The Abduction Game Gone Wrong

by Jon Deets

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© Copyright 2012 - Jon Deets - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; bfold; gag; captive; transport; collar; strip; sex; oral; climax; voy; blackmail; cons/reluct; X

My wife and I occasionally like to play the "Abduction game". It’s a game where she goes out on an errand and I sneak up and kidnap her and take her to a place for a little bondage playtime. This particular night she went to an office building near our house dressed up in a short dress skirt, a cotton pullover shirt, high heels and carrying a briefcase. She looked like a professional; perhaps an attorney or a banker. .

I had hidden my car and had a tape recording of a kitten crying. She circled the locked building and headed back for her car which was half hidden in shadows, but when she heard the sound of a kitten crying she immediately turned and looked for it near a hedge on the side of the building. Naturally, that was where I was hiding and I jumped out with a mask on, spun her around, put a toy pistol in the small of her back and told her not to make a sound if she wanted to live. She whimpered once and then was silent.

I quickly put police handcuffs on her and marched her back to her vehicle, which was a full-sized Chevy Tahoe. I loaded her into the back seat and quickly tied her legs and arms such that she had to remain lying down across the back seat. I then put a mask over her eyes so that she couldn’t see anything. Then I got the keys out of her purse and drove us to the house.

I frog-marched her into the house where I had previously laid out a ton of bondage gear: wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, a collar, whips, a ball-gag, and a camera. I put on the cuffs and the collar, and had her step out of the skirt and shirt. Then I took several pictures of her in her bra and panties, and tied her arms above her head. I took a large knife and cut her shirt off just above nipple level such that the top of the shirt was still intact but just barely covered the top of her breasts, and then cut off the remaining bra and panties and let them fall softly to the floor.

Again, I took several pictures to capture the moment, and then tied her up in a variety of positions and took more pictures. I told my "victim" that she would not be raped if she cooperated, and so she posed without too many struggles. After an hour or two of our little game, I decided to spring my big surprise on her. I cuffed her arms behind her back and her legs together, put the ball-gag in her mouth so that she would not yell and whimper too much, and put her over my shoulder in a Fireman’s carry. Then, I carried her back out to the car (which was NOT part of our deal), raised up the back of the Tahoe and put her in the back. I folded down the back seats, and then used rope to tightly tied down her legs, spread wide, to the rings that held down the carpet.

I moved around to the back door and got in and took her shirt off (well, the little that was left of it), and then again used rope to tie her arms down to each of the back door handles. I then removed the wrist and ankle cuffs and the collar such that the only remaining incriminating evidence was the ball-gag and the mask over her eyes. She wriggled and squirmed and shouted "don’t" to no avail.

I hopped into the driver’s seat and drove us back to the office building and parked in the deep shadows where there were no security cameras. I climbed over her and got in back with her and then whispered, "You know when I told you that if you cooperated that I would not rape you? I lied!" I then slowly, slowly, ever so slowly inserted my tool into her and pounded down for about 15 minutes until I had a mind-blowing orgasm.

After a few minutes of recovery time, I tied the car keys around her neck, left the little sliver of shirt in the front seat, and climbed out one of the back doors. Just before I shut the door I used a knife to cut the rope tying down her left wrist and jogged to my car and drove away.

I didn’t drive very far and then I snuck back to watch the festivities from a good hiding place. I knew she would be nervous since she was tied down and naked, and I knew that it would take her 30-45 minutes to get untied as I had put numerous knots on the ropes tying down each of her limbs. After about 20 minutes I could tell that she had gotten her right arm untied as she had to sit up to untie her legs. Her head would appear above the window for 30 or 40 seconds as she worked on the knots and then she would lay back down so as not to be seen.

I had one last scare in store for her so I jogged back to my car, put the windows down, and turned some rap music up as loud as my stereo would play. I paused just before turning the corner of the building and saw her head pop down like a prairie-dog going into its hole. I knew that she was laying flat just praying not to be found by strangers tied down, naked, and with her legs spread wide so I slowly drove past her vehicle and around the building. I turned down the stereo and snuck back to my hiding place.

About 15 minutes later I saw her shadowy shape slowly climb from the back of the Tahoe into the front seat. I saw her reach up and get the keys from around her neck and put what was left of the shirt back over her head. I knew that she was sitting there cursing me as she was totally naked except for a torn shirt that ended just barely above her nipples. Just as she started to insert the keys into the ignition, I saw two large men in uniform approach either side of the car. The man on the driver’s side rapped the window with a large flashlight, and my wife jumped about 2 feet in the air.

"Police, roll down the window, miss" the man said.

As she complied with his order, the man on the passenger’s side shined his flashlight through the window and then in unison I heard them say "holy shit."

The policeman at the driver’s side asked, "is everything all right, miss"?

I saw my wife frantically trying to hide her nipples with one hand and her twat with the other.

"Yes sir" she stammered, "it’s just a game my husband and I play."

"Are you sure, Ma’am?" the policeman asked. "I can call the crisis center if something has happened here".

"No, no, no" my wife answered, " it’s a game we play and it just went a little too far this time."

The policeman at the driver’s side door reached in and took the keys out of the ignition and said, "wait here just a minute."

He then walked around to his partner and they walked off a few paces to discuss the matter.

When he walked back to her door he said, "look, there are two ways this can go. We can arrest you for indecent exposure and take you downtown. Of course, a lot of cops and prisoners will like to see you in the station room mostly naked. Or, your second choice is to give us both a blow job and let us take pictures of you in your outfit."

"And by the way, if your husband comes back, we will arrest you both for lewd and indecent conduct and put you both in jail."

Now I thought seriously about coming out of my hiding place and rescuing the situation, but after I understood that we would both be arrested I just decided to sit tight.

They got her out of the truck and the first officer climbed up on the seat, swiveled around, took down his pants, and said "start sucking!"

Her beautiful ass was turned towards me as she began giving serious head to the cop, after he exploded, the second officer took his place and again she worked her magic until he too came with a grunt. They then took numerous cell phone pictures of her with her tiny shirt not covering her nipples and her quim fully exposed.

"We are going to put these pics up above the urninals down at the station- the boys are going to love this!" one cop said. "You are free to go now".

When I heard those words I hustled back to my car and rushed home.

When she came through the door she angrily shouted, "You sorry prick, I didn’t agree to that scene, and you almost got me arrested!"

"What?" I innocently replied, "what happened?"

"Oh, two cops came by but they gave me a warning and had a good laugh", was all she said.

"Wow" I replied, "good thing there are some good officers out there! I am sorry."

To this day, she has never told me what really happened; but since I saw it with my own eyes I know the truth. And when we are out with our law enforcement friends I see them occasionally nudge one another, wink, and glance sideways at my pretty wife's body.