A Cold Winter's Night

by Bucky Goldstein

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© Copyright 2021 - Bucky Goldstein - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; cuffs; gag; armbinder; naked; shower; corset; strappado; rope; clamps; bedtie; spreadeagle; force; cons; X

‘Shit!’ Michael thought, ‘this doesn’t look good’.

An old pick-up truck stuck in a snow bank at 11:00 at night wasn’t the problem. That it was minus 28f degrees, combined with a girl walking around in a t-shirt was. This girl was suffering from severe hypothermia, and he had to act right now. He had read about this, and knew that she was in serious trouble.

He pulled his car up beside her, stopped, and opened his door almost at the same time. He grabbed her and dragged her to the passenger side of his car, opened the door and practically threw her in. He then turned to the stuck truck, and ran over to it to see if anyone else was in it. It was empty.

He ran back to his car and jumped in, the girl had passed out. “SHIT!” he yelled, as he put the car into gear and floored it, then backed off as the wheels spun on the snow covered road. He drove fast, his rear wheels almost breaking loose into a drift a few times as he raced to get home 6 minutes away. He reached over to the heat controls of the car and turned the fan to its maximum speed, and the temperature control to its highest setting.

Pulling into his driveway he looked over to her, she was shivering severely. He had no time to call for help as she would be dead before they arrived. He knew he had to get her warmed up as fast as he could. He punched the garage door opener button on his mirror, hard enough that the mirror would need to be adjusted the next time he got in the car.

He pulled into the garage, stopped, and just before turning off the car hit the button on the mirror a second time to close the garage door. He was out of the car at a fly. He ran around the car to the passenger side of the car and pulled the door open. He bent down, reached in and picked her up. The time to act was now, and he knew he had to get her to heat as quickly as possible. He picked her up and ran to the door into the kitchen.

He carried her through the house to his master bedroom dumping her quickly on his bed, then went into the bathroom. He opened the door to the shower and turned the water on to hot. He then went back into the bedroom and started removing shoes and clothing until he was down to his boxer shorts. He turned to the girl and pulled the t-shirt off her, he went to her feet and removed her boots and socks, her little toes on both feet were white. He quickly unbuckled and pulled off her pants. He then ran back into the bathroom and adjusted the water temperature to warm, rather than hot. He knew there were conflicting medical thoughts on the rate of warming for someone in her condition. He was going to start with warm, so he could share his body warmth with her, then slowly raise the temperature of the water.

He ran back to the girl and reaching through both of her armpits and clasping his hands behind her back he pulled her up off the bed and ran into the shower. He held her in his arms as the water cascaded down on both of them. Damn, that water was colder than he normally liked it! Holding her tight to him, he reached down with one hand and adjusted the water temperature up a little bit, so as not to be uncomfortable.

He held her making sure she was still breathing, as he aimed the top of her head directly under the stream of water while keeping her middle back length brown hair out of her face. He then leaned back and finally took an appraisal of the girl.

Oh crap, it was the girl he had occasionally seen around the town. She’s probably in her mid 20’s, with a very pretty face. She looked healthy from what he had seen of her in town, and holding her right now she appeared to have a quite nice figure. Around town she always wore loose fitting clothing, although her butt in a pair of jeans was a sight to behold.

He stayed under the stream of water for probably 10 minutes. There reached a point where her shivering subsided, and she almost drunkenly opened her eyes to look at him, smiled, then closed her eyes and rested her head against his chest.

He thought for a moment, moved his hand to her bra, and searched for the clasp holding it together. He undid the bra, then still with his hands behind her he removed the bra’s straps from her opposite shoulders. Still holding her up he moved her body away from his, and as the bra ceased being held in place between them watched as it fell to the shower floor. He then moved to her panties, gripping each side of the panties, pushed them over her hips and down to her knees. He let the water push them the remaining way down to the shower floor. He took off his now soaked shorts finally, then turned off the water. Still with both his hands behind her back he reached up and formed a ponytail of her hair, and squeezed as much water from her long hair as he could.

Opening the door he moved her out into the bathroom, and reached for a towel to dry them both off. He sat her on the toilet, and as quickly as he could moved the towel over her, trying to dry as much of her as he could. He gave himself a quick once over, then picked her up and carried her into the bedroom and placed her down at the foot of the bed. He then went to the head of the bed, drew down the covers, then again picking her up he moved her to the now open sheets in the middle of the bed.

He went over to the drawers of his room and got a dry pair of boxers, then looking over at her, grabbed a pair of PJ bottoms. He went over to the bed, and with a little bit of work managed to quickly get her into the bottoms, tying the waist drawstring not too tightly around her waist, and then pulled the covers over her. He then went back into the bathroom, grabbed a towel, and went back into the bedroom, hoping that not too much of the retained water in the girl's hair had gotten the bedding and pillow wet. He worked the towel through her hair, then wrapped her hair up as he had seen his sisters do it.

He then got into the bed and, drawing her to him, he held her tightly to share as much body heat as he could while rubbing her back and arms. He was doing whatever he could to get warmth into her. A short while later she started shivering again. About 10 minutes later she started flailing her arms. Michael quickly got out of bed. He watched as she flailed her arms for about a minute, then exhaustion seemed to kick in, she went back into a sound sleep.

He left the room and came back a minute later with a pair of leather wrist cuffs. He pulled back the covers to the bed, applied the cuffs to her wrists, then attached a double ended clip between the cuffs with her hands in front. He pulled the covers back over her, got back in the bed spooning with her and held her until the shivering subsided. It was over an hour later he got out of bed and went to the hall cupboard and grabbed a blanket, and sat down on the sofa facing the bedroom’s window and covered himself with the blanket. He smiled to himself, she was going to be okay.

He awoke to hear her feet thrashing. He moved over to the bed and checked on her, her eyes were still closed. He climbed in the bed again and held her until she settled down. Once he was sure she was sleeping soundly again he got out of bed and went back to the sofa.

Michael was normally a sound sleeper, this night he was not. He would occasionally go over to the side of the bed to check on her. He felt her forehead, it was getting progressively warmer. He watched her face for signs of shivering.

At one point he remembered the underwear in the shower, when into the bathroom opened the shower door, he picked the soaking pile up and wrung it out. He noticed in passing that the bra was a 34C. He then separated her undies and hung them up on an empty towel rack. He threw his boxers in his laundry basket. 

As it began to get light outside he got up to start his day. After showering and dressing he went to the bed to check on his mystery guest. She was still sleeping soundly. He uncovered her enough to be able to access the cuffs, and unclipped one cuff – but left them on.

He then went to his kitchen and made himself breakfast. After eating he took a mug of coffee and moved to his office. He had a conference call at 8:00 with New York and Los Angeles, he had to prepare for that meeting.

He was 20 minutes into his meeting when he noticed the girl approaching his office door. “Hey everyone, it’s Michael. I’ve just had an emergency come up, I need to drop off. Elizabeth, send me an update when this call is over.” He clicked his mouse and pushed back from his desk.

He smiled as she stopped at the threshold to his office, she was holding a mug with both hands. She was dressed in her t-shirt and jeans, and had her socks on. She was obviously not wearing her bra; she was still wearing the wrist cuffs.

“Good morning. How are you feeling?”

“Like I’ve just been run through the ringer.”

“I’m not surprised. As a guess you were probably about 10 minutes from death.”

“I remember the truck sliding into the snowbank after the rear end broke loose on a slick patch. The truck's heater is broken so I knew I was in trouble, I was already shivering when I got stuck.”

“I’ll say, when I found you the hypothermia was advanced to the stage where you thought you were warm, I found you walking on the road wearing just a t-shirt.”

“Oh, crap.”

“Yeah, you completely freaked me out. I was running from the moment I saw you to keep you alive.”

“I assume from my wet undies that you took me into the shower.”

“Yeah, we probably spent 15 minutes in the shower. Then I got you into the bed and held you until the shivers stopped. You’re lucky to be alive. Thank goodness I came along when I did.”

“What’s with the wrist cuffs?” she asked, holding up the one with the clip attached.

“There was a point during the time when I was holding you that you started flailing. You got one good hit in. It was strictly for self preservation.”

“Damn, we haven’t even had our first date, and things have already gotten kinky.”

Michael smiled, “are we going to have a first date?”

She laughed, “Hi, I’m Sarah. I’d have to be really inconsiderate to say no to a man who had just saved my life.”

“Hi, I’m Michael. Would you like to have dinner with me?”

“Give me a time and place, and I’ll be there.”

“Anywhere around here you recommend?”

“Depends on what you want. The way things are shut down right now it’s all take-out anyway.”

Michael thought for a moment, “What if I cooked?”

“Things just got much more interesting. What do you have in mind?”

“Is there any type of cuisine you particularly enjoy?”

“What if I said French?”

He thought for a moment, “You have any problem with beef?”

“Thank you for asking. No, no problems.”

“Friday at 7:30?”

“Here?” she thought for a moment, “by the way, where is here? Come to think of it, where’s my truck?”

“As far as I know it’s still in the snow bank.”

“Oh crap, you have a phone I could use.”

He reached into his pocket, and pulled out a smartphone. “You need to call someone?”

“Yeah, the sheriff. If they’ve found my truck they are already looking for me. He’s known my family since before I was born.”

He unlocked his phone and handed it to her.

She nodded to his computer, “would you look up the number of the County Sheriff, I don’t want to call on an emergency line.”

He looked up the number on his computer, and read it back to her as she dialed.

“Hi Susan, it’s Sarah Lefkowitz, is the sheriff available?”

About 15 seconds later she spoke again. “Hi sheriff, It’s Sarah. I’m okay.” She smiled at Michael. “Yes, I’m at his place.” She listened for a moment, “Sheriff, he saved my life. He found me waking in the road wearing just a t-shirt.” “Yeah, just a t-shirt”. “He said he thought I had about 10 minutes”. “He did everything right, I’m glad he found me. He knew what was wrong and what to do.” She looked over at Michael, “Yeah, just a sec,” she extended the phone to him, “the sheriff wants to talk to you.”

Michael took the phone, “This is Michael, how can I help you, sheriff?”

“You’ve already done it. Thank you very much, you have done this community a great service. We found the truck about six hours ago, and have been searching for Sarah ever since. By the way, we had her truck towed here to the Sheriff Station, in case it became needed for evidence.”

“She said the heater in her truck is broken, I’m inclined to lend her one of my vehicles until hers is fixed. With this cold not expected to break for two more days there’s no point in her repeating what happened last night again.” He thought for a moment.

“Sherriff, would you please take that truck to someone who could fix it.”

He heard Sarah inhale sharply, he looked over to see her shaking her head. “I can’t afford to fix it right now.”

Michael raised his hand up, to stop her.

“Yes, thank you Sheriff”, he ended the call.

Michael thought for a moment, “I take it that even that number has automatic tracing. He knew whose phone was calling when he started talking to you.”

“So it appears, I didn’t know.”

He smiled, “So, we should get some form of sustenance into you. Anything you prefer for breakfast?”

“I don’t want to be a bother.”

Michael started laughing, “It’s way too late to be saying something like that.” He got up and walked to the door she was standing in, and led her back to the kitchen. “Is there anywhere you need to be?”

“No, because of Covid I lost my job back in August. I’ve been living on savings and what unemployment I can get.”

“In which case, you are staying here for the moment. Now, I assume what you are drinking is hot, coffee, tea or just hot water?”

“Hot water.”

“You okay with that, or do you want something different?’

She thought for a moment, “hot chocolate?”

“That I can do.”

As she was eating the breakfast he had made for her, he posed the question, “I’m surprised you haven’t taken off those wrist cuffs, any reason why?

“To be honest I don’t know. They just feel right,” she thought for a moment. “Is this all you have, or do you have more?”

Michael smiled, “I have more, finish what you are eating and I’ll show you.”

After she had finished eating he led her out of the kitchen towards the room they had spent the night in. He stopped at the door just before his room and opened it, it was another bedroom, with a four poster bed.

“I had a girlfriend a while ago who was into bondage. I eventually came to realize that she was using my money to explore her interests in depth. When we broke up I kept all of the stuff we had acquired. I think she was about the same size as you”, he opened the door to the closet. It was filled with hanging leather bondage and fetish gear, the smell of leather pervasive.

“Holly shit! This is quite a collection. We have nowhere around here with this type of stuff. I’ve only seen this stuff online.”

“If you want to try these out, I’ll leave you to explore.”

“Do you mind?”

“Not at all, that is why I kept it all. She wasn’t alone in that interest.”

Michael was back working in his office when he heard the clicks of footsteps approaching the office door. He looked up to see Sarah approaching all dressed in leather. She wore the leather high heeled boots with leather pants worn over them. She was wearing an open breast corset, with a red silicone ball gag in her mouth. In her hands was the leather arm binder. He smiled, “Oh my, aren’t you a sight to behold?”

Sarah twirled then curtsied. Then she extended the arm binder out to him.

“You want me to put that on?”

Sarah nodded her head, trying to say, “yes”, with the gag in place.

He got up and walked over to her. He took the arm binder from her hand, telling her to turn around, and not to move. Then rather than putting on the arm binder he proceeded to tighten the corset down. By the time he finished she had moaned a couple of times as the cinch progressed.

When he finished tightening down the corset he asked if she was okay. She nodded her head enthusiastically.

He then threaded her arms up into the arm binder, once her arms were in he put in place the straps over her shoulders, then the strap across her upper chest.

“Are you good, or do you want the full experience?”

She got a quizzical look on her face, and made a ‘aunh hunhhh’ sound while nodding her head.

“I’ll be right back”, and left the room. He returned a short while later with a collar and a rope bundle he was undoing as he walked into the room.

“I was going to attach this rope to the arm binder, and lift it up so you were bent over at the waist, a position called ‘a strappado’. But then I realized with the gag in place that it would be far more embarrassing for you to be drooling all over yourself. So I’m going to put this collar on you, then tie off one of the rings on the collar to the beam over your head, then watch you make a mess of yourself for a while.

Twenty minutes later both of her breasts were covered in drool. Sarah was doing everything she could to keep the liquid in her mouth to no avail. She was moving weight from foot to foot, her feet beginning to really hurt, her body forced to stay vertical by the rope attached to her collar.

Michael walked over to her, looked her straight in the eyes, “have you had enough, or would you like to try a little strappado,” he asked questioningly.

Sarah thought for a moment, then raised her eyebrows questioningly, then nodded her head in approval.

Michael quickly untied the rope attached to her collar, then had her flex and bend her legs. When she was ready he attached the rope to the ring at the end of the arm binder and started lifting. In short order her arms were almost vertical, her torso almost parallel to the floor.

“I think we need to add something to take your mind off the pain your muscles are going to start experiencing.” He turned and left the room.

He returned a minute later, “How are you doing down there?”

Sarah groaned, she was beginning to feel some discomfort from her position.

Michael sat down on the floor and placed two tweezer nipple clamps on the floor in front of him. “If I put these on you probably aren’t going to like them. You ready for me to put these on?”

He saw Sarah gulp, then nod her head once.

Her nipples were already erect, so attaching them was easy. He placed the first one on her nipple and tightened it down. She moaned as he tightened it. He then placed the second one.

“Wow, I bet those hurt. They may even hurt so much that you forgot the muscles in your legs and back are beginning to hurt.” Sarah moaned loudly.

About ten minutes later he returned to Sarah’s side. “Would you like me to take those clamps off?” he asked playfully.

Sarah nodded her head quickly, again trying to say yes around the gag.

Michael dropped down to look at her face, then reached forward to grab each clamp. He released both clamps at the same time, Sarah screamed.

“My, that hurts, doesn’t it?” He placed the clamps on the floor and gently rubbed each nipple.

“What you are feeling right now is the blood returning to each nipple. In my experience it hurts as much as them going on, what do you think?” Sarah screamed again. “Yeah, I know”.

Michael then reached up, and untied the rope from the arm binder. 

As the rope loosened up, her arms came down. She slowly raised herself up, she was feeling the pain of her back and leg muscles being in one position for so long. He then removed the arm binder. Once that was done he loosened up the corset.

“There, that should be a lot better. Now, you have experienced the restraint and pain, are you ready for the pleasure?”

Sarah straightened up, looked him in the eyes, and raised her eyebrows.

“Yeah, what you have experienced up until now is the warm up to the main event. Go into the room where you got all this stuff, take off those pants, put the wrist cuffs back on, and then lie down across the center of the bed with your hands touching the far edge of the bed above your head.”

Sarah turned and walked out of the room.

A minute later Michael walked into the bedroom, Sarah was sitting on the bed putting the second cuff on. When she finished she laid down across the bed extending her arms above her head. Michael walked over to where her hands were, he reached under the bed and brought up a bungee cord with a carabiner in his hands and attached it to the rings on each cuff, then let go. Both wrists were immediately pulled to the edge of the bed. He got up, walked over to a chest of drawers and opened a drawer to retrieve a cordless wand. He walked over to the bed, sat down beside her and placed the wand head at the top of her pussy, then turned it on.

Sarah arched her back as the vibrations started, and moaned loudly, her eyes opened wide in surprise.

It took just under two minutes for Sarah to have her first orgasm. She was arching her back, nothing touching the bed between her butt and the back of her head, her whole body shuddering. When she was finished she collapsed onto the bed. He didn’t remove the wand head.

“Are you familiar with the term “forced orgasms”?

She nodded her head.

“Well you’re about to experience them, and yes, I do mean them.”

Sarah was shaking her head when he grinned evilly, then clicked the intensity of the wand up a click. He ripped the orgasms from her for the next almost five minutes.

At the end of her fourth orgasm he withdrew the vibrator, turned it off, and took it into the bathroom and placed its head into the sink.

He returned to the bed, and unclipped her wrists, “There, you are now free to move.” She quickly curled into a ball. He laid down beside her and spooned with her holding her. She was breathing heavily.

It took about two minutes, before she seemed to relax, he raised his free hand up, unbuckled the ball gag, and lightly pulled on it. Sarah opened her mouth enough to release it. He placed the gag down above her head, then moved his hand again to hold her, she moved her upper hand to clasp his, and held it to her chest.

“Let me know when you are ready to talk, you’ve got things going on inside your head, I don’t want you to internalize them. One of the most important things we can do is keep very open communication between us , it’s good for your head now, and it will help me for any future things we do.”

Sarah nodded her head, and moved her other hand up to grasp the one she was holding. She tucked her head in and said, “I didn’t know it could be like that.”

“Like what”?

“It was so intense.”

“What was the most challenging thing for you?”

“In the second position, the strappado, you attached the clamps, with them on it added to the pain. I had the drool running out of my mouth, so I had a combination of embarrassment and pain.”

“What was the best part?”

“Those orgasms, I’ve never felt anything like that, especially when you turned up the intensity of the wand after the first one. I’ve read about that and seen some porn videos, but to experience it, my god!”

“Yeah, it can become addicting for a while. There is a problem.”

“What’s that?”

“To keep the intensity levels up we have to keep upping the experience. If we were to do this same experience again in a few days, you would know what to expect, it wouldn’t be the same or as intense. The good news is you have only scratched the surface.”

“You’re joking.”

“I’m not. Things can get even crazier when the pain and pleasure are happening at the same time. We’ll keep things simple for the time being. Now, are you getting hungry?”


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