and direct is all that I care about any longer. And I can credit all of this to an auto accident. God, why didn't it happen on our honeymoon. This way of life is the greatest. I will never have desires for anything else as long as I life. Tricia my loving wife has our desires well under control as she uses me to satisfy her own desires always satisfy's mine.

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