Walk in the Evening

by Eofan

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© Copyright 2012 - Eofan - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/mm; femdom; latex; catsuit; bond; fem; boots; gag; sound; outdoors; oral; climax; cons; X

It was a warm evening in summer. As usual I took a little walk through the nearby forest just to relax a bit and free my head from all the stressful thoughts of the day. I walked along a narrow path which would lead me to a small lake. It was the perfect place to enjoy nature. But this walk shouldn’t be like the others…

I soon heard a light sound. It was not a sound which you would hear in a forest but I could not really identify it. So I went to look what was causing it. What I saw was pretty unexpected. There were two people who I knew. The first one was a girl named Julia. I had known her since high school she was a year younger than I. She is a bit small but well endowed. She had wavy long brown hair and full lips. Her eyes were dark blue like the ocean. We used to talk a lot in school and also visit each other at home but now our friendship was a bit flat because I had to learn a lot now that I’m at the university.

The other one was a young man around my age. His name is Johann I knew him from my tennis training. He is a nice guy but we didn’t talk a lot at training. Nevertheless I knew that he and Julia  were also good friends. Johann also had to fight a bit because the other boys on school were mocking him. The reason was that he looked slightly feminine. He had wider hips and thighs. Also his face had some feminine features. The fact that he liked to grow his hair longer underlined this even more. I’m not homosexual but I had to say that Johann looked cute and I must admit that I had masturbated once while thinking of him.

But enough of this. What I saw was Julia dressed in a black, shiny latex catsuit. The nipples of her big breasts were hard and I could see them through the material. She wore long latex gloves and her hair flowed down her back. You should know that I have a fetish for bondage, latex and that kind of stuff. That’s why I got very aroused when I saw Johann.

His arms were tightly restrained behind his back by an armbinder. His legs were chained together but only to some degree so that he was able to walk. He wore black high-heeled boots. His mouth was filled with a large ball gag and some strings of saliva were running down his very female lips.

But the most awesome thing was his penis. It was pretty big and highly erect. It was wrapped in some kind of “penis harness” which held it in place. A vibrator was attached to his exposed glans. Some cum was dripping from its tip. Julia was leading him with a leash which was attached to a collar around his neck.

I was so fascinated from him that I wasn’t aware I was a bit too loud because I stepped on a branch and it made a loud cracking noise. Both looked in my direction. I hadn’t had the time to hide so they saw me. Their reaction was a bit funny. Both blushed until they looked like tomatoes. Julia let go of the leash and frantically looked around. Johann on the other side couldn’t do very much. He struggled a bit against his restraints and moaned. He looked like an innocent girl except he had a large penis.

I also was a bit embarrassed but tried to act like normal and if nothing was strange. My heart was beating fast. Casually (I hoped it would look like that) I walked over to them and greeted them with a “hi”. Julia watched me come closer. She looked amazing in that suit. “Hey there”, she responded with a hint of embarrassment in her voice.

“What are you doing?”, I asked and hoped that it didn’t sound strange.

“Well we are... we are…”, she stuttered.

“I didn’t know you two had such a fetish”, I said and tried to smile casually.

“Please don’t tell anyone”, she begged me. Johann moaned into his gag.

“I won`t but only under one condition”, I said. Now was my chance. “I want you to let me join you ”, I demanded.

Julia looked pretty confused. “Well… sure if you really want to”, she said in relief.

“If you want we can meet up here tomorrow at the same time”, she said. “Johann will also be there”, she said to him and started to fondle his penis with her beautiful, gloved fingers.

Johann nodded and smiled slightly with his gagged mouth.

“Alright then”, I said. We said goodbye to each other (Johann moaned into his gag and another string of saliva was dripping from it) and went our way…

* * *

On the next day I was very excited. I left my home and walked to the spot. They were already waiting, Julia in her latex suit and Johann in his restraints.

“Oh there you are. Are you ready?”, she asked. I nodded. “Well then let’s get started”, she said.

First I had to take off my clothes. I wasn’t embarrassed to show my penis to them. Johann stared excited at my cock and Julia took it in her hands and made it erect. I was proud because it was very large and could become as hard as a rock. Then I had to put on the high-heeled boots, long gloves made from latex and the leather collar with the leash.

“Now it may start to get a bit uncomfortable”, she said.

“I don’t mind”, I said, “tie me as strict as you can.”

“Well then put your arms behind your back”, she responded. She then took a black leather armbinder out of her bag and put it on me. Pulled almost to my shoulders she began to tighten it very hard. Soon my elbows touched and I had to stand very straight.

“How does it feel”, she asked.

”Awesome”, I replied.

She smiled and proceeded to tie me up. I realized I was at her full mercy and that she could do anything she wanted to me. I struggled a bit to test how tight it was. I could not move a muscle. Meanwhile Julia chained my legs together. She wrapped wide leather belts around my legs, first around my ankles and then around my thighs. They were connected with a strong chain. I could only move my legs very limited but it was enough to walk. After that she wrapped some leather straps around my chest, waist and my arms to press the armbinder against my back. I could feel the leather against my naked skin and it felt very pleasing. My penis was now as hard as I would have never imagined.

“Is it still comfortable?”, Julia mocked me.

“It is pretty uncomfortable but I also feel very good in it”, I tried to explain.

“Well that’s great. Now let us shut you up so you don’t talk unnecessary things”, Julia said.

Now was the time where it would get most exciting. I loved gags in any shape. This was my biggest fetish. But the kind of gag I liked the most was the ball gag. I loved the feeling in the mouth and how it supported the humiliating drooling.

“This thing is around 3 inches in diameter”, she said after pulling out the gag.

“Are you sure that it will fit into my mouth”, I asked.

“We will see”, she answered and forced it between my lips. It fitted perfectly. It strained my mouth a lot but the humiliating feeling was just great. My jaw was stretched widely open. My lips felt the sexy rubber between them. Julia’s fingers gently wandered over them and eventually pulled my lower lip a little bit. That was to support the process of drooling. Finally the only thing which had to be tied up was my large erect penis.

She took the “penis harness” out of her bag. Now I saw what it really was and I got very excited. A long metal bar was attached to the part of the harness which would lay on the top my glans. It was a urethral sound for bondage. I always wanted to try out such a thing but couldn’t do it because of the risks which are carried with it. She started  to rub it with a lubricant.

“Don’t be afraid. You have to relax”, she reassured me, “I have done some special training so I can do this to my partners.”

I relaxed a bit but my heartbeat was as fast as a machine gun. She started to put the harness on my penis. It was very tight, slightly pressing against the skin.

“Are you ready”, she asked as she was going to fill my cock with this long metal bar. I nodded and struggled slightly against my bindings so they made a creaking sound.

She started to tuck the sound into my penis. As soon as the pointed end touched my glans a shiver was sent down my spine. She proceeded to push it into my penis and after she was done she secured it so it couldn’t slip out.

It was a feeling far beyond my imaginations.  It stretched the inside of my penis a lot. Although it was very thin it felt like someone was putting a stick in it. But it was a very good feeling. I felt the cold, smooth steel pressing against the inner sides of my penis. It also did not hurt at all. I realized that Johann had this thing inside of him for the whole walk. It gave me a slight shiver.

I was overflowing with joy and pleasure. My arms were pinned behind my back, I couldn’t move them at all. My legs were chained together and I had a huge ball gag in my mouth from which strings of saliva fell to the ground. My penis was tied and I had a long metal bar inside of it. Now I was ready to enjoy my walk.

Before we went off Julia attached a small vibrator on my glans and turned it on.

She took my leash and the one of Johann and said, ”Well let’s get going guys.”

Johann stood next to me and looked at my bound figure. He smiled with is female face and his eyes tried to tell me, “You see, it’s awesome.”

I smiled back at him with my gagged mouth.

We began to walk. My only thoughts were for my restraints which made me more and more aroused. I had no eyes for nature. Occasionally I struggled playfully against my bindings just to make me horny. Johann who walked beside me did the same. He moaned and fought against his armbinder. Saliva was dropping from his sexy lips. Julia usually ignored us and just guided us by our collar but sometimes she would fondle our penises and stroke our wet lips.

After a while the vibrators suddenly started to hum. I heard Johann’s first and then felt mine. The orgasm was the most intense I ever had. Violently I tossed myself into my restraints trying to get free but it was futile. Thick and white streams of cum began to emerge from my penis.

I noticed Johann who also ejaculated. His semen was even thicker than mine and looked very tasty and I wanted to try how it would taste. Julia stopped to let us cum. After we were finished she rubbed our cocks and pulled long strings of semen from them. After that she licked it from her long gloved fingers and smiled at us.

“This feeling is one of the best in the world, isn’t it?”, she asked. We both moaned in our gags, our penises were still twitching from the orgasm.

Before we resumed walking Julia kissed us both on the mouth. First she kissed Johann and then me, licking the saliva from our lips. My thoughts were spinning from all this pleasure. This walk continued for at least two more hours. Sometimes the vibrators started and we would ejaculate. I didn’t know I could be brought to so many orgasms in such a short time span.

As it was getting darker Julia stopped. She told us to stand still.

“I think now is the time I tell you why Johann was tied up yesterday”, she started to speak.

That’s right I did not ask her about that.

“Our cute Johann lost a bet to me. I do not want to say what it was but as his punishment was that he had to be my slave for two days”, she said and gave Johann a little slap on his butt. He flinched slightly.

“I was very glad that you joined us”, she said to me and also gave me a slap on my butt, “you both were very obedient slaves and I've decided to give you a reward.”

She started to undress herself and climbed out of her latex suit. Her large breasts swung a little bit and her nipples were hard as hell.

“Johann come here”, she demanded.

Johann walked over to her and she removed the penis harness and the urethral sound. Then she bowed down embracing his penis with her breasts. Surprised Johann sharply sucked the air in. Julia rubbed her tits on his penis and then started to suck on it. Her lips started to get wet with saliva. Johann slowly began to rise to a climax and after some moments he ejaculated in her mouth. Apparently it was a very huge load because it started to drip from her lips. She swallowed almost all of it and then licked his penis clean. In the end she kissed his cock gently.

“Thank you very much it tasted very good”, she said and smiled at him.

“And someone else also seemed to had a good time”, she noted and looked at me, “come over here it is going to get even better.”

That’s right. While Julia gave Johann a blowjob I had to watch the event. I got extremely aroused by this and also climaxed. Now my penis was wet with semen. I walked over to her. She removed the harness and pulled out the metal bar. She bowed down again and pressed my penis between her soft breasts. My cum started to stick to her tits and made them shiny as she rubbed my cock. Then her lips and tongue played with my glans. A sudden feeling of joy rushed through my body. I could feel that I was about to cum but managed to hold it in.

Julia then took my whole penis in her mouth and started to suck. She squeezed it slightly with her teeth. It stimulated me so much and after some seconds I could not hold it anymore and shot my load into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed it but it started to run down her full lips and her chin. She then licked me clean and kissed my penis very gently. Her warm, wet lips touched my cock gently and made me feel very happy.

“Wow, that was great”, she said while she dressed herself again, “I never had partners like you whose semen would fill me up this quickly.”

“Now I’m going to release both of you. It’s getting late and we should go home. First I’m going to untie Johann so wait here until I come back”, she told me.

They walked a little bit deeper into the forest. After some time she came back and started to untie me, first removing my gag. It was a relief now that the strain from my mouth was removed.

“Johann already went off. He was too tired from the walk but he bids you farewell and also looks forward to take a walk with you again”, Julia said.

“Thank you”, I replied, “this had to be the most fun evening I ever had. I would be really glad if we could do it again sometime.”

“I’m glad you liked it”, Julia said, smiling at me, “you and Johann looked amazing and sexy. And your come also tasted very good. Thanks for the meal.”

We started to laugh. After we stopped Julia spoke to me again.

“If you want to do it again I will gladly accept. If you want we can already meet up in three days, same spot, at the same time. But Johann will not be there because he is on a vacation”, she said.

“That’s no problem”, I replied with a wide grin in my face.

I put on my clothes and we bid our farewells to each other. I was excited because I would be tied up like this again and looked forward to it.

Three days later…

I walked through the forest. It was a warm evening in summer.  Julia held a leash which was attached to my collar. I was wearing high-heeled boots and long latex gloves. My arms were pinned and pressed at my back by a tight armbinder and cum was dropping from my penis in which I could feel a cold metal bar. I was gagged with a large ball gag which stretched my mouth very wide and long strings of saliva reached to the ground.

When the vibrator started to hum it began to make me cum and my penis started to twitch. Julia stopped, turned around and smiled at me. She then bowed down and her lips began to play with my wet penis.

A loud moan escaped my mouth and my lips curled up around the gag as my body was flooded with pleasure.



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