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Bra Harness made from 20mm. wide soft nappa leather. Looks great as shown, or over a lycra top or bra.

by RG Bargy
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© 2006 - RG Bargy - Used by permission
storycodes: M/f; bond; leather; toys; reluct; X
Packages by RG Bargy M/f; bond; leather; toys; reluct; X


I had never heard of Sax Leather and had no reason to be expecting a delivery from them. The delivery card had not said who it was from. I almost refused it but the parcel had my name and address very clearly marked and I did not want to make a fuss so I took it.  I had no idea what might be in it. The package was not over heavy but there were distinct rattles which confused me slightly. Leather shouldn’t rattle. I threw it into the back of the car and drove home.

By the time I had parked and kicked off my shoes my curiosity was peaked What on earth was it? There were no identifying marks, nothing to indicate what might be inside. I was both intrigued and a little concerned. I found a packing note that stated there was nothing to pay and a list of three items:

1) A harness bra

2) A bondage belt

3) Leather Bondage Bedset with Chain

“Bondage!” I yelled, to no one in particular. “What the hell do I want with bondage gear?”

I screwed up the note in disgust.

“What a waste of money!” I exclaimed.

I started my evening routine. The package sat where I had left it. I thought I could ignore it. I was wrong. Despite everything I needed to look inside. What was a bondage belt? What was I supposed to do with these things? Who the hell sent them to me?

Who did I know who was into this sort of thing? No one came to mind. I first thought of my sister. It was the sort of stupid thing she might try, but then again why? I guessed this sort of stuff was not cheap and she was not that flushed for cash. No, it had to be someone else.

The only conclusion I could come to was my current boyfriend. He had money, more than enough to waste. He liked spending it on me (I suppose I am lucky!), but he had never shown any sign of kinkyness. Our sex was satisfying, but not exciting. Perhaps I should take a look? What harm could it do? I was on my own, in my own home. I ripped at the outer paper.

“Oh what the hell!” I sighed.

Bra Harness made from 20mm. wide soft nappa leather. Looks great as shown, or over a lycra top or bra.
Harness Bra
I examined the items with what I thought was dispassionate curiosity, but my stomach seemed to be churning. The harness was not quite what I expected. I thought it would be to suspend me somehow but all it was, was a skeleton bra. It seemed to have little purpose. It could not possibly function as a bra and neither did it seem to have any sort of restricting qualities. I put it over by blouse. It would fit, but with a bra underneath it was pointless. I discarded it for now to examine the belt.  

As a belt to hold up trousers or skirt it could not work: it was too bulky. Once again it looked like it would fit but over or under my clothing? My guess was it was supposed to go next to my skin, maybe if I was just wearing panties? Then again if this was for sex why wear panties?

The last item or should I say items, were fairly obvious: cuffs for each of my limbs and chains to attach them to the bed. All very well but my bed is a plain and boring divan, with a soft headboard and not a post in sight. There would be nothing to attach them to. I noticed some rings on the belt. Perhaps the chains would attach to them instead?

I started to strip. Why? I have no idea, it was sort of automatic. I was not thinking of anything. It was like a dream. My clothes lay where I dropped them.  Picked up the harness. I felt it, fumbled with it, and put it on. It felt weird. It neither supported me or stimulated me. The only thing I could think was that it felt like someone had bound my upper body. It felt all wrong, but not uncomfortable.

The belt came next. It was snug, a little heavy and very strange. I wanted something to cover my modesty, or at least touch me.  The belt did neither of these. I shrugged.   This belt is multi adjustable, 32mm wide, when opened it makes 2 wrist & 2 ankle restraints. The ideal travelling accessory.
bondage belt 
Two unlined wrist restraints, two unlined ankle restraints & four lengths of 120cm chrome chain. The combinations are limitless.
Leather Bondage Bedset with Chain
The cuffs went on easily enough. The chains were attached and could not be removed so I clipped the other ends to the belt as I had surmised. The ankle chains touched the floor, I was afraid I might trip so I pulled them higher. The clips would not engage the chain so I tried threading them through the side and attaching to the back. That worked. The chains ran up my legs almost taught. The chains from my wrists dropped in an elegant arc almost like wings.  

“Not very restrictive,” I commented.

I ran upstairs to the bedroom where I had a full length mirror. The chains jangled, my breasts jigged up and down. I felt foolish. I looked................. Strangely alluring. The doorbell rang. I froze.

“Who the hell?”

Here I was all my private bits showing, all sorts of leather things buckled up and chains all over the place. There was no time to undo it all, and I couldn’t work out anything that would cover me up.  I stood for what seemed like an age. Then the phone rang.

“Now what?”

It was John.

“Aren’t you in? Your car‘s outside and so am I!”

“I can’t get to the door right now.”

There was a giggle.

“Shall I break it down?”

“It’s not like that!” I almost snapped. It was now obvious who had sent the parcel. How did he know when to come? How did he know I would try them out? What the hell do I do now?

“I’ll grab a towel,” I blurted.

“Oh,” he sounded disappointed.

The towel may have covered my dignity but it was not going to disguise what  was underneath. John’s face lit up when he saw my predicament.

“I was hoping you might try them on,” he said smirking like a small child.

“I was trying to hold onto the towel but he gave it a strong tug and my grip gave way.

“Beautiful,” he whispered. “Interesting idea, I’d never have thought of that. The ankle chains I mean.”

I blushed. I did not know where to put my hands. I felt more naked than naked if that is possible. I wanted to run, but where to? I just stood there while he looked me over like some sort of.........slave?

“What’s this all about John?” I squeaked. There was fear in my voice. I was feeling very vulnerable.

“Just a bit of fun,” he said disarmingly.

He stole a kiss. It felt good. For a moment I forgot how I was, but the chains started to get in the way. Suddenly he grabbed  my right hand and pulled it behind me. I was taken by surprise. I felt something click and then my wrist couldn’t move. I had no idea what he had done Before I knew it my other wrist was there also. I pulled but there was definitely something stopping me What had he done? Where had he found something to hold me?

“Hey!” I called out, “Let me go! Help!”

“Don’t you trust me?”

That was unfair! I thought I trusted him, but I was at a severe disadvantage.  His hands were now mauling me and I could not stop him. He manhandled me into the sitting room and shoved me onto the settee. I flopped awkwardly unable to control myself.


There had been no hurt really, except to my dignity, and my freedom. What had I gotten myself into? Had I let a mad man into my house? Was I in some sort of danger?

“Let me go,” I pleaded.

He ignored my complaints and started touching up my leg, feeling the chain against it. I kicked at him.

“That wasn’t nice,” he scolded.

“Let me go!” I repeated more earnestly.

“But you got yourself all in this for me. You knew what it was for.”

“I didn’t know it was for you,” I complained, “and I didn’t know you would come round and find me. How did you know?”

“I had the invoice sent to me with a delivery date on it.” He answered. “I thought your curiosity would get the better of you. I wondered if you would get stuck. This is just as good.”

What have you done to my wrists. I was able to move them before?”

“I just caught them in the clasp of one of ankle chains you put so conveniently for me.” he answered.”

I fumed.

“Let me go!”


The word hit me like a sledgehammer. I was at his mercy and he was not going to just let me go again. Escape was impossible. Whatever John had planned I was going to have to accept. I was scared witless.

“Don’t worry,” he said sensing my distress, “I’m not going to hurt you. You might even enjoy it.”

I was on the verge of screaming something obscene when his finger reached inside me. I automatically tried to stop him but my arms would not move. A jolt went through me as if I had been shocked. I tensed up like a drum, even my mouth would not respond. John withdrew his finger with a look of satisfaction. Even I could see it was soaking wet

“Precisely,” he stated.

I was flabbergasted. I did not know what to say. I watched him retreat away from me, his eyes devouring me. My frustrations knew no limits. I had been tricked, yet in all honesty I had done most of it to myself. John disappeared out of my view. I could hear him rummaging around. I dreaded to think what he was looking for. I heard a few ominous loud hammer noises.

He returned brandishing my broom which now had two nails sticking out of it about 3 ft apart. I guessed what was coming but despite my valiant attempts to prevent it I soon found my ankles hooked onto the nails. The chains doing a fine job of holding me in place. I squirmed uncomfortably.

“So you’ve got me where you want,” I growled, “Now what? It’s not like I have ever refused you anything. Why all this leather stuff? Why bondage?”

“I wanted to try it” he said flatly. “I thought you might like it.

“Why didn’t you ask me?”

“You might have said no.”

“Instead you tricked me.”

“You knew what it was before you put it on. I never forced it on you.”


It was no use. I could argue until I was blue in the face. The fact was I was here now. I was also horny as hell, but John wasn’t to know that. At least I wasn’t going to admit it. I steeled myself for the next assault. John seemed reluctant to approach me. I  tried to adjust my position. As my feet touched the floor he pounced trapping the broom with his foot. Once inside between my legs he was perfectly safe. Nothing I could do would touch him. I tried to shy away but there was nowhere to go. His mouth descended onto my left tit. All I could do was watch.

I suddenly realised that I had never allowed this to happen before. My tits are very sensitive. I would normally have pushed him away by now. I thought my head would explode. I wanted to shut my legs. I wanted to push him away I wanted.........  Once again my mouth opened and nothing came out. I shuddered from head to toe. I pulled with all my might. John just kept sucking my tit. His fingers found my other tit.

“Oh my................... Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Stop!”

He didn’t.

I strained for all I was worth. Nothing did any good. I felt his mouth over mine. He engulfed me. His tongue probed inside my mouth. I hate that! My tits ached. My pussy was on fire, desperate for something. I almost gagged on his tongue. I was out of control.

John’s hands seemed to be everywhere! I lost track of what he was doing to me. I’m sure I screamed.. I had never felt like this before. Was this rape?.

I had to shut my legs. I had to protect my pussy. He was still attacking my tits. Suddenly everything stopped. I watched in wonder as John just dropped his pants and entered me.

He pounded at me and then I felt him spurt. He sensation was enough to get me almost over, but not quite. As he climaxed he growled an earthy growl and his pelvis stopped. I screamed in frustration, but his spasms were subsiding. I tried to flex my pelvis but he had had enough and pulled out.

“Finish me off!” I yelled.

John just looked at me his eyes clouding over.

“You’ve had yours! Now finish me!” I demanded. I was desperate. I couldn’t do it myself.

I then realised something else: Johns had no idea what to do to finish me off. We had never been here. I had always faked it up until now.

“Your fingers! Use your fingers! Or your tongue, anything just get me over!”

Still nothing. I felt my anger building but there was nothing I could do about it

“Then get this broom off me I need to close my legs.”

He extracted himself then unhooked my ankles. I slammed my legs together and nearly crushed his hand. Served the bugger right. I felt sore and stiff and very unsatisfied. I was still smouldering when I realised John was fiddling about at my ankles again

“You wanted your legs closed,” he said innocently.

“What the?!!!!”

“Now be a good girl and keep quiet before I make you.”

“You what? Haven’t you done enough? What about me? You undo me this instance!”

“Your in no position to demand anything.” He informed me.

“John I’ve had enough” I moaned.

“But I haven’t, now lay still.”

I would not, but it didn’t matter. Without my hands I was no match for him. He finished fastening my legs together, I was not sure how, and then casually fetched a tea towel. One of my best tea towels!

“Now lie quietly while I decide what to do next.”

I had no choice. With a knotted tea towel in my mouth I could not influence him any further.

“Have you got a vibrator?”

I shook my head. I had heard of such things of course but never bothered to investigate them. I suppose it meant he was trying to think of my needs but it was cold comfort. Why couldn’t he just let me go?

“I’ll have to nip out,” he said.

I tried to suggest that this was a bad idea but he did not seem to understand.

“You stay there, I won’t be long.”

I shook my head. I did not want him to go. I did not want to be left alone unable to defend myself.

“I know,” he said suddenly. “I’ll give you something to think about.”

I was confused. What was he going to do now? I had enough to worry about being bound helpless in my own home without any other distractions.

John approached me.  I was encouraged onto my stomach. I felt him fumbling at the back of the belt. For an instance I thought he might be having a change of heart and be letting me go. Then there was a tug on my ankles. I was forced to bend my legs. He  re-threaded the chain directly through the back loop and then squeezed it between my legs. Pushing me over he pulled the chain up to the front of the belt and clipped it off. The chain was now running right up my ass and through my sex.

I made some sort of noise, but even I was not sure what I wanted to say.

With my chest exposed John succumbed to temptation and attacked my nipples again. I jerked involuntarily my feet trying to straighten. The result was the chain rubbed right over my clit. Two more jerks and I was hooked.

“Maybe we won’t need that vibrator after all,” John murmured.

All of a sudden that chain was my best friend. I did not care what John did. It was a strange movement for me flexing my legs instead of my pelvis but ...............

It came in a rush. I wasn’t ready for it. My muscle spasm was all wrong, it threw me out of sync. Nevertheless I screamed into the tea towel with pleasure.

I was now like someone possessed flexing and grinding my way through several more climaxes before eventually stopping partly from exhaustion partly satiation.

I opened my eyes to see a smile from John.

I gurgled a plaintive, “get me out of this,” and this time he complied.

He unbuckled my ankles before unhooking my wrists. I winced as the chain still made it’s presence felt, before gingerly extracting it. I fumbled with the wrist straps finally gaining full freedom. The belt was next. I couldn’t be bothered with the bra thingy; it was doing nothing.

“I think you had better go,” I said quietly. “I need to think about what just happened..”

John opened his mouth to say something then changed his mind.

“You can let yourself out,” I told him.

I stood for a moment, savouring my freedom, and the warm afterglow of orgasmic bliss. I had two things to consider. First; whether I wished to pursue this bondage idea which had caused such discomfort, yet ended with such reward and second: whether I could trust John again after what he had just put me through.

I carefully collected up the discarded bits and put them into the box, and then took off the harness, it too going into the box. The box then went into my wardrobe. As for John: I’d sleep on it.

What about vibrators? Would I like them? Would I let John bind me again? Could I trust him? Could I  somehow do that to myself without him? That was one hell of an orgasm........ If I...........................



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