Abigail's California Adventure

by ZTVFemdomtales

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"I'm Abigail and this is Deviant Ride, where I sneak into theme parks after hours and 'convince' one lucky park employee to join me. This week we take our biggest risk yet: we're hitting Disney California Adventure. We'll start here at Disney's Grand Californian Resort & Spa. Built back in 2001, this hotel is known for two things: it's beautiful arts & crafts design and it's private entrance to the Disney California Adventure Park, which you can see behind me. But first, let's show you what you really want to see."

Abigail removed her heavy, specially designed tan trench coat and tossed to her partner in crime, who manned the smartphone she used to film her web series. Now she stood in all her glory. Tanned, flawless skin, juicy ass, large commanding breasts all exposed to the night air. All she wore were her red high heel boots, over-sized Mickey gloves, and Mickey ears.

"Right now the park is only open to hotel guests, a perk called Extra Magic Hours. This makes it the perfect time to begin our little game. Follow me. Through these doors we now find ourselves in Disney California Adventure. This is Grizzly Peak, originally called Golden State, this land deals with the natural beauty of California. Now let's go find tonight's lucky ... volunteer."

"Now we're talking. A bit young, can't be more than twenty by the looks of him, the cutest damn boy I've ever seen. Let's go say hello. Hey there baby."

"What the hell?"

"What's the matter, baby?"

"Where the hell are your clothes?"

"Why on Earth would you want me to cover a body like this?"

"Miss, this is a family park. You need to put something on or leave."

"I thought we could go on a ride together."

"I'm working right now, besides you can't go on any rides naked."

"Sure I can, watch."

She grabbed him and pulled him for a hug, forcing his face between her breasts, cutting off his air. She held him there for several seconds.

"Toss me my toy," she shouted to her camera man.

He tossed her something small and metal. She let go of the boy's face letting the boy catch his breath. As he did she slipped the object over his hands locking it into place. Confused he looked down to see she had trapped his hands in a pair of handcuffs connected by a hinge, keeping them trapped closely together.

"Take these off me! Now!"

"I can't."

"What the hell do you mean you can't?"

"Look at me baby? Does it look like I have pockets? The key's out in my car. If you want out you're gonna have to be my date tonight."

"I could just call for help."

"Do that and I'll tell them you tried to rape me and I turned the tables on you. Do you really want to risk it?"

He thought about that for a second.

"Fine. What do you want to do first?"

"Let's go on Grizzly River Run. You can take me through the cast member entrance."

"Grizzly River Run is a raft ride," Abigail explained to her viewers as they walked, "themed around the state's many national and state parks it opened with the park back in 2001."

Exiting the Cast Member Entrance in the ranger station style queue they came to the round raft ride vehicles. The three of them climbed on. The camera man took his seat and buckled up. As Abigail took hers she grabbed the boy and pulled him into her lap. She then buckled them both in together.

"This isn't safe," he warned her.

"Yeah but it sure is fun."

The raft took off passing through a small Northern California town with the artificial bear shaped mountain in the distance, and past a national park lodge before heading up a ramp inside a saw mill. Abigail wrapped her arms around the boy holding him tightly against her.

"Don't worry Baby, I've got you."

At the top they hit the water again and turned a corner near a claw shaped rock reaching the mouth of a tunnel. It was then the water started getting rough and raft began to spin and bounce. They flew through tight turns and down drops as the raft circled the course. Water splashed up into the raft splashing the strange pair, his wet clothes now sticking to her skin. Following a large drop they found them selves next to an effect simulating a forest fire. As they reached the end Abigail unhooked them and they sneaked off.

"There, happy?" the boy once they were safely away.

He shivered as he spoke. Abigail gestured to her cameraman who tossed her the trench coat. She wrapped it around them, holding him tight.

"Very. Now on to the next ride."

"Our next stop is Paradise Pier. Built as a Coney Island style amusement park when the park opened in 2001 it was re-themed in 2008 into a turn of the century Victorian boardwalk. In 2018 the land will undergo a second re-themeing becoming Pixar Pier. We will be focusing tonight on Mickey's Wonder Wheel. Originally the Sun Wheel this eccentric wheel now features Mickey's face on the side similar to the way it appeared in the opening to his old cartoons. What's an eccentric wheel you ask? It's a ferris wheel whose central cars slide back and forth as the wheel turns. Let's go try it out."

The boy led them through the cast member entrance again right into a swinging car. The wheel started up. As it began to turn the car began to rock wildly back and forth.

"Now this gives me an idea."

She unzipped the boy's pants and began pulling them down, along with his underwear.

"What are you doing?"

"What's it look like?"

"It can't be what it looks like."

"Why not?"

"Because teasing me is one thing. This ... this is something very different."

"Yes, but it's very fun. That's not the whole story though, is it?"

"I just can't imagine a woman like you would want to do that with me."

"Baby, I've been five seconds from dragging you into the bathroom and ravishing you since the moment I saw you."

She climbed onto the boy's lap taking him inside her. The wheel turned, the car slid.

"God this is amazing!" she screamed as she started to ride him at the same time.

Thrusts of womanly hips combined with the swinging of the car raising the ecstasy of the two lovers. By the time they reached the bottom the boy with thrusting right along with his kidnapper. With neither having climaxed they slipped off into the night.

"We will now take a quick break in the Pacific Wharf mini-land. Based on Montery's Cannery Row and Fisherman's Wharf, this small stop only has one attraction. The Boudin Bakery Tour. Inside this building we'll see how sourdough bread is made. For this attraction, I'll have to cover up a little bit I'm afraid."

The camera man tossed her her trench coat which she donned and used her arm to cover the boy's hands and hide his cuffs. Inside a fellow cast member handed them a sample of sourdough bread. They watched a short video starring Colin Mochery and Rosie O'Donnell. Once it was then they began their self-guided tour. It was at this point she tossed her coat back to her camera man. As they walked she kept the boy pressed up against her, his back resting against her full breasts. Every few minutes she'd pinch his ass.

"Stop that."

"No way, until I say otherwise this cute little ass belongs to me. I can do whatever I want with it."

By the time we left she was sure he was too sore to sit down. Too bad. They were ready for their next ride.

"Welcome to Cars Land. Added in 2012 this 12 acre land is themed after the town of Radiator Springs from Disney & Pixar's Cars. Tonight we're gonna ride the Radiator Springs Racers. The signature ride of the land it is built on the former site of the Timon parking lot. Let's go."

Using the employee entrance they emerged into a Route 66 Roadside attraction style ride station. They slipped into one of the cars themed cars and it took off. As they traveled along an outdoor path through a monument valley like setting Abigail took off her coat again. She then unbuttoned the boy's pants again. They then entered the dark ride section.

As the audio-animatronics figures put on their show Abigail put on one of her own. She pulled the boy's dick out of underwear and began to stroke. He moaned and bucked all the way through. She made sure to not to let him cum though. She could be a real bitch when she wanted to.

They car came to a stop. A second pulled up next to them. They were then shot off in a wild race. They even won. Granted it was randomized but they still enjoyed it. Abigail kissed the boy all over his face as if to thank him.

"Now, where to next?"

"Now from one Pixar land to another. We are now in A Bug's Land. Built over 2001 & 2002 the land is mostly for children containing Flik's Fun Fair. As you can see we have been 'magically' shrunken down to the size of bugs with grass and dandelions towering over our heads. So what are we doing here? Well there is one attraction in this land we can advantage of. If you've ever been to Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida then you know just what I'm talking about: It's Tough to be a Bug.

"Using the cast member entrance we're now in the ant hill ready for the show to begin. As you can see I'm using my trench coat again because of all the little kids here. Don't worry it won't last. I have to say the best part of this part of the park are the joke posters throughout the queue like the upcoming performance of 'Beauty and the Bees'. Oh, the doors are opening. Let's go in."

They took their seats in the rear of the theater. The lights went down and the show began. As it did Abigail tossed off her coat and pulled the boy into her lap, straddling her. She began bucking and trashing, dry humping the poor boy. She forced his head down to hers and began to assault his mouth with her own. For his part we went right along, groping her breasts as best he could with the cuffs on. Then the show effects kicked in. The strange movements of the seat just made her hornier.

Before either reached reached climax the show ended and they were forced to scurry off to their next ride.

"Now here's where things get good. We're in Hollywood Land. When the park opened in 2001 this 1930's set land was known as the Hollywood Pictures Backlot. It was home to several attractions set around this theme including the infamous Superstar Limo. We're here, however, for the land's most controversial ride.

"To update an under-performing park Disney built a West Coast version of Hollywood Studio's massively popular Twilight Zone Tower of Terror here in Hollywood Land in 2004. Built with a Pueblo Deco design it soon became a fan favorite here as well. Then in May 2017 the ride finished it's retrofitting into the new free fall attraction Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission - Breakout. The hotel is now the Collector's fortress and the ride now has a more upbeat and humorous atmosphere. Needless to say it has divided guests. Let's go check it out."

They once again crept through the cast member entrance into the queue of Mission - Breakout. Abigail was covered by her trench coat for the time being. Bypassing the lines and display cases of Marvel Universe artifacts the Collector has obtained over the millennia. After a pre-show featuring an Animatrionic Rocket Raccoon they climbed into the elevator - now Gantry Lift - and settled into the back.

The car started up the shaft. Abigail forced the boy's head under her coat coaxing her breast into his mouth.

"Don't let go and don't bite," she warned.

No sooner had the words left her lips then the car was dropping. The boy screamed along with the rest of the riders but his muffled by the mouthful of tit flesh it was now desperately trying not to lose. The car rose and fell again and again. They ended going up and down 13 times in all. By the end the poor boy was hardly on. Abigail pulled him off, closed her coat and led him off.

"Last stop," she told the camera.

"Here we are in our final land of the night Buena Vista Street. Originally Sunshine Plaza this land was retrofitted in 2008 to reflect LA in the 1920's as it was when Walt Disney first arrived in town. Here we're going to do a little shopping before we leave. It's a little tradition here on Deviant Rides.

"I've chosen to pick up tonight's souvenir from Oswald's a faux gas station named for Walt's first cartoon superstar Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. I'll keep my coat on her but leave it open. My new friend's gonna buy me something nice."

They found their way into the black & white interior of the store full of toys, car accessories, Mickey Ears and more. Abigail picked out a nice black & white mickey head patterned dog collar and leash combo from their Fetch line.

"Here we go," she told the boy, "this will look great on that new puppy I'm getting tomorrow."

He paid for it and they sneaked out and behind the store.

"Toss me the key," she told the camera man.

He did just so.

"What?" the boy asked, "I thought you didn't have the key with you."

"I lied," she said nonchalantly.

She unlocked his cuffs and put them back in her coat.

"This is the end of our little tour of Disney California Adventure. Until next time I'm Abigail and this has been Deviant Rides. Hope you enjoyed the ride. I know I have."

The camera man turned off the phone and went out to the car. Abigail turned back to the boy.

"Now before you go ..."

She tossed her coat aside and pressed the boy against the back wall of the store. She forced her mouth onto his, forcing her tongue inside. The boy responded immediately kissing her back, his hands now free roaming over her body. She began to fumble with his pants.


The boy yelped and pushed Abigail way to face the man.

"Mr. Jacobs." he squeaked, "I can explain."

"This is a family park. I will not tolerate such behavior. You're fired!"

"But ... but ..."

"Now get your ass out of here, all of you, or I'll call the cops."

So that's how they ended up out in the parking lot. Zack sat on the curb, utterly depressed. Abigail, still totally exposed, regarded the boy. She was just having a little fun. She didn't want to get him fired. She needed to make it up to him. An idea came to her. She took the collar out of her bag and snapped it in place around his neck.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

Abigail didn't answer him. Instead she attached the leash and began to walk away. Zack was yanked along behind her still utterly confused. She stopped at her car where the cameraman sat behind the wheel engine going. Abigail opened the rear door and shoved Zack inside. He was too stunned by this turn of events to protest. He never got the chance. She climbed in after him, slammed the door shut and a laid down on top of him, trapping his face in her breasts.

"Home," was all she told the camera man.

He drove her home, parking in the garage. He then kissed her goodnight and left. Abigail pulled herself off Zack who lay there gasping for breath. Smiling wickedly she yanked on his leash again pulling him out of the car and after her up into the house.

She shoved him onto the couch, yanking his shirt off over his head and then attacking the rest of his clothes with a ferocity he had never seen in a woman before. Once he was totally naked he watched as she tossed his clothes into the trash.

"Hey!" he protested.

"I think you look much better this way."

She straddled his lap and began fiddling with his collar, being careful not to remove it.

"Tomorrow I'll go down to the pet store and get a tag engraved with your name to put on it."

"You're serious."

"Why wouldn't I be? I told you I bought that collar for a new pet. I decided you'd make a much better one than a puppy. You're gonna love it here, I just know it."

"Abigail, I'm not staying here."

"Awe that's so cute," she said pinching my cheeks, "you think you have any say anymore."

She reached into the couch cushions producing a long coil of cotton rope.

"I usually use this for a little self-bondage but I think it'll look much better on you."

She began entwining the rope around his body snatching away his arms and legs leaving him helpless. Then she pounced. Before he knew what was happening he was inside her and she was fucking his brains out like there was no tomorrow. After the long night of tease and denial he didn't last long. She didn't seem to mind. Abigail just clutched him tight, face buried in her breasts for the first of many nights to come.

"All mine," she purred.

The End


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