The Wedding

by Gagged20

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The Wedding
by Gagged20
The Wedding by Gagged20
In a small, secluded country, they have a rather unusual wedding tradition.  After the bride and groom have been courting for a few years, and there is a wedding proposal, the wedding date is set. Guests and the wedding party are called and invited, and reservations are made, much like they are here in the US. However, there are a few things that happen. Let me tell you of my personal accounts. 

I had been courting my future husband for three years when he proposed, and I accepted.  My parents as well as his approved, so we began planning. Friends and family were called, and the wedding party was planned. I was to have 5 brides’ maids, and he had 5 groomsmen.  My mother insisted on having a traditional wedding, which I was quite unsure of.  Here in my country, a traditional wedding involves some rather different things. 

At the age of maturity here, a young girl gets a chastity belt locked around her waist, to ensure purity to her future husband.  The girl’s parents keep the key, and if they approve of the wedding, give it to the groom on the wedding day.  In my country, it’s expected that a girl is servant to her man.  Also, all women are expected to remain fully clothed in public, and be subservient to any man she knows.  After marriage, the man usually still opts to keep his wife in her chastity belt, as a reminder of her faithfulness to her husband.  To show this at a wedding, all of the bridesmaids’ hands are bound with white rope, to represent this subservience and purity.  Also, all of the women are snuggly gagged with a ballgag, to show respect for the bride’s decision.  No girl under the age of 18 is allowed to participate in the wedding for the next few reasons. 

Once the bridesmaids are dressed, bound, and gagged, the bride is also bound and gagged by her father, who gives her away at the ceremony.  When the wedding procession lines up, each of the groomsmen collar the girl that they are walking with.  The girl walks behind the man, who leads her on a leash. The bride is led down the aisle by her father on his arm, rather than with a leash.  At the altar, the traditional wedding vows take place.  The bride is gagged up till this point, when her gag is removed to say her vows.  After they have been said,  the gag is replaced and locked on.  She is also collared, and it too is locked on.  Finally, as a binding sign of the wedding, her father hands over the key to her chastity belt to her new husband.  Then the wedding procession walks out, each girl being led out on a leash by her respective party member. 

Following the wedding, there is the reception.  All of the girls have their gags and leashes removed, as well as their hands unbound. However, their collars stay on.  At the end of the party, each groomsman has the right to re apply his bridesmaid’s gag, ropes, and leash, and take her home for a night , to use as he pleases. Obviously, only oral sex could happen due to their chastity belt, but most men still usually opt to take their girl home for the night. Hence, you need to explain to your wedding party that you’re having a “traditional” wedding, as not all people would be willing to go through with this. 

After some phone calls, the wedding party was gathered.  The youngest was my cousin who was 18, the oldest my best friend who was 30.  I made sure that my cousin knew what would be expected of her, and she seemed excited with anticipation.  We went shopping for dresses.  I decided to go with bright blue dresses with matching 2 inch blue ball gags on black straps.  The gags would look good on the girls, and the white rope on their wrists would be accentuated by the blue of the dress.  I picked out a 2 inch ball gag for myself, mine was red.  The only difference was that mine was locking.  I picked out matching blue leather collars for all of us as well. They were excellent quality, and lined for comfort.  The gags and collars were my gifts to my girls for being in the wedding. They were of the utmost quality. 

My fiancé and his men went shopping for their tuxes. They had their fitting, and purchased the leashes.  That was their responsibility.  My father would see to it that they had the collars to put on us. The day of the wedding finally arrived.  We all got together nice and early to get ready. My maid of honor helped me into my dress, and get everything just right. I asked her if I could have the honor of binding and gagging my bridesmaids.  She said sure. The first person I went to was my friend Tracy. We have known each other for a rather long time. I wanted my cousin to be able to see what would be done to her, so she may not be as nervous as she would being the first one bound. “You look great, are you ready for your ropes and gag?” I asked her

“I’d be honored” she replied.  “Do you want our wrists in front or behind?” she asked.

“I’ll leave that to you to decide, but you are deciding for all of the girls, myself included.  I want things to look uniform, so what you choose will be the choice for all.” 

With that said, she turned around, and crossed her wrists behind her back. 

“Very well then, behind it is.  I think it’s a great way to show your servitude, being bound more helpless with your wrists behind you.”  With that, I took the rope, and wrapped her wrists snug, and cinched it off in the middle.  “Open wide” I said, as I held the ballgag up from behind. She opened her mouth, and I buckled it in snug.  To make sure it was snug and effective, I reached around and gave her nipple a tweak.  “MMMPH” was the reply, telling me I had done a good job.  I moved on to my next two bridesmaids,  Ellen and Katie, and gave them the same treatment. Fourth was my cousin Lorrie, as I left my Maid of Honor for last. 

“Ok sweetie, turn around and cross your hands behind your back” I said

She turned around, placing her wrists behind her. I started tying her, and she said “I’m a bit nervous Jen, I’ve never been bound and gagged before, or had any relations with a man either.  What if the guy I’m paired up with takes me home?” She asked.

“You’ll be fine. The gag may make your mouth a bit sore, but its nothing too unbearable, and you’ll be free of it for a little while at the reception party. As for the guy, he probably will take you home, but he’s a nice younger guy, one of Tom’s best friends.  He’ll know you’re probably inexperienced.  Just service him the best you can, and make me proud. There we go, how does that feel?” I asked

“Tight, but is comfortable. I’ll do my best to make you proud.” She said.

“Open wide, now, so I can get your gag on.” I reached it around from behind, and gently worked it behind her teeth. A two inch ball for a novice is kind of hard to bear, but I wanted uniformity, and I knew the older girls including myself could handle a larger ball.  After a few grunts and mmphs from Lorrie, the gag was strapped in snug. She passed the pinch test, and on I went to the Maid of Honor, my sister Michelle.

She intuitively spun around, crossing her wrists behind her back.  “I’m so proud of you sis” she said.  “Tom’s a great guy, and all of your bridesmaids look beautiful bound and gagged. It’s going to be a great wedding.” 

“I agree. Thanks for your support. It means a lot. Now open wide sis.”  She opened her mouth, and I applied her gag. I gave her a kiss on her cheek, and went to go find my dad. I brought him back to our dressing area, where my now five bound and gagged bridesmaids were waiting patiently to start the wedding. 

“My god Jen, these girls look amazing all bound and gagged.  You look great also in that wedding dress. I hope Tom realizes how lucky he is.  Time for your bonds, put your hands behind you sweetie”. With that my father snuggly bound my wrists behind me, and tightly put the ball gag on before pulling the veil over my face. He led me, with my bridesmaids following, out into the church foyer to meet up with the groomsmen.  Each of them were waiting with a large smile on their face when they saw their captive ladies waiting for them.  My father and I took our place at the end of the line. First up was my cousin Lorrie.  Tom’s friend Joe walked up to her , and complimented her saying she looked beautiful. I could tell he was interested, as was she in him, which was good. From what I gathered, he wasn’t too much older than she was.  He gave her a kiss on the cheek, then buckled on her collar and leash. She stood proud, chest forward, ready to go down the aisle.  Next was Tracy, who was paired up with a larger man named Al.  Al was a bit older than her. The same formalities followed as happened with Lorrie, first a compliment, kiss, then collar and leash. The same followed for Ellen, Katie, and Michelle.  The music started, and Lorrie and Joe started off down the aisle.  He led her down as it should be, with my cousin behind him being led on the leash. When they got to the altar, they took to their distinctive sides, with the leash just dangling in front of her.  Her lips were moist with her saliva, which looked extremely erotic, but she so far managed not to drool on herself, as most eventually do.  The rest proceeded out in the same way, as then my father and I followed, except he led me by the arm. 

We stopped at the front, and my father gave me to Tom, as well as the key to my belt.  We now had the official approval of my parents. The ceremony progressed, and we made it to the vows. With that cue, my veil was lifted, and gag removed to hang around my neck like a necklace.  We said our vows, myself committing my body and servitude to him for eternity. With those said, my ring was places on my still bound hands behind me, as I placed his on his hand without being able to see it. I spun back around, and he kissed me.  The guests rose and clapped.  He replaced my gag tight, locking it on, and locking on the collar at the same time.  He clipped on the leash, and led me out, guests clapping.  The wedding party followed out, each girl being led out by leash. We all got in the limo, and went off to the reception.  For the ride, the guys took out the girls gags for a little while, seeing as they had no break.  Joe explained that my father had the key to mine, so I would be stuck in it until we go there. 

As per a tradition in the limo, there was some servicing to be done.  The bride and groom got to watch, as the bridesmaids serviced the groomsmen.  Whoever can make her man get off the fastest gets the honor of preparing the bride to be taken later that night.  I know it sounds like an odd tradition, but it does release much tension that was held up to that point.  The groom blindfolds the entire party, and leads the bridesmaid to her respective man’s pants.  She releases him from his pants, and services him on the way. When the limo arrives, blindfolds are removed, gags are replaced, and no one knows the better.  With the blindfolds, the girls don’t know who’s winning the race, and won’t be embarrassed about serving in front of the rest of the party. 

On cue, Joe pulled out the blindfolds, and proceeded to blindfold the bridesmaids and groomsmen. I could tell my poor little cousin was apprehensive about this, and I wish I could have warned her.  Once all the blindfolds were in place, the ladies were led to their men. The guys step on the leash to keep the girls focused on their task.  First off they had to undo the men’s zippers with their teeth. All of the girls did a surprisingly good job at this. Next, they got the guys out and started to suck.  All of them except Lorrie had practice at that, being in different weddings in the past. They all made fairly quick work of their men, with my Maid of Honor being the fastest.  They cleaned off their guys, and were helped back to their seats. Blindfolds were removed, and the guys thanked the girls for their service, even though it was expected of them to perform.  Lorrie’s guy was particularly sweet, knowing it was her first time gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her she did a good job.

We got to the reception hall, and the bridesmaids were re gagged, quite possibly tighter than before.  We were led in on leashes, and formed the greeting line to greet our guests.  Joe got my key from my father, and removed my gag and unbound my wrists, as were the rest of the party un gagged and unbound.  We had a good time dancing, eating and partying on into the night. When it was time to go home, and the guests had dispersed, the guys had the option to take the girls home.  All the ladies assembled and kneeled in an act of servitude, placing their hands behind their backs. My cousin Lorrie followed suit of the experienced girls, getting on her knees and placing her hands behind her to be bound if her man chose.

While this was happening, Joe was in the processes of getting me ready to take home. First, my wrists were bound behind me again snuggly, with my elbows pulled tight. My gag was replaced and locked on also.  As duty to our wedding party, we booked a room for each couple, and they had it for the night to be used.  It was expected that if Michelle’s man wanted to keep her for the night, that she would be freed to prepare me for Tom, then Tom would bind her again and give her to her man for the night. I sat down bound and watched to see if any girl wouldn’t be taken home.  The men were responsible for bringing their own restraints to take the girls back with. 
First up was Ellen.  Tom’s friend Chris walked up to her, and started to bind her wrists snug, followed by her elbows.  He put a set of ankle hobbles on her, followed by a leather hood.  He led her by her collar, and sat her down next to me.  Next up was Tracy.  Al walked up and bound her wrists and elbows also, and produced a penis gag to strap on her. He followed by binding ropes above and below her breasts, holding her arms snug to her body.  Third was Lorrie. I hoped that Joe would take it easy binding her.  He crossed her arms behind her back, binding her wrists and elbows.  He roped her arms to her above and below her breasts like Tracy’s were.  He produced a harness gag, which he strapped snug in her mouth.  She was led over to sit with the rest of us. 

On her way she gave a smile around the ball, which re assured me she was at least having fun.  She was placed on the other side of me.  I could see her testing her restraints, pulling against them, eventually with a sigh letting her arms fall limp behind her.  Next there was Katie.  Greg, a tall, dark, well built guy, pulled her arms in front of her.   He tied them together, side by side.  He then had her raise her arms up, and tied them to her collar, under her chin.  He hobbled her ankles, and replaced the ball gag she had from earlier in her mouth, pulling it snug.  Last to be bound was Michelle.  Her elbows were pulled behind her, and tied snug, but not too tight.  Her wrists were pulled up at her sides, and then her wrists were bound across her stomach, pinning them at her sides. Her guys’ name was Ryan, and he was also a rather good looking guy.  He packed her mouth full with a scarf, and cleaved it in with yet another scarf. All of the girls were held rather helpless.  

Leashes were applied and we were led to the limo to be taken to the hotel.  Ellen moved rather slow, being fully hooded.  When we were all tucked in, the guys chatted, while the girls just sat there, bound helpless, waiting for a night of submission.  We arrived at the hotel, and went in. It was rather embarrassing to be led in bound and gagged, but still in our wedding dresses, there was no question as to why we were so helpless.  Each girl was led to their respective room with their guy.  I gave Lorrie a wink and a smile around my gag, as Joe led her into the hotel room. We had one hell of a night ahead of us.