Abducted in London

by Mike Silklover

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© Copyright 2005 - Mike Silklover - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; kidnap; scarves; nc; X

Abducted in London by Mike Silklover
This is the first part of a multi part story in which Sarah Russell, a London based jeweller, bondage devotee and designer of silk scarves, kidnaps a young Australian woman during a visit to her shop. The Australian captive is pierced and ringed and then kept bound and gagged in the basement stockroom of the shop for Sarah's amusement and that of her friends. Sarah is planning to keep her captive for a long time and has devised over two years worth of severe,cruel and imaginative bondage, including suspension, mummification, breath control and sexual abuse. As with all my stories, your comments are most welcome and will help to guide the way in which Sarah torments her young captive.
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Chapter 1
It was Sunday morning and Sarah Russell looked across the dungeon to her nude and bound captive hanging in the centre of the room. The girl's bronzed body, glistening with sweat from the strain and discomfort of her enforced position, was offset by the colourful scarves and loops of rope used to bind her. Every so often a faint moan would escape from the severely gagged mouth of the Australian beauty as she slowly regained consciousness after a day of heavy sedation.

She was bound beneath a pulley attached to the ceiling of the basement storeroom and her arms were bound behind her with rolled silk scarves at wrists and elbows. Although her elbows were not touching, it was clear from the deep indentations in the suntanned flesh of her upper arms that Sarah had tried hard to make them join. A taut rope from her bound wrists snaked upwards through the pulley and down to a ring bolt in the rubber tiled floor of the basement where it had been tied off. The effect was to bend the girl's body forward at the waist so that it was parallell with the rubber tiled floor, her arms stretched painfully taut into the air behind her. Her legs were spread about shoulder width apart and were connected with a steel spreader bar at her ankles and above her knees. The ankle spreader bar in turn was tied with several turns of rope to a ringbolt embedded into the floor, ensuring that no movement was possible.

Young Robyn Williams was a particularly fine catch and Sarah complemented herself on seizing the opportunity to abduct the young student. She had entered Sarah's Ladies Emporium shop in London's Bond Street just as the shop was closing for the evening on Friday. Sarah's two sales assistants had already left and so Sarah served the young, casually dressed woman herself. 

Sarah had opened the shop some two years before and had built up an enviable reputation both as a designer of exotic silk scarves and clothing, and a jeweller of some repute. Her gold and jewel encrusted scarf rings were much sought after in London society and she sold a wide range of expensive designer silk apparel to increase the attractiveness of the shop. Robyn had been wearing a faded pair of Levis with a rolled Hermes scarf tied as a belt, and her blue silk shirt was beautifully set off with a further crisp white Hermes silk square tied cravat style around her neck. She wore no make up and had a fresh complexion under shoulder length blonde hair. She was beautiful in an understated way and her blue green eyes, now bound tightly beneath one of Sarah's custom made silk blindfolds, sparkled with an intelligent playfulness. Sarah wondered to herself if she would prove quite so playful when she realised what Sarah had in store for her. 

She clearly knew what she was after and went straight to the scarf counter and started to sort through Sarah's latest collection of oversized silk squares. Sarah tried never to rush a customer yet she could see that Robyn was after some advice. A slight frisson of anticipation coursed through her as she moved across the salon to offer assistance. She could sense the opportunity that was presenting itself and thought that her two years of preparation might now be about to produce results.

Robyn was a very self assured young lady, just the type Sarah had been seeking for the last two years and had yet to find. It became clear from their conversation that she was very well off and had left Australia for a round the world adventure. She had only just arrived in London, having left Paris on a whim, and it rapidly became clear that, apart from a few people at the Dorchester, where she had booked in earlier this morning, no-one knew where she was or when she might be returning. Sarah could not believe her luck and quickly offered to assist Robyn in selecting some suitable scarves and silk clothing for her further travels. Sarah was rather hoping that the furthest Robyn was going to travel was down the stairs to her stock room and through the hidden door to the dungeon. 

Explaining that although she was closing soon, Robyn was welcome to stay and choose her purchases, Sarah crossed to the door of the shop, turned the closed sign to face the street and pulled down the blind so that no-one could see inside. She then offered Robyn a coffee while she browsed. Fortunately she accepted, giving Sarah the opportunity to head in to the back part of the shop.

The Rohypnol was hidden behind the coffee jar and had been there for over two years. Barely able to contain her excitement at her good fortune she put on the kettle and measured a strong dose of the date rape drug into a mug. There had been many stories about Rohypnol in the press and how it had been used by rapists to drug their victims and make them appear drunk. After their ordeal the victims could never remember the details of their abduction due to the drug's effect on short term memory. It was just the drug Sarah needed if she was to kidnap a woman from the shop and spirit them away to the partially soundproof dungeon she had constructed behind the stockroom. 

Needless to say, Robyn drank the mug of coffee and had become semi conscious and very pliant about 10 minutes later. Sarah had used the weekend to fully prepare Robyn for the ordeal that she would undergo in future. Sarah had no timescale in mind for the length of Robyn's captivity but, having waited over two years for the right woman to come into the shop, and having devised a bondage torment for an imaginary captive for each of those days, she felt that two years might be a suitable start point. 

Sarah had managed to guide Robyn down to the dungeon and onto the latex covered table in the centre of the dungeon before she finally lost consciousness. She took a sharp pair of scissors and cut off the young Australian's clothes, leaving her with just a pair of white silk panties. It seemed a pity to cut these, and besides, Sarah had plans which would involve her panties later on. Then she used the leather straps attached along the sides of the table to secure Robyn in a tight and very stretched spreadeagle position. Not wishing to take chances with a drug she had never used before, she gagged Robyn with a rolled silk scarf, blindfolded her with another folded scarf and placed a single thickness black silk hood over her head, tying the drawstrings around her neck. 

These silken hoods were a favourite of hers and she had a collection of black and white silk hoods, varying from a single thickness of silk to ones with four layers of silk. Her bondage captives never knew which one was being secured over their head and the expression of apprehension on their faces as she applied the hood always gave her a thrill. The single thickness hood just acted as a blindfold, albeit a full head one, whilst the hoods with three or more layers made breathing difficult, particularly if the captive was heavily gagged as well, which they were most of the time. If Robyn did wake up during the preparation then she would at least only be able to utter a muffled cry. Leaving Robyn an unconscious but very firmly restrained captive on the latex table. 

Sarah reluctantly left the basement dungeon and headed over to the Dorchester where she managed to check Robyn out of the hotel without too much attention. Her baggage consisted of a single rucksack containing a few t-shirts, a second pair of Levis, five pairs of identical white silk briefs, similar to the pair Robyn now wore in the dungeon, and surprisingly, ten carefully folded designer silk scarves. Clearly Robyn was an afficionado of silk scarves and Sarah reflected that she would become much more intimately familiar with them over the next year or so. 

Sarah quickly returned to her flat in Mayfair where she had a dinner party to attend and. Not having predicted her good fortune at capturing Robyn, she could not call it off without arousing suspicion but she was barely able to contain her excitement through the meal. The guests were from all walks of life and none of them were from her close circle of bondage loving girlfriends, to whom she would introduce Robyn over the next few weeks. She did not sleep well that night, so excited was she at the prospects of taming and enslaving her pretty young slave. 

She rose early, had a quick breakfast and was back at the shop before 7 a.m. The shop had never opened on a Saturday as most of her regular customers went to the country for the weekend and there was very little passing trade given the relatively high prices she charged for her silk designer wear and magnificent silk scarves.

The girl was still unconscious when she returned and she set to work on the next phase of preparation. This took Sarah most of Saturday to complete and involved the extensive piercing of her captive and the installation of some of her most exquisite scarf rings into the more sensitive parts of the girls body. She had designed the scarf rings especially for their purpose and had spared no time or effort to get them just the way she wanted them. These rings were not designed to be removed - ever, and the thickness of each ring was larger than that of the rings usually designed for normal piercing. 

She reasoned, as she proceeded to make the piercings, that the rings would have considerable strain Imposed on them and therefore needed to be both robust and permanent. She had pierced a number of wealthy clients as an entirely open service she offered from the shop and had developed a tool that would punch a suitable sized hole in the flesh without causing any damage to surrounding tissue. Sarah had great plans for the use of the rings in the subjugation of her captive and ensured during the day that there were more than enough rings which could be used for her restraint. Robyn did not have pierced ears so these were first to be done, one hole in the earlobe and one on the highest point of the ear. The septum of her nose received the next piercing and this was followed by her bellybutton. Robyn's breasts were very impressive, large and well rounded with deep brown aureolae and large erect nipples. Sarah took her time piercing these globes of flesh, stroking and gently pulling the nipples to ensure they were fully erect before making the piercing through the centre of the engorged nipples. Sarah considered herself straight but with strong lesbian tendencies, although she was thinking that after two years with this beauty, she would be fully lesbian. 

Moving on down the spread and restrained body, Sarah pulled aside the silk panties covering her mound and found to her surprise that Robyn was considerably aroused. Her lips were engorged and gaping wide and her clitoris was erect and very prominent. A light dew of sexual excitement had formed on Robyn's brown bush and Sarah took a deep breath of arousal and longing. She had heard that sexual arousal was a side product of Rohypnol but was surprised nevertheless. It did make her job easier however as she tried to keep her mind focused and pierced first one labial lip then the next, placing the final piercing through the hood of her engorged clitoris. Each of the scarf rings Sarah had made for the piercings were custom designed for the purpose. Each was made of jeweller grade platinum and was about an inch in diameter, large enough to accommodate a rolled one metre square silk twill scarf. She fed each one through the appropriate piercing and then used a cold solder technique to join the two ends of the ring together.

The solder made a perfectly smooth join and was now as strong as the rest of the ring. The rings would now need to be cut from Robyn's body, although Sarah could not see that this would be necessary in the foreseeable future. It had taken some time for Sarah to drag the unconscious woman to the centre of the room and fix her in her current position. Despite the effort involved, Sarah was pleased with her labours and was pretty sure that Robyn would not be able to move more than the odd muscle when she finally came to, which she was starting to do right now. The moans started to come more frequently now as Robyn's body tried to stretch itself and found it couldn't. 

With two exceptions Sarah had decided to leave the rings for a later session but she couldn't resist feeding the end of a rolled silk square through the ring in Robyn's nose, then down and through the ring in her clit before drawing the ends together. Robyn's head was forced down onto her chest and her clit was dragged forward as Sarah pulled the ends of the scarf tightly together and tied them in a knot where the silk ran through the nose ring. Already Robyn had tried to raise her head as she regained consciousness but a loud moan proved just how effective Sarah's ring bondage was at restraining the young Australian. It was almost certainly very uncomfortable and Sarah revelled in the cruel control she had imposed on her bound captive. She was also very proud of the gag that Robyn was enduring. Under the thick windings of white silk scarf that covered the whole of her face from forehead to neck, Robyn was fitted with a custom built ring gag. The specially forged platinum ring of the gag had been wrapped around with a thickly rolled blue silk satin scarf. Two long silk scarves had been threaded through either side of the padded ring and were tied forcefully behind Robyn's neck, forcing the padded ring deep into the entrance of Robyn's mouth.

It sat wedged behind her teeth, forcing her mouth wide open and gaping. The silk padding of the ring meant that whilst Robyn's jaw would almost certainly suffer cramps from the size of the ring, it would not cut into the sensitive skin of her inner mouth and could therefore be left in place for considerably longer than a conventional ring gag. The padding around the edges of the ring allowed a hole in the centre large enough for Sarah to stuff Robyn's mouth with whatever she chose. 

Her mouth was currently packed with the damp white silk panties she had been wearing earlier and Sarah had also poked one of her 45cm silk squares through the ring to complete the gag packing. To finish off, Sarah took the long ends of the scarves tying the ring in place and brought them forward, tying them in a knot over the top of the ring and ensuring that Robyn would not be able to eject either the panties or the paisley design silk square. Sarah had deliberately used a smaller scarf for the gag packing because the girl was still unconscious and she did not want her to choke, so to complete the muffling she took one of her white designer silk twill shawls and bound it over and around Robyn's mouth three or four times, pulling it tight after each turn to prevent any intelligible sound from escaping. 

Although none of the other rings had been used so far, the colourful tail of silk hanging beneath Robyn's cunt gave a small indication of the huge wad of designer silk scarf that Sarah had taken much pleasure and time in inserting deep into Robyn's moist vagina. Sarah stood quietly admiring her captive and silently congratulating herself on the fine job she had done in rendering Robyn completely helpless. She had no intention of announcing her presence to the bound girl just yet, she was going to enjoy the plight of the bound woman as she regained full consciousness and became aware of her predicament. Lowering herself into the armchair she had placed there earlier, she smiled at the bewilderment, pain and discomfort the girl would be feeling as she came round and realised that not only was she bent into an exceedingly uncomfortable position, but that she was bound tightly and every attempt to move would cause her considerable discomfort. There was no way she could realise what had happened to her. 

The drug had removed any memory she had of entering the salon and the bondage Sarah had imposed on her was hidden from her by the silken blindfold bound tightly over her eyes and ears. As a designer she had been continually irritated by how difficult it was to blindfold someone properly with a folded scarf. Light could enter where the scarf joined the bridge of the nose and if pads were used over the eyes they had to be held in position carefully whilst the scarf was bound around the head. So she had designed her own range of silk scarf blindfolds. Beautifully sewn from the finest and most expensive Hermes scarves, each one was custom built for the intended recipient and made to precise measurements. It took four large silk squares to make a single blindfold and that included the sewn in pads for the eyes and the padding over the ears. The blindfold reached from high on the forehead to low over the bridge of the nose, where the careful design ensured it hugged the contours of the nose and prevented any light from seeping in. The thick silken bandage covered the ears before being tied at the back of the head. Padding covered the ears and made hearing difficult, although in Robyn's case, the paraffin wax that Sarah had moulded deep into Robyn's ears would render her totally deaf anyway.

The moans from deep within Robyn's heavily gagged mouth became more frequent as the drug started to wear off. Sarah intended to leave Robyn bound as she was for at least two hours to allow her to realise the full  horror of her predicament. She relished the total control she had over this young Australian and was planning to spend both of those hours sitting in the chair admiring and watching her captive struggle and writhe in the tight and uncomfortable bondage. Over the comin weeks and months she would share Robyn with her equally perverted girlfriends, but for the rest of this weekend, the bound and gagged Australian belonged to her.
End of Chapter 1
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