A Conventional Affair

by Darkwolf

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Storycodes: F+/f+; bond; chastity; rope; susp; clamps; latex; vacbed; gag; armbinder; collar; oral; leash; exhib; cons; X

Continues from

Part 7

More than once Brianna Wilde had mused on how odd it was that she found bondage so relaxing. No matter how strenuous the position, no matter how tight the bonds, and no matter how long she remained within them, something about the experience seemed to send the tension fleeing from her body. She knew it was all in her head, of course. After all her muscles often ached after some of the more extreme sessions she had experienced and even relatively modest bondage could be quite demanding on a physical level. But that did not seem to matter, something about being rendered helpless, about giving up all control, just spoke to her on an almost primal level. Made the stress and worry of the day just melt from her shoulders like water. Case in point, the blue-haired girl currently hanging in an intricate and beautifully crafted rope harness, trapped in one of the tightest hogties she had ever experienced with her head pulled back, her mouth stuffed to near capacity and a pair of clamps dangling from her nipples had somehow never felt more free. Some part of her had always wondered about that paradox and why it affected her so deeply but, as she swayed gently in her ropes watching the woman who had put her there carefully lower a vacbed containing an equally helpless woman trapped within onto the floor, Brianna found that she really didn’t care all that much. Even if she was extremely sexually frustrated at the same time.

Or maybe it was because she was so sexually frustrated? Something to ponder at the very least.

Still, as Elise went about her work, setting the frame of rubber and PVC pipe down and removing the chains that had held it up one by one, meticulously checking every seam to ensure that the still trembling woman was breathing clearly, Brianna felt herself begin to wonder. Despite the trust between them, despite the intimacies they had just shared, in many ways the brunette was still a stranger. In retrospect she supposed that shouldn’t really be surprising of course. After all, she’d only just met Elise this morning, a fact which was honestly stunning when she considered it. If pressed, the blue-haired girl knew next to nothing about the young dominatrix she had given herself over to, but there was just something so utterly fascinating about her that went beyond her rather outre choice of clothing. So many questions, so many mysteries, but above and beyond it all was a strange sense of familiarity. An air that stood in almost stark contrast to her commanding presence and firm voice, an intangible something that had instantly made the blue-haired girl relax. It reminded her, just a bit, of the utter sense of peace that often overcame her when she was in the presence of her mistresses, and especially when she was at their mercy. A calm and comforting mien that set her at ease and made her feel safe. Of course, she knew that sensation was the result of long familiarity and the bond they had built between themselves over the course of their relationship, but the similarity still stood out to her. Then again, while she had felt comfortable with lots of people over the years from Claudia to Zoe and even with Murial and Kiera once the apprehension over their true nature had faded, never so quickly and never so thoroughly. This? This was different and it fascinated her down to the very core of her being. Was it just some trick that any good dominatrix knew? Some esoteric skill to make people relax in your presence? Or was this something unique to Elise? All that Brianna knew for certain was that there were no answers to be found in the brunette’s rather amused smile as she continued to inspect the latex-covered woman’s restraints, and that she was certainly in no position to be asking questions given the size of the ball gag she was currently wearing.

Eventually satisfied with the results of her investigation, especially when the latex encased woman began to moan again and squirm beneath her touch, Elise slowly leaned down over the prone form and pressed a kiss to her forehead before whispering something far too quietly to be heard. Whatever it was, the splayed out woman seemed to calm almost instantly and the brunette’s smile morphed into one of fond affection as she gently stroked her plaything’s cheek and offered another kiss, but very conspicuously did not free her. A fact that the woman certainly took note of a moment later when her mistress’s hands suddenly withdrew as she stood to her full height. Groaning loudly as she began to struggle again, clearly not expecting to have been left in her confinement either and yet helpless to resist, the woman could do nothing but twitch within the tight latex holding her as Elise crossed the stage again in half a dozen quick steps. Heading straight for Claire’s kneeling form, the slender young woman dropped down next to her and reached up to run her fingers through that fiery red hair. Smiling at the way the older woman moaned softly and leaned into her touch, like a pet begging for more attention, the dominatrix eventually offered an almost apologetic smile, a silent conversation passing between the pair before the bound woman finally nodded and visibly braced herself. At that signal Elise quickly loosened the screws of her nipple clamps though, much like the latex covered woman a moment earlier, the brunette did not remove them completely, leaving the redhead’s already aching nipples trapped in the cruel devices. Even so the sudden loss of pressure allowed blood to flow back into throbbing flesh and Claire shrieked into her gag as feeling returned, the sting pulsing in time with her heart as she struggled against her armbinder and once again set her breasts shaking wildly. An action which only made things worse.

Cupping her lover’s cheek and stilling her struggles in a flash, Elise carefully wiped away a tear with the pad of her thumb and offered a much warmer smile as she finally deflated the plug stretching Claire’s mouth and popped the ring gag free from behind her teeth. Still gently stroking that cheek, the brunette spoke softly, “Feeling better, pet?”

Working her jaw a few times before licking her lips, a tiny smile forming at her mistress’s half serious and half playful question, Claire decided not to answer with words. Rather she lunged forward and caught her lover in a kiss, taking advantage of Elise’s momentary surprise to thrust her tongue into the younger woman’s mouth. Despite her shock Elise rallied almost instantly, easily taking control of the kiss as she wrapped her arms around the bound woman’s body, one hand settling onto a tanned hip while the other cupped that glorious ass, massaging the lingering marks left there by her crop. Moaning loudly as her tongue was forced back, the redhead shivered softly at that touch, eagerly submitting to her mistress and grinning into that kiss as the brunette explored her inside and out. Blushing softly as she watched, Brianna began to rub her own thighs together within the confines of the ropes binding them, entranced by that sight as the kiss seemed to deepen and deepen and deepen until Claire was left a flushed and panting mess when it finally ended, Elise pulling back with an audible pop as their lips parted. Smiling almost shyly in the aftermath, especially as her mistress continued to massage her body, the redhead bit her lower lip to stifle a moan as her lover found a particularly sensitive spot, a contented sight eventually escaping her throat as she gave herself over to that sensation and leaned down to rest her head on one of the younger woman’s slender shoulders.

“I feel wonderful, mistress.” the bound woman eventually exclaimed, real joy radiating from her voice, “Absolutely wonderful.”

Smiling broadly now, the action making the stage lights glint from her piercings, Elise adjusted her grip to properly embrace the woman in her arms and buried her hands in that rich mane of hair, “Such a good pet.”

Closing her eyes and practically whimpering in delight, both at that praise and the feeling of strong fingers running over her sensitive scalp, Claire could not help but smile, “Thank you, mistress.”

“You can thank me later, pet. Properly.” Elise returned, just a hint of command returning to her tone and sending a shiver down the redhead’s spine, the implication of what her mistress meant by that crystal clear, “But first I suppose I should untie you.”

“If you must, mistress.” Claire agreed with obvious reluctance, her smile never once fading even if it was obvious she’d much prefer to stay bound.

Declining to comment, though with equal reluctance, Elise withdrew her hands and stood, patting the kneeling woman on the shoulder even as she quickly crossed behind Claire’s back and leaned down to remove the spreader bar locked to her ballet boots. That task finished, she then set about the much more complex process of removing the older woman’s monoglove, carefully loosening the web of straps that circled her chest and locked her arms together so tightly. As much as she would have preferred to remain bound, Claire still let out a sigh of relief as the strain on her shoulders abated, sagging ever so slightly and rolling her neck to work out the kinks even as the shiny leather was completely removed. Carefully folding the armbinder and setting it aside, Elise embraced her lover from behind, once again helping herself to a handful of those marvelously firm breasts as she kissed the back of the woman’s neck and nibbled at her ear. Letting out a very different kind of sigh as her mistress began to play with her boobs in earnest, the redhead grinned even as she closed her eyes and tilted her neck back as far as the ornate collar she was wearing would allow, an almost whimpering moan escaping her throat as teeth playfully nipped at her skin and hot breath tickled her ear. Reveling in the feeling of that lush body in her arms, Elise practically molded herself against the older woman’s form and tightened her grip, slowly kissing along the edges of Claire’s neck corset and down the curve of her bare shoulder. Moaning even louder beneath the assault of those soft lips on her skin, and those clever hands on her breasts, the redhead arched her back to grant her mistress better access and fought to keep her own hands still.

Nipping softly at her earlobe again, Elise smiled almost cruelly, “Oh? Does my pet like that?”

“More.” Claire practically whispered, whining softly in her throat when the younger woman’s fingers found another sensitive spot, “Please more, mistress.”

“Oh?” Elise wondered, mock surprise thick in her voice as she teased the older woman, “Is my pet still horny somehow?”

A positively impish smile suddenly on her face Claire just nodded, prompting her mistress to laugh out loud in honest amusement before asking, almost rhetorically, “You really are amazing, you know that?” she shook her head then, fond affection clear in her voice, “One of these days, pet. One of these days I swear I’ll make you cum so much even you’ll beg me to stop.”

That impish grin never once leaving her face, Claire’s eyes practically sparked with amusement, “I look forward to it, mistress.”

“Minx.” Elise practically whispered as she gave her plaything’s breasts one last squeeze, prompting a gasp and another, much deeper, moan, “Why don’t you untie our new friend while I tidy things up.”

Even though it was not a question, Claire still nodded, a hint of disappointment in her voice even as she glanced at Brianna out of the corner of her eye and smiled, “Of course, mistress. It would be my pleasure.”

Something in that smile made a shiver run down Brianna’s spine, a heady and familiar mix of anticipation and dread filling her, especially when she caught the glint in the older woman’s eyes. Still, she was helpless to do anything else but hang in the ropes circling her body as she watched Claire slowly unfold herself and climb back to her feet on shaky legs. Reaching up over her head to stretch, and doing very interesting things to her chest in the process, the redhead winced softly in relief as her spine popped only to smile again when Elise rose up beside her and gave her a playful pat on the ass before stalking back across the stage. Sparing a moment to watch her mistress go, the woman’s smile grew warm, affection reflected on her face so brightly that it momentarily gave Brianna pause. She had known that Elise and Claire were close, beyond their relationship as mistress and slave. That much was obvious in the playfully affectionate way they spoke to and interacted with each other. But those lingering touches, those longing looks? Those spoke of a much deeper bond, of a love and care that transcended mere attraction. A connection that felt almost tangible and warmed the blue-haired girl’s heart to see, part of her feeling almost honored to be allowed to share in that link, in some small way. Especially since she had only known the pair for a few hours. It also brought to mind her own lovers, Roxanna and Sofia and Claudia and how fiercely they loved each other, even if they chose to express it in some odd ways. Smiling around her gag at that thought, the girl was drawn out of her introspection by the rhythmic sound of heels on wood. Twisting her head as best she could against the rope binding her hair, she watched as Claire ran a hand through her own disheveled mane and began to stride across the stage herself with all the grace and poise of a model on the catwalk. The older woman demonstrated an almost uncanny grace in those towering ballet boots of hers. Enough to make the bound girl honestly jealous given her own rather fumbling attempts to walk in anything but the shortest of heels herself.

Without a word, the rather well endowed woman met Brianna’s eyes and smiled, drawing attention to the marks that her own gag had left on her cheeks as she took advantage of her companion’s helplessness to explore that tightly bound body. Mischief clear in her gaze, and reflected on her lips, Claire trailed a finger down the blue-haired girl’s bare thigh and across the curve of her hip before much more thoroughly inspecting the bands of her chastity belt while taking special care to tease the sensitive skin along its edges. Shrieking into her gag and squirming madly in her bonds beneath the older woman’s touch, by the time that finger began to draw up her side and across her ribs Brianna’s vision was cloudy with tears as she giggled uncontrollably. A wonderfully sensual torment that continued until Claire finally grabbed hold of the girl’s harness with one hand to still her motions while the other took hold of a breast and began to squeeze gently but insistently as she fondled that delicate mound. Moaning now at the unexpected but welcome stimulation, the pulse between her legs growing nearly unbearable now, the blue-haired girl tried to thrust her chest out but her current position made that impossible. Indeed, all her almost desperate motions achieved was to make her body sway even more dramatically, prompting Claire to tighten her grip to maintain control. Kissing her on the corner of her mouth and nipping at her lower lip around the massive ball stretching them wide, the redhead gently cupped the girl’s face with one hand before offering an almost apologetic smile before removing her clamps with the other. Although part of her was glad to be rid of the weights that had been tugging on her breasts, Brianna was also caught more than a little off guard by the motion and could not help but cry out into her gag, jerking hard against the ropes binding her as the sudden removal of what had been some of the harshest clamps she had ever worn instantly dispelled the faint numbness that had settled into her tender flesh and sent a sharp, throbbing sting stabbed into her body.

Still tenderly stroking the girl’s face, Claire leaned in and placed another kiss on her cheek before massaging her nipples with care, slowly driving the pain away and eliciting another quiet moan as the bound girl began to relax again. Once she had calmed, the redhead then reached up and carefully untied the rope securing her hair before finally pulling the massive gag from between her lips and offering a tiny smile, “Hey, you.”

Groaning in relief as she was finally able to close her mouth and stretch the muscles of her neck, Brianna closed her eyes and bit her lip as she leaned into the other woman’s touch, that palm as wondrously soft as she had imagined, “Hey.”

“Ready to get down?” Claire asked as she continued to stroke the blue-haired girl’s face, gently rubbing the deep red marks the gag had left.

“I’d much rather get off.” Brianna teased before shrugging her shoulders as best she could in her current predicament, “But I suppose I’ll settle for that.”

Claire chuckled softly at that response, a hint of desire flashing in her eyes as her lips quirked into a smile. Still she slowly shook her head and reluctantly withdrew her hand before carefully guiding the blue-haired girl’s tightly bound figure down onto the floor and disconnecting the chain that had been holding her in suspension. Laid out on her stomach again, Brianna did her best to remain perfectly still as the redhead then moved to begin untying the complex web of ropes binding her wrists and ankles together knot by knot. It felt like an eternity, but in reality no more than a minute or two passed before her body seemed to unfold itself as her restraints were released and her spine straightened, arms and legs still bound tightly but no longer coiled together in an inescapable hogtie. Groaning again as she rolled her shoulders as best she could, and twisting to stretch her back, Brianna gasped all of a sudden when Claire’s hands took hold of her slender waist before dropping down to her ass and squeezing. Smiling at the way her captive began to moan beneath her attention, the redhead tossed her hair out of the way and leaned down to kiss the bound girl’s shoulder blade, allowing her lips to trail up that delicate neck before nibbling at an ear. For all that the blue-haired girl was somewhat self-conscious about her rather modest bust, especially considering the amazingly well-endowed ladies she was privileged to know, just about every one of her lovers seemed to agree that she had a great butt. Well curved and nicely toned, especially after she had begun jogging, the perfect combination of soft and firm that, alongside her wonderfully long legs, gave her a profile to die for. A fact that Claire was now discovering for herself as she continued to massage those glorious curves all while teasing the poor girl with her lips.

“You know,” the redhead practically whispered before running the tip of her tongue along the curve of the bound girl’s ear, “I thought you were cute in the lobby, but when I saw you take off your clothes by the pool? Then I knew you were beautiful.”

Moaning as she writhed in her ropes, Brianna tried to form a reply but the words seemed to catch in her throat, “I…”

“I wish we’d had more time then.” Claire continued, real regret in her voice, “I really wanted to kiss you, but you seemed so nervous I didn’t want to push.”

“Please…” Brianna managed, the fire in her core now stoked to a raging inferno as she strained within her bonds and shivered again as the older woman’s teeth began to worry her earlobe playfully.

Giving that marvelous ass one last squeeze, the deep and throaty moan that followed music to her ears, Claire carefully rolled the bound girl onto her side and grinned, gently brushing a few strays strands of blue hair from her brow as she did, “But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last few years, it’s this. You have to know what you want, and you can’t be afraid to reach for it.”

It was a powerful sentiment, and one that had inspired Brianna to take some of the biggest risks she had ever dared, and win some of the greatest rewards she could have possibly imagined. And so, tensing the muscles of her stomach and pushing off with her shoulder as best she could, the blue-haired girl shot upright and caught Claire in a kiss. Startled by that sudden and very unexpected reaction the older woman was too stunned to respond when Brianna deepened the kiss, thrusting her tongue as deep as she could into the redhead’s mouth and pressed their lips together as hard as she could. Moaning deep in her throat, a flash of heat filling her body as she submitted to the younger girl’s passion, Claire closed her eyes and simply felt as that surprisingly talented tongue dueled with her own and actually managed to push her back. In fact, she was so caught up in the moment that when Brianna finally broke that kiss the redhead actually whimpered at the loss of contact, honestly shocked at how turned on she felt being dominated by the bound girl. Lightly flushed and actually a bit short on breath, the older woman finally opened her eyes and blinked in surprise to see a rather satisfied expression on the blue-haired girl’s face. Grinning as she fought back the urge to laugh, Claire could not help but respect how effectively and how quickly the entire situation had been turned around on her. Shaking her head, she took Brianna by the shoulders and then laid a hand on her hip, caressing that sensitive skin for several long moments before finally helping the girl sit up. However, as soon as she allowed her hand to cup a cheek and opened her mouth to reply, a familiar voice called out, interrupting her.

“I see someone’s having fun.” Elise commented, almost sardonically, “But I seem to recall asking you to untie our guest, pet. Not play with her.”

Broken out of the moment herself, Brianna looked back over her shoulder to see the brunette practically looming over them. Blushing at the situation, but also not at all embarrassed, the bound girl spent a moment studying the young dominatrix. With a hand on her hip and the other one holding a leash, it seemed as if Elise had finished her own task as the latex covered woman had been freed from the vacbed and now stood just behind her mistress, her hands once again cuffed behind her back and a collar of red leather now affixed around her throat. However, though she was still gagged tightly, the slender woman’s blindfold had been removed to reveal a pair of the most strikingly blue eyes that Brianna had ever seen. As pale as ice, and complimented by a silvery stud through the right eyebrow, the blue-haired girl almost felt herself squirm a bit under the other model’s gaze. And yet, in the literal blink of an eye, the sensation was gone as the latex covered woman’s expression somehow seemed to soften, for all that it was hidden beneath the tight rubber hood she was wearing, and for the life of her Brianna could almost swear that the woman winked playfully before looking away.

Seemingly oblivious to that, however, Claire looked up at her mistress for a brief moment before bowing her head in contrition, “Yes, mistress.”

Perhaps it was her mistress’s commanding tone, or perhaps she was just eager to obey, but whatever the case, as soon as she had finished speaking the redhead began to crawl behind Brianna’s back, the older woman making a show of it as she moved with almost sinuous grace, arching her back sharply and deliberately swaying her hips, making her ass shake and her breasts sway invitingly with every step. Flashing an almost seductive smile, the older woman carefully lowered herself onto the floor, folding her legs beneath her as she began to untie the complex web of knots circling the blue-haired girl’s body with deft hands. Distracted by the way Claire’s fingers brushed over her skin as she worked, and biting her lip to suppress a moan, at first Brianna did not notice the way Elise crouched down in front of her until the brunette reached out to cup her chin, forcing their eyes to meet. Barely daring to breath as that stormy gray gaze bored into her, and shivering when she felt clever fingers begin to trace the ridges of her spine, the still bound girl could do nothing but watch as the young dominatrix rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet and idly twirled the leash connected to the latex covered woman’s collar between her fingers. For what felt like an eternity they remained like that, silence reining as those eyes roamed across her body, a faint blush coloring her face as Elise took in both her nearly naked form and the faint marks the ropes had pressed into her skin as they had supported her weight. Eventually though, the pale young woman nodded, as if satisfied with whatever it was she found, and flashed a brief smile that somehow made the blue-haired girl’s knees weak despite the fact that she was sitting down.

“So,” Elise began without preamble, “was it everything you dreamed of?”

“I really don’t know what I expected.” Brianna admitted after another long moment of consideration, distracted as she was by the warmth of the hand holding her face and the delicate fingers teasing her back, “But it was wonderful. Thank you.”

“No need to thank me.” Elise returned, her smile momentarily softening before she shifted her hand to cup the girl’s face, “If anything I should be thanking you for giving me another pretty girl to tie up.”

Blush deepening, Brianna nonetheless offered the brunette a smile of her own, “You’re welcome.”

Chuckling softly, Elise allowed her fingers to run through the girl’s silky soft hair, smiling at the way she practically purred in response and tried to lean into that touch despite the ropes still binding her arms, “I can definitely see why Claire was drawn to you. And why she was so… enthusiastic about your participation today.”

Moaning softly as the woman found a particularly sensitive spot, Brianna tried to reply only to gasp when Claire’s hands traced her sides, sending a jolt of pleasure up her spine before the older woman leaned over her shoulder with a rather pleased smile and glanced at her lover, “I’m glad you agree, mistress.”

Although she smiled briefly in return, Elise ignored her slave’s comment for the moment as she looked the blue-haired girl right in the eye, “Still, I rather think we’ve been neglecting someone.”

To emphasize her point the dominatrix gave the leash she was holding a sharp tug, instantly drawing the attention of the latex-covered woman. Confusion visible on what little of her expression could be seen, the tightly encased figure’s pale eyes darted back and forth between her mistress, Brianna and Claire before another, sharper tug at the leash prompted her to bow her head and carefully climb down onto her knees despite the difficulties imposed by her bound hands. Still, she managed it easily enough, shoulders hunched over and eyes averted in an utterly submissive gesture, “Mmh, mnhhrmhh?”

Finally disentangling her fingers from Brianna’s hair, Elise reached out to cup those latex covered cheeks with both hands, the pads of her thumbs gently caressing the sensitive skin underneath, “Tell me something, slut. Would you like a kiss?”

The woman’s pale eyes briefly darted to Brianna’s lips, a blush coloring the blue-haired girl’s features at the implication, before she shivered beneath her mistress’s touch, clearly turned on by the prospect, and managed to nod ever so slightly as she moaned into her gag, “Hrmrhm, mnhhrmhh.”

“Well, since you said please…” Elise offered in an almost sing-song voice.

With the sharp smirk that almost seemed to become a part of her when she put on the mask of the dominatrix, the brunette allowed her hands to slip behind the latex covered woman’s head and slowly unbuckle her gag. Easing the straps off her cheeks, the pale young woman pulled the heavy leather panel from her plaything’s mouth to reveal a large dildo attached to the inner surface. That by itself was not surprising, such gags usually had some sort of inner protrusion to ensure that their wearers remained utterly silent, but what made Brianna’s eyes go wide was the sheer size of this particular plug. It was not terribly thick as gags went, much smaller than the ball gag she had been wearing to say nothing of the ring gag that Claire had endured, but it was long. Indeed, as the dildo was slid from between the woman’s lips it just seemed to keep going and going and going. It was hard to say for certain of course given the dim lighting and the bad angle, but when the thing finally popped free the blue-haired girl imagined it was easily ten inches long, perhaps even longer. Enough so that the poor woman had to have been practically deep throating the thing, and in any case must have had excellent control of her gag reflex. To be sure Brianna had some talent in that department herself, but even when going down on the largest of her mistresses’ strap-ons she had never swallowed anything that big. Although, to be perfectly honest, the idea was an incredible turn on and made her think back to the first time she and Claudia had been bound together, mummified tight in an inescapable cocoon and made to share a set of double dildos between both pairs of lips.

Something that, perhaps, the tattooed girl would be willing to do again the next time they were together now that she thought about it.

Finally free of her gag, the latex covered woman coughed fiercely to clear her throat, swallowing hard. An action that drew attention to a pair of blunted studs through her own lower lip in imitation of Elise’s piercings. She spoke for the first time then, voice soft and a bit scratchy, but still rich for all that it was tinged with almost nervous arousal, “Thank you, mistress.”

Setting the gag aside, Elise gently gripped the woman by the cleft of the chin as her smile softened, “Such a good girl. Such a good doll.” The deliberate emphasis placed on that last word seemed to bring a blush to the woman’s deeply tanned skin, despite how little of it was visible, as the brunette glanced back over her shoulder and favored Brianna with a very different kind of smile, “What do you say, Blue? Does she deserve a kiss?”

So caught up in the moment, Brianna started at the sudden question, the ropes falling away from her body at the same time, freeing her at last. Rubbing her arms almost instinctively, amazed at the way she could barely feel the rope marks on her skin, the blue-haired girl could not help but stare at the latex covered woman. Gaze drawn to her now uncovered mouth and the pair of blunted spikes pierced through her lower lip as she could not help but imagine what that kiss would be like. Moreover, as she took in that utterly submissive posture, and those downcast yet hopeful eyes, that urge became almost overwhelming. And so, rather than answer with words, Brianna pounced, taking that slender form into her arms and pressing one hand against the small of her back while cupping the back of her head with the other. Stiffening at the sudden contact, the other woman gasped in surprise but was instantly silenced when a pair of lips slammed into her own and a tongue thrust deep into her mouth. Moaning as she was thoroughly and enthusiastically ravished, the latex-covered woman seemed to slump into the blue-haired girl’s embrace as surprisingly strong arms pulled her close and that hand slid down her back to fondle her ass. Reveling in the slick, alien sensation of the latex sheathed form writhing against her own, Brianna deepened the kiss, feeling the other woman’s heart pound in her chest as she twined their tongues together, taking note in particular of the large piercing she found there, before pressing down even harder to practically explore that impressively deep throat. And yet, despite the sheer passion she poured into that kiss, or the lingering weight of Elise’s gaze as she felt the other woman watching them, what truly surprised the blue-haired girl was just how eagerly the figure in her arms responded, and how thoroughly and deeply she submitted without a hint of reservation.

Like the pleasant heat of that body, or the feather softness of those lips, it was utterly intoxicating and she wanted more.

Sadly it was not to be as in that moment an achingly familiar and utterly amused voice called out to her, “No kiss for me, devushka?”

Shocked out of the moment for a second time, Brianna instantly broke the kiss, much to the latex covered woman’s dismay as she practically whimpered, leaning forward in the blue-haired girl’s embrace, eyes closed and pierced tongue out as she tried to maintain contact. Unfortunately for her, Brianna was not paying any attention to that, her own eyes fixed on the forms of her mistresses as the pair approached with an easy, almost casual stride, Roxanna tucked against Sofia’s side as the blonde held her lover close. Although more excited than embarrassed to be caught in such a compromising position, the girl’s pale skin still lit up fiercely in a blush as she struggled to muster a response of some sort. Before she could, however, Elise rose to her full height and turned to face her guests, shoulders squared and hand on her hip as she offered a warm smile.

“Welcome back,” she greeted, almost casually, “I trust you enjoyed the show?”

“It was most… elucidating.” Roxanna offered in that soft lilt of hers, “Your skills as a rigger are most impressive, as is your showmanship.”

“Very much so.” Sofia agreed, a much more teasing smile curling her own lips, “Though I do apologize if we… interrupted something.”

Brianna’s blush darkened as she felt her shoulders hunch, as if trying to shrink away, even as a smile curled her own lips. In the midst of that, though, Claire took the opportunity to embrace the blue-haired girl from behind, eliciting a gasp as those marvelous breasts pressed against her back, providing a wonderful distraction. Throughout it all, though, Elise just laughed, seemingly delighted, her voice briefly dropping into a sultry purr, “Things are always more fun with an audience, but I do thank you for the compliment. Still, I can’t take all the credit. I had a number of very lovely, and very talented, assistants after all.”

If anything Sofia’s smile seemed to widen as her sky blue eyes fell on Brianna, a warmth reflected in that smile as if she were gazing upon the most beautiful woman in the world, “Indeed you do.”

With another brief tug on the leash, Elise prompted the latex covered woman to stand, the figure once more taking her place obediently at her mistress’s side. Without prompting Claire followed suit, taking Brianna’s hips in a deliberately provocative grip, and grinning at the way the girl shivered underneath her, before guiding her companion to her feet as well. Legs a bit shaky from sitting on them for so long, a familiar pins and needles sensation rushing through her muscles as blood flow returned, the blue-haired girl took the opportunity to lean against the older woman’s lush body, enjoying the contrasting feeling of warm skin and the cool leather of her corset. Breaking free of her lover’s grasp at the same moment, Roxanna slowly closed the distance between them, the strangely rhythmic sound of her heels on the floor as she limped filling the air, before she paused and delicately cupped Brianna’s face with a soft smile. A smile that the olive-skinned woman rarely shared with others. A smile that never failed to make the blue-haired girl tremble.

Holding that pose for a heartbeat more, stroking the younger girl’s cheek, Roxanna eventually glanced back at Elise and nodded her head almost solemnly, “In any case, I thank you for taking care of her.”

“Of course.” Elise agreed, tone equally solemn, “I can tell that she’s important to you. And that this was important to her.”

“She is,” Sofia added as she stepped up to sweep both her lovers into her arms, gently teasing Brianna out of Claire’s grip as she did, “So very much so.”

Elise laughed again, a tinge of real joy in her voice as she made a ‘come hither’ gesture with her fingers, prompting the redhead to obediently walk to her side as well, “It was a pleasure to meet all of you. If you need a moment to check on your girl, or get anything ready for the rest of the day, backstage should be clear until we’ve finished cleaning up.”

“My thanks.” Roxanna replied as she withdrew her hand from Brianna’s face and settled against Sofia’s side again, “You are a very interesting woman, Ms. Adler. I find myself hoping that we meet again.”

“Please, I thought I told you to call me Elise?” the brunette deflected with a wave of the hand before grinning ever so slightly, “And who knows? Perhaps we shall.”

With that somewhat mysterious, but certainly hopeful, pronouncement hanging in the air, Brianna found herself led past the heavy curtains into the seemingly cavernous gloom of the backstage area. Pausing as that velvet wall began to fall back into place, she glanced over her shoulder to see Elise smiling faintly at them while Claire waved goodbye with much more enthusiasm, the motion once again making her breasts sway invitingly and the clamps dangling from her nipples oscillate just as wildly. Honestly, sometimes she wasn’t certain if the older woman was completely unaware of just how bountiful her bosom actually was, or if she was in fact completely aware and exploiting that fact for all it was worth. Taken by the urge to wave back, but unable to do so with her arms pinned in place by her lovers’ bodies, the blue-haired girl settled for smiling at the pair before the curtain finally closed and her sight was cut off. She had little time to lament that fact, however. Almost as soon as they were alone Brianna found herself drawn up in a proper embrace, Sofia’s delightfully athletic body molded against her back as strong arms circled her waist while Roxanna took hold of her hips and pulled her close. Grinning softly, the olive-skinned woman eventually reached up to brush a few strands of bright blue hair out of the way before leaning in to capture the younger girl’s lips in a kiss. Closing her eyes, Brianna gave herself over to that aching familiar kiss with no hesitation, moaning softly in delight as she opened her mouth to allow the other woman’s tongue access. At the same time the calloused hands resting on her waist, idly playing with the locks of her chastity belt, began to slide up her stomach, teasing that sensitive skin and threatening to make her giggle before finally cupping her breasts. Moaning much deeper in her throat this time, the blue-haired girl practically whimpered as Sofia’s fingers tightened, hitting all of her most sensitive spots with all the skill of long familiarity and even longer practice.

Truth be told Brianna could not even begin to say how many times she had been in positions like this. It was one of her mistresses’ favorite tactics, after all. To double team her, such as it was. Sofia embracing her, teasing her, controlling her while Roxanna ravished her with soft fingertips and even softer lips. An expression of love, of sheer adoration, that went far beyond the physical to touch the very core of her being. A sensation that she knew she would never grow tired of no matter how long she lived. Still, as the kiss began to deepen, growing warmer and more insistent, almost desperate in its hunger, strong yet clever fingers tweaked her achingly hard nipples, pinching softly as they played with those delicate nubs and tugged on her piercings intermittently. Shuddering, the blue-haired girl was lost, able to do nothing but feel as she surrendered to her lovers’ passions, reveling in the way they touched and teased her body until the kiss silencing her finally broke. Almost whimpering now, Brianna finally opened her eyes to see Roxanna’s gently smiling face as the olive-skinned woman began to play with her long, blue hair once again.

“Feeling better, korítsi?” the woman asked, almost slyly, unknowingly mirroring the question that Elise had asked her own slave.

Despite the continuing sensation of Sofia’s hands kneading her breasts, to say nothing of the positively pulsing heat between her legs, Brianna managed to return that smile, “Yes, mistress. Much better.”

Roxanna leaned in for another, much chaster, kiss before practically whispering, “We are so very proud of you.”

Licking her lips, and tasting the sweet flavor of the woman’s lips gloss, Brianna regarded her mistress curiously, “Mistress?”

“Your show, korítsi.” Roxanna clarified with an almost amused smile, “It was a most impressive display.”

Brianna actually found herself blushing beneath that praise, even if it felt nice, “Thank you, mistress. But, I mean, I didn’t really do anything but lay there and…”

The hands cupping her breasts suddenly squeezed, making the blue-haired girl cry out, more in pleasure than pain, and cut off her protests as Sofia leaned over her shoulder and nipped at her earlobe in a familiar gesture, pearly teeth playing with the modest gauge pierced through it, “It is not what you did, but that you did it, devushka.” the blonde whispered in a tantalizingly husky tone, “The you of a year ago could not have imagined such a thing. And that is why we are proud.”

Biting her lip against the sensation of those talented fingers, Brianna felt her mistress’s words resonate within her, the thrill of standing on stage rushing back in an instant when she thought back on what she had just done. The almost unreal realization that she had stood, virtually stark naked, in front of a crowd of hundreds as she was bound, gagged, punished and teased for all the world to see. Her body’s reactions, to say nothing of her increasingly frantic moans, betraying just how excited she was. Sofia had very much hit the nail on the head. The Brianna of a year ago, who had considered wearing a dog collar outside the house to be incredibly risque and who had agonized over her attraction to her neighbors, could never have even dreamed of something like this in her wildest fantasies. And yet, here she was, and she owed every bit of it to the love and support of the women holding her right now.

Noting the introspective expression on the girl’s face, to say nothing of the blush coloring her cheeks, Roxanna leaned in again, an almost conspiratorial smile on her face, “I trust you enjoyed yourself then, korítsi?”

Although the way Sofia’s hips began to rock against her mostly bare ass was more than a little distracting, Brianna still managed to return the olive-skinned woman’s smile, “I did, mistress. I really did.”

“I suppose that is one question answered then, devushka.” Sofia noted, amusement thick in her voice as she pressed a kiss just behind the girl’s ear, “You are most definitely an exhibitionist, no?”

Despite everything, the blue-haired girl could not help but grin. As much as her mistress was teasing, a part of her had often wondered if her exhibitionist tendencies were just a fantasy, the lure of the forbidden thrilling her as she played around on the edges of that particular fetish, or an actual expression of her inmost desires. And, as daunting as taking that step had been, she no longer had to wonder. So, glancing back over her shoulder as best she could at the blonde, Brianna nodded, “Yes, mistress. Definitely yes.”

Smiling at the byplay between the two, Roxanna carefully ran her hands down the blue-haired girl’s side, making Brianna shiver ever so slightly beneath that feather soft touch, before resting her thumbs on the steel band circling her waist, “We were going to save this for later, but I think you deserve a reward for all of your hard work.”

Already captivated by that richly accented voice, Brianna felt her breath hitch in her throat when the olive-skinned woman’s sinfully soft fingers traced a line down her hips and between her legs. At the same time the hands that had been gently but insistently kneading her breasts fell away, much to her disappointment, and gripped her wrists firmly. Without warning Sofia then pulled her arms behind her back, the blue-haired girl offering not the least bit of resistance as a familiar pair of cuffs trapped them there. Swallowing softly as she tested her restraints, Brianna tried to glance over her shoulder at the blonde but between the taller woman’s position and the curtain of blue hair separating them it was impossible to get a clear look at her face. Looking up into Roxanna’s eyes instead, the girl could not help but swallow at the spark of desire she saw there, “Mistress?”

Pressing their lips together in the softest of kisses, silencing that question and eliciting another tiny shudder of pleasure, the olive-skinned woman practically purred a response as she leaned in close, their faces practically touching and her firm breasts pressed against the smaller girl’s chest, “Do not worry, korítsi. Just leave everything to us.”

As if on cue, one of Sofia’s arms suddenly snaked around Brianna’s waist, pinning the blue-haired girl against the blonde’s much curvier form. At the same time a calloused hand clamped firmly over her mouth, pulling her head back and muffling the sudden cry of surprise that escaped her throat. Struggling in her mistress’s grasp as if trying to escape, even as a flush of heat filled her entire body and colored every inch of her pale skin pink, the younger girl could not help but moan, shivering in anticipation as Roxanna’s fingers began to draw nonsense patterns on the sensitive skin of her thighs. Seemingly amused by her captive’s efforts, Sofia leaned in and pressed a kiss to the girl’s bare shoulder as she allowed her free hand to slide upward and cup a breast once again. Moaning much more loudly this time, despite the impromptu gag silencing her, Brianna squirmed even more desperately when she felt that hand begin to tease her nipples and play with her piercings once again. She had no idea what it was her mistresses had planned but she desperately hoped that they’d get on with it. Seemingly reading the blue-haired girl’s mind, Roxanna flashed a familiar, playful half smile and shakily lowered herself down onto her knees, wincing slightly as her hip popped but seemingly undeterred by that twinge of pain. Still stroking a pale thigh with one hand, silently prompting the girl to part her legs ever so slightly, the olive-skinned woman reached between her cleavage to withdraw a small key dangling from a slender chain. Despite the distraction of Sofia’s questing touch, Brianna felt her eyes so wide at the sight of that key. The key to her heart, as her lovers often jokingly called it, but unmistakable in any case as the key to her chastity belt. A key that Roxanna always wore around her neck as a symbol, much like her slave’s collar, of the bond between them. Smiling at the sudden look of desperate realization in the girl’s hazel eyes, the kneeling woman swiftly unlocked the belt’s waistband and peeled it from that trembling body in one smooth motion before setting it aside.

Gasping in shock at the feeling of cool air on her heated sex, Brianna struggled to keep still as she felt delicate hands slowly slide up her legs and grip her hips firmly before a pair of achingly soft lips pressed a kiss to the hyper-sensitive skin just above her throbbing clit. Shivering as she felt her mistress’s breath tickle her pussy, the blue-haired girl moaned softly into Sofia’s palm and clenched her eyes shut. As much as she loved oral sex, it was such a rare treat, and given that Roxanna had unexpectedly gone down on her the day before it almost seemed too good to be true to think that the olive-skinned woman might do it again. And yet, after what felt like an eternity of waiting, to the point where she was convinced that her lovers were planning to tease her cruelly before locking her up again, the grip around her waist tightened and the kneeling woman captured her nether lips in a hot, hard kiss. For a fraction of a second Brianna was almost convinced that her mind was playing tricks on her until a long and very talented tongue snaked its way into her body. Jerking hard against both Sofia’s arms and Roxanna’s hands, the blue-haired girl practically shrieked in delight, clenching her eyes shut as she arched her back almost painfully against the surge of pleasure that washed over her in an inexorable tide. As she felt her body clench around the intrusion, that clever tongue only seemed to probe deeper, lapping at the velvety heat of her most delicate flesh and undulating in a maddeningly pleasurable rhythm as her mistress managed to strike all of her most sensitive places at once. A sinuous and sensuous dance that threatened to send her over the edge in an instant. Not that she was surprised, of course. As an intellectual at heart Roxanna had always been the most skilled of her lovers in sharp contrast to Sofia’s wild enthusiasm and Claudia’s youthful energy. The differences, and at times the surprising similarities, that made being with them such a thrill.

And yet, in a surprising divergence from her usual approach, Roxanna was apparently uninterested in playing games. She did not ease back, did not tease and did not vary her technique or the intensity of her attentions as she practically worshiped her plaything’s body. No, she dove in hard and fast, flicking the tip of her tongue against the blue-haired girl’s frazzled nerves with all the precision of a maestro, working Brianna into a virtual frenzy until she was left a flushed and panting mess, breathing hard through her nose, muscles pulled taut as she trembled against the tight grip holding her in place. Whimpering and pleading and desperately trying to buck her hips against the source of her pleasure, the helpless girl gasped when her mistress found a particularly sensitive spot. Body clenching even harder around that questing tongue, Brianna mewled into the hand gagging her as she trembled only to gasp again, even louder this time, as she suddenly felt Roxanna withdraw her tongue and a pair of tortuously soft lips lock around her throbbing clit. At almost the same moment, the strong hand gripping her breast tightened as Sofia pinched a nipple and tugged on the stud pierced through it in a familiar gesture while those lips began to suck sharply. Even if the blue-haired girl had been of a mind to try and hold herself back it would have been impossible. The potent combination of sensations shot through her like lightning as the weight of the day’s excitement seemed to strike with all the force of a hurricane. Caught in that storm Brianna could do nothing but scream, bucking hard against her mistresses as she came, her muffled screams echoing throughout the cavernous chamber as her arousal spent itself in a rush. Roxanna chose not to push her slave further, however. Rather than tease that quivering flesh and pull another orgasm from Brianna’s quaking body, the olive-skinned woman instead pulled back, breaking contact with an almost audible pop before pressing another soft kiss just above the girl’s sex and smiled faintly as she rose to her feet somewhat shakily.

Groaning at the sudden loss of contact even as she slumped into Sofia’s arms, legs shaky and muscles twitching as aftershocks assaulted her, Brianna nonetheless reveled in the joyous afterglow that filled her. In a way her reaction was almost funny, as if it were last Christmas all over again and this was the first orgasm she’d had in months. Then again, she rarely came so hard or so fast, a testament to just how worked up she had been and just how deeply the day’s events had affected her. And yet, no matter how good it felt, no matter how intense it had been, the blue-haired girl could still feel the embers of arousal smoldering within herself, far from satisfied. One orgasm wasn’t enough. She wanted more, she needed more, though sadly it seemed her mistresses were not interested in going any further. At least not in the way she hoped. The hand that had been clamped over her mouth fell away then, joining the other in taking hold of her free breast and squeezing playfully, prompting another gasp and shuddering moan as she bit her lip against the sensation. Taking advantage of that opportunity, Roxanna reached up and cupped both of her still flushed cheeks and captured those lips in a soft but passionate kiss. Moaning again, much deeper this time, Brianna leaned into that kiss, tasting herself in that sweet mouth as the older woman’s tongue twined with her own in a delicious seductive dance. Closing her eyes as everything else seemed to fall away, the blue-haired girl surrendered herself without hesitation, floating in that moment for what could have been an instant or an eternity as Roxanna held her lips firmly and Sofia’s hands teased with gentle warmth and almost painfully clever skill.

Still, as she well knew, all good things must come to an end and by the time her mistress finally broke that kiss Brianna could do nothing but whimper quietly as she craned her neck, desperately seeking the other woman again. Roxanna was not completely without mercy, however. Still gently caressing the girl’s face with her left hand, and letting her right settle back onto the contour of a well-curved hip, the olive-skinned woman smiled, “Patience, korítsi. The day is still young yet.”

Almost pouting as she bit her lip again, Brianna eventually let out a quiet sigh of acquiescence, “Yes, mistress.”

“No need to be so glum, devushka.” Sofia practically whispered in a soft, almost soothing, voice as she gave the blue-haired girl’s breasts another squeeze, “We need to get ready for the next adventure, after all.”

Breath catching in her throat as the blonde once again seemed to find all of her most sensitive spots, that delightfully accented voice caressing her ear, Brianna managed a tiny nod even as she let out a breathy moan, “Yes, mistress.”

“Good girl.” the blonde returned as she nipped at the girl’s ear almost tenderly and gave her nipples a pinch for good measure, “Such a good girl.”

It was Sofia’s turn to smirk, an almost cocky grin curling her lips as the blue-haired girl squirmed and moaned beneath her touch, straining against her cuffs as she arched into the athletic woman’s grip. Leaning down she then captured Brianna’s lips and silenced her with a kiss of her own, a much more intense kiss. Melting into the blonde as she was practically branded by her mistress’s passion, Brianna shivered again as she felt the hand resting on her hip began to trace down between her legs only to gasp in shock when Roxanna’s delicate fingers traced the lips of her labia and flicked the piercing in her still tingling clit. Lost in that almost electric touch, the blue-haired girl was completely unable to defend herself when Sofia deepened the kiss, plunging her tongue deep into that willing mouth until her captive was left little more than a trembling mess. Slipping a finger into Brianna’s body in that moment, and smiling at the way that slick flesh tightened around her, Roxanna thrust deep, teasing the poor girl with long, even strokes into the velvety heat of her pussy and gently rubbing the tip of her thumb against that hard and eager clit. Crying out as Sofia continue to plunder her mouth, that fiendishly clever tongue practically in her throat, the blue-haired girl began to squirm almost madly, rocking her hips against the olive-skinned woman’s hand, the tides of her passion rising as she dared to imagine that she might be permitted to cum again.

To her immense frustration, it was not to be. Right at the cusp of orgasm, as her muscles tightened and her whole body trembled on the edge, Roxanna withdrew her fingers in one smooth motion. Howling in frustration, Brianna tried to express her displeasure as she bucked her hips and strained against her cuffs, but Sofia just tightened her grip and somehow deepened the kiss even more, swallowing her protests. However, that cry of disappointment suddenly devolved into a surprised shriek when the olive-skinned woman slipped an achingly familiar set of ben wa balls into her body, the feeling of cool metal against heated skin almost as shocking as being plunged into icy water. Even so she clenched tightly around the intrusion, instinctively holding the toys in place as the kiss that had been silencing her finally broke, leaving her little more than a flushed and panting mess. To her relief and immense frustration, Sofia chose that moment to stop playing with her boobs as well, the blue-haired girl whimpering again at the loss of contact as her mistress took her by the shoulder and pulled her into a firm and yet much more gentle hug. Despite the circumstances Brianna felt herself relax as the leaned against the older woman’s body, eyes closed and practically purring in delight as strong hands rubbed her back and occasionally dipped down to massage her ass. Biting her lip and shaking her hips playfully, the blue-haired girl could not help but grin. As much as her mistresses could still surprise her from time to time, some things it seemed would never change.

Well aware of what the girl was doing, Sofia chuckled again, “Such a good girl.”

“And good girls get rewards? Right, mistress?” Brianna prompted, still grinning ever so slightly as she looked up at the blonde with her best impression of puppy dog eyes.

“Now, now korítsi.” Roxanna admonished, gently, as she molded herself against the blue-haired girl’s side, “We would not want to spoil your appetite with too many snacks.”

Although more than a little amused by that metaphor, Brianna could not help but sigh, disappointed but by no means surprised by that statement. Especially given the toys now filling her. Still, she could not honestly say she minded all that much and bowed her head obediently, “Yes, mistress.”

Leaning back a bit while keeping her hands firmly on the girl’s hips, Sofia smiled as well, “We should see about getting you dressed, devushka.”

Given that she was now completely naked Brianna could not help but agree, nodding firmly as her mistress gave her a parting kiss on the forehead. Much to her surprise, however, her chastity belt was not locked back on. Rather the device was folded up, as best it could be, and tucked away in Roxanna’s bag before the olive-skinned woman withdrew a very familiar bundle of leather straps. Smiling at the look of recognition in the girl’s eyes, and the look of excitement on her face, Roxanna allowed the garment to unfold itself before holding up the web of leather for all to see. Wetting her lips in anticipation, Brianna stood perfectly still, dutifully spreading her legs and lifting her bound arms just enough to provide easy access. Though her cuffs still complicated things a bit, by this point her mistresses were quite adept at strapping the blue-haired girl into her harness and thus it was the work of no more than a few moments before they began to tighten and adjust the buckles. As the leather settled over her shoulders and tightened around her chest, the straps outlining her breasts and criss-crossing over her torso, Brianna could not help but shiver again, both at the feeling of cool leather on heated skin and in excitement over what she was certain was about to happen. It was nothing that had been planned of course, this whole weekend had been one massive exercise in playing things by ear after all, but even so the blue-haired girl was well aware of the fact that she had only ever worn this harness for one purpose. Biting her lip to suppress a moan as the final strap cinched in place between her legs, pushing the toys even deeper into her body and pulling the entire harness into the tautest of thongs, a sudden wave of heat seemed to fill every fiber of her being, turning every inch of her pale skin pink once again.

Even if, realistically speaking, she was actually wearing more now than she had been while being led about the halls in nothing but her chastity belt, Brianna still felt utterly naked with only a tiny patch of leather covering her sex and a web of straps across her body that seemed to highlight rather than conceal her nudity. Not that the prospect of showing off wasn’t… intriguing, especially when it looked to involve her newest fetish, the last traces of apprehension long since burned from her by the performance she had just given. Thus, the blue-haired girl was a little taken aback when Roxanna clipped a leash to her collar and Sofia helped her into a pair of rather stylish sandals, but neither one of her mistresses moved to lock her into any more gear. Not even a gag.

Noting her confusion, Sofia smiled as she reached up to cup the girl’s cheek, “Do you trust us, devushka?”

“Of course!” Brianna exclaimed, without hesitation, “I trust you, mistress.”

Closing the distance between them to plant a playfully soft kiss on her lips, Sofia’s voice softened into an almost serene whisper, “Then trust that you will get to play to your heart’s content later. I promise.”

Smiling softly at that kiss, Brianna nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

Nodding once in satisfaction, Sofia finally let her hands fall away from the blue-haired girl’s body, allowing her fingers to trail over that soft skin in the process and making Brianna tremble at that last bit of contact. Coiling the leash around her hand at the same time, Roxanna gave it a brief tug to make certain that she had the girl’s full attention and began to limp back toward the massive curtains cutting them off from the rest of the cavernous room, pulling her bound companion along after her while the blonde brought up the rear. Crossing through that velvety barricade and back out onto the stage was an almost surreal experience for the bound girl. Some part of her had honestly expected to feel something, some trace of the same excitement that had filled her the first time she had crossed this threshold, but there was nothing. Just an empty room and pleasant memories but little else. Although, looking around, she could not help but smile at the sight of Elise dismantling the vacbed and tucking it away while Claire gathered up the various discarded toys scattered about, the latex covered woman standing obediently off to the side and watching with those pale blue eyes of hers, her hands still bound behind her back and her gag back in place once more.

Looking up at the sound of footsteps, Elise smiled and paused in her efforts to stride over to the trio with the same sort of calm and collected confidence she had displayed earlier, a sly smile on her face as she allowed stormy gray eyes to roam over Brianna’s body, “My, my, my. You clean up nicely, Blue.”

Blushing at that compliment, and the naked inspection of her equally naked body, Brianna had to fight the urge to look down as she answered, almost instinctively, “Thank you, mistress.”

Elise laughed in a light, good-natured fashion, placing a hand on her hip as she shook her head slightly, “No need to call me ‘mistress’ anymore. I think we’ve moved past that point. Still, I must say that harness really suits you. Kind of wish you’d worn it during the show actually. The rope work would have been a bit more difficult, but the effect would have been worth it.”

If anything Brianna’s blush only deepened, but thankfully Sofia saved her from further embarrassment by sweeping the blue-haired girl up in a loose embrace, “I am glad to see you agree, Ms. Adler. It does indeed suit her.”

Although her smile never wavered, the brunette did roll her eyes ever so slightly, “Really now, how many times do I have to ask you to call me Elise?”

“At least once more.” Roxanna interjected with a smile of her own before asking, “Might we help you with something?”

Elise shrugged, “Not exactly, but it didn’t seem right to let you go without a proper goodbye. And, to be honest, after hearing that little performance backstage I found myself wondering what your plans for the rest of the day were.”

It took a fraction of a second before it clicked, but when Brianna realized exactly what the pale young woman was implying with that statement, her blush went positively nuclear. For all that Sofia had tried to keep her quiet, the stage curtain wasn’t all that thick and she had been rather… enthusiastic once Roxanna had gotten onto her knees. Instantly looking down, and trying to hide her face behind her hair as she wondered if her skin might actually catch fire from the sheer intensity of her blush, Sofia offered a comforting smile as she rubbed the girl’s side gently. Still, the blonde glanced at her lover, who just shrugged ever so slightly, and turned to answer the younger woman’s question.

“It is no great secret.” the olive-skinned woman offered, “A bit of exploration, perhaps some shopping. Nothing truly special.”

“The first time is always special.” Elise quipped, an obviously playful lilt in her voice as she reached into the back pocket of her jeans and held out a small card, “But, if I might make a suggestion, I’d recommend stopping by this stand. The wares are always excellent, in fact we might stop by ourselves later.”

Taking the card, Roxanna examined it briefly, an elegant brow raising in surprise before she regarded the pale brunette curiously, a slow smile spreading across her face at whatever she saw on those deep gray eyes, “I see.”

It was Sofia’s turn then to glance at her lover curiously, but the olive-skinned woman did not reply with words. Rather she just smiled thinly ever so slightly and tilted the card just enough so that the blonde could see. At first the taller woman only seemed even more confused by what she saw, but understanding seemed to flash in those brilliantly blue eyes a moment later. A smile curling her lips now, Sofia glanced down at Brianna and tightened her embrace ever so slightly before she nodded once, sharply, in approval and kissed the blue-haired girl on the cheek. Curiosity burning almost as hot as her blush, even as she instinctively molded herself against her mistress’s body, Brianna craned her neck to try and see the card for herself but as soon as she did Roxanna just clasped it in her hand and slipped the scrap of cardstock into the folds of her skirt, grinning ever so slightly and winking almost playfully at the way the younger girl pouted in response.

Chuckling at that, Sofia planted another kiss on the bound girl’s cheek, letting her lips brush against an ear before whispering in that rich, almost husky tone of hers, “Patience devushka, patience.”

Biting her lip as that voice sent a shiver down her spine, Brianna managed a tiny nod, “Yes, mistress.”

Still smiling herself, at the display, especially when Sofia swept the younger girl up in a much more intimate embrace and captured her lips in a proper kiss, Roxanna eventually turned her attention back towards Elise, “I believe we may indeed take you up on your offer. My thanks.”

“You are very welcome.” Elise answered as she ran a hand through her wildly styled hair, her own grin matching the olive-skinned woman’s, “Perhaps we’ll meet again after all. But please, don’t let me keep you.”

Taking the invitation for what it was, Roxanna nodded faintly in acknowledgment before glancing back to where Brianna had practically collapsed into Sofia’s lean, athletic frame, eyes closed as she moaned and practically melted into the woman’s kiss. Smile softening, she reached out and placed a hand on her lover’s shoulder, shaking the other woman ever so slightly to get her attention. Frowning as she broke the kiss, leaving the blue-haired girl a panting mess in her arms, Sofia looked up to regard Roxanna curiously. Shaking her head ever so slightly, the familiar look of fond exasperation that she so often wore decorating her face, the olive-skinned woman glanced back over her shoulder at the entryway. Despite not saying a word, the blonde seemed to understand. Nodding as well before smiling again as she looked down at Brianna, the athletic woman eventually loosened her embrace and tucked a few strands of loose hair behind the girl’s ears. Although still more than a little dazed by everything, Brianna was nonetheless jerked back to awareness when she felt a gentle tug on her leash and found herself obediently following along behind when Roxanna turned and began to limp out of the room. Sparing a moment to watch Elise out of the corner of her eye, the brunette waving goodbye almost playfully as the trio began to weave their way through the rows upon rows of empty chairs, the blue-haired girl felt a trace of her blush return at the way the pale woman’s stormy eyes seemed to follow her. Forcing herself to look away, Brianna focused on her footsteps as the doors to the main hall loomed larger and larger in her vision, her heart racing in anticipation as she realized that the moment was very nearly upon her.

And yet, even as she took a deep breath and drew herself up for the next step in their grand adventure, Brianna was caught off guard when her mistress paused. Adjusting her grip on the leash, Roxanna turned slightly to regard the younger girl with a warm and comforting smile. For the briefest of instances the olive-skinned woman seemed to hesitate, her free hand twitching momentarily before she finally reached out and brushed a delicate finger along the curve of the blue-haired girl’s jaw and down her throat, eliciting a tiny shiver of pleasure and a quiet moan.

“You are so beautiful, korítsi.” Roxanna practically whispered.

Brianna felt her face light up even as she leaned into that touch. It was funny in a way that, for all the things she had grown comfortable with doing, some part of her still didn’t know how to deal with a simple compliment. Especially when they came from a woman who was so much more beautiful than her. Still, the blue-haired girl managed to rally, licking her lips as she fought back another moan, “Mistress, I… thank you.”

“It is true, devushka.” Sofia assured as she took the opportunity to embrace the smaller girl from behind again, “And we will tell you as many times as you need to hear it.”

Blush deepening even as she smiled, and honestly having no idea what to say to that, Brianna just nodded as she leaned back against the delightfully athletic body pressed up against her own.

“I realize this is a bit redundant,” Roxanna apologized as she withdrew her hand, “but it seemed only right to ask. Are you ready, korítsi? It has been a very busy day, we would understand if you wished to turn back.”

The question momentarily threw the blue-haired girl for a loop at first. Her mistress was very much correct, after everything else that had happened, after everything else they had done this morning alone, it did seem rather redundant to ask again if she was still comfortable with continuing. At the same time the question also warmed her heart and Brianna found herself smiling at the older woman. As much as she thrilled in the physical aspects of their relationship, it was in moments like this that the blue-haired girl truly felt the bond they shared. All the ways, big and small, that each and every one of her lovers cared for her. A feeling that she returned wholeheartedly. Still, she just shook her head and smiled in response. As much as she appreciated the concern they had come much too far to stop now.

And so she answered simply, with no room for misunderstanding in any direction, “I’m ready, mistress.”

Flashing a brief, but heartfelt smile of her own as Sofia briefly tightened her embrace, Roxanna nodded once and allowed her thumb to brush against the blue-haired girl’s chin before turning, sharply, and pushing the door open. As she followed along obediently, breaking free from Sofia’s arms as she crossed the threshold, Brianna felt the familiar sensation of excitement well up within her to the point where she was practically bouncing in place as she took that last step. As the gloom of the theater was instantly replaced by the surprisingly bright lights beyond, the first thing she noticed busy everything was. Compared to the smaller side halls they had walked through to get here, the corridor she now found herself in was huge. Practically a main thoroughfare as it led straight into the main halls of the convention center itself even if it was decorated in the same style of colorfully patterned carpet and sepia toned wallpaper broken up by various pictures and paintings on the walls. More than that, though, it was absolutely packed. She had thought the crowd earlier had been something, but this was an absolute sea of bodies, a virtual river of people flowing in one direction with only a handful of brave souls daring to fight the current, bare flesh and bondage gear as far as the eye could see. It was incredible, and as Roxanna slipped into the flow with all the impossible grace of a dancer, Brianna found herself a part of it all as she was pulled along behind.

Excitement amplified by the sensation of the ben wa ball shifting inside of her body with every step the blue-haired girl obediently followed along in her mistress’s wake as the woman cut her way through the crowd with surprisingly little effort. Buoyed by that excitement, and the compliments she had been given, Brianna found herself smiling as she unconsciously straightened her posture, squaring her shoulders and arching her back invitingly, head held high as she tried to sway her hips in imitation of Sofia’s almost effortlessly sensual grace. It was such an incredible experience, overwhelming in its intensity but all the more thrilling for that very reason. While she was hardly the only one baring so much skin, and nowhere near the only one on a leash, as she practically strode past people of all shapes and sizes in all manner of dress the blue-haired girl felt as if every eye was upon her, heads turning at her passage. Maybe it was all in her head, in fact it probably was, but at the same time she found that she very much did not care, a deliberately seductive smile curling her lips despite the faint blush coloring her cheeks. It was the same, intoxicating rush that had filled her when stepping on stage, when she had thrown caution to the wind and truly put herself out there for all the world to see. It was perfect, absolutely perfect, and she reveled both in that feeling and at the sights and sound and crushing press of bodies all around her.

Lost in that heady cocktail of emotions, time seemed to slip away, the crowd almost blurring into the background as they continued on to their destination. Before she knew it the hallway itself came to an end, the walls terminating in a trio of double doors set side by side and propped wide open, a large sign overhead announcing to all that they had arrived at the convention center itself. A swarm of butterflies taking flight in her stomach, Brianna wet her lips but did not hesitate as the already tightly packed horde somehow compressed even further as they funneled through those doors and into the space beyond. More than once the blue-haired girl had mused on what it would be like when they finally reached this point, idle daydreams that had struck again and again since planning this little venture, but in truth she’d had no idea what to expect really. What she had certainly not expected was just how big it was. She’d thought the theater they had just exited had been cavernous but it was absolutely nothing when compared to this. The ceiling alone loomed high overhead, easily three stories or more, a tangle of steel beams, pipes and cables running in every direction while rows and rows of huge light fixtures illuminated the massive room as brightly as the sun. So brightly, in fact, that Brianna had to squint against the glare as her eyes adjusted. More than just tall and bright, though, the convention hall was sprawling, stretching out in every direction seemingly as far as the eye could see, though that was at least partly an illusion created by the numerous barricades, temporary walls and curtains put in place to cut up the area into smaller and more manageable blocks. Shaking her head, the blue-haired girl drew her focus back to her immediate surroundings where more of those curtains had been hung up to create a makeshift foyer around the entry, the open space allowing the crowd to finally open up and ease the pressure that had seemed like an almost physical presence in the hallway while a handful of employees across the way checked the credentials of those who wished to enter.

Pausing for a moment to catch their bearings, and give Roxanna a chance to get their badges out of her purse, Brianna took the opportunity to look around more thoroughly, finally being able to take in the sight of the people around her properly. Even here the crowd seemed to blend together to some degree, her view blocked by the sheer number of attendees moving about, but a few particularly striking individuals still caught her eye amid the panoply of already wild costumes and brazen displays of bondage. Such as the woman to her right restrained in what looked like a full body straitjacket with only her breasts left exposed and an elaborate gag covering the lower half of her face. Combined with her closely shorn hair, the way she was squirming madly in her bondage, and the fact that she was strapped into a wheelchair being pushed by a well dressed gentleman made for a… memorable effect to say the least. Especially with the way numerous wires ran under the leather sheathing her body, powering various electrical stimulation pads and other toys, while what Brianna could have sworn was a catheter snaking out from between her legs. Just beyond her was a trio of equally striking young women wearing various articles of fishnet that somehow simultaneously covered everything and nothing all at once. The leader of the group grinned madly as she led her companions along, a pair of chains trailing from her hand and connected to the nipples clamps that each of the other two women were wearing. Ropes circled their chests as well, binding their breasts and making them stand out sharply while also trapping their arms into strict reverse-prayer positions, large ball gags shoved into their mouths keeping them silent. Feeling a new wave of arousal fill her at the sight, amplified by the way the ben wa balls shifting within her body as she squirmed, the blue-haired girl forced herself to look away and almost did a double take when her eyes fell on the form of a rather familiar woman, her hands cuffed behind her back as she was led on a leash and her honey-brown hair parted to the side to show off the undercut. The robe she had been wearing earlier was gone, leaving her shapely body clad in nothing but a few patches of black tape and the tattoos that covered her skin. And what tattoos they were, stretching across her well toned limbs and chest, seemingly from head to toe in almost random patterns. A mishmash of styles and images that seemed to have no unifying theme but somehow fit regardless. Roses and thorns, twisting black spirals so thick they seemed almost solid, slender lines of text too small to be read at this distance and a myriad of other things from elaborate sugar skulls to twisting dragons and purely abstract shapes capped off by a butterfly on her throat and another on the small of her back. But what truly drew Brianna’s eye above all else was the image on her hip of a blindfolded and ball gagged woman in a corset crawling on all fours with cat ears poking out of her long hair and a tail waving behind her.

All told it was, perhaps, one of the most daring things that the blue-haired girl had ever seen, especially when compared to the rather conservative suit and skirt the woman had been wearing the first time they had passed each other in the upstairs hallway, an event that seemed almost years ago now. A new blush darkening on her face when she realized that, beyond the patches of tape over her nipples and between her legs, the woman was also wearing a butt plug, the base of which was just visible as she walked, Brianna found herself unable to look away, staring openly as she took in that marvelous and virtually naked body.

Her observations were suddenly and abruptly cut short when a familiar arm snaked around her shoulders and an equally familiar weight pressed down on her body, “Quite the show, eh devushka?”

Startled by the sudden question, Brianna’s head whipped to the right to see Sofia’s grinning face, the blonde very clearly amused by her reaction. Biting the corner of her lip, and glancing away almost bashfully, she could do little else but nod, “Yes, mistress.”

Chuckling softly, Sofia leaned in just a bit, “And to think, we are still standing on the doorstep. What do you say? Ready to explore wonderland?”

It was an old joke between them and hardly the first time that either one of her mistresses had compared their relationship, and all that went with it, to a certain Alice’s adventures. For all that, though, it still felt very appropriate to the situation and Brianna found herself smiling in turn, the familiar banter draining the tension from her body, “I don’t know, mistress. I don’t see any white rabbits.”

If anything the blonde’s grin grew positively seductive as she leaned in even closer, close enough that her breath began to tickle the blue-haired girl’s ear, “Perhaps not, but would I not make a fetching Red Queen?”

Shivering, both at the sensation of her mistress’s breath on her skin, and at the way that silky voice caressed her ears, Brianna bit her lip to stifle a moan, almost mesmerized by those ruby lips and sparkling blue eyes. Remembering well the sight of the blonde in a corset she could not really disagree with that sentiment. However, before she could manage a reply Roxanna cut in all of a sudden.

“Do not be silly, stríngla.” the olive-skinned woman said simply, a familiar half smile on her face and amusement clear in her deep brown eyes, “I would be the queen.”

For a moment Sofia looked absolutely stunned, having clearly not expected her lover to interject, and Brianna could not help but giggle softly at the blonde’s positively perplexed expression. Still, the athletic woman gathered herself almost instantly, reaching out with her free hand to catch Roxanna’s slender waist and pull the other woman into a three way embrace, “And what would her majesty desire of her faithful consort?” she paused briefly to glance at Brianna with a grin, “And her loyal slave?”

Shaking her head, though her grin never once wavered, Roxanna broke free of her lover’s arms and reached up to pin the blonde’s entry badge to the leather vest she was wearing, pausing a moment to straighten her lapels before speaking, the playful amusement in her accented voice plain for all to hear, “Perhaps that you could behave yourself for a few moments?”

Taking the olive-skinned woman’s hand and raising it to her lips, Sofia kissed her knuckles gently then pouted playfully, “No fun at all, dorogoy.”

Smiling much more openly now, Roxanna kissed the other woman on the cheek before finally turning her attention back to Brianna. Squirming a bit beneath that warm brown gaze, the blue-haired girl bit her lip when her mistress finally reached out to clip her own badge to one of the many straps of her harness, the familiar sensation of those soft fingers on her skin a welcome one indeed. Pausing a moment to take the girl by the arms, Roxanna smiled again, “Well then, korítsi. Shall we?”

Smiling broadly herself, the familiar sense of excitement coiling in her chest as she spared one last look around, as if trying to impress this moment into her memory for all time, Brianna nodded firmly, “Yes, mistress!”

Neither of her mistresses replied with words, they simple smiled, Roxanna kissing her softly before Sofia once again took her into a warm but firm embrace, but when she felt her leash pulled taut again, the insistent pressure on her collar pulling her along as she was led toward the entryway, the blue-haired girl could barely contain herself. She still didn’t know exactly what to expect, but whatever it was she absolutely could not wait.


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